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Absolute Proof That James Holmes Was A Trained Assassin

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Lets talk Turkey The recipient of a hard to receive government grant goes on a shooting spree after failing an exam which he can rectify by taking an oral exam. He is from San Diego with an interest in advanced physics who goes to a pretty difficult school there and transfers into an even harder school in Colorado. He works at a summer camp with under privileged children recently. Hmmm are we missing something? He does not have any public profiles such as Facebook. He is considered a loner with an interest in Sci Fi. He gets a bunch of ammunition off the internet and collects lots weapons yet, he is from San Diego? He is from California…..A state where even youngsters collecting weapons and going to gun ranges and hunting is not part of the culture. That is more like Texas or Montana or ANY of the extreme wilderness wildlife hunting states. So um the Internet is targeted by the authorities for use to get ammunition. Gun control is on the agenda including putting up metal detectors at all movie theaters and public places. Then the President sets to motion a military campaign within the United States to go and gather all weapons from everyone except for law enforcement and armed services personnel. So um after all of those weapons are gathered those who have not turned them in will be arrested when they are found out going through metal detectors. This murderous act seems pretty blatant and obvious. Hows comes some geek is wearing body amour and swiss cheesing into heaps of people at the most strategic time of the night? Then he does not even try to get away or resist arrest. Duhhhh does this look suspiciously staged? One young woman already avoided a near death rampage shooting in Canada and later died in the theater on Friday evening Saturday morning shooting. It was not even a shoot out! There was nobody near to render any help. Wasting people to set a political agenda in motion is crazy and wrong. Is there a hidden agenda? I would comment that many people should raise some hell and find out just exactly is going on here. The shooter James Holmes appeared dazed and confused when he appeared for his hearing. Think about it, why? Manchurian candidate or worse? Hidden Agendas  HIDDEN ASSASSINS Hidden Practices INTRODUCTION   1 Real Assassins do not kill or harm any living thing. A whole confusing history has emerged portraying dark figures running around and eliminating people. What really is the hidden side of assassination. Its true history and where it made wrong turns. This paper unfolds a secrecy unknown until present.   When I was sixteen years old I went on a vacation to San Francisco. I mapped out all the places of interest I wanted to see and went on my way but not before telling my  parents all locations I would be going to. I mentioned POKE street and there was a long concerned silence. My parents said do not go there, please. That reaction drew a blank in my mind as I strutted out the door map in hand eager and excited to explore the sites. Until I reached Poke street and began strolling along.   I was pretty naive in my youth. I like motorcycles especially Harley’s and Nortons. I noticed heaps of bikers on Poke street which made me feel pretty good. The bikers were all dressed in the usual black leather motorcycle gear festooned with posh hats and chains. I could not figure out though why so many motorcyclists had those stick whips. Horse riding and motorcycle riding are two different things. Then the haze began to clear and the scent of reason began to dawn as I noticed bum cheeks cut out of the backs of leather trousers. I realized I was not among friends but uuuummm bum chums. Not my bum chums but theirs numerous theirs as I began to walk rapidly out of the area working up a good sweat. Later that evening when I returned to the hotel Dad could not contain his tearful laughter. That lifestyle is not for me. There is a rather odd phenomena for same sex players which requires participants to alter attitudinal perception within themselves or altercation occurs. Mainstream suppressive non support of same sex orientation and lifestyle by a society majority that  constantly badgers as a nuisance. Strangely enough though same sex appetites have revealed ancient guarded secrets of ancient initiates. Rare in that there has been a cover up for millennium. Parents have a responsibility to raise their children into balanced sane adults. I provide this information for all to fathom the cognitive impairment caused by shorting out the nervous system and subtle currents which inundate human physiology by the engagement in rare sexual practices. Same sex sexual behavior in North America is very dysfunctional compared to continental Europe. The year 2000 British television series Queer As Folk which later became a Canadian and American series shows the difference in lifestyles and behaviors between European and American same sex participants. The difference is remarkable and extreme. The television series is not an exaggeration it is considerably accurate. Some years ago as a psychologist earning a PsyD I went in clandestine into the same sex sub culture of the North of England and neighboring Scotland to carry out research on this cultures ability to use their social handicap to reach self actualization and transmutation into ecstatic states. Far greater was research carried out to trace lineages alluded to by ancient stealth oriented assassination clans. A type of metamorphosis of participants resulting in heightened paranormal perception and reorientation into heterosexuality. Not the old school practice in vogue today of forced perceptual shifts by use of psychopharmacology and intense therapy in which you take a gay person and make them straight. The shift I am referring to subjected participants in the ancient world into one brain observation. That is perception which made the entire physiology one entire overview. Do not role dice by casually trying anything once or you will most likely end up singing show tunes in one size fits all jacket wall to wall padded enclosure.   I know of this highly guarded secret among secret esoteric lineages which used same sex practice as a means to escape sexual disposition. Transmuting that disposition into  rare esoteric self actualization. A  secret so guarded that the majority of humanities holy books interpret their respected religious treatise and condemn such practice as perverse twisted obscene and immoral.      