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Obama’s Secret Doomsday Terror Plot For America Exposed

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October 28, 2012
David Chase Taylor

SWITZERLAND, Zurich — With impending “Frankenstorm” bearing down on the east coast of America, it is imperative that this terror warning be expedited forward in hopes that will reach millions of Americans prior to the scheduled blackout of the U.S. electrical power grid.

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This terror warning is rather complex and interconnected and can only be understood once all the facts and evidence (see: 1-10 below) is reviewed and confirmed. Based on the cumulative terror data, the U.S. will be attacked by ex-Guantanamo terror detainees, Al Shabaab terrorists from Africa, and the nation of China between Halloween, October 31, 2012, and Doomsday, December 21, 2012.

These false-flag terror attacks will likely come in the form of a “1-2 punch”, with Islamic terrorists throwing the first strike and China knocking America out for good. With each passing phase of terror, U.S. President Barack Obama will seize more and more power until he is ultimately declared dictator, martial law is enacted, and World War III against China is officially declared. is forecasting the following events to transpire in America prior to December 21, 2012:

Terror Phase 1: 2012 Election Madness (U.S: election will be postponed, canceled or disputed)
Terror Phase 2: U.S. Civilian Targets Attacked  (Terrorists)
Terror Phase 3: U.S. Landmarks & Infrastructure Destroyed (Terrorists)
Terror Phase 4: Cyber-Terror Attack Bankrupts America  (China)
Terror Phase 5: EMP Destroys U.S. Power Grid (China)

The goal of these terror attacks is to garner political support for Obama, create a reason to suspend the 2012 U.S. presidential election, destroy America physically, financially and psychologically, and to initiate World War III with China.


If the 2012 U.S. presidential election is not postponed or canceled due to “Frankenstorm”, terror attacks or for other unseen reasons, it is highly likely that America will see a repeat of Bush v. Gore of 2000, where the outcome of the election is highly disputed and contested. Obama v. Romney will then be used to create racial division in America on an unprecedented level. In the midst of the post-election turmoil, it is highly likely that a member of Obama’s family will be targeted for assassination of kidnapping.

1.1: 2012 Election Terror
Rumors are beginning to circulate that the 2012 U.S. presidential election may be America’s last, a notion that was rhetorically reinforced by First Lady Michelle Obama when she said to vote early, because you may find your “toilet overflowing” on Election Day. What exactly Mrs. Obama is referring to is unknown, but she appears to be telling Americans that all will not be ok on Election Day. A few days after her comments, “Frankenstorm” was being touted as a possible reason to suspend the U.S. presidential election. Although it’s impossible to know what will transpire come November 6, 2012, the
foiled 2012 DNC Terror plotindicates that 2012 election terror is in the cards and may be in a desperate attempt to divide and conquer the American people. Aside from the threat of cyber terror to disrupt, postpone or cancel the election, there has been recent news and propaganda in respect to impending election bio-terror, election bomb threats from Anonymous, and riots post-election should Obama lose.
In the run-up to the 2012 election, there have also been unprecedented reports of deaths threats against Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney, attempted attacks and death threats against U.S. President Barack Obamaas well as death threats and scares involving the Obama family, namely First Lady Michelle Obama. As November 6, 2012, approaches, reports are beginning to surface of voter fraud and controversyindicating that the 2012 election may be the dirtiest and most divisive in American history.

1.2: 2012 U.S. Presidential Election & Cyber-Terror
According to recent election cyber-terror propaganda,the odds of hacker “shenanigans” during the 2012 election cycle are high as hackers may disgrace presidential candidateswith electronic extortion and other forms of digital deception. To make matters even worse, on October 11, 2012, it was reported that WikiLeaks will begin publishing 200,000 files relating to the presidential election. The 2012 election cyber-terror threat coincides with recent propaganda about 2012 being America’s “last election”. If an alleged cyber-terror attack occurs on voting machines nationwide and skews final resulted beyond repair, a future Bush-Gore 2000 type scenarioof Obama v. Romney would likely be in play and America’s representative form of government may forever be tarnished and ultimately abandoned.

1.3: Obama Family Death Threats
Recent Obama family death threats, scares and emergenciesindicate that the Obama family may be targeted in the near future. While Obama himself is still a major false-flag terror target, the shift to Obama’s family appears to have been made after shortly after the foiled 2012 DNC Terror Ploton September 6, 2012.  Based on recent Obama family news events and propaganda, Michelle Obama or the Obama daughters may be attacked, killed or kidnapped in a desperate attempt to instantly give Obama global attention and to possibly start a race war in America. Interestingly, on October 27, 2012, just 10 days prior to the 2012 election, Al Qaeda called on Muslims to kidnap Westernerswith the purpose of trading victims for Islamic jihadist prisoners held in Guantanamo Bay.

1.4: Obama White House
On September 12, 2012, it was reported that after nearly two years and $86 million worth of construction, the West Wing of the Obama White House has emerged from its visual seclusion “remarkably unchanged”. According to the report, the construction project began in September of 2010 with the excavation of a huge multistory pit in front of the West Wing. Aside from the suspicious construction, the White House has been the target of a number of high-profile terror plots and threats: On January 18, 2012, it was reported that an Occupy Wall Street protesterthrew a smoke bomb over the fence of the White House. Two months later on March 8, 2012, it was reported that a top hacker and committed anarchist who worked closely with the LulzSec, openly spoke of burning down the White House. Six months later on September 30, 2012, it was reported that the White House was attacked by hackers allegedly linked to China’s government. The unprecedented cyber-terror attack targeted the U.S. government’s most sensitive computer networks, ultimately breaching a system used by the White House Military Office for nuclear commands. A month later on October 21, 2012, it was reported that a year-long investigation by the Investigative Project on Terrorism (IPT) has found that scores of known radical Islamists made hundreds of visits to the Obama White House, meeting with top administration officials.

The following 11 incidents involving airplanes in violation of Obama’s declared airspace may indicate that an aerial kamikaze attack on the Obama White House or presidential inauguration may be planned.

Obama Airplane Incidents to date:

1: July 10, 2011: Camp David, Maryland
2: July 10, 2011: Camp David, Maryland 
3: July 10, 2011: Camp David, Maryland 
4: May 13, 2012: Los Angeles, California
5: June 7, 2012: Los Angeles, California
6: June 16, 2012: Chicago, Illinois 
7: June 16, 2012: Chicago, Illinois 
8: August 8, 2012: New York, New York
9: August 8, 2012: New York, New York
10: August 25, 2012: New York, New York
11: August 25, 2012: New York, New York

1.5: 2012 Election Bio-Terror
Should a real or perceived act of bio-terror occur at voting stationson November 6, 2012, there is a real chance that the 2012 presidential election would be postponed or canceled. A similar scenario was played out by the U.S. government in 1999 during a bio-terror war game that simulated “terrorists” contaminating a political rally with silent, odorless smallpox. The terror drill practiced quarantines, airports closures, and the attempt to control the panic when the smallpox vaccine ran out. During the 2012 election cycle, there was a report of health officials warning people to watch out for unusual diseases, as well a secondary report stating that health officials want to immediately hear of any suspected illness from possible bioterrorism, including plague, brucellosis, botulism, anthrax or viral hemorrhagic fevers.


The incessant Al Shabaab terror propaganda and the ever expanding war on Al Shabaab has been recently bolstered by the timely arrest of at least 4 Al Shabaab terrorists allegedly intent on attacking America.  The truth is, Al Shabaab is the African legion of the CIA. This group was designed to do exactly what Al Qaeda did for the Middle East, namely terrorize Western nations until they invade the region where the terror group allegedly comes from.

2.1 Al Shabaab & Obama
The fictitious feud between U.S. President Barack Obama and the alleged terror group Al Shabaab is outright laughable. According to reports, Al Shabaab planned to kill Obama at his presidential inauguration and allegedly targeted Obama’s grandmother in Kenya. On June 7, 2012, the U.S. government offered a reward for information on the whereabouts of leaders in the Somali militant group al-Shabab. Two days later on June 9, 2012, Al Shabaab responded to Obama’s bounty by offering a counter bounty of 10 camels for President Barack Obama and two camels for information on Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

2.2: Al Shabaab, Al Qaeda & CIA
Not surprisingly, connections between Al Qaeda and Al Shabaab have been made from Al Shabaab’s inception. The marriage between the two groups is legitimate, given that both groups are run by western intelligence agencies, namely the CIA. Therefore, it would stand to reason that the groups would share the same political and religious ideology. Following in the Al Qaeda footprint, Al Shabaab has allegedly stated to Kenya that “Your skyscrapers will be destroyed, your tourism will disappear”.

2.3: Al Shabaab Terror Attacks
The list of Al Shabaab terror attacks includes attacks on twin bombings on crowds watching the World Cup soccer final, a truck bomb at the education ministry in Somalia, kidnapping aid workers at a camp in Kenya, grenade attacks, a suicide attacks on sports officials in a theater, a suicide attack on the president of Somalia and the foreign minister of Kenya, the attack and capture of an airport in Somalia, a suicide attack on a church as well as a bombing on a church. As evidenced, their attacks are growing bolder and more daring.

2.4: Al Shabaab Threat to America
The U.S. Congress has stated that Al Shabaab poses a “Direct Threat” to the U.S. and that there is growing evidence that the Al Qaeda affiliate in Somalia, known as al-Shabaab, is becoming more of a regional terrorist player with the potential to go global as it targets U.S. citizens and interests. Al Shabaab urges their “brothers and sisters” to “do jihad” in America, Canada, England, “anywhere in Europe, in Asia, in Africa, in China, in Australia, anywhere you find kuffar,” a derogatory term for non-Muslims.

