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MH370 Mystery Deepens. Pentagon Blocks All Leave To Diego Garcia.

% of readers think this story is Fact. Add your two cents.

Interesting information posted on the Diego Garcia Passenger Facebook website.

Diego Garcia Passenger Facebook Site

You’ll notice they are erasing any mention of #mh370 on that page.

If you try to plug in, you get a password request.

Diego Garcia is well known for its excellent offshore deepsea fishing. That’s why people would take leave there.

This morning, early on CNN, they had Richard Quest on.

Richard Quest mentioned Diego Garcia, and said “the only thing I can say, is they haven’t proven the plane is NOT there”. I thought that was interesting. 

Why have they never aired any of the interview he did with the missing pilots?


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    • AgainstEVILZionist-MASTERMIND-of-IlluminatiNWO

      Strange indeed Stompk! Why is noone demanding from Pentagon of how it knew and even made a formal statement, that MH370 has crashed into the Hindi Ocean within the first week of it going missing – not even that suspicious girlfriend of Philip Woods!

      I was watching the whole video at , CNN Shocker: MH370 Intact, All Alive, Plane Was Followed By Military Jets, April 4, 2014 – and not once this girlfriend of Woods mention Diego GarCIA, the alleged phone call from Wood at Diego GarCIA and even the PENTAGON claim there?! That is really disturbing – because she could have demanded Pentagon to investigate Diego GarCIA!

      I would do almost anything to find out what happen to my love one, especially with all the news and evidences circulating about Diego GarCIA – wouldn’t you?!


        American dishonesty in its fullest. Even the $US IS NOW CALLED BLOOD MONEY AND NOBODY WANTS TO TOUCH IT. The $ killed too many people worldwide including 1,000,000 innocent woman and children in Iraq and Afghanistan. You Americans are filthy bastards.

        • Neanderthal

          I WANT YOU!

      • Gil Carlson

        I wonder if REMOTE VIEWERS have been used to try and locate this missing plane? I know that they have had success locating downed planes in the past.

        Did you realize that some amazing Info has even been obtained by several Remote Viewers who have actually viewed aliens! There’s a book out there detailing some of these remote viewers interactions with aliens.

        Now, using the same procedures used by the military to spy on enemy targets, with a very high success rate, some of these military remote viewers have actually spied on aliens! Not only on or near our planet, but also some more distant locations!

        Check out this website to see how it works:

    • AgainstEVILZionist-MASTERMIND-of-IlluminatiNWO

      I also suspect Illuminati-controlled Pentagon doesn’t want ‘spies’ going in to investigate the missing MH370 at Diego GarCIA! :!:

    • David Montaigne

      CIA probably did take the plane to Diego Garcia. I suspect they wanted passengers and a big airplane for a future false flag attack. My top guess is a future nuke allegedly flown into NY by Iranians, within 2 years. Martial law, dictatorship, no elections in 2016.

      • Nationcrying

        I’ve been saying that since the last presidential election when “he” won; that there would be no more presidential elections.

    • Warren

      Only heaven and the NRO/CIA/alphabet soup agencies know where the plane is, and has been. Even if the plane went to Diego Garcia, or Maldives, or Pakistan, or whatever – the month since its disappearance has been plenty of time for it to have been be moved around anywhere on the globe at this point.

      Proving it’s not at Diego Garcia now, even if that could be done, doesn’t mean it hasn’t been there in the past month and then moved elsewhere.

    • tracehdridefree

      I’ve been saying the same damn thing about CNN..why haven’t they been forced to air their interview? Here’s an article I found that almost matches my thoughts and probably yours to the T. The only thing missing is the 2 dead seals and the suspicious cargo out of Memphis…placed on their ship and then transferred from their ship to Flight H370… If you don’t know…google 2 navy seals found dead on Ship portrayed in a movie..both dying from either heart attacks or drug overdose. They found them dead in the same cabin. Yup..that’s what I said…lol

      Article: US/Israel False Flag war w/ Iran….

    • paleo88888

      Not humane at all, not respecting all species. Careless way of doing things with people who really have others who do care like they’re supposed to. The wrong doings must stop………..Where are these people and the plane, bring it back now, leave it where it can be found and with everyone back on it. We have stargates seriously, we can do this also. No more pain and suffering, not an american way, or a poductive way, and should never be allowed in any circumatance.

    • Anonymous

      What I cant understand is why whatever they did was done in a way that would give maximum worldwide publicity instead of quietly without passengers involved? They can get a plane from many places to commit false flag by repainting as any terrorist group with funds could also do.

      • Ahura Madza

        The publicity is on purpose. It is just a plane crash and the hoopla over it is because the media REFUSE to cover the “other” goings on this planet.
        Like Chemtrails. Let me re-phrase that: non-evaporative spreadable and expanding jet residue made of unknown materials.
        Or Police State America.
        Or the truths on ANYTHING people who think have questions about. Benghazi?

      • AgainstEVILZionist-MASTERMIND-of-IlluminatiNWO

        ZIONISTRothchild-controlled-US/West wants those many top Chinese scientists (at one go – plane crash would be harder to prove mass murder and they didn’t figure Diego GarCIA would be FOUND OUT!) from Freescale and other US defence contractors – either to silence them or use them further!