ORIGIN PURPOSES DONT ASK DONT TELL 2 The media is saturated with films depicting ninja and shadow warriors. Invisibility martian arts laced with flips, grunts, super human feats. Tales of orders and clans stretching from the flatlands of China, Japan and Thailand to the radically mountainous regions of northwest Pakistan, Nepal and Himalayas of esoteric India. As readers we are not really interested in the obvious out in the open display of supposed shadow warrior orders and masters in full view. Individuals obscenely flaunting their puffed up egos for a pat on the back or celebrity status. This is a paper on what you will not see openly based on a secrecy spanning centuries. Some Initiates trusted with 15 initiatory stages based on mysteries of nature and spirit. Invisibility teachings requiring ethical integrity on the part of the neophyte to be accepted into inclusion. Orders of renegades tightly knit as guardians of spiritual evolution of humankind.  What do Arthur Bremer, John Hinckley, Jr., Sirhan Sirhan, James Earl Ray, Charles Julius Guiteau, John Wilkes Booth, Lee Harvey Oswald, Khalid Islambouli, Anders Behring Breivik and Nidal Malik Hasan have in common? What are the commonalities of these men? Not mundane surface characteristics but shared subterranean deep sets of commonalities.  An in-depth look at similar will reveal stunning revelations as this paper unfolds. There have been various hidden cells that have had association with distinct sexual practices as a means of assassination and infiltration into the higher echelons of government.   This practice as recent as Jörg Haider, the Reagan era and as old as the arabic assassins حشيش . Haider had a strange alliance with arabs Colonel Khadaffi and dictator Saddam Hussain. A curious friendship with outsiders from a radically different culture? Mossad supposedly did a hit on Haider.   Yet assassins share similar characteristics and quite curiously are from the same club.;view=toc;q1=The+Chemistry+of+common+life;view=image;q1=The+Chemistry+of+common+life Crenshaw,Theresa. Why We Love And Lust. Harper Collins.1997 Same sex combatants are unreliable in battle. They are weak, squeamish, easily frightened, full of angst.This is a common misnomer generally accepted in the Americas and less accepted in the European Union and some Middle Eastern and Eastern Countries. Although arrest,  death and confinement can be had by any same sex combatant openly practicing their sexuality in military situations. The ancient Greeks used to send same sex lovers into battle as it was known they would fight more fiercely than heterosexuals. Various countries conflict / military black ops units are same sex combatants based on this unusual but proven premise. Their sexual orientation draws out psychic ability  as ESP and ability to witness the future. Nevertheless it is not sexual preferences that causes this. Their heightened intuitive  abilities occur in posterior ventriculus tertius and right brain. Based on ancient practice their orientation will only present  them as same sex for about ( c ) and then will resolve their sexual orientation to heterosexual. Those participants not effected as resolved basically continue as bisexual and by many world religious moral standards hedonist perverts. So if you are marching around town with a rainbow flag take it off and use it as a bib at a good lusty South Indian restaurant or something. Because your flag will mean nothing in the true sense of spiritual hermaphrodite. Same sex interaction was an ancient practice. The practice shorts out the sexual configurative that makes you a boy or girl. Creates a permanent physiological cognition of seeing reality as lucid and foreboding.   MATURATION NATURAL PROCESS PSYCHOSEXUAL GROWTH 3 Better to have the pubescent get extremely involved in sports, group and academic activities and finally chaperoned dating so as not become self absorbed. Self absorbed introversion which sends nerve signals from brain to developing psychosexual physiology. Sex in its pure form is innocent natural phenomena. Yet how it is expressed is important. Chemistry and nervous energies exhibit through nerves and physiology as a process of maturation. Any act that circumvents brains natural biological process effects cognition. One can indadvertedly cause damage to their nervous system and brain by short circuiting subtle currents traveling between the vagus nerve and genitalia. Once this is done one may find themselves the victim of increased intuition. Inevitably those by chance or outright technique who bring about this change will bring on heightened lucid cognition. In worst case diabolical forces will attack pubescent youngsters as prey to psychic phenomena such as possession. It is well know that disembodied entities prey on children and imbalanced adolescents. In the first instance based on their innocence and in the second instance based on hormone imbalances.Vampire and paranormal media all provide a link for attacking psychic energies. As Casper not such a friendly ghost  and his buds use these links to reach youngsters and teenagers. Walking like John Wayne with KY streaming down your legs saying can I push that stool in for you is not the same as having a stable balanced relationship based on love, companionship, truth and family. For some odd reason European gay couples appear more level headed and sane then North American same sex couples. There has been a  systematic attempt by pseudo spiritual religions trying to kill off same sex individuals by pushing stereotypical boundary maintenance on them so they can be identified, attacked and ostracized by others. Media being used to encourage imbalanced lifestyles riddled with alcoholism and drug abuse. Unsuccessful relationships being the end result of this regimentation. Hysteria fueled by paranoid parents who so rightfully are looking after their children.   SAME SEX CULTURE LIE HEDONISM TO AN EXTREME Need Of Parent Union 4 Can you imagine the reality of an entire fake same sex hedonistic culture based on sticking Oscar Myers wieners in Barbara Annes buns? Or Barbara Anne twice using Oscar Myers wieners? What is the aim but pleasure and vice which creates destruction and disease. You rainbow seekers get your story straight. IF you are really practicing REAL homosexuality you will be gay for ( c ) and then altered heightened state of cognition will occur.  Heightened awareness  at which time your lust will cease for the same sex and permanent establishment of foresight of future events and esoteric reality. Seeking union with parent is the goal of all esoteric and self actualization teaching. How that union happens is unique for everyone. I am aware of cases in my own clinics where sexual issues were really covers for attempt at connection to heightened spiritual states that had become prevented and perverted out of heightened need due to previous abandonment. Abandonment even occurring through phenomena of transmigration. Instances of loved ones taken away as forced abandonment by separation through war and conflict.     Fear of abandonment is the ultimate fear and the most daunting. Abandonment a fear even greater then death itself.  