2.5: Rise in Suicide Terror
Based on recent suicide terror propaganda, the ever increasing amount of suicide terror attacksand the recent high-profile cases of suicide terror plots allegedly thwartedby officials, suicide terror in America is now imminent. Although to date America has remained suicide terror free, in 1998, an Israeli suicide bomber plotted to attack the U.S. Capitolbut was not successful due to faulty wiring. Steel street grates in Philadelphia have been “mysteriously disappearing”over the last year, and in Wyoming, numerous horse tails have been clipped and stolen, potentially indicating that suicide bombers dressed as womenmay be in the false-flag suicide terror script. In the 2012 Hollywood blockbuster entitled “Act of Valor”, suicide bombers target American sports stadiums, a concept which could transpire in reality at an NCAA or NFL game. According to a May 13, 2012, report, security has been stepped up at airports worldwide as surgically-doctored terrorists plot suicide attackswith implanted bombsthat would be undetectable to airport body scanners. On August 14, 2012, it was reported that Al Qaeda, under the heading “Area of activity: The planet Earth,” is allegedly seeking jihadists to carry out suicide attacks. Aside from a recent rash of unprecedented suicide terror threats and scares, the U.S. government has also been preparing for suicide terror by conducting multiple suicide terror drillsin order to prepare local, state and federal officials for inevitable suicide terror. 

2.6: Al Shabaab & Piracy
On October 22, 2012, it was reported that sea piracy had fallen to its lowest level in 4 years and that the Somali piracy threat had eased up. Somali pirates, who have long been linked to Al Shabaab appear to be one in the same and may be on their way to American shores. On October 8, 2012, it was reported that a Greek ship management company says it has lost contact with one of its tankers off the coast of western Africa, where several vessels have been attacked by Somali pirates. A few weeks later on October 25, 2012, it was reported that a mysterious Libyan ship carrying weapons may have some link to the September 11, 2012, terror attack on the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi, Libya. The next day on October 26, 2012, it was reported that the U.S. Navy will be moving 24 ships from the Norfolk Naval Station region in Virginia out to sea to get out of the path of Hurricane Sandy, potentially providing a window for Somali Al Shabaab pirates to land on U.S. shores. Two days later on October 28, 2012, it was reported that a Russian ship with 11 people on board has gone missing in stormy seas off the nation’s Pacific Coast, potentially indicating that the Somali pirates have hijacked another vessel.


Theoretically, Al Shabaab terrorists from Africa could make their way to America via ship, spring their Islamic brothers from Guantanamo Bay, and attack U.S. targets along with ex-Gitmo terror detainees.

3.1: Ex-Gitmo Terror Attacks
Just as the 9/11 Terror Trialis about kick-off, reports are beginning to surface that ex-Gitmo detainees are complicit in recent terror attacksgiving further credence to the theory that the Guantanamo military base is place where Muslims are radicalized, brainwashed and ultimately sent out into the world to commit acts of terror. On July 19, 2012, it was reported by Bulgarian media that Mehdi Ghezali, an ex-gitmo  jihadist, was responsible for blowing up a bus with Israeli tourists.  Two months later on September 20, 2012, it was reported that the September 11, 2012, attack on the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi, Libya, was directly tied to Al Qaeda and a former Guantanamo detainee. Interestingly, on October 27, 2012, just 10 days prior to the 2012 election, Al Qaeda called on Muslims to kidnap Westerners with the purpose of trading victims for Islamic jihadist prisoners held in Guantanamo Bay.

3.2: Ex-Gitmo Detainee Releases
Complementing the impending 9/11 Terror Trial is the sudden and inexplicable release of at least 57 Guantanamo terror detaineeswhich consist of former al-Qaida cook Ibrahim al-Qosiwho supported terrorism by providing logistical support to al-Qaida, Shaker Aamer, the last British residentheld at Guantanamo, and Omar Khadrwho was convicted of killing Sergeant First Class (SFC) Christopher Speer. Another suspicious development is the upcoming transfer of Guantanamo terror detainees to the Thomson Correctional Center, a state prison 150 miles west of Chicago, Illinois. Whether or not the prison transfer will be completed without incident is yet to be determined, but a surprise prison break would not be out of the question as there have been 4 major prison breaks in Iraq, Libya, Mexico and the United Statessince September of 2012.

3.3: Gitmo 9/11 TerrorTrial
In November of 2012, the world will be subjected to a spectacular show trial as the 9/11 Terror Trial kicks off in Guantanamo, Cuba. Despite the fact that the Israeli Mossad executed the 9/11 attacks, alleged Islamic terrorists will be tried and likely convicted in a television show trial which should be something of a hybrid between the Nuremberg Trialand the O.J. Simpson trial. Curiously, just prior to the start of the 9/11 Terror Trial, the U.S. Navy will “clean up offices at the Guantanamo Bay”to take care of offices which are “dangerously contaminated with rat droppings and mold”. The Navy is obliging five prisoners charged in the 9/11 attacks who complained that their offices were so contaminated that their lawyers and paralegals have suffered respiratory ailments. Why the complaint wasn’t filed by the lawyers is rather suspicious leading to fears that the Navy could conveniently leave behind explosives and/or weapons to aid the ex-Gitmo detainees in a daring prison escape from Guantanamo Bay.  


The concepts and ideas put forth in the latest Batman movie entitled “The Dark Knight” appears to be programming for what will transpire in America at the end of 2012. The movie title “Dark Knight” has implications that America will literally go dark, possibly from an EMP attack, and the movie itself is filled with numerous acts of terror and symbolism which ultimately programs viewers for what will later transpire in reality. Dark Knight boasts a bloody attack on the New York Stock Exchange, a cyber-terror heist where criminals make off with millions, an attack on the Brooklyn Bridge, children stranded on a school bus in the midst of a terror attack, an attack on a football stadium, as well as prison break where criminals terrorize the streets. As evidenced herein under “U.S. Soft Terror Targets”, all of the Dark Knight terror attacks have real-life implications and it is now clear that the movie was made in order to showcase the new plan for America’s demise after the Super Bowl XLV nuclear terror plot was subverted. In order to gain unprecedented national and international attention for the movie and its end of America scripts, a deadly massacre was planned and executed on the movie’s opening night. Exactly  9 days prior to the Batman Massacre, an alleged candidate for the U.S. Senate named David Vanderbeek appeared on a radio show and stated that the “soon to be released motion picture The Dark Night contains foreshadowing of a false flag attack”.

4.1: Batman Massacre
The Batman Massacrewas the largest civilian massacre in American history and it coincidentally occurred during the first ever U.N. Arms Trade Treaty conference which took place in New York City on July 2, 2012 through July 27, 2012 which naturally led to widespread speculation that the shooting was staged. A quick look back on the events surrounding the Batman Massacresuggests that the shooting was planned and executed by intelligence agencies rather than the scapegoat James Holmes. On May 17, 2012, roughly two month prior to the massacre, the FBI and the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) released a memo entitled “Terrorists’ Interest In Attacking Theaters And Similar Mass Gatherings”. In the timely memo, the FBI and DHS stated that due to an April 2012 Al Shabaab suicide bombing of a theater in Somalia, “terrorists may seek to emulate overseas attacks on theaters here in the United Statesbecause they have the potential to inflict mass casualties and cause local economic damage.” On the same day of the Batman Massacre, Rocky Vista University College of Osteopathic Medicine in Parker, Colorado, held specialized classes in disaster life support to train the students how to respond if a shooter fires at people in a movie theater. The additional red flags surrounding James Holmes and the Batman Massacre conspiracy are too numerous to detail, but are all documented in a reputable film entitled “The James Holmes Conspiracy”.

4.2: Batman Terror Déjà Vu
Ever since the horrific Batman Massacre in July of 2012, there have been at least 4 highly publicized “Batman” incidentswhich have undoubtedly reminded Americans of the Batman Massacrewith the obvious goal of getting people to watch the film as well as psychologically terrorizing them. These incidents include a serial thief who targeted patrons watching the “The Dark Knight Rises”, a 13-year-old student dressed as the Batman villain Two-Face who allegedly shot himself deadwith a hand gun at an Oklahoma junior high school, a man in a Batman costume who is facing a felony chargeafter he allegedly interfered with a police investigation, and Madonna who started her show at the Pepsi Center in Denver, Colorado, with a scene in which she pretended to spray the crowd with bullets from a machine gun.

4.3: Sikh Temple Massacre
Roughly 2 weeks after the Batman Massacre occurred, another high profile massacre occurred on August 5, 2012, at a Sikh Templein Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Despite the fact that Sikhs are peace loving people with no stated enemies, roughly four months prior to the shooting on April 20, 2012, a 92-member contingent of Democratic Congressmen wrote a letter to United States Attorney General Eric Holder and Director of the FBI, Robert Mueller, urging law enforcement agencies to collect data on hate crimes against the Sikh community. Roughly a month before the shooting on June 13, 2012, Congresswoman Michele Bachmann wrote a letter to the Inspector General at the Department of Justice in an attempt to prevent “bias crimes and discrimination against Muslims, Sikhs, and people of Arab and South Asian decent”. Like the Batman massacre, all indications are that the U.S. government planned and executed the shootings.

