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Q Anon Exposed as a Fraud by a Gitmo General

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I have been waiting patiently on the sidelines and quietly telling the American people that the Deep State is not defeated. I have been patiently waiting for this false narrative to disintegrate. However, the fanatical obsession with “Q” is not dissipating. One website is dominated by this disinformation despite the fact that there is not one shred of proof that a supposed thousands of secret indictments of high profile Deep Staters has happened.

When I publish the following, I will be looked upon as the scrooge that stole Christmas. People want to believe so badly that the good guys are winning and the Deep State is finished, that they will believe anything, even some disinfo character named “Q” who is telling the public what they want to hear, namely, the end is near for the Deep State. Yet, there is not one word that he/she says that is proven. Please show me how this Q character has been correct…. I am waiting and very much wanting to believe…… (crickets chirping).

Christmas Is Over and Santa Isn’t Coming

The Deep State is finished. All of their leaders have a cell waiting for them at GITMO. When the Arizona National Guard was assigned to GITMO, it was a sure sign that some unknown, and  unproven character named Q was correct and that the Deep State was in real trouble. And then I woke up and rediscovered that Attorney General (Benedict Arnold) Jeff Sessions has banned the medical use of marijuana so that the Deep State does not have its drug dealing empire threatened by legal competition. And of course, Sessions must maintain the world’s largest prison population, through the mass arrests of harmless pot smokers, in order that  the Deep State owners of private prisons (eg George H. W. Bush), can maintain their profits by putting the casual marijuana and medical marijuana user in prison. If there ever was a Deep State ambassador to the visible government, it is Jeff Sessions. And with a Deep State Attorney General, we are supposed to believe that the Deep State is defeated? I am on the record, in a previous podcast calling for the removal of Jeff Sessions as Attorney General and that is just over the medical marijuana issue. I am preparing a follow up article and will be detailing more significant reasons why Sessions should be gone. And while there is a Jeff Sessions, who is no different than Loretta Lynch(mob), sitting in the Attorney General’s seat, there is no defeat of the New World Order, no defeat of the Deep State; There is only defeat, despair and treason against the people of the United States.

It was childlike fantasy thinking to believe that the Deep State was going to be defeated in one fell swoop. The take-down of the Deep State apparatus has to happen by removing one brick at a time and this process is likely going to be generational and will extend far beyond the Trump administration. This is one of the reasons why Trump is not already dead. The Deep State knows they have time to deal with this populist threat.

In Part II of this series, and by the time, I am done laying out the allegations against Jeff Sessions, he will look like King George as he was portrayed in the Declaration of Independence as written by Thomas Jefferson.

Before the Deep State Crumbles

The Deep State is all pervasive. They have either penetrated the Trump administration, or they bribe their way into the Trump administration. Pence is compromised, as I have previously covered. Mattis has been marginalized. Tillerson is compromised. Remember, I have sources in the State Department and they tell me that the Deep State is alive and well. I have well-placed sources in both the FBI and the DEA and I am told that the bulk of the agents are still protecting the Clinton Foundation and their organized criminal activities. Vance Davis, formerly of the NSA is coming on my show to shed light on the fact that Trump cannot even trust his inner circle in order to prevent Plan C, an assassination.

Plan A was the planned impeachment of President Trump via the “Russian Collusion Delusion” which has disintegrated because of the exposed Dossier fraud.

Plan B is currently underway and that involves impugning the mental health of the President and this will hopefully lead to the removal of the 45th President based upon the 25th Amendment and its disability clause.

Plan C is assassination. Trump has already done more to damage the modern-day Deep State than John Kennedy ever did. The only reason that President Trump is still alive is because the Deep State fears that an assassination will cause millions to rise up against them and their policies, because if the Independent Media had been around in 1963, the people would have been in the streets and chasing David Rockefeller, LBJ, J. Edgar Hoover and Allen Dulles down the street with pitchforks.  It would be easier and more simple to simply remove Trump by using administrative means. However, at the end of the day, they will do what they have to do to maintain their power.

Things are so difficult for President Trump that I have learned that Trump is using his own security detail because he does not trust the Secret Service. And if one knows their JFK assassination history, one should not be surprised. The Secret Service had more to do with the death of John Kennedy than did Lee Harvey Oswald.

The Deep State Still Has All Their Bullets In Their Metaphorical Guns

It is amazing to me that so many people would think that the Deep State would just roll over and allow themselves to be defeated by a series of “secret indictments”. Before the Deep State is defeated, we could expect that they will empty their gun and that includes some very decisive actions.