Death brings finality while abandonment is a type of living death which does not cease. Abandonment brings self alienation due to separation from love object. Separation from beloved and those loved severs sense of universal oneness bringing on alienation. Alienation creates schism of perception within personal cognition. Estrangement develops as the familiar and real are elongated. Relief is unknown as to when fusion will occur again with love object. RESEARCH PROJECT ABSTRACT North England / Scotland Reassignment Of Traits 5 When I made the results of  this research project public I was attacked publicly by those whom were studied without their knowledge. To reveal this research to participants would contaminate  variables. Uncontaminated variables necessary to work unbiased results and show conclusive proof as synthesis. I deemed the research crucial for treatment in psychological and medical fields. Too important to let any one in on what I was doing. An activist in the United Kingdom tried to besmirch reputations with any gossip he could rustle up. This activist became an icon writer for a short time period. However with a name like Roger Slutter it is  pretty obvious what he wrote about.The greasier the better. Appeal for his books would basically be more geared toward those into male tail and backdoor action. To the annals of history this activists spite will continue in his words against progressive research aimed to help disoriented lost persons. I quote; “Oh, That Man!”, end of quote. One cannot engage in any helpful research to heal humanity without some political factions trying to utilize results of such research to back personal private selfish causes at expense of the greater good. Presented here is the original controversial research project with results and comments. Self Assigning Male Female Traits In Human Relationships 6 Studying the same sex subculture for many years observation has been to study it sociologically and psychologically. Research done for following reasons. In heterosexual relationships males tend to assign their feminine aspect to their female partner. Allowing the female to act out feminine traits which are inherent in him also. While the female heterosexual partner assigns her male traits to her male partner. Allowing the male to act out male traits which are also inherent in the female partner. Understanding opposite sexual traits in either sex usually does not occur until later in the lives of both male and female partners. Opposite sex understanding generally occurring when females acquire testosterone in large quantity and males acquire estrogens in greater quantity. Opposite hormone constitution results when males enter viropause and females enter menopause.This is based on pulsed growth hormone diminishing substantially with age. At about 50 years of age hormone production stops altogether in 50% of both sexed populations. Like any hormone that occurs in quantity human beings experience new feelings, emotions and thoughts. Opposite sexes subsequently  driven to acting out new behaviors. Men might start tending gardens and being more home bound and females may take up auto mechanics and mud wrestling. In a report by one of my clients her children witnessing through a crack in a barn door two elderly men doing bum chumming with each other in hay. This is an example both men well past their fifties in age. These elderly adult males were exhibiting what could be argued feminine traits. In the South Of Germany which is extremely liberal toward same sex culture one sees constantly in excessive mass lesbian couples. In numerous cases one partner is over 50 years old and menopause;  the other usually in their twenties or early thirties. This is not a rare sight there and couples are so plentiful with this age difference that  results show this hormonal life change influence. Even Berkeley, California with similar demographics and a large lesbian population as South of Germany does not display such accurate results exemplifying hormonal influences. Continuing with the main point of this study heterosexuals tend to be static and even lazy in developing traits assigned to the opposite sex until they are forced to by opposite sex hormones produced in their bodies in quantity. Thus overall emotional and psychological development of opposite sex traits can be gravely effected in both sexes as each goes through the human maturation process. Maturation not regulated producing incomplete personalities lacking holistic understanding of variant emotional psychological complexities that make up fully self actualized human beings. There is a carryon of non-integrative opposite sex characteristics caused by lack of empathy required to understand phenomenological phenomena of the opposite sex. Phenomena in which each sex is not able to understand phenomenologically  and empathetically their opposite sex partner in general and within themselves. Without this understanding one is handicapped to deal with situations where opposite sex traits are important. Important traits of use expressed in medicine, law, teaching, psychology and warfare as examples. Traditionally assigned sex traits imbued with emotion, sexuality and psychological factors acted out does not fair well in situations where opposite traits would work better. This is the crux of the matter and vital in comprehending necessity of such. In example a man sitting in a foxhole with manly lucid racing thoughts armed to the hilt while being attacked and outnumbered one thousand to one is not necessarily going to stay alive and create an FOB. An insane thought may come to mind; what would my wife do? More like if you do not use your right brain you will be FUBAR. Irrational intuition may be the only practical and reasonable weapon to get out of a lethal situation. Play dead he thinks. He covers himself with his dead comrades and the mass of adversaries pass over him. He quietly radios and a friendly assault force saturates frontally enfolding the invading chiliarchia and eventually smiting the entire lot. Opposite sex traits and states are generally switched off in traditionally assigned sex roles because of social norms.  