4.4: 2012 Shooting & Massacres
In 2012 alone, there have been over 20 highly publicized shooting and massacres in America, the most deadly being the “Batman Massacre” which occurred on July 20, 2012, in Aurora, Colorado. In the weeks following the Batman Massacre, there was a rash 9 shooting in August of 2012 including the Sikh Temple Massacre, something unprecedented in American history. It appears that numerous shootings post-Batman Massacre was meant to further terrorize Americans by rehashing the Batman Massacre as well as drive the public to watch the film. Although a majority of the 2012 shootings occurred in public locations fully equipped with working CCTV security cameras, the video footage almost all the shootings have never been released to the public.


Based on recent news and events as well as the “The Dark Knight” film script , soft terror targets in America such as airplanes, airports, banks, bridges, buses, churches, cruise ships, dams, gyms, hospitals, malls and retail outlets, stadiums, schools, school buses, stock markets, subways, television award shows, theme parks, transit station, trains and universities will be targeted by Al Shabaab and ex-Gitmo terror detainees with suicide bombers and kamikaze pilots.

5.1: Airplane Terror
Suspicious airplane terror propagandacombined with numerous airplane bomb threats, airplane crashes, airplane hijacks, and airplane emergencies and scaresindicate that 9/11 style terror involving planes as weapons may now be imminent. Complementing the airplane madness are a number of government drills and exercises simulating planes and terrorwhich is training local, state and federal officials for plane related terrorism. Also unprecedented are the major instances of “fake pilots”, stolen aviator uniforms,and the growing list of suspicious incidents involving flight attendants, all of which may indicate that pilots and flight attendant security is about to be compromised. Interestingly, in October of 2012, American Airlines pulled 47 planes out of service due to malfunctioning seats and is now in the process of hiring 2,500 new pilots. Also of note is that 17 flights were diverted from Manila’s international airport due to an alleged air traffic equipment “glitch”, but no further details were provided.

5.2: Airport Terror(LAX & Newark, NJ?)
Aside from the highly publicized incidents of air traffic controllers allegedly sleeping, texting and reading while on dutyat the airport, there have been a rash of strange airport attacks, evacuation and outbreaksat airports around the world. Since September of 2012 alone, there have been at least a dozen major security scares and incidents at American airportswhich may indicate that airport terror is imminent. Although the Millennium Terror Plot to bomb Los Angeles International Airport (LAX)was allegedly foiled by officials in 2000, a suspect in the case was just sentenced to prison for the act on October 24, 2012, curiously bringing the entire case back to life.

According to a May 13, 2012, report, security has been stepped up at airports worldwide as surgically-doctored terrorists plot suicide attacks with implanted bombsthat would be undetectable to airport body scanners. Complementing the ever increasing airport terror threat is a number of airport terror drillswhich have been preparing local, state and federal officials for impending airport terror. Also cashing in on the airport madness is a new television show entitled “Airport 24/7: Miami” featuring the Miami International Airportwhich promises viewers a behind the scenes look at one of the world’s busiest airport.

5.3: Church Terror (Saddleback Church & Lakewood Church)
A recent string of church attacks, threats and scaresalong with a rash of church theftshave left American churches feeling unsafe and vulnerable to attack. On September 23, 2012, it was reported that an Al Shabaab suicide bomber attacked a church in northern Nigeriakilled 2 and injured at least 22. A week later on September 30, 2012, an explosive device was set off at a Sunday school classin Nairobi, killing one child and seriously wounded three. A few weeks later on October 25, 2012, there was a terror shooting at a mega-church in Atlanta, Georgia, setting the stage for future church terror in America. Interestingly, Rick Warren, the pastor who delivered Obama’s inaugural invocation, was recently hospitalized and also canceled an Obama-Romney Civil Forum potentially indicating that Warren and his Saddleback church are being set-up for mega-church terror.

5.4: Cruise Ship Terror (California, Florida & Hawaii?)
Recent cruise ship terror propagandaand along with recent cruise ship attacks, outbreaks and scares may indicate that cruise ship securityhas been compromised and that cruise ships terror is now imminent. Since 9/11, there have been multiple cases in which cruise terror plots were thwarted and suspects were ultimately arrestedby government officials. On May 1, 2012, it was reported Al Qaeda wanted to  hijack a cruise shipsand start executing passengers until their demands were met. Multiple government whitepapersalong with numerous and suspicious cruise ship and cruise port terror drillsindicate that cruise terror is currently being planned and plotted. Although most of the terror exercises and drills have occurred in Port Canaveral, Florida, other locations such as San Diego, Los Angeles and Hawaii may also be targeted.

5.5: Disney Bio-Terror(Los Angeles, CA & Orlando, FL?)
Although there have been only 4 bomb threats and terror scares at Disney parkswhich have led to lockdowns, U.S. government officials have been speculating about terror at Disneyland and Disney Worldlong before 9/11. According to a December 29, 2002, article entitled, “Another Attack: It Can Happen Here”, an attack on a Disney park could transpire when “suicide terrorists” infected with deadly smallpox circulate through Disneylandand other bustling icons, triggering an uncontainable epidemic on a yet-to-be-vaccinated population, forcing mass closures of schools and businesses and sending the economy into free-fall. Curiously, the city of Burbank, California, which is home to the Walt Disney Company, recently purchased state-of-the-art bioterror detection equipment. On July 25, 2012, it was reported that the Orange County Health Department is investigating Walt Disney World’s “Wild Africa Trek” experience after several dozen parkgoers became ill leading to bio-terror fears.

5.6: Mall Terror (Wal-Mart, Costco, Target & Seattle Fish Market?)
Mall terror propagandaand recent events surrounding malls, stores and marketsindicate that major terror attacks on malls and retail outlets in America is imminent, Since 9/11, numerous mall terror plots have been executedand even more thwarted as the alleged suspects were conveniently arrested just prior to their deadly attacks. In 2012 alone, there have been at least 18 incidents in which malls, markets or stores suffered attacks, threats, scares or serious emergencies. Mall terror drillshave also prepared local, state and federal officials for impending mall terror. On October 21, 2012, it was reported that Jordanian authorities had foiled an Al Qaeda plot to attack shopping mallsand Western diplomatic missions using suicide bombers, booby-trapped cars and rockets. According to the reports, the attacks would come on a  date terrorists dub “9/11 the second.”

5.7: Mall of America(Minneapolis, Minnesota)
A terror attack could theoretically occur at any mall or retail outlet in America, but it will most likely happen in Mall of Americain Minneapolis, Minnesota. Mall of America has allegedly been the target of numerous terror plots since 9/11, and according to Maureen Bausch, vice president of the Mall of America, “Mall of America, is attractive to people that want to hurt America”. The entity responsible for security at Mall of America is the Israeli security firm Rozin Security Consulting, LLC, who has been drilling various terror scenarios in Mall of America since 2005. Rozin “lockdown drills” are executed monthly and will likely trap shooters and shoppers together inside the mall. The “lockdown” allows the elimination of potential witnesses and enable the terrorists to kill indiscriminately with no interference from the outside.

5.8: School Bus Terror
In CNN’s “Perfect Day Scenario”, television host Glenn Beck emphatically stated that “school buses could be filled with explosives” in a future terror attack which would simultaneously target schools and school busesat multiple locations throughout America.Based on documented school bus terror propaganda  and the 15 school bus attacks, crashes and emergenciesin 2012 alone, school bus terror in America is now imminent. On November 16, 2004, the Department of Public Safety put school bus drivers on a heightened state of alertregarding the possibility of terrorist activity. Three years later on August 27, 2007, it was reported that 17 school buses were stolen in Houston, Texas. Five years later on January 20, 2012, it was reported that another 8 school buses had been stolen from Jefferson and St. Louis counties in Missouri. State vehicles are generally outfitted with GPS tracking systems, but to date, the 25 stolen school buses have never been recovered. These buses will likely resurface at random locations throughout America with explosives inserted in the underbelly of the buses. This particular terror scenario was witnessed on July 7, 2005, when the double-decker buses targeted in the London 7/7 terror attacks clearly showed signs that the explosion came from underneath the floorof the bus rather than from a Muslim passenger. In order to circumvent the normal school bus drivers and standard protocols, school children will be being taken out of their classrooms and put on buses and sent to “alternate locations” during terror drillsas reported on May 29, 2012.

5.9: School & University Terror (LSU & USC?)
Currently, school and university terror propagandais at an all-time high. In 2012 alone, there were at least 30 cases of school attacks, outbreaks, threats and scareswith at least 12 major plots to bomb or shoot-up U.S. schools or universitiesallegedly thwarted by officials. Numerous school terror drillshave prepped local, state and federal officials for impending school terror on the level of the Columbine shootingand the Beslan massacres, both of which state-sponsored attacks. School terror is blinking red on every level; the only question is when and where the state-sponsored school terror attacks will occur.

5.10: Stadium Terror(NCAA & NFL?)
Aside from being featured in the “The Dark Knight” film script, recent stadium terror propagandaand an unprecedented 10 stadium shootings, stabbings, threats and scares in 2012 alone, indicates that stadium terror in America is now imminent. There have also been a number of high profile cases in which stadium terror plotswere conveniently foiled by officials at the last minute. The U.S. government has also been training it’s local, state and federal officials for stadium terror with numerous stadium terror drillsinvolving almost every conceivable act of mayhem including but not limited to dirty bomb, bio-chemical and suicide terror. Complementing the terror drills is stadium terror legislationwhich conveniently dismisses any potential lawsuits against the NFL in the case of terrorism. The NFL was intimately connected to the foiled Super Bowl XLV nuclear terror plot, so it should come as no surprise that the NFL and DHS have partnered togetherin the “If You See Something, Say Something” anti-terror program. Suspiciously, the NFL has drastically changed their security protocolsfor the 2012 season which now include pat-downs and metal detectors, a clear move to give the NFL plausible deniabilityin the aftermath of a terror attack.