  1. World War III, especially if it were nuclear, would halt, at least temporarily, any purge of the Deep State led by the conservatives in this country.
  3. A series of false flag incidents which would be followed up by an overt coup against the government, under the guise of martial law. The people would not be able to ascertain who was in charge. However, we would see UN troops confiscating guns and “trouble-makers” being hauled off to FEMA camps (they exist for a reason). And some are still wondering why the Obama administration allowed the cartels, MS-13 and ISIS into the country. This is the “5th column force”, designed to derail any populist movement. Most of us in the Independent Media believe that the Deep State will unleash chemical and biological attacks upon the people before they would allow themselves to be defeated. For my long-time readers, I am sure you remember my FEMA friend who bugged out in late 2012 with like-minded people. Do you remember what he told me and what I published about this event? He clearly stated that if the “establishment cannot stop the rising tide of populism, they will unleash chemcial and biological attacks upon the American people with weapons the world has never seen”. This was nearly three years before the Trump’s emergence as a political figure. The Deep State was already worried about us and making contingency plans long before Donald Trump. The emergence of Trump is merely the manifestation of the growing discontent by many people in our country who have had enough of Deep State politics and serial criminals like George Soros and Hillary Clinton. Fortunately for us, the Deep State bet on the wrong horse when they backed Hillary Clinton. They thought the novelty of the first woman president would disguise their true intent of overthrowing the government in the same novel manner that the election of the first black president led to the unhinging of our economy and constitutional processes. The American people have the Independent Media and their own common sense to thank for the fact that we defeated Hillary Clinton and are still relatively free because I can promise you that a Clinton presidency would already be piling up body counts on a large scale.
  5.  Simultaneous to the roll-out of the coup and the declaration of martial law like what we saw rehearsed in Jade Helm (15 and 16), various types of planned assassinations and arrests would take place. Why do you think the Obama administration practiced doing such things in the summers of 2015 and 2016?

Common Sense Prevails


From Steve Quayle’s Alerts


Hi Steve,

Thanks for sending this. I saw something similar to this…. Here is my take.

Why this premise doesn’t make sense:

This is the normal rotation time for GTMO…in particular, for the National Guard. Nothing special here.

Military Police have the right MOS (Military Occupation Specialty) for the duty. Again, nothing special.

When we deployed, we didn’t allow pictures of the soldiers to be made public either. SOP.
There are only about 50 detainees at GTMO now, and much of GTMO has been shuttered. Repair and restoration would be needed. Salt water eats away at everything there.

There are two major parts of GTMO…..the Naval Base and the Detention Facility. The two have very little in common. They have different missions and chains of command. Though relations are cordial, there is very little interaction. The point is, increased communication with GTMO could be either for the detention facility or the naval base operations. If it is naval base operations, then Cuba is your issue.

The optics of putting politicians at GTMO are horrific. The torture stuff ended 12-13 years ago., but, in the public’s mind, GTMO will always be associated with an angry nation— and waterboarding. I still get jokes about it today. 

The MSM would go apoplectic is Americans were sent to GTMO…expect court filings by the hundreds.

Human rights groups would be pile-on and get limitless funding from Soros, et al.
The fact is, GTMO is just a prison…modeled after one in Indiana. There is nothing inherently special about it from a structural standpoint. There is no reason to imprison Americans there vs. a regular prison in the US.

Next, why would you intermingle detainees with Americans? Americans (even if they are total reprobates, which they would likely be) would have to be treated differently. 

The cost (and inconvenience) of detaining (and questioning) anyone at GTMO was always a sore spot for lawyers, the media, the politicians, and bureaucrats.
Why this could be possible:

President Trump clearly supports sending strong messages. Imprisoning people at GTMO would certainly send a strong message.

If the Administration has rock-solid proof of pedophilia, child sacrifice, etc., then the optics of GTMO are perfect. “We won’t stand for this!”

The isolation of GTMO would make control much easier. Protests outside prison entrances would not happen as they would in the US.

The inconvenience of getting to GTMO would also work President Trump’s favor. Everything for the attorneys/media/activists gets harder.

Even though there are still detainees there, there are also a lot of unused facilities that are separate from each other. Remember, we used to have 800 detainees at GTMO. The detainees need never see an American and vice versa.