Norms based on cultural mores and expectations imposed on male female subjects. These traditional culturally assigned biases do allow humans to think, feel, or act out various opposite sex psychosexual dynamics. Basically this assignment does not build an entire whole person. Without dynamic integrated wholeness opposite characteristics combined as perception will not be complete. The ancient Egyptians referred to this schooling as the right and left eye of Horus. In current times work and domestic role responsibilities are in many instances switched leaving the man at home to raise the children and woman away to bring in money from full time work. From a strictly functional standpoint based on immense changes occurring in a technological and multi tasked world human beings need to possess opposite sex traits to carry on responsibilities in both realities at work and home. On the other hand in same sex subculture there are partners acting out psychological, emotional and physical opposite sex dynamics. Acting out to compensate for lack of the real opposite sex as each participant. Same sex can either compensate or over compensate in order to provide what is missing dynamically on various levels of their personal psyche and in the relationship with another. To many partners this is daunting, trying, painful and difficult. Furthermore even impossible as one partner or the other must act out opposite sex dynamics to the other partner. Compensation for lack of   genuine counterpart. Opposite sex trait interaction compensation makes potential fertile ground for states of confusion in participants. Counterpart partners in heterosexual relationships exhibit natural and socially acquired emotional psychological attributes. Attributes which develop as process of psychobiology character and personality formation of each participant in the experience. That is basically an easy ride  for conformers which produces over time confidence and integration of personality and life map course. This is not a general statement and can be observed across cultures. In order to demonstrate opposite sex traits to each other in same sex relationships the same sex partners would have to resolve primary relationships with each parent. Otherwise the partners would exemplify either extreme male or extreme female characteristics. Characteristics behaviorally considered as overly passive or aggressive. Basis on over compensation by what the subject lacks within.  Acting out opposite lack to an extreme. One participant in same sex relationship may have become attached to one parent. Then experience their life as that parent or desperately seek that parent through relationship with another. Without resolution of these two extremes either partner may be locked in to the other partner seeking traits they desperately need to acquire  psychological balance. Same sex partners might be so submissive, narcissistic, dependent, defensive or independent that it is impossible to remain intimate with a same sex partner. One’s sexual orientation does not change shared preference dynamics. Although it may provide a rich array of opposite sex traits and coming to terms with inner archetypes that allows satisfactory gratification in human relationship. Unintegrated same sex dynamism on the other hand for example being infuriated martian qualities as avenging Father against subtle gentle submissive qualities of Mother and natural order displays unresolved issues with opposing opposites within. Conflictual interaction with partners as against the opposite parent or any opposites at all acted out with others does not bode well in integrated balanced wholesome relationships regardless of sexual preferences. Opposites require integration to operate as one overview to provide insight and self actualization. If you have observed badly matched same sex partners you will have seen them attempt to act out certain opposite sex qualities rather than operate in a state of BEING  opposite sex qualities. This is a problem and why imitating parental role models is faulty. Observation of and acting is what actors do; they act. It is rare to witness an actor who can act their role from the inside out as pure psyche. This state of being is important regardless of sexual orientation. Caring for oneself realistically is based on ability to nurture and integrate within. The state of acting out as being depends on the particular opposite sex characteristic being emulated and grounded through actualized realization of opposite yet not opposing trait which is acted from. So concept here is either acting as BEING from state of opposite trait not opposing the opposite. Or participant mimicking by observation and acting behavior out of opposite. Participant opposing integration as opposition to growth through self actualization. This is a form of attempting archetypal parental resolution of opposites through conflict with significant others outside of family primary group. One may observe in same sex dynamics extremely effeminate men or extremely macho dyke women. Subjects overcompensating for what  has not been achieved by synthesis within. Natural in this context is an alchemy of current opposing states transmuted into true oneness by emotional and psychological integration. Perceptive feeling unified  achievement as integrated overview. One can be stereotypical or REAL. There is choice   by systematic effort.       TRANSFORMING    SUBTERRANEAN ARCHETYPES OF DOOM AND GLOOM REPLACING THE DARK WITH BLINDING LIGHT 7 Being trapped and static at some phase of psychosexual development is not fun and distorts reality in the here and now. One cannot be in the here and now if trapped earlier in development somewhere. The world will be distorted including interaction with  human players who will be chosen by habit as earlier significant figures in childhood or adolescence. Subject can be trapped in immature eternal youth or hell bent on destroying everything intuitive, artistic, aesthetic and natural toward human evolution and development. Reasons traditionally same sex lifestyle is considered self-destructive inclusive as physical abuse, infidelity, drug addiction and sexual abuse of others and by others. It is not the same sex lifestyle that is necessarily destructive. Destruction is more failure of participant to arrive at true integration of opposite sex traits within that causes  destructive acting out in those forced to pursue this lifestyle. Forced by unresolved issues with early caregivers. Genetic predisposition factors produce a boy or girl emotionally regardless of the body sex they display. Psychologically and emotionally the body inhabitant may be the boy girl opposite of the physiology they are in. Yet all humans have hormones of the opposite sex and will be subjected to mood swings associated to these hormones. These opposite sex hormones become more apparent physiologically after 50 years of age. So much of this lack of integration based destruction is happening in heterosexual culture which by lack of recognition of similar variables is not unreported nor researched. Unreported perhaps because no one recognizes destructive trait phenomena  difficulties present  due to societies bias! A bias based on strong men and weak women without need to synthesize opposite sex characteristics. Regardless hedonistic lack of responsibility and not sexual orientation may eventually destroy any community same sex or heterosexual. Pursuing eternal youth by not  growing up and taking responsibility for one’s actions tears apart families and communities. Those that live successfully from this same sex lifestyle are forced to integrate more so  opposite traits than heterosexuals. Having a social stigma which translates as a handicap is a greater burden requiring deeper introspection and integration to create a defense motte to work from.   