5.11: Stock Market Terror(New York & Chicago?)
Aside from being featured in the “The Dark Knight” film script, an April 24, 2012, report stated that Osama bin Laden was looking for a follow-up terror attack to  doom the American economy. Alleged British terrorist Saajid Badat recounted his meeting with the Al Qaeda founder  and stated that, “So [bin Laden] said the American economy is like a chain, If you break one — one link of the chain, the whole economy will be brought down.” On February 1, 2012, it was reported that four men admitted to “an al Qaeda-inspired plot” to bomb the London Stock Exchange. Then next month on March 22, 2012, it was reported that the Indian National Security Guards (NSG) conducted a terror exercise at the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE)further indicating that stock markets terror is being drilled, plotted and practiced.  On April 6, 2012, it was reported that men with black Muslim-like garments covering their heads and bodies proceeded to rob at least 4 bankspotentially indicating that banks will be targeted for terror in the near future.

5.12: Train & Transit Terror(Boston, Chicago New York & San Francisco?)
Documented train and transit propagandaalong with at least 9 major train and transit attacks, crashes and scaresin 2012 alone, indicates that train and transit terror in America is now imminent. Since 9/11, there have been multiple train and transit terror plotstargeting the train and subway systems of America. Complementing the train and transit terror plotsand patsies are numerous train and transit terror drillsgenerally involving bio-terroror suicide bombersconducted on train and transit station across America by  local, state and federal authorities. The terror drills are likely a direct result of train and transit terror scholarly whitepaperswhich state that train and transit terror by Al Qaeda or homegrown terrorists is not a matter of if but when. Coincidentally, Amtrak is running a new high speed train from Chicago to St. Louis which would serve as the perfect terror target.

5.13: Train & Transit Terror Plots & Patsies
On July 22, 2009, it was reported that an American man was charged with giving al-Qaida information on the New York transit system. Two years later on May 6, 2011, it was reported that “al-Qa’ida was allegedly contemplating conducting an operation against trainsat an unspecified location in the United States on the 10th anniversary of September 11, 2001,” and that “As one option, al-Qa’ida was looking into trying to tip a train by tampering with the railsso that the train would fall off the track at either a valley or a bridge.” Coincidentally, on September 13, 2012, it was reported that three men were arrested for allegedly stealing train tracksfrom Leeward Oahu, Hawaii. On May 1, 2012, it was reported that a New York man was convicted of plotting an aborted suicide mission against New York City subwayswho allegedly stated that, “The goal of this conspiracy was to kill as many people as possible.” A few months later on October 22, 2012, it was reported that three British Muslim men went on trial in London, accused of plotting a bombing campaign that prosecutors say could have been deadlier than the 2005 London transit attacks.

5.14: 2012 MTV EMA Awards (Frankfurt, Germany)
On November 11, 2012, the 2012 MTV EMAs (European Music Awards)will kick off in Frankfurt Germany. Just as Europe had its mini version of 9/11 with the 7/7 London terror attacks, there is a real possibility that the 2012 EMAs may be targeted due to recent Hollywood bomb threats, riots at an MTV event in Europeand the rich history of violence at award shows. The 2012 MTV EMAs could also be used to disseminate Zionist spin and propaganda in the wake of potential terror attacks in America.


As fate would have it, the Brooklyn Bridge, the Gateway Arch, the Golden Gate Bridge, Independence Hall, the Lincoln Memorial Reflecting Pool, Mount Rushmore, the Statue of Liberty, the U.S. Capitol, the U.S. Supreme Court Building, the USS Arizona Memorial at Pearl Harbor and the Washington Monument have all undergone recent renovations or are currently under construction. Timely construction could allow for the undercover placement of explosives which could be detonated by remote at a future date. American history shows that the World Trade Center received a timely “elevator renovation”just prior to 9/11, and that the Pentagon also underwent a renovation projectin the exact location where it was later hit. According to Anonymous, they have planted a bomb in a US government building that will detonate on November 5, 2012.

6.1: Washington D.C. Terror
Recently, historical American artifacts were stolen from the U.S. National Archives in Washington D.C., including the Wright Brothers airplane patent, the bombing maps for the nuclear attack on Japan, and photos allegedly taken by astronauts on the moon.  The shocking news was then complemented by reports that Washington D.C.’s Pennsylvania Avenue, also known as “America’s Main Street,” was now being listed among the nation’s endangered landscapesbecause of neglect and deferred maintenance, despite the fact that almost every major historical building, landmark or monument in Washington D.C. has either recently undergone renovation or is still currently under construction.  The notion that  Washington D.C. is doomed is complemented by recent government terror drills that are preparing the capital for future acts of terror. On February 22, 2012, it was reported that a new security project to lock down gateways to the U.S. Capitol is being planned, aimed at targeting gang assaults and lone wolf attackers. According to the report, officials are warning lawmakers and Capitol security against a developing type of assault called a “blended attack” that combines a physical attack against a target along with a cyber-attack against the same or different targets. Six months later on August 20, 2012, it was reported that the U.S. Air Force and Coast Guard aircraft would fly “intercept and identification” exercises entitled “Falcon Virgo” over Washington D.C. as part of efforts to prevent suicide aircraft attacks or other threats to the capital.

6.2: Federal Building Terror
The recent terror attacks on U.S. Embassies in Libya, Egypt, Yemen and Tunisiamay be a prelude to future terror attacks against U.S. Federal buildingsin America on the scale of the Oklahoma City Bombing of 1995. Recent and highly publicized attacks and foiled terror plots against, U.S. Capitol Buildings, U.S. Courthouses, U.S. Federal buildings, the Pentagonas well as attacks against U.S. military basesindicate that terror against U.S. Federal buildings, bases and property is now imminent. Interestingly, the U.S. government is shutting down six courthouses in the southern part of the United States due to “money problems” which may indicate that the south is where future acts of federal false-flag terrorism is be being planned.

6.3: Federal Reserve Terror (Chicago, Dallas & Minneapolis, Minnesota?)
Before terrorist Quazi Mohammad Rezwanul Ahsan Nafis, allegedly attempted to detonate a 1,000-pound bomb in front of the Federal Reservebuilding in New York City in October of 2012, the U.S. government was conducting terror drills on the Federal Reservein August of 2012. According to the report, the FED terrorexercisewas executed by U.S. Special Operations Command, an elite and secretive military unit based in Florida who has done extensive operations in Somalia, an alleged home to Al Shabaab. The elite unit trained for two weeks on the FED terror drillswhich were scheduled to occur between 7 p.m. and midnight and that reportedly involved three Black Hawks hovering over the Federal Reserve’s parking lot with four smaller helicopters landing on the bank’s roof. Should Federal Reserve terror strike America, it will happen at one or more of the FED’s 12 locations: Boston, New York, Philadelphia, Cleveland, Richmond, Atlanta, Chicago, St. Louis, Minneapolis, Kansas City, Dallas or San Francisco. Coincidentally, in September of 2012, Alex Jones of Infowars released a new magazine whose maiden cover featured the Federal Reserve on fire, further indicating that the STRATFOR intelligence operation known as Infowars knew that Federal Reserve terror was being planned.

6.4: Brooklyn Bridge (New York City)
Recently exposed U.S. bridge terror plotsand bridge closures due to bomb threatsmay indicate that American bridges will be targeted for terror in the near future.  According to reports, the Brooklyn Bridge is currently undergoing a four-year, $500 million safety and aesthetic improvement program that will be completed in 2014. Aside from the construction, an April 27, 2011, report stated that a long-standing plot by al-Qaida to take down the Brooklyn Bridge was revealed by classified documents obtained by the New York Times. In 2012 alone, there have been at least 5 rather suspicious closings of the Brooklyn Bridge in New York Citywhich may indicate that the bridge has already been set-up for demolition.

6.5: Gateway Arch (St. Louis, Missouri)
On December 15, 2011, it was reported that the Gateway Arch in St. Louis, Missouri, would undergo a facelift renovationwith the aid of $20 million from the federal government with the goal to finish improvements to the area by 2015, the 50th anniversary of when the Gateway Arch was completed.

6.6: Golden Gate Bridge (San Francisco)
Recently exposed U.S. bridge terror plotsand bridge closures due to bomb threatsmay indicate that American bridges will be targeted for terror in the near future.  On February 23, 2012, it was reported that the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, California, would undergo a renovation project that will “take years to complete”. According to the report, the project involves repainting the two main suspension cableswhich are responsible for holding the bridge in place. In what appears to be psychological programming The Onion ran a story in 2009 which joked about a “horrific attack on San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge, which left thousands missing and assumed dead”.

6.7: Independence Hall (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)
On February 15, 2012, it was reported that after 18 months of rehabilitation, the iconic clock tower at Independence Hallwill be completed. Independence Hall, where the Declaration of Independencewas signed, and the Liberty Bellare two of America’s most famous attractions.

