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Alert: Soros Is Now Running the White House

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Yes, it is true that Trump engineered the deal that made China a partner of the US. Yes, it is true that Trump has effectively isolated Russia and will bring Russia back to the table. And, yes, it is also true that Trump has set the stage for the new hegemony which involves dividing up the world into thirds (ie China, US, Russia).   Finally, it is true that Trump is done making foreign policy decisions. Who Is?

George Soros is now making all foreign policy decisions through Jared Kushner and daddy’s little girl, Ivanka.  As Steve Quayle just told me “Those closest to you are the ones who do you”.

As we know, Kushner is a business partner with George Soros. Soros has successfully flipped the relationship to where Trump is being bypassed by Deep State insiders who allegedly work for Trump, but do not. This is an old-fashioned coup.

Bannon has told several that he is out and Kushner (aka Soros Puppet) is calling all the shots from here on out.

Soros main goal is the same goal that took down Libya. Libya refused to capitulate and join the family of central banks. North Korea has steadfastly refused to join the same gang of criminals. This is about to change.

As I pointed out this morning Russia is now outgunned and cannot compete economically with new alliances forged by Trump. Russia will be forced to capitulate and give up Syria. There will be a regime change in Syria and they will join the central bankers of Basel.

In a similar vein, there is an attempted coup going on right now in North Korea. The North Korean military leadership has been informed that they will be destroyed if they do not institute a regime change. I have been told that the North Koreans are working under a deadline. North Korea will eventually be brought into the central banking system as well.

With North Korea and Syria soon to be out of the way, that leaves Iran alone and without meaningful allies. They too, will be forced to concede and join the banking bullies from Basel.

As I stated this morning, the next phase of the New World Order will be implemented and the world will be divided among China, Russia and the United States. Eventually, and I was told by 2025, there will either be a war of unification or a merger (ie hostile takeover).

Will Trump be allowed to make any decisions? That is not entirely clear.  Certainly, free trade agreements will be off limits. Why? Because with the new planetary restructuring going on, there will be new trade agreements. American jobs will remain at risk more than ever before.

Bannon could be gone before you read these words. Sessions will be next.

This information is already partially available on the Internet in various sources. However, and as far as I know, I may be the only source at this point who is naming Soros as the one making choices, not Kushner. Kushner is a useful idiot.

I am sworn to secrecy on the three sources of information that dependen brought this to me as 12pm-1230pm Pacific. All sources are demanding complete confidentiality. I think some will be willing to come forward, just not today.

Who does Soros answer to? He answers to the Bank of International Settlements. This is a Rothschild operation at its core.

Reportedly, the full roll-out of the New World Order will take place by 2025. i think it is going to be much sooner.

This report will be updated as necessary


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    • Pink Slime

      I only know Jared is a devout Jew, and funnily Ivanka has decided to be one too, which I find odd and strange. We need to know more who this Jared is.

      Trump knows…… :cool:

    • burned handle

      Kushner was not elected to the white house.
      Having family members within is called nepotism, but the Kennedy’s did it and got away with it.
      There is no one to tell Trump he’s done something wrong or illegal.
      The speaker of the house wants Trump gone, every one is involved in these power plays and don’t care about WW3 etc.
      The American people have been taken for quite a ride (toward their own destruction) by the Bolshevicks. Have you prepared?

    • Deputy Dawg

      The fact that Kushner’s secret financier to the tune of 250 million was none other than the international criminal George Soros can be verified. One would assume that with that investment came some kind of strings. Does this mean the Trump Presidency is compromised? I would say considering the president’s choice of Kushner over Steve Bannon the answer to that important question is, yes! Like it or not us dads can easily be manipulated by our daughters. Even where Kushner would ordinarily run up against a deaf ear, Trump will listen to the persuasive dialog of his daughter. Out of her love and trust for her husband Ivanka may try to sell daddy the same bill of goods her husband Jared hiding a personal agenda sells her. This is where it all begins to get truly interesting.

      Deputy Dawg

    • jdpent01

      jdp…This is just extream sluring trumps abilities, saying he now cowtows to his son in law, not for a moment, where does Pence come in at that Trump listens to.?

    • 2QIK4U

      Syria is one of six or seven countries left in the world that owns thier own international banking system. ROTHSCHILD clan pretty much rule the world now on thier own. The few countries left not monetised by a ROTHSCHILD owned bank will be the ones attacked. Look up what countries aren’t ran by ROTHSCHILD banks and there is your reason and answer.

      • Anonymous

        Thank you, thank you very much. ( Think Elva, sorry that’s my mum, Elvis.) LOL.

    • kris

      Too blunt, in most respects to say the least. Unable to swallow most of the arrangements having Soros behind. New World Order will not be implemented, those behind it are doomed and desperate. It’s part of an irreversible process of high people awareness, getting even higher by each coming day. But yes, both Ivanka and Kushner do Trump and Trump is done! Banner and Sessions will be out of the picture, you are right. Trump may be out of the picture as well..He is really pathetic running his new Apprentice show. The system is no longer sustainable. Your secret sources seem to be the establishment’s psy-ops.
      You are doing a very good job though. Keep it up.