Anyway, Steve, I could go on, but you get the gist. I do believe there are strong indications something big is about to break. If GTMO has a role in it, then what is about to happen will shake this country to its core. I can’t imagine the Administration using GTMO (and its historic reputation) for something of passing importance that would be lost quickly in a 24-hour news cycle.

Your friend in Christ,




Under President Trump, the country is showing signs of life. He is doing what he can do, at the moment, to negate the Deep State. However, President Trump is in a generational battle and victory will not be easy and it certainly is not guaranteed. President Trump’s progress has gone as far as it can until Jeff Sessions is replaced.

Why would the Deep State release false information regarding thousands of indictments? The answer is plain and simple. They need to the people to be distracted and look elsewhere while they continue with their agenda and by the time the coup is in full force, the people will not recognize it it for what it is until it is too late.

The Deep State can be defeated. However, it is going to be a long and arduous process. Further, any successful endeavor against the Deep State must involve invoking the power of prayer. If one wisely want to put their trust in something, it needs to be the power of Christ and not some anonymous stranger with fairy tales of undeserved victory.

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    • Anonymous

      Time exposed the fraud first. What does this say about Jerome Corsi who has been feeding all of the parrots their birdbrain seed?

      • Deputy Dawg

        Dave is an idiot. The US has been under martial law for sometime. Trump declared state of emergency and went on to describe how he intended to use forfeiture to seize assets of crooks and pedophiles. The state of Emergency is a declaration of martial law. The MI or Military Intelligence and the MEU or Military Emergency Unit (Marines) is under control. Those in opposition, trying to overthrow Trump, providing support, propaganda or are involved in the two categories mentioned have been designated belligerent combatants.

        Many cutting deals are being allowed to resign, not run for reelection while others are being renditioned. Enemy or belligerent combatants are not entitled to constitutional protections so the liberal courts have no jurisdiction. All inditements will lead not to trials but rather military tribunals.

        It’s important you do the research yourself. Don’t believe guys who seek self recognition over truth.

        Deputy Dawg

        Disclosure: I don’t endorse any particular person or political entity, I support truth. If at some point in the future Trump turns out to be a monster I wouldn’t be surprised. When have politicians ever been honest? As far as what I’ve observed so far he seems both genuine and honest. For now I believe God is using him in all his imperfection to shine a bright light on bad deeds done and concealed in darkness. Yahweh promised he would and God never lies!

        • 2QIK4U

          Tell knarly this deputy. With Assanges release on las vegas it shows where he is and not where they recently alluded to. 4 and 8 were compromised so no more.

    • dennis48309

      MegaAnon exposed Q as a fraud weeks if not months ago. Why do you think they moved from 4chan to 8chan? They got exposed, that’s why.

    • dennis48309

      Apparently this “General” is a moron and has never read the Patriot Act, I sure have. They can throw traitors in a cell at Gitmo and never have to disclose that they have been arrested. So there’s your solution to keep the media, lawyers, and human rights groups in the dark.

      • Anonymous

        Sure they can Bub. Each one of these career criminals has a staff of dozens of people, plus family and accomplices. You really think someone like the HildaBeast could disappear overnight and their minions would not be squawking up a storm with the mainstream media liars?

        • IheartJesus

          They expect her to flee overnight. And you want here a thing about it either.

          Obama if you have noticed doesn’t seem to stick around in one place wonder why?

          • Anonymous

            It’s because he is having so much fun spending all that money that he never earned. Would you stay home if you had just been handed millions?

            • PoliticallyDisgusted

              I bet he & Michael are sleeping with one eye open every night. I certainly wouldn’t want to be in their shoes. I hope the reports about Delta Force raiding the home in Thailand he would stay in are true. I’m sure he thought they would be safe there.

    • Anonymous

      “Trump has already done more to damage the modern-day Deep State than John Kennedy ever did.”

      Umm, can you give an example because that is not the way it looks from my living room.

      • Mina

        One of the things Trump has done is to make the public aware of the lying, agenda driven MSM.

        Perhaps you missed that revelation while sitting in your living room being programmed by their TV stations.

        • Anonymous

          Mina, I don’t watch the lying mainstream news and in fact if Trump was honest about exposing the media, he would start with a real 911 investigation, AS PROMISED, because the evidence of media complicity is plastered all over their very own news clips.
          Looks like you are the one missing something and I believe it may be common sense.

    • IheartJesus

      Regardless of who is who there is still an EO out there. And this letter to Steve it’s signed Greg. Greg who? Even if some of these people are at Gitmo if this guy is who he said he really is. Do you people think he is going to tell the world? I don’t think so.