6.8: Lincoln Memorial Reflecting Pool(Washington D.C.)
On September 1, 2012, it was reported that construction workers had finally taken down the construction fence which had marred the view of theLincoln Memorial Reflecting Pool for nearly two years. According to the report, the renovation costing $34 million gave the pool a new steel reinforced foundation as well as a new filtration system that pumps water from the Potomac Tidal Basin

6.9: Mt. Rushmore (Black Hills, South Dakota)
According to a July 3, 2005, report, Mt. Rushmore has been targeted for terror on multiple occasions:

1. Between 1970 and 1973, members of the American Indian Movement made several attempts to occupy and deface the monument.
2. In 1975, a bomb went off in front of the visitor center prior to visitors’ morning arrival.
3. In 1987, the environmental group Greenpeace climbed the mountain with plans to unfurl a 160-by-50-foot protest banner reading “We the people say no to acid rain” over the presidents’ faces.
4. In 1991, the Park Service received threats to assassinate then-President George H.W. Bush during a celebration marking the monument’s 50th anniversary of completion.
5. In 1999, a Colorado man was arrested for threatening to blow up the mountain.

A September 18, 2012, report openly questioned whether Mt. Rushmore was a terrorist targetand subsequently released a U.S. government security assessment of the Mount Rushmore National Monument. According to the report, the government conducted a 2008 study on the psychosocial impacts of a terrorist attack on national monuments such as Mr. Rushmore. Curiously, some of the findings in the study have been blacked out.

6.10: Nuclear Reactor Terror
Ever since the Fukushima nuclear reactor disaster in 2011, there have been approximately 40 nuclear reactor “emergencies”, “closures”, “leaks” and other major incidents clearly setting the stage for coming nuclear reactor terror on an unimaginable scale. Complementing the unprecedented nuclear reactor emergencies are multiple cases of “terrorists” attempting to breach nuclear reactors, repeated lapses in nuclear reactor security, as well as countless propaganda articles indicating that a Fukushima-level event inside the United States is a foregone conclusion. Aside from blatant programming of the 2012 Hollywood nuclear reactor disaster film entitled “Chernobyl Diaries”, a recent Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) panel recommended that the U.S. government customize emergency plans for each of America’s 65 nuclear power plants, a change would “expand” the standard 10-mile evacuation zone surrounding nuclear reactors.

6.11: Oil Pipeline & Refineries Terror(Houston, TX & Keystone Pipeline?)
Just as America pushes past Saudi Arabia to become the world’s top producer, there have been at least 15 attacks, explosions and scares on oil pipelines and refinersin 2012 alone. Aside from terrorist plots to attack American oil pipelines in 2004 and 2007, there has also been a suspicious amount of oil terror propagandawhich suggests that oil related terror in America is imminent. The public execution of Nicholas Mockford, an ExxonMobilexecutive, on October 14, 2012, and 7 cyber terror attack on oil facilitiessince November of 2011 has oil related terror blinking red on every level.

6.12: Pearl Harbor USS Arizona Memorial(Pearl Harbor, Hawaii)
On May 30, 2012, it was reported that the USS Arizona Memorial in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, was in dire need of funds to finish its restoration projectwhich was started back in 2007. The USS Arizona Memorial marks the resting place of 1,102 of the 1,177 sailors killed on the USS Arizonaduring the attack on Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941 by Japanese imperial forces.

6.13: Statue of Liberty (New York City)
On April 3, 2012, it was reported that al Qaeda would be “coming soon again” to New York City, according to an alleged jihadi on-line forums. Six months later on October 26, 2012, it was reported that the Statue of Liberty will reopen on the 126th anniversary of its dedication after a year-long renovation.  The $30 million renovation allegedly improved fire alarms, sprinkler systems and exit routes to bring Lady Liberty in line with New York City safety codes.

6.14: U.S. Capitol Building(Washington D.C.)
According to reports, the U.S. Capitol dome will undergo its first major face-liftin more than 50 years, costing $19 million in repairs to the lower portion of the dome. According to the American Institute of Architects, American Society of Civil Engineers and other groups, “The U.S. Capitol is not merely Congress’ work space; it is also an attraction for millions of visitors from around the world…and a potential target for those who wish to do us harm“. Suspiciously, Knesset security and the Jerusalem district police anti-terror squad recently conducted a terror exercise in which a plane crashes into the Knesset, Israel’s congressional building. In the drill, the plane contained “dangerous materials” so it was necessary for Israeli security officers to wear protective clothing for radiation and biological contamination. Aside from the 2011 terror plot targeting the U.S. Capitol building, the U.S. Capitol was also the target of an Israeli suicide bomber  in 1998, but due to faulty wiring the bomb was never detonated.

6.15: U.S. Supreme Court(Washington D.C.)
On May 22, 2012, it was reported that the U.S. Supreme Court is getting a “facelift”and that workers have now started a two-year Supreme Court renovation project on the building’s marble facade. According to the report, the decision for the 2012 renovation was due to a November 2005 incident, in which 80 pounds of marble fell from the Authority figureof Robert Aitken’s sculpture of “Liberty Enthroned. Why the U.S. government waited 7 years to repair one of its most precious landmarks ultimately leaves more questions than answers.

6.16: Washington Monument(Washington D.C.)
On August 24, 2011, it was reported thatdue to an earthquake, the Washington Monument had suffered a crack near the pyramid-shaped tip and had monument been permanently tilted. Although this report was later deniedby officials, the Washington Monument is currently closed sue to constructionand is not scheduled to re-open until 2014.

6.17: White House (Washington D.C.)
On September 12, 2012, it was reported that after nearly two years and $86 million worth of construction, the West Wing of the Obama White House has emerged from its visual seclusion “remarkably unchanged”. According to the report, the construction project began in September of 2010 with the excavation of a huge multistory pit in front of the West Wing. Aside from the suspicious construction, the White House has been the target of a number of high-profile terror plots and threats: On January 18, 2012, it was reported that an Occupy Wall Street protesterthrew a smoke bomb over the fence of the White House. Two months later on March 8, 2012, it was reported that a top hacker and committed anarchist who worked closely with the LulzSec, openly spoke of burning down the White House. Six months later on September 30, 2012, it was reported that the White House was attacked by hackers allegedly linked to China’s government. The unprecedented cyber-terror attack targeted the U.S. government’s most sensitive computer networks, ultimately breaching a system used by the White House Military Office for nuclear commands. A month later on October 21, 2012, it was reported that a year-long investigation by the Investigative Project on Terrorism (IPT) has found that scores of known radical Islamists made hundreds of visits to the Obama White House, meeting with top administration officials.

The following 11 incidents involving airplanes in violation of Obama’s declared airspace may indicate that an aerial kamikaze attack on the Obama White House or presidential inauguration may be planned.

Obama Airplane Incidents to date:

1: July 10, 2011: Camp David, Maryland
2: July 10, 2011: Camp David, Maryland 
3: July 10, 2011: Camp David, Maryland 
4: May 13, 2012: Los Angeles, California
5: June 7, 2012: Los Angeles, California
6: June 16, 2012: Chicago, Illinois 
7: June 16, 2012: Chicago, Illinois 
8: August 8, 2012: New York, New York
9: August 8, 2012: New York, New York
10: August 25, 2012: New York, New York
11: August 25, 2012: New York, New York


Cyber-attacks theoretically have the power to destroy almost every facet of American life, including but not limited to: airplanes, banks, cars, communication, election results, government functionality, electricity, military defense, nuclear power plants, oil pipelines and refineries, prison systems, trains, satellites and the water supply stations.While China has been publicly scapegoated for cyber-terror, the U.S. and Israel are by far the greatest provocateurs of cyber-terrorism. In a 2007 CRS Report for Congress entitled “Terrorist Capabilities for Cyberattack: Overview and Policy Issues”, the U.S. government states that, “If terrorists were to launch a widespread cyberattack against the United States, the economy would be the intended target for disruption” and that “Many security experts also agree that a cyberattack would be most effective if it were used to amplify a conventional bombing or CBRN (chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear attack).

7.1 China & Cyber Terrorism
The nation of China has been systematically accused of hacking and has been linked to numerous acts of cyber-terrorism. Based on news and events surrounding, China more than any other nation is sure to be scapegoated in the aftermath of cyber-terror attacks against the United States. On October 5, 2011, U.S. lawmakers publically accused China of cyber-terrorand demanded that China stop its “pervasive” cyber-espionage campaign and cybercrime against America. A few weeks later on October 28, 2011, it was reported that Chinese hackers may have interfered with two US satelliteson four separate occasions. A week later, a U.S. government report stated that it can expect more aggressive efforts from Chinato collect information through cyberespionage in areas such as pharmaceuticals, defense and manufacturing.  In March of 2012, a U.S. congressional report stated that China’s strengthening cyber capabilities will complicate U.S. efforts to defend itself against industrial espionage. Despite the alleged cyber-terror threat from China, Chinese joint ventures with U.S. manufacturers in hardware, software and telecommunications have created a “potential vector” for the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) to exploit and compromise American security. In what appears to be cyberwar political posturing, Chinese police arrested over 10,000 suspects and 600 criminal gangs during its latest crackdown on cybercrimewhile U.S. Defense Secretary Leon Panetta,has publically stated that after several years of escalating diplomacy and warnings, the U.S. is making little headway in its efforts to tamp down aggressive Chinese cyberattacksagainst American companies and the government.  October 8, 2012, a report from the House Intelligence Committee warned that American companies should avoid doing business with China’s telecom companies because they poses a national security threat to the U.S.and that “China has the means, opportunity, and motive to use telecommunications companies for malicious purposes”.

