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Conspiracy? - The Hidden Dangers of 5G - Alex Jones Exposes "Electromagnetic Evil"

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Esteemed Greetings and Peace be with you!

Back in August of 2016, the Los Angeles Times article stated:
“National Toxicology Program researchers released preliminary data in May that showed small increases in tumors in male rats exposed to cellphone radiation.”


Now, there are a plethora of conspiracy theories out there, and many make claims that Alex Jones from Infowars is one of the largest conspiracy theorists, but I’d have to say he has a lot of useful information. He recently spoke about the 5G Electromagnetic waves that the Government is using as an “evil” tool for mind control here. He cited from the article above as well as the one from Quartz entitled “What comes after smartphones? Brain implants, maybe?”.


Jones discussed how we have been experiments of “mind control” for decades. People are slowly “waking-up” to the poisoning from water fluoridation and the negative effects it causes, and the important part of this is that Jones discussed how that this “chemical warfare” is now turning into “Electromagnetic”. In other words, the program is now shifting. It is all “research” and “programs funded to develop new technologies…over the mind, over the body.” He explains that everyone is being warned to some level through the media and how from his video below:

“That’s why there’s all these articles admitting screen time is mesmerizing you, screen time is lowering your IQ, screen time is putting you into a mesmerized close-to-sleep state. Oh, there’s all these big mainstream articles: 5YG, 5G, all this stuff is literally frying and definitely gives you cancer. But it’s ok, we’re going to put them in every classroom, we’re going to put them in your house, we’re going to put them in all the new appliances and all the new cars, where you won’t have a choice. And we’re going to track you in real time, we’re going to tax you, we’re going to control you, and we’re going to oscillate the 5G waves that DARPA about 17 years ago in the Baltimore Sun, just had the craziest article interviewing DARPA going ‘yeah we’re putting up towers in Maryland, just all the cell towers that are going to send out some waves, some higher waves, higher power waves just testing, that could look at combing the public in the future.’ And the article went on: ‘DARPA created the internet, they are good people; the advanced laboratories.’ And that was a test, put it in the newspaper, you open the newspaper up, one time they admit it they put oscillators in the cell towers that they’ve got studies out with what you can do with these systems, birds will just fall out of trees and not care if ants eat them. They can just make you go to sleep, flip a switch and everybody just “whoa” lights down. You don’t think the Pentagon doesn’t want these kinds of weapons? And you don’t think the Globalists that put fluoride in the water and all the rest of the stuff to hurt us wouldn’t use that? They know we know about fluoride now and the adjuvants in the water and they are moving away from that program because they know most of you are filtering your water, and they are going to electromagnetic. Just like Dr. Nick Begich just said….’forget the chemicals Alex, that’s the child’s play.’”

Too much of a conspiracy for you? Well, the dangers are real as this article shares the following:

“Thousands of studies link low-level wireless radio frequency radiation exposures to a long list of adverse biological effects, including:

- DNA single and double strand breaks

- oxidative damage

- disruption of cell metabolism

- increased blood brain barrier permeability

- elatonin reduction 

disruption to brain glucose metabolism

-generation of stress proteins

Let’s not also forget that in 2011 the World Health Organization (WHO) classified radio frequency radiation as a possible 2B carcinogen.”


It seems this information is quite telling and frightening if you think of the hands that hold this technology and what they are capable of. It is good to be aware, after all, it is just information. You can use the information and gain knowledge, and in time it will become wisdom. The rulers and governing bodies of this Earth are not righteous, and that is why we are in need of a righteous ruler, who will rule with peace and love, not of greed and destruction. That righteous ruler and King awaiting to take his throne; the returned “Word of God!”

~Be Love, Be Light~

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    • Corey DeFrancesco

      There’s a great stone you can buy called Shieldite that will protect you, to an extent, from EMF radiation. I still have a small one that I used to wear around my neck for this very reason. Although, I don’t remember if it causes any interference with electronics or the like.




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