      @dennis48309 You are right.

      • Anonymous

        Is anybody missing? The only people we know are missing are thousands of children. Maybe that is where the kids are.

    • IheartJesus

      Also want to add what’s up with all these boots on the feet? Hillary said her boot is for a broke toe. My husband and other people I know know have broken their toes and they have never had to wear a boot on their foot.

      John McCain started wearing his boot on the right leg and then on his left leg. There are others that are wearing them also.
      So what’s up with all these Med. boots?

      As for Jerome Corsi I would take his word over Dave’s. Sorry Dave but you have posted things here that turned out not to be true.
      Mainly because it taken from someone else on youtube. I have wondered if it’s just clickbait on your part.

      • The Troubles

        :idea: :arrow: Correct. It appears from past events, that D.H. is possibly a double barb DS Agent, or some sort of obscure Dis-info ACTOR. :eek: An M.O. of openly practiced censorship on its own web site. :mad:
        Like it or not, time will tell and the truth will come forward for all to see. :lol:

      • Anonymous

        I broke a toe playing basketball and I had to wear a boot. It’s pretty common to have to wear them. I’m not sticking up for Crooked Hillary, just passing along information. :smile:

    • JayWill

      Bawahahahahahah!!!!! The wheel is still spinning but the hamster died.

    • my2pesos

      Mind your P’s and Q’s.

      Wikipedia: Q# (pronounced as Q Sharp) is a domain specific programming language used for expressing quantum algorithms. It was initially released by Microsoft as part of the Quantum Development Kit.
      Released to the public on 12.11.17
      The form of letter Q may have been based on the eye of a needle.
      Q is the 17′th letter of the English alphabet.

    • Anonymous

      QAnon is a fraud. Trump is also a fraud, QAnon is his publicist. He is great at his job, and getting Trump supporters to think Trump is working against the Deep State. LOL! Why would Trump whose stockbroker Alan Greenberg, is the Director of the (Warren) Buffett Foundation, who is the largest donor to the Clinton Foundation. If he took down the Clinton Foundation, who Trilateral Commission and Council of Foreign Relations Member and Partner at Bear Stearns bank, Jeffrey Epstein, claims he founded, then wouldn’t Bear Stearns bank be invesigated? Bear Stearns received over $10 billion in bailouts from Obama during bank bailouts and failed anyway. Trumps stockbroker Alan Greenberg is a partner there. Would Trump really take down his own bankers???? Who also happen to be Hillarys bankers??? Think about it… :shock: If Trump really wanted to take down pedophiles why was he best friends with Bill Clinton and Jeffrey Epstein, why not turn them in? If Trump thought the Clintons were evil and knew all about their “kill list” why does he let his daughter be best friends with his, isn’t she pregnant or had a baby? Does he let their kids play together? Hillary CLinton is also still tweeting, another thing to keep in mind, she could have taken a private jet to Israel where they do not extradite but has not done that yet (Like Roman Polanski did 40 years ago after raping a child in Hollywood and he is doing just fine). So if she is still tweeting and not planning her escape on a private jet to Israel while her grandkids are playing with the Donalds grandkids maybe orange really is the new black and they are all in on it together??? :lol: :lol: :lol:

      • The Real Deal

        Excellent points made. Quite a number of these sheeple are wide asleep. Keep pounding away! I do in hopes that we can wake some of these people up. I believe we are, most just don’t comment.

    • Ideas Time

      There are so many liars out there it is hard to know what the truth is. I keep hearing that people are going down or have been taken down to see them the next day as if nothing has happened and they do not even seem threatened by anything. Until something happens and it is always next week that never comes.

    • stonehillady

      What about the President’s “Executive Order” he just signed on Dec. 21st. 2017, he apparently did it AFTER the tax Bill was pasted because many of GOP are being investigated for crimes against the state.

    • beLIEve

      It’s Not About Democracy: CONTROL FRAUD Is the Core of our Political System

      If we strip away the PRETENSE of DEMOCRACY, WHAT is the CORE of our political System?
      Answer: CONTROL FRAUD, which I define as THOSE WITH control/POWER in centralized institutions enriching themselves at the expense of the citizenry by SELECTIVELY MODIFYING WHAT’$ PERMISSIBLE, and doing so in a fully legally compliant process, i.e. within the letter of the law if not the intent of the law.