7.2: Cyber-Terror Hotline
Just as the United States and the Soviet Union had a nuclear hotlineto avoid potential nuclear misunderstandings during the Cold War, a new “cyberwar hotline” is being speculated about in order to avoid future misunderstandings in the wake of major cyber-terror attacks. Security expert Bruce Schneier stated that a hotline between the world’s cyber commands would “at least allow governments to talk to each other, rather than guess where an attack came from.” On October 4, 2012, it was reported that Britain has begun tentative talks with China and Russia about setting up a hotline to help prevent cyber-emergencies from spiraling out of control.”At the moment, we don’t really have sufficient information-sharing arrangements with some countries such as China and the Chinese computer emergency response team,” said a senior Foreign Office official.

7.3: Cyber-Terror Doomsday
Since June of 2012, numerous propaganda articleshave stated that a cyber-terror doomsday is imminentand when it happens all hell is going to break loose in America. Headlines such as “‘End Of The World As We Know It’: Kaspersky Warns Of Cyber-Terror Apocalypse”, “Former FBI Cyber Cop Worries About A Digital 9/11”, “Retiring Rep. Norm Dicks Warns Of ‘Cyber 9/11′”, “Panetta: Cyber Threat Is Pre 9/11 Moment”, and “Defense Secretary Warns Of ‘Cyber-Pearl Harbor’” all indicate that a major acts of state-sponsored cyber-terror are imminent.

7.4: U.S. & Israeli Sponsored Cyber Terror
When massive cyber-terror attack begin to occur, the prime suspects should be the U.S. and Israeli governments who openly brag about their offensive cyber-attack capabilities.  According to Wikipedia, the Joint Functional Component Command – Network Warfare team (JFCCNW) is “responsible for coordinating offensive computer network operations for the United States Department of Defense” and that the JFCCNW is “the world’s most formidable hacker posse: a super-secret, multimillion-dollar weapons program that may be ready to launch bloodless cyberwar against enemy networks”. Aside from being implemented in both the “Stuxnet” virusand the “Duqu” virus, the Israeli government allegedly ranks  #1 in cyber terrorism.

7.5: Cyber Terror Drills
Both the Israeli and U.S. government, namely the CIA and the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, have been drilling cyber-terror attackson a routine basis. Past cyber-terror drills range in duration and targets, generally focus on the financial and infrastructure targets. According to reports, authorities have expressed concerns about terrorists combining physical attacks such as bombings with hacker attacks to disrupt rescue efforts, known as hybrid or “swarming” attacks.”  

7.6: Cyber Security Takeover
Under the guise of “cyber security”, the U.S. government has spent billions of dollars mapping and federalizing cyberspace and cyber security throughout America. According to the 2009 CRS Report for Congressentitled “Comprehensive National Cybersecurity Initiative”, the sudden change in policy is to ensure that “U.S. Government cyber security initiatives are appropriately integrated, resourced and coordinated with Congress and the private sector“. This changes essentially ensures that the private sectors of the economy (banks, gas, oil, power, stock markets, etc.) are under the cyber thumb of the U.S. government so that they can be targeted, hijacked and ultimately destroyed in a future cyber terror attack.

7.7: Cyber-Terror Plots & Patsies
Since April of 2011, there has been at least 25 major casesin which individuals or groups were charged with committing acts hacking or cyber-terror, while in China, police allegedly arrested 10,000 peoplein an unprecedented cyber-terror sweep. In most of the cases, finance or bank related hacking or cyber-terror was the motive although major corporate, energy or government institutions such AT&T, Blackberry, British National Party CIA, English Defence League, Facebook,Federal Reserve Bank, NATO, NHI, Nintendo, Sega and Symantec have also been allegedly targeted.

7.8: Military Computer Thefts
Since 2006, thousands of military laptops have been stolenin the United States and the United Kingdom. Why these thefts are being allowed to occur is not yet clear, but it plays nicely into the narrative of impending cyber-terror attacks. These laptops will have likely made it onto the black market and into the waiting hands of “terrorists” who will allegedly launch cyber-terror attacks against the U.S. and U.K. militaries and governments.  

7.9: Cyber-Terror Attacks
Since 2011, there have been an epidemic of “cyber-attacks” targeting high-profile government entitiessuch as the Vatican, United Nations, Interpol, NASA, Scotland Yard, FBI, DHS, CIA and the U.S. Federal Trade Commission. Less publicized however have been the cyber attacks on critical infrastructure such as water plants, nuclear power plants, oil refineries and banks. These alleged cyber-attacks, whether real or not, give the perception that any entity with an internet connection is vulnerable to a future cyber-attack.

7.10: Cyber-Terror Target: Airplanes (47 American Airlines Planes?)
According to recent cyber-terror propaganda, drones and planes can be remotely hijackedand then used as weapons, similarly to what happened on September 11, 2001. On June 25, 2012, it was reportedthat with the right equipment, anyone could take control of a GPS-guided drone and easily turn it into a weapon. Professor Todd Humphreys of the University of Texas at Austin stated that “Each one of these [drones] could be a potential missile used against us.” A month later on July 27, 2012, it was reportedthat air traffic control software which is used around the world could be exploited by hackers to unleash squadrons of ghost planes.Interestingly, in October of 2012, American Airlines has pulled 47 planes due to malfunctioning seats and 17 flights were diverted from Manila’s international airport due to an alleged air traffic equipment “glitch”. What role these 64 planes will play in the wake of a cyber-terror attack is unknown, but there is a real possibility that these planes have been remotely “programmed” to lose all power at a future date.

7:11: Cyber-Terror Target: U.S. Stock Markets & Banks
Based on unprecedented financial cyber-terror propagandaand the recent rash of suspects and patsies arrested for financial cyber-terrorand financial related crimes, financial cyber-terror is blinking red on every level. An April 24, 2012, report stated that Osama bin Laden was looking for a follow-up terror attack to  doom the American economy, so there is a real possibility that cyber terror attack targeting U.S. banks and Wall Street could hijack trillions of dollars ultimately dooming the American economy. To date, individuals have been arrested for cyber-terror related crimes such as credit and debit card PIN theft, the theft of proprietary software code from the Federal Reserve Bankof New York, the illegal reproduction and distribution of more than 100 copyrighted commercial and financial business software programs, the malware SpyEye used to steal and use personal banking and credit card datafrom unsuspecting victims’ online accounts, and the former head of fraud and security for digital banking at Lloyds Bank has admitted to committing £2.5 million fraud. Essentially, everything needed to commit the greatest bank heist ever is conveniently in place. Coincidentally, governments around the world have been executing financial cyber-terror drillsin which hackers hijack trillions of dollars with no trace.

7.12: Cyber-Terror Target: Nuclear Reactors (San Onofre, Indian Point, Three Mile Island?)
On December 13, 2011, it was reported that U.S. officials were investigating whether Iranian and Venezuelan diplomats in Mexico were involved inplanned cyberattacks against U.S. targets, including nuclear power plants. There have also been approximately 40 nuclear reactor “emergencies”, “closures”, “leaks” and other major incidents clearly setting the stage for nuclear reactor terror on an unimaginable scale. Complementing the unprecedented nuclear reactor emergencies are multiple cases of “terrorists” attempting to breach nuclear reactors, repeated lapses in nuclear reactor security, as well as countless propaganda articles indicating that a Fukushima-level event inside the United States is a foregone conclusion.

7.13: Cyber-Terror Target: Prisons Breaks (Illinois?)
Since September of 2012, there have been 4 major prison breaks in Iraq Libya Mexico and the U.S.which untimely indicates that more major prison breaks are imminent. On November 10, 2011, it was reported that officials with the Federal Bureau of Prisons have been informed that U.S. penitentiaries could be vulnerable to cyber-terror attacksthat would help prisoners escape. According to the report, most American prisons are operated by industrial control systems (ICS) that also are used by power plants, water treatment facilities and other infrastructure operations. ICS’ vulnerability was demonstrated two years in Iran, when hackers sabotaged that country’s nuclear programby exploiting its Siemens programmable logic controllers (PLCs). Almost all of the 117 federal correctional facilities, 1,700 prisons and 3,000 jails in the United States use PLCs to control doors and manage their security systems. Coincidentally, on October 2, 2012, it was reported that the Obama administration plans to buy an Illinois prison which end up being the prison facility that suffers a cyber-terror prison break.

7.14: Cyber-Terror Target: Trains & Transit
On December 29, 2011, it was reported that Professor Stefan Katzenbeisser of Technische Universität Darmstadt had told a security conference in Berlin that new train system was vulnerable to hackers and “Denial of Service”. Future cyber-terror attacks could rhetorically target train switching systems, which enable trains to be guided from one track to another at a railway junction. Although these switching systems have historically been separate from the online world, this is no longer the case.  The Israeli cyber-terror worm entitled the “Duqu virus”, has already wreaked havoc worldwide and could be used to target trains in the U.S. and Europe. Based on recent and inexplicable train crashes, this virus may already be attacking trains worldwide. Acting as a Trojan horse, the Duqu virus has the ability to essentially hijack its victim and then allow for the remote control of whatever entity is hijacked. If the Duqu virus hijacked a train, it could theoretically control train acceleration, braking and track switching.


The threat of space terror, whether natural or man-made, is now imminent. Based on the sudden increase in cases of falling space debris  and the approximately 30 incidents where satellites or man-made spacecraft suddenly and unexpectedly reentered the earth’s atmosphere, the potential for incoming terror from space is at an all-time high. Complementing the rash of falling space objects is a plethora of space terror propagandaand space debris propagandawhich openly states that the chance that earth will be attacked by asteroids, comets, meteoroids, falling satellites,  solar explosion, space junk and ‘solar flare’ storms is real and increasing by the day. So perilous is the situation, that Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)released a falling satellite memoand a “First Responder Guide For Space Object Re-Entry”which instructs first responders on the dangers and procedures of satellite re-entry response. FEMA’s memos are also supported by a number of different scholarly whitepaperswhich also address the inherent dangers of falling satellite space terror.