In same sex relationships extremes in behavior can be demonstrated in forms of sadomasochism against one’s self or partner. As after all self-abuse can be an accessory of same sex lifestyle in which one feels guilty about who they are. Or acting this self hate out as rage on their partner through violence. Emotional abuse against a partner can achieve the same self destruction as an unquenchable dissatisfaction with life and ones situation which the same sex lifestyle may cause by lack of integration. Perpetual attempts to feel safe with the familiar regardless of dissatisfaction by a return to childhood. Self abuse by way of substance abuse and destructive relationships can facilitate this self loathing. Irresponsible infantile behavior is an attempt to rejoin familiar childhood. As mentioned before any attempt to return to a former maturation period will create problems in terms of the present. Irresponsible behaviors occur as relationship addiction and dependency.Fueling  a seething rage and resentment toward that which one is dependent on. Resulting in emotional abuse as dependency creates feelings of being trapped. Explosion of abusive arguments generally is result of this trapped orientation. From mixture of volatile emotion and psychological dysfunction is creation of inability to maintain paid employment and pay bills as a rudimentary example. Lack of carry through in behaviors which makes one independent and self sufficient.  These variants as unconscious assault on Father or Mother by same sex partners. Each component partner playing against the other as  parent on archetypal level. Interactive conflict presenting attack against a parent archetype players hold unresolved issues with.  Layering conflict on  partner to act out conflicting role of unresolved parent with them.   THE LARGER WORLD TRANSLATED AS THE SAME OL THING? 8 In the larger world this dysfunction forms against employer or authoritarian figures      interacting on a regular basis. Alternatively one may battle parental archetype within self without acting out through outside environment. The unresolved may last a lifetime  appearing as archetypal disturbances eventuating as partner separation. The broken going off to suffer the same conflict with another through  the exact  archetypal formula. Unresolved archetype male female trait assignment alignment within structure of psyche experiences same conflict with a new partner. Exception as same old archetypal partner wearing different mask. Nevertheless face of lack aligning synchronicity between parental counterparts is not functional. Script will remain much the same unless it is changed. Obviously this lack of change constitutes unhealthy relationships. There does appear to be new rays of hope on the horizon however. I would term this as a new breed of same sex participants. New breed emerging reflecting traits and lifestyles very different from traditional unhealthy same sex relationships of the past. New trend same sex oriented resolving parental primary conflicts. Relationships providing abundant examples of dynamics necessary to maintain emotional balance and personal evolution.  Traditional  healthy relationships  assigned  by  a long course of time to heterosexuals. This trend is prevalent primarily in Germany. A country with aggressive laws which punish gay bashers with extreme prejudice. Same sex partners can be seen strolling hand in hand not with lisps or bent wrists. Many same sex oriented in high government positions. Nurenberg is famous for its dyke culture. Same sex relationships require partners to develop creatively opposite sex traits in relationship to compensate for those natural traits not present. Relationship in this  context  provides mirroring of variant psychological  emotional spectrums with unlimited potential. Self creativity providing participants with profound understanding of emotional psychological requirements to maintain healthy partnerships. Partners demonstrating acting out of opposites.  Filtering mechanisms within partners dislodge stereotypical expectations of dysfunction expected by numerous countries which puts extreme emphasis on removing sexual deviants from society. Each partner’s integrated entirety demonstrates a balance which the prejudice do not fathom. This new psychological trend is creating confusion in those who need the concept of sexual deviants. Acting from opposite sex characteristics same sex partners are experiencing states psychologically and emotionally experienced only by those of the opposite sex. States only accessible to those of a certain gender. Opposite sex trait integration within those of same sex as younger adults who would traditionally achieve this sort of emotional integration between forty to fifty years of age with increase of  opposite sex hormones.  Hormone time clock stimulates estrogens and testosterone introduced into male female biological systems. Estrogens and testosterone producing feminine characteristics in males and masculine traits in females. Males develop female characteristics and females develop male characteristics.Hormonal effects are a part of emotional  psychological maturation. Voluntary instigation of counter sexual characteristics to create healthy relationships is current trend happening in sub-culture.     MATURATION AS FORCED HONESTY 9 Observation of  honesty and non superficial psychological emotional states in same sex persons and partnerships is due to  lack of opposite sex assignments as heterosexual expectations. This refusal of assignment allows participants to just be themselves. Heterosexual relationships assign specific acting out opposite sex dynamic assignments. So the partner who lacks opposite sex characteristics is integrated from the outside by their partner.  Independent self integration of opposites is removed as result. Partners trained in irresponsibility as not demonstrating observable opposite sex traits within themselves. Demonstration if engaged would present personal evolutionary insight and self integration. Heterosexual partners are removed from observation of opposite sex states making it impossible to cognize clearly accurately phenomena within their partner and other human beings.This produces lack of empathy and compassion toward others. Observed in numerous settings with precision and accuracy the multiple variants of distinct balanced psychological states in same sex partnerships characterizes healthy actualized human beings. In many cases these people have had to brutally remove  their fake personas and come to terms with who they really are.  Not as sexual beings either. I do not believe that these persons have wanted to be frank and honest.  Individuals forced to go this honesty route in order to make their lives and relationships work.  