    • MSMiscensoredandcontrolled

      Just something to think about for everyone and if this has been mentioned please forgive me: The latest on our government controlled and censored MSM is that pings “possibly” being heard from search aircraft may be from MH370′s black boxes…

      WHAT ABOUT the billion dollar SUBMARINES that our military refuels and services at Diego Garcia and the submarines from other countries involved in the “search”??? Don’t these billion dollar machines have towed sonar that can here the smallest sounds underwater at hundreds of miles away???? You mean to tell me non are on patrol in the Indian Ocean?? PLEASE….

    • IAmLonefrog

      Yay! Let’s give that degenerate Richard Quest (doubt that is even his real name) some more recognition. Quest describes himself as gay and Jewish. He was found in Central Park at 3.40 am with drugs in his pocket, a rope around his neck that was tied to his genitals, and a sex toy in his boot. This is the level from which CNN wishes to bring you the news. Through a filter like this Quest guy. They don’t know his private life you say? Well it was CNN that picked him up brushed him off after his arrest and said get back in there Quest ole boy, there’s more “NEWS” that needs to be spread.

      I can hardly even stomach what we do know about these people (gate keepers and their ilk). Imagine if we really saw what went on behind the scenes.

      One may just cry.

    • silverbutton1

      I will have to call BS on this article. Being a seasoned AMC “hop” space-a passenger over the years it is well known FACT among us that the ONLY people allowed on the island are the ones stationed there (be it civilian or military) unless you have the base commanders approval. This has been the case for many years…thus YOU CANT TAKE LEAVE THERE.

      • stompk

        That’s why they had to post a notice that no one can take leave there, right? Use some logic man.

    • marlio

      This cover up has been discovered and its NOT GOING TO WORK. People just dont believe this garbage coming from us government, maylaysia or anyone else. If it sounds and feels like a lie, it’s a lie so come clean israel or ever who has done this!!!!

    • h5mind

      The U.S. military doesn’t need to hijack a plane full of civilians just to get their hands on a Boeing- there are plenty to be had in the massive aircraft graveyard in Tucson, Arizona, among other places. So logic would indicate they needed something in the cargo as well as some number of the passengers. Maybe quite a few of the passengers. If they only needed to “disappear” a few folks, they are quite able to do that anywhere in the world without drawing global attention to a missing aircraft. The only thing we can say with reasonable certainty, is the least likely scenario is the official one.

    • Earl Scheib

      Richard Quest is related to Johnny Quest

      • skwirl78

        zim zim zala bim

    • SGde3a


    • frankenbiker

      No one takes leave TO Diego Garcia. Its a rock, there is nothing there but an airfield, and a military installation. People stationed there are required to take leave every 6 months, usually to Perth, great city by the way. Loved it when I was there. Anyway, I think the story is BS, do I think the plane is there? Maybe, I don’t know, but it’d be easy to keep secret if it were.

      • AgainstEVILZionist-MASTERMIND-of-IlluminatiNWO

        Jeey, no empathy at all for the Indigenous Chagos Islanders forced out from their paradise in Diego GarCIA by the Us-British-IsraHELL?! SICK!

        The Satanic Illuminati BEASTS are panicking since the long secretive nasty Diego GarCIA (especially of its secret underground NUCLEAR bunkers) is now known and exposed globally, due to the missing MH370 (including on the Crimes against Humanity of US-British-IsraHELL towards the Indigenous Chagos islanders) – and that such secret underground bunker will have many ILLEGAL activities going on, including as base for IsraHELL illegal secret nuclear submarine and other storage of illegal NUCLEAR bombs to cause Tsunamis globally for example, or underground illegal prisons including for Blackwater-sh*** (see , Blackwater was CIA’s extension, founder Erik Prince admits, March 14, 2013 ), or massive CREMATORIUM to burn bodies as other examples! BURNING human beings are also a favourite part of the SatanicRothschild-founded Illuminati Cabal’s ‘Sacrifice’ MO (that’s why we have nuclear-bombing of Hiroshima, drone-burning, Bohemian Grove Owl-burning, 9-11….burn…burn….burn……!

        I wonder if the IsraHELL illrgal nuclear submarine based at the Diego GarCIA-underground bunker was involved in the Fukushima tsunami (after the incident, Japan was forced to work more closely with the US/West – especially against China, including delaying closure of US military bases in Japan; and Western-Illuminati culture is wiping out traditional Japanese-Asian culture). See the brilliant article by Dr. Kevin Barrett at Veterans Today at – :

        11 examples of Illuminati numerology

        Posted by Dr. Kevin Barrett

        January 1st, 2014

        ….Though the 2004 tsunami killed 350,000, another unnatural-looking tsunami will eventually kill millions. That, of course, would be the “Fukushima tsunami” of 3/11/11. This date not only has two big fat juicy elevens, it also bears an uncanny relationship with 9/11 and the subsequent 3/11 Madrid follow-up. If you add up all the digits in 3/11/2011 you get “9″, and if you write the date in international style (11/3/2011) you get 11 3squared 11. Recall that in December 2010 the NWO banksters allegedly threatened to use an “earthquake weapon” on Japan if it didn’t hand them its Postal Bank, the biggest savings bank in the world. Was Fukushima the result of an undersea Israeli nuke plus stuxnet-style sabotage?….. :!: :!:




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