8.1: Satellite & Space Station Cyber Terror
Recent space cyber-terror propagandastates that the international space station and satellites may be targeted for cyber-terror in the near future. On October 28, 2011, it was reported that Chinese hackers may have interfered with two US satelliteson four separate occasions in 2007 and 2008. According to the report, the Chinese hackers had enough access to take complete control of one of the satellitesbut chose not to do.  Then on May 17, 2011, it was reported that a Romanian hacker claimed to have breached a computer server at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Centerand gained access to confidential satellite data. Roughly a year later on March 1, 2012, it was reported that in testimony before a House Science, Space and Technology subcommittee, NASA Inspector General Paul Martin said the notebook computer stolen in March 2011 “resulted in the loss of the algorithms”used to control the space station. This particular laptop, Martin said, was one of 48 NASA notebooks or mobile devices stolen between April 2009 and April 2011. A week later on March 7, 2012, it was reported that Chinese hackers gained ‘full access’ to the computer network in one of Nasa’s key control centres, the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) which manages 23 spacecraft conducting active space missions, including missions to Jupiter, Mars and Saturn. Operating from an internet address in China, the hackers gained full system access allowing them to upload hacking tools to steal user IDs and control Nasa systems, as well as copy sensitive files. Should U.S. satellites or spacecraft begin a free-fall to planet earth, China will be scapegoated.

8.2: SpaceX Program
A mysterious new program entitled SpaceXhas been launched just as the space cyber-terror rhetoric and propaganda is at an all-time high. What exactly SpaceX does is unknown, but since its launch it has already drawn red flags for a number of different reasons. When it was first launched, SpaceX was allegedly was allegedly sent into the wrong orbitbecause of a booster problem during launch. Secondly, SpaceX is actively engaging the international space stationwhich is interesting considering SpaceX is a “private” companywhich is fully engaging the public international space station without any apparent public consent or permission. Thirdly, once in orbit, the communications satellite flying piggyback aboard a SpaceX’s Falcon 9 rocket allegedly fell out of orbit and burned upin the atmosphere following a problem during liftoff. While all the aforementioned anomalies surrounding SpaceX may in fact be real and harmless, it appears that SpaceX is the private space program set-up to destroy the international space stationand numerous satellites in the wake of an alleged cyber-terror or EMP attack.


An electromagnetic pulse (EMP)is a burst of electromagnetic radiationwhich usually results from a high energy nuclear explosion that suddenly fluctuates the magnetic field.Theoretically, an EMP could wipe out everything electronic (planes, trains, cars, computers, internet, etc.) in a flash. EMP terror has gained popularityof late and has been featured in movies such as “The Matrix”and television shows such as “24”and the #1 show on NBC entitled “Revolution”, which eerily features a post-EMP Americawith no electricity. Aside from the Hollywood EMP propaganda, there has been recent EMP terror legislationby the U.S. congress, a number of EMP terror conferences, and EMP terror scholarly whitepaperswhich have all been preparing local, state and federal officials for an upcoming EMP terror attack on America. Based on the 12 major power outages in 2012 alone, it appears that the U.S. government is programming the public for the permanent loss of electricity. Coincidentally, in September of 2012, Alex Jones of Infowars released a new magazine which indicates that the STRATFOR intelligence operation known as Infowars knows that the internet is about to expire and have planned ahead by launching a new propaganda magazine. 

9.1: China & EMP Terror
China has been set-up as the EMP terror scapegoatmuch the same way that it has been set-up as the cyber-terror scapegoat. If the U.S. propaganda is to be believed, China is currently developing EMP weaponsand could use them against U.S. aircraft carriers in any future conflict. Aside from China, the U.S. has also publically accused  North Korea of also developing EMP weapons. If and when an EMP terror attack strikes America, there is a high probability that China will ultimately scapegoated and attacked, so long as the American military is able to function post-EMP attack.

9.2: Chinese EMP Attack?
On November 10, 2010, it was reported that a satellite monitoring the western coastal regions of North America detected an “EMP anomalous event” which occurred on November 8, 2010, when a Chinese sub allegedly fired an EMP weapon. According to the report, the Chinese Navy fired an EMP missile on the U.S. based cruise ship “Carnival Splendor resulting in a “catastrophic crippling” that left 4,500 passengers stranded and its crew “dead in the water”. Later that same day on November 8, 2010, a mysterious missile was caught on video flying off the coast of California near Los Angeles, California. The U.S. government denied that they were responsible for the missile, but a Russian report stated that the missile was in fact a BGM-109 (Tomahawk) subsonic cruise missile launched from a US Navy Ohio-Class submarine operating off the coast of California. What exactly happened that day is not clear, but apparently the Chinese attacked the “Carnival Splendor” with an EMP weapon and the U.S. sent up a random missile to distract the world from it.  

9.3: EMP Propaganda
Prior to the Super Bowl XLV nuclear terror plot being foiled, the EMP propagandaindicated that although EMP terror was a potential terror weapon, it was not in play as a viable terror option. However, since the release of The Nuclear Bible, a free ebook which went globally viral exposing the Zionist nuclear terror plot, EMP terror propaganda has virtually tripledand all indications are that EMP terror is currently being plotted and planned. If the EMP propagandais to be believed, a single EMP could destroy Americaand the U.S. is in fact very vulnerable to an EMP attack. Should EMP terror strike, it would cause a nightmare worse than 9/11ultimately resulting in an America with no power, no food, no transportation, no banking and no internet.

9.4: EMP Terror Drills
To date, there have been only a handful of EMP terror drills, but a recent massive and unprecedented “nuclear terror drill” in Russiahas drawn red flags for a number of different reason. First off, the nuclear terror scenario was highly exposed and ultimately foiled in 2011, so chances of another staged nuclear terror plot in 2012 is virtually non-existent. Therefore, the gathering of 58 nations to deal with “a simulated aftermath of a nuclear terrorism attack” is absurd, especially considering that the fallout of a nuclear terror attack would not directly affect 58 nations. It is far more likely that the 58 nations were drilling for the simulated aftermath of an EMP nuclear terror attackbecause the permanent loss of electricity in one nation would directly affect business, communication, energy media, travel, and a host of other electrical dependent sectors in other nations as well.

9.5: Planes & EMP Terror
On April 1, 2009, it was reported that counterterrorism analysts warned that EMP weapons capable of frying the electronics in civil airlinerscould be built using information and components available on the net. According to the report, all it would take to bring a plane down would be “a single but highly energetic microwave radio pulse blasted from a device inside a plane, or on the ground and trained at an aircraft coming in to land”. The same exact scenario of planes dropping like flies from the skyoriginally depicted by counterterrorism analysts in 2009 came to fruition in 2012 and is featured in the EMP terror television show entitled “Revolution”. Interestingly, in October of 2012, American Airlines has pulled 47 planes due to malfunctioning seats and 17 flights were diverted from Manila’s international airport due to an alleged air traffic equipment “glitch”. What role these 64 planes will play in the wake of a cyber-terror attack is unknown, but there is a real possibility that these planes have been remotely “programmed” to lose all power and drop to earth on a future date.


The mysterious disappearance of Chinese Vice-President Xi Jinping has fueled speculation and fears that there is a power struggle within the Chinese government. What role this inner battle for power will have on the future of China is unknown, but unprecedented war propaganda, rising diplomatic tensions between the U.S. and Chinaalong with unprecedented U.S. propaganda against Chinaand Chinese propaganda against the U.S.indicates that World War III between the U.S. and China is on the horizon. On June 4, 2012, it was reported that the Australian government’s 2009 Defence White Paper contained a “secret chapter” that assessed “Australia’s ability to fight an air-sea battle alongside the United States against China”. Later that month on June 27, 2012, a Chinese general Peng offered an alarming assessment that a future conflict with the United States is comingas a result of U.S. “containment” policy.“The United States has been exhausting all its resources to establish a strategic containment system specifically targeting China…The contradictions between China and the United States are structural, not to be changed by any individual, whether it is G.H.W. Bush, G.W. Bush or Barack Obama, it will not make a difference to these contradictions.”

10.1: China’s Latest Military Weapons
Complementing the ever growing United States versus China war propagandais unprecedented military growth by Chinaas well as numerous war maneuversby both the U.S. and China. A quick look at China’s new military might indicates that China is less concerned with self-defense but rather  a stab at world dominance. Aside from their latest aircraft carriers, drones and stealth fighters, China boasts the new Type 99 Main battle tank, the HQ-19 missile system which can track up to 100 airborne targets at once, the PGZ-95 anti-aircraft system fires which up to 800 25mm rounds a minute, the Type 22 Houbei Class which is the world’s first attack catamaran, Type 052 destroyers which carry 48 missiles apiece, the Kilo-class submarine which can bring China’s nuclear payload anywhere in the world,and the Dongfeng class of ICBMs can theoretically drop a nuclear missile anywhere in North America.