Clear crisp integrated psychological states lived due to removal of bias from beliefs about themselves. Liberated persons liberated out of necessity caring little what the world thinks of them. Same sex participants carefully studying opposite sex dynamics becoming adept in these. Adept in archetype realms and principled in masterful self concepts as behavior in the heterosexual world. These subjects have to know who they are and confidently move themselves in a world where others do not approve of them. I believe display of of character strength as integrated honesty is why I have been able to successfully research various distinct emotional psychological states  in same sex observations  and as healthy long-term relationships. Psychological states can be more easily dissected, observed and classified in healthy  same sex persons than those whose cognizance is defused, muddled, undefined and not perceptually aligned as has been the case with many heterosexuals. Dynamics muddled and obscured by sex trait assignment.  Creating psychological and emotional schism within as non integration.   REPRESSION SCHISM IN HETEROSEXUALS 10 Repression of opposite sex characteristics is prevalent in this schism group. Repressed heterosexuals shunning opposite sex characteristics and assigning to be acted out by the opposite sex partner. In this  re-assignment by heterosexuals comes a generation of denial, repression of emotion and manufacture of dysfunctional psychological states. Furthermore and added to what has been stated in the above sentence a generation of unconsciousness. Potential growing experiences if these traits were experienced and expressed in an integrated felt perceptive fashion. Integration presenting self actualization acted out from balanced alignment from within rather than acted out in denial lie based scenarios that kill the cognitive emotional nature of male and female heterosexuals. Through repression comes angst and generation of fear fantasia. Generating misalignment fracturing of the entire psyche in its maturation developmental process. Fracturing of personality and attributable self law unto ones self by failure to integrate opposite psychological emotional dynamics within one’s personal self generated cognizance. Opposite sex emotional and psychological dynamics are there whether one chooses to acknowledge them or not. Hormones of both sexes reek havoc on each person. Setting to task the necessity of understanding and integrating opposites within. The more you push back opposite characteristics the more the inability to glue yourself together as a whole person during trying times. One requires being hard and soft to survive the many trials and tribulations of life or you break. Having play in your psyche  will give you a way out from very daunting challenges in war and in peace. So give yourself a break. No body has to know you are integrating opposites. Self integration within you of opposites is your own personal affair and business. Obviously each is a boy or girl because certain genes are more dominant and creates specific body types. It may be easier to go through life’s changes if one is gentle and rough at appropriate times. If there is traditional cognitive and emotional laziness associated with heterosexual orientation? I would comment that this oriented laziness makes self integration extremely time consuming. Moreover impossible to carry out and reveal cause of what troubles many. Because so much of what a person is and can be is hidden. Lack of acceptance of entire human personal self synthesis depletes the ability to fathom the depths of answers. Answers to mysteries of personal destiny and overcoming destiny.   PURE PSYCHE SELF ACTUALIZATION AS SYNTHESIS 11   As therapists there is attempt to glue people together into whole persons. Society would do a great favor if they could help people to accept and integrate masculine and feminine parental archetypes within as soft hard dynamics in human personalities. Same sex orientated research is providing a looking glass into observation of hidden psychological and emotional states buried deep within the human psyche. This observation in unbiased form as investigating universal archetypes may open new doors in comprehending dynamics of cultures and tributaries which make up nations and countries. Desensitizing youth through same sex education in state schools as a way to groom them to become gay is wrong. The better solution is to close the gap of what causes fracturing of the human psyche by teaching students and persons in general how to integrate opposites within in human development. From this integrated development exponential evolution of the psyche and larger world evolution will be possible. Self integration has nothing to do with sexual preference or orientation. The study process of research in  this paper has been sped up by opportunity to observe the same sex sub-culture. A culture which has had to clear itself of much prejudice put on it by its own members and those of others. Each person has a new opportunity for self integration through self alchemy. Alchemy is a process of synthesizing parts to make the sacred elixir. Consuming the beverage brings you eternal life.   OUROBOROS   TRAINED ASSASSINS PUTTING TO REST THE MYSTERIES  OF ANCIENT AND CURRENT SHADOW WARRIORS 12 Drugged assassins roam the earth. Addicted to heroin, crack, methamphetamines and loyalty to governments or supposedly lofty noble causes. Self Medication to ease discomfort for a practice which thrills yet eats away at that thin line between realities of life and death, right and wrong, good and bad. Covert operatives employed by governments to purge the world of the dark side of the force. Specialists experientially phasing between good and evil for country and home. The current understanding of assassins is shallow superficial miniscule operatives compared to real invisibility magi. Directed from above having license to administer below they act ministerially between earth and sky. Sages not involved in Politika Πολιτικά  nor petty affairs of dualistic considerations which the majority of the human race is perplexed by. Sages engrossed in states and stages of becoming whole. Acting as conduits of truth and source shakti. Yet remaining aloof from interactions with the big we.   You may find them in the wilds of Thailand or Cambodia. Adepts walking scant air mountain passes of the Karakoram or the upper Himalayas. Wrapped in twine and foliage deep within themselves surrounded by wild animals in the jungles of Bengal. Maybe you just passed one of them by while at your lunch break on Broadway. An unknown obscure analyst working numbers and figures in a skyscraper. While talking to source silently sitting in a tight claustrophobic cubicle.       There is necessity to become more like them.  Taking off dualistic masculine feminine blinders that separates us from ourselves. Who we are is yet to be discovered. A thrill to live and explore beyond warring with our own person and each other. Our journey will lead us up to and beyond the visible sky. ITS FULL OF STARS   的音乐库   ©2012 Kevin Wilson PsyD PhD