    • 3RD BORN

      Dave, three sizeable faults of yours is that you run with partial information that is not even developed to even know all the players nor honest intent just to be first; that your ONLY focus is negative and can never give us something to hold onto about anything we, the public, have acted upon; and you are lightening fast to make solid predictions that are presented as FACTS (Obama is never leaving the White House–mark my words; the Orr Dam is going to crumble within days; Trump has sold us supporters out.) The immediate jumps to prove you know and see all the negatives has gotten too old to continue to hear any longer. It comes across now as having a critical spirit.

      And an immensely irritating habit of yours and too many others is referencing “your sources”. Do you know how foolish and dishonest that comes across as? Understand, please, that 75% of alternative news bloggers all have THEIR SOURCES. My Good Lord, there cannot be an ethical employee in the government after each of you have evidently turned them to pass secret/confidential information. Why is not it sufficient to state…a friend of mine works in areas pertinent to this; or a man I used to work/study with believes this is what is turning now… ?

      None of you even try to understand the mind of Trump, yet you flee to denigrate him as soon as you see all the destruction in any one of his actions. Do us, yourself and your blogging business a huge favor and read The Art of the Deal and even view a dozen at minimum episodes of The Apprentice to be oinly the second person who DOES understand him and his actions.

      • wiseoldlady

        Totally agree. The self centeredness of the constant “me, myself and I” is so offensive. “His” sources….as you state but EVERYONE has sources….not just Dave. He is not special, his opinion is not anymore exact, absolute, or accurate than numerous others. All he need say is “SOMEONE” in my arena without any further explanation or reference to himself. The very reason why I get so irritated with him. He definitely rubs people the wrong way. He should watch a few videos by very impactful Voice of Reason….very rarely reference to self unless advertising. But then Voice of Reason is more humble instead of I know it all, listen to me attitudes. Mike Adams is also another excellent example for me, myself, and I to heed. There are many good examples.

        • Anonymous

          Sage thinking, sweet Lady.

    • diane

      You never know with President Trump quite what he is going to do. I am simply sitting back and attempting to enjoy this chaotic ride.

    • The Troubles

      Mr. Hodges. if anyone should know this it would be you sir. “there is nothing new under the sun”. It is always more of the same. Politicians creating chaos and havoc at every turn. :mad: Self proclaimed truth seekers shouting from the roof tops for all to hear, always falling on the ears of the deaf, with blinded eyes of denial and rejection. The only thing that ever changes is the date on the calendar. Sad but very true.

      POTUS Trump, he was picked long ago by the Black Pope and the Vatican, way back in 2005 to be POTUS. :???: He is a Jesuit and member of the illuminated ones. His real last name is Drumph. It is there for all to see. Do some research and find out the truth for yourself. Same old garbage. Crimes and misdemeanors in high places. :evil: The saying of many that reads “Sick of the Stupid” now has new meaning in 2017. Many are sick, and more are stupid. :roll:

      No one is ever held to account, and no one is ever arrested, prosecuted or goes to jail. The inmates are running the insane asylum. It has been this way for many decades. No hope, no solutions. Just continued despair and heartache. :cry:

      • Busta Myth

        Knights Templars banksters founded Switzerland in 1291,

        then changed their name to the Freemasons some time after Jaque de Molay was killed by the Vatican in early 1300′s supposedly for being homosexuals, spitting on the cross and worshipping a Goat with Boobies called Baphomet

        Some time after that the Knights Templars changed their name to the freemasons and Trump like Oblama are Freemasons


        Want to see EGYPTIAN PYRAMIDS, EGYPTIAN OBYLISKS, the NAZI TOTRENKOPF SKULL AND BONES and the “illuminati” pyramid with the all seeing eye ….all in MASONIC SWITZERLAND ?

        The last GERMAN pope Ratzinger was in the NAZI YOUTH, and it was the JESUITS, a Croatian preist called DRAGANOVICH that helped all the top GERMAN NAZIS escape down to ARGENTINA through the Vatican Ratlines using GENEVA RED CROSS PASSPORTS

        and the Pope/s have been using SWISS GUARDS for many decades ifnot hundreds of years, even the people that founded the OSS/CIA like Dulles, Angelton, Donavan were all “Knights of Malta”

        The only people that ever had anything to do with tiny little MALTA is the Knights Templars

        Masonic Switzerland – Home of the Pharaohs

        OCTOGON did 911 WTC September 11; Swiss Nazi Templars did it & Swiss Banks did the rest

    • YellowRoseTx51

      The Common Sense show has lost its common sense as Dave goes over the edge. It sounds more and more like the left got to Dave, and his agenda is to follow their rhetoric rather than investigate, as a news journalist is supposed to. Instead, Dave’s “all in” with the NWO agenda of splitting the american people from their president, in an effort to divide and conquer. Their objective is to split off Trumps supporters under the claims that Trump is now a NWO man. Which is a lie.

    • dakota

      Good work! Thank you so much for this info and research.

    • drturi

      SOS to the world April 20th 2017 – Korean Demilitarized Zone! I teach my students that; “life is a constant process of the same changes in time and space, all imposed by the cosmic code.” So what’s next between the US and North Korea? You have been warned! READ MORE AND SHARE PLS




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