10.2: U.S. & Chinese Military Maneuvers
Based on military maneuvers conducted by both China and the United States in 2012alone, war between the two nuclear nations is closer than ever. On May 11, 2012, the U.S. Navy successfully tested a new anti-ballistic missileover the Pacific. The next month on June 12, 2012, commander of the U.S. Pacific Fleet Admiral Cecil Haney stated that the Navy will be sending its most advanced vessels and aircraft to the Asia-Pacific region. That same month on June 19, 2012, it was reported that China, Iran, Russia and Syria participated in the “largest war game”. Two day later on June 21, 2012, it was reported that the U.S, Japan and South Korea began joint naval exercises in waters near China. Two after that on June 23, 2012, it was reported that the U.S. is now rebuilding and refurbishing former military bases in the Asia-Pacific region. Four days later on June 27, 2012, it was reported that the U.S. had tested yet another medium-range, separating ballistic missileoff the coast of Hawaii. Three days after that on June 30, 2012, it was reported that a group of Russia’s Pacific Fleet warships arrived at the U.S. Pearl Harbor naval base to take part in the Rim of the Pacific international drills. A week later on July 8, 2012, it was reported that B-1 bombers are being transferred from Afghanistan to the Asia-Pacific region. “The B-1′s capabilities are particularly well-suited to the vast distances and unique challenges of the Pacific region, and we’ll continue to invest in, and rely on, the B-1 in support of the focus on the Pacific” stated Major General  Michael Holmes, assistant deputy chief of staff for Air Force Operations. On October 3, 2012, it was reported that U.S. Stryker Brigade spent the past month training in Hawaiiconducting hand-grenade qualification, assault tactics with a focus on platoon-level training. A few weeks later on October 15, 2012, it was reported that one of China’s seven military command groups held a joint military drill involving infantry, artillery and air forces to improve the ability of paratroops to land on and capture an island.

10.3: Chinese Attack on Hawaii: New Pearl Harbor
Based on recent military drills and maneuvers, an attack by China on the U.S. island of Hawaii is likely.
On August 13, 2012, it was reported that China launched the “Bahai Sea Green Pearl”, a 36,000-ton ferry and cruise ship commissioned in August of 2012 at Yantai Port in China’s northeastern Shandong Province. The ship is intended to ferry cars and passengers across the Yellow Sea, but when needed by the People’s Liberation Army, the “Green Pearl” can double as a troop carrier. Visually, the “Green Pearl” looks just like any other civilian cruise ship and could easily be used to secretly transport Chinese troops to Hawaii in a surprise attack. A few months later on October 3, 2012, it was reported that U.S. Stryker Brigade spent the past month training in Hawaii conducting hand-grenade qualification, assault tactics with a focus on platoon-level training. Two weeks later on October 15, 2012, it was reported that one of China’s seven military command groups held a joint military drill involving infantry, artillery and air forces to improve the ability of paratroops to land on and capture an island.


Starting wars between foreign countries directly out of the 7th Protocols of Zion which stated that “In order to display our system of keeping the governments of the goyim in Europe in check, we shall show our strength by committing terrorist attacks against one of them. If the governments of Europe should collectively rise against us, we shall respond using the military might of America, or China, or Japan.”

Obama is Desperate
To date, at least three Obama terror plots have been foiled including the Super Bowl XLV nuclear terror plot, the 2012 New Year’s Eve dirty bomb plot, and the 2012 Democratic National Convention terror plot. After being caught red-handed on multiple occasions, the Obama Administration and its Zionist controllers are more desperate than ever to conduct major false-flag operations within the United States.
The U.S. economy is at an all-time low and dissent for Obama and the U.S. government is at an all-time high. According to a Financial Times article, Obama’s has a “growing credibility crisis” and there are fears that the Democrats could lose the White House and the Senate to the Republicans. White House advisor Robert Shapiro made it crystal clear that Obama is relying on a terror attack to rescue his presidency: “The bottom line here is that Americans don’t believe in President Obama’s leadership,” said Shapiro, “He has to find some way between now and November of demonstrating that he is a leader who can command confidence and, short of a 9/11 event or an Oklahoma City bombing, I can’t think of how he could do that.

U.S. Border Closed
Should these Al Shabaab, ex-Gitmo detainee and Chinese terror attacks be allowed to transpire, people will panic and begin to flee the inner cities for the countryside. As this process begins to play itself out, millions of Americans will be displaced and will either head north to Canada or south to Mexico. Recent deadly shootings on both the Canadian and Mexican borders have closed border checkpoints and may indicate that border patrol personal at U.S., Canadian and Mexican border checkpoints are already operating on “shoot to kill” orders. Recent U.S. immigration drills indicate the government is preparing for a mass flood of foreign citizens to leave America and have even altered current U.S. immigration policy to make it harder for Americans to leave.

About the Author
David Chase Taylor is an American journalist living in Zurich, Switzerland, where he has applied for political asylum after the release of his book entitled The Nuclear Bible, which is credited with stopping a false-flag nuclear terror attack upon America. In May of 2012, Taylor released The Bio-Terror Bible, which exposes the coming global bio-terror pandemic. Taylor has also exposed the 2012 Democratic National Convention Terror PlotNATO’s implementation of the SKYNET Terminator Program, as well as the Alex Jones links to STRATFOR.


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    • babbysfirstcomment

      Hitler did nothing wrong

      • Anonymouse

        besides killing millions of jews and trying to take over the world

        • Louis

          Hitler’s rancor was not directed against Jew per se. It was directed against liberals (communists.)
          At the time, most German Jews were liberals. The same is true in America today.

          Hitler was a political animal. Anyone (Jew or otherwise) who resisted his political convictions was subject to arrest or persecution. To Hitler, Jewish and Jewish Khazar (Turkish) bankers were especially repugnant because they had ruined Germany’s economy. The same is true in America today.

    • mmkkpro

      Europe would still be under german control if not for the u.s.and russia.But thats another story,if we are attacked it will be a mistake,general yamamoto said the reason they didnt attack the u.s. is because of a gun behind every blade of grass,more guns are and have been sold to the public in the past 3 years than anytime in history and women are the fastest growing segment of gun buyers,the population is a standing army in itself,i would think that would be good for national defence ,guess we will see,big changs are comingbbut i think they will be an awakening of the true human spirit which has been supressed over the last 13000 years,well see one thing is for sure its going to be intresting white nuckle ride.

    • CosmicKiwiPerth

      Stop spreading unnecessary fear !!

      • Freewilloffering

        You mean like DHS and NDAA and the need to detain or kill US Citizens without due process?

    • whitehoodiesarecool

      Hitlet was a good man that did good things. He raised the economy in Germany higher than it had been in 25 years, but like most numbers that come out of Germany, that’s probably exaggerated.

    • Anonymous

      Hurricane Sandy is much more serious than anyone is reporting except for the ‘tin hat’ brigade. Thank heavens for them.
      If the hurricane develops as expected this will be the largest peacetime loss of life in American history.
      Expect major disruptions to all essential services for weeks if not months.

    • Anonymous

      Uh-huh. [yawn]

    • trouble8696

      YOU are … Fear Mongering ,Scaring people @ David Chase Taylor , that’s what U are doing…Total BS…for centuries fear has been used to motivate people and to get them to do things they might not do otherwise…But do U know something …there is a downside to fear mongering …U can never predict or Calculate the OUTCOME …You can never really know how people are going to react when they are frightened enough…Using Fear as TOOL to manipulate People can be Extremely dangerous though…U airhead …For years now politicians have been using fear to motivate people to vote…The question is …why the heck UR doing it…15 & 1/2 minute of Fame or GREED or both …Feeding Off Other People’s Miseries…Don’t play with people nervous system …People whose parasympathetic system is out of whack for some reason do not return to normal bodily functions as quickly as most people do…U D***A**…How could you do that?! You could hurt people you know! Don’t you know how bad it could get…Fear mongering …Your article is so bad it can be classified as a potential biological weapon… :mad: … O WTF…

      p.s…there is a genuine worry about Hurricane Sandy & Russia , China or terrorists are not about to attack…As Moriyah says…If the hurricane develops as expected this will be the largest peacetime loss of life in American history…Expect major disruptions to all essential services for weeks if not months…It’s okay to feel what you are @ David Chase Taylor …

    • Anonymous

      Hitler did nothing wrong, are you kidding me! This website is starting to draw the most stupid people on the web. No Hitler was a little angel and all the dead people under his control just killed themselves I guess.

      I think its funny when people go on and on about all the fear mongering without investigating anything. I think it comes down to who has balls enough to learn the truth and those who are just to scared to find out the truth. Maybe some of the things listed won’t happen but maybe some will. Damn you fear mongers! :lol:

      • trouble8696

        The sunlight and the green trees seemed an insult to the Airheads & dead… :lol:

    • annstey

      How sick can you get?
      Your imagination can only be likened to full schiezophrenia

      • annstey

        sorry this is in answer to the person that wrote the article

    • asterflower

      Anyone that would threaten the lives of the First Lady or her children is a coward and a menace to society. Don’t make the family members of a politician culpable for his/her ineptitude, ignorance, or wrong doing.

    • Pix

      @ Anonymous “Hitler’s rancor was not directed against Jew per se.”

      Yes it was, Catholicism was very anti semitic until recently. Hitler was a devout practicing Catholic who wrote in his book ‘Mein Kampf’, ‘that he cleared Europe of Jews for the sake of Christianity’.

    • Don't be hating!

      Everyone TRASH Obama like Romney is any better or innocent. Wake up sheeple. Doesn’t matter who is President. They dont make choices for the people, but are puppets for the Elite.

      Only you can make a difference not the politicians. But then again if a six pack beer/Flat screen TV/McDonalds/and hookers is all you care about, then might as well suffer and don’t bitch when you dont have a job and broke for the rest of your life..Simple.




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