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    • Anonymous

      You’re nucking futs!

    • Anonymous

      I read this diatribe and want my time back. I agree with the above commenter.

    • crabby

      i should sue you for eye damage you ratturd

    • Anonymous

      wall of text crits you for 5000

    • Confessions of a Closet Republican

      to the people asking for their time back- can’t believe you bothered to even read this.

      Yo, dude, if you want people to even tackle your post, how about some paragraphs.

    • country bumpkin

      damn anybody have a microscope? But I think you are all saying that you all perfer comic books. Go to marvel comics online. Nuts? Try being the shooter or from the mentality that made the shooter the shooter, yea you get it now, sweet dreams.

    • el_jefe

    • Illusion

      Holy wall of text o0 not even gonna bother reading it.

    • RT

      One of the funniest posts + comments I’ve ever seen ;-)

    • RT

      PS – In the writers defense, they did start by saying “Let’s talk turkey”. This is simply how turkeys talk.

    • VoiceInTheWilderness

      Anyone who made it to the bottom of that mess is hereby ordered to present themselves at the gates of the nearest FEMA camp ASAP with a printed copy in hand for inspection!

    • Anonymous

      What the hell is he talking about? Gays,religon,assassins,turkys,drugs or what.I just skimmed through it and my eyes are crossed.

    • Norry

      No matter what you think you know and for however many years you have worked on this subject ,(whatever it pertains to ), what good is it if you can’t get your message out to the bloke in the street.

    • Anonymous

      Ummmmm ummmmm ummmmm ummmm, don’t type um, you sounded like a dumb valley girl in my head when I read it. Stop. Think. Plan a paragraph before moving on when you get an “umm” in your head. You must make your ideas flow together and prove one thing before you move on to the next. Not letting the reader in on information is called dramatic irony, but that’s only used in FICTION. Please tell us what you mean don’t keep the reader in the dark like a mystery novel.

    • Anonymous

      Pretty much your typical BIN psychotic, paranoid, conspiracy theory under every rock, the sky is falling diatribe.

    • W. Willow

      Absolute proof that James Holmes was a trained assassin?

      Did I miss something?

      I think the title was a hook to get people to read your drivel.

    • Wake up

      I admit I did not want to read it because it looked like a migrain in the making. But the comments, to freaking funny!!
      I can’t talk, my typing is bad too.
      I just feel bad for this person getting ripped up.

      Loved the comments.

    • Anonymous

      So glad I read the comments after reading just the first paragraph.

      Thanks all those who did and comment and saved me a trip to the opthamologist.

      How the hell did this article make it to top stories?

    • YOU

      HAHA, WTF. So you liked what you saw on poke street and decided to have a gay experience, then go straight again, and now rationalizing it? LOL

    • arney6273

      ummm…, rant much??

    • country bumpkin

      ( YOU it looks to me that your trying to use the writer to cover up the fact that you are gay and are trying to hide it. Better luck next time trying to hide and put your sexuality on someone else. Enjoy POKE street you Dim Wit, Maybe you can do some more experimentation from what you learn in this article and have tried. I do not see how your comment has anything to do with this news piece? It seems to others you are making it more a forum of your own repressed sexuality.

    • country bumpkin

      YOU it looks to me that your trying to use the writer to cover up the fact that you are gay and are trying to hide it. Better luck next time trying to hide and put your sexuality on someone else. Enjoy POKE street you Dim Wit, Maybe you can do some more experimentation from what you learn in this article and have tried. I do not see how your comment has anything to do with this news piece? It seems to others you are making it more a forum of your own repressed sexuality.

    • country bumpkin

      RT did you say you wanted me to get you a bottle of wild turkey, how about some grits and bisquits for such a fine scholar and gentleman. I did not know hobos like you existed?, i thought everyone had intelligence. So you did not read the entire article? You can read some of your tom and jerry and popye comic books, you may understand those? You seem to be a good leader for all of those who have had to rip apart an extensively lenghtly article because they did not fathom the implications of it. Well i guess hics are what they are, corpses for the frontline, grunts. So did you even make any intellegent comments about the actual article or just stupid base impulse intelligence like the rest of your fine intellectual giants? Maybe next time you and your friends can read the entire article and learn how you can not become one of the countless in the article? X )

    • country bumpkin

      POOFMANDER, did you imply you know how to coach people far superior to you on how to write? Well first of all you have to read the entire article and understand it. Encryptic articles are really mangled and tangled to throw off the sniff, but you did not get that although you are an expert? You should try to build your intelligence first and then learn to write and then encrypt before you expose your stupidity. Oh and next time please read the article so you do not waste every bodys time with comments that make absolutley no sense due to you not knowing what you are talking about.

    • sten

      The writer did not provide “proof” at all but did write a great deal on what he thinks he knows. That isnt proof. However as we know from a large number of recent history events it is not beyond the FBI or any other government agency to create people like him as “manchurian candidate” types to enforce their agenda. Hell I even know people who still deny MKultra ever existed.

    • Norry

      @Countrybum. Seeing you understand what the writer of said article is saying, could I please have a precis of the article from you.It was so convoluted to me I just gave up halfway through! thanks in advance.

    • anyoneamongUS

      r u heron

    • sten

      Lots of interesting info and hard to break down because of the way its been made. If you take all into account what he says and where it all goes it provides a very compelling case but not one you could present in a court. To me personally it makes sense but the general population cannot decipher anything more than six lines in and when it gets convoluted this way it puts people right off. If I was reading it out to an audience I would be expecting the nodding of heads and snores to follow soon. As I said though “compelling and interesting” just badly put together for the layman.

    • Anonymous

      I’m from the netherlands & took classes mass psychology & sociology, some anthropology,
      mostly with textbooks in english.

      To the writer’s defense:
      This article is perfectly readable to me

      This article is far from perfect, and would probably be returned to the student
      with a ‘stick to the subject’ remark.

      Obviously the writer has studied same gender sex at a university level,
      &, rather importantly, has come across anthropology studies concerning assassin tribes, and their sexual hangups.

      He probably tried to combine the two & create the ‘definite’ link to the person James Holmes.

      The writer’s “Absolute Proof” has failed miserably,
      but as a source text, it does give some – vague – pointers
      to the subject of the psychological makeup of ‘assassins’.

      Also the writer seems to have translated parts from his text to english, or he is a sloppy writer.

      The real topic at hand seems to be the studies by for instance anthropologist
      of assassin tribes or warrior classes & their same gender orientation,
      that is ignored in the present mass media culture of ‘fight’ movies.
      E.g. the shield-bearer boys and their ‘service’ to the knights.


    • KPP

      Anonymous it takes a Valley Girl to know one dosn’t it. UUUUMMMM has a linguistic overview that basically you do not understand. Try thinking next time. You try to fathom what you are not capable of fathoming. You write like your on the rag at that time of month. Trying to distract the attention of the readers to gramatical irregularities so they do not see your slight of hand to avoid th obvious that you are just plain stupid. Even a Valley Girl is more intelligent then your morbid complaining. Have you tried a frontal lobotomy so you are more the ideal simple fascist intellectual that you think you are dummy. Do not use the comment box unless you can think and know how to reason. There is a special education class near you for your use. Go there to learn laws of basic writing and writing skills and then try writing something intelligent fool.




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