    • Pink Slime

      They are LYING about Donald Trump. Even, sadly, Grudge Retort.

      Trump NEVER said he was a genius as they are implying and printing. What he said what he DONE is like genius. DM has even TWISTED his tweet quote and in a shocking display of corrupted text inserted the word “genius” after “smart”.

      TRUMP NEVER wrote that in his tweet.

      Again, TRUMP NEVER stated he was a “genius”. They are corrupting and twisting around what he said.

      The interview I saw after showed Trump was spot on, concise and displayed nothing that he was losing it. Folks, this is egregious of what they are doing to this man that is so bad and FOOL of lies the President has to stop his work to address all this NONSENSE.

      Yet, they never turned on their dear Negro and sodomite the Mooslem obama. Who was actively corrupting and betraying this nation EVERYDAY for 8 years!

      But Trump has been turning everything around from DAY ONE in office.

      I also watched Michael Wolff and I believe this guy to be noth’ n but a lying sodomite. Much like the Negro obama. These people are mentally deranged from getting screwed in the ass so much. Probably by their fathers. :roll:

    • Wynter Silvermoon

      All I read in this is Deep State Cheer Leading.

      • The Troubles

        Well if what is shown on Tell-a-vision is any clue, the programmers seem to be sort of an internal Clowns In America (aka CIA) mind fu*k control device, which is actually as a mechanized weapon. Not really A TV. But a Black mirror.
        Whom to believe? A Distraction. :???:

    • Anonymous

      I Challenge you to show me where Q gas said there are 1000′S of indictments and that this person or that person is in Gitmo. This is disinformation and has never been said by Q.

    • spd1275

      Any doctor who makes a diagnosis by way of news clips should immediately have their licenses revoked for medical malpractice. They certainly would if they were diagnosing “patients”. But no, this is again completely acceptable because the MSM says it is.


      Oh yes trust a man who tortures on suspicion, if your not guilty you won’t mind being tortured you have nothing to hide and if you don’t die from the torture you might get freed in 10 – 15 years if the food does not kill you.

      Wow the credibility gap is beyond comprehension, Like asking a robber at gun point if you can borrow his gun for a moment.

    • Alan

      They fester on the universe, and never in their minds have they thought that they are false.
      Most have, but NOT them.

      >Of your enslavement to them and their pompous regime and mannerisms.
      Q “Truly one kins is deluded, one told them, but they carried it on.” en-q.

    • Counter Analysis

      I see the glass as two thirds full rather than half empty. New and old investigations are being kindled and rekindled. The FBI has begun investigating the Clinton Foundation. Here are some recent Gateway Pundit headlines:

      More Bad News For Crooked Hillary=> FBI Launches New Clinton Foundation Investigation

      The House Intel Committee has received Fusion GPS’s Bank Records.

      The Senate Judiciary Committee Discovers “Credible Evidence of a CRIME” Committed by Dossier Author Christopher Steele.

      COMEY BUSTED! FBI Chief FOIA Officer Confirms ALL OF COMEY’S Memos Were Classified at Time They Were Written.

      BREAKING: Comey’s ORIGINAL Hillary Clinton Statement Revealed – Mention of Evidence Supporting Felony DELETED

      BREAKING: DOJ Deal Gives Chairman Nunes Access to ‘All’ Unredacted Docs and Witnesses Sought in Russia Witch Hunt

      BREAKING: Judicial Watch Finds at Least 18 Classified Emails On Pervert Anthony Weiner’s Laptop

      IT BEGINS=> DOJ Reopens Hillary Clinton Email Investigation

      BREAKING: Comey’s ORIGINAL Hillary Clinton Statement Revealed – Mention of Evidence Supporting Felony DELETED

      How can you not be encouraged? Who would have thought we would have made it this far. Not long ago we were staring down the barrel of a Hillary presidency. Nothing in this life is a cakewalk, at least not in my experience. My prayers (and the prayers of many others) have been miraculously answered. Praise God!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Mega anon, another supposed insider leaking on 4chan, has stated that Q was the real deal in the beginning but has since been compromised by disinformation injected under his name. This is plausible though impossible to verify. But she confirms Q’s early claims.

      I think everyone is frustrated with the seemingly slow pace of draining the swamp, Trump choosing to surround himself with deep-state minions, and some of Trump’s actions which seem to align perfectly with deep-state interests. However, Trump is walking a tightrope. He is only human. I hope he is sincere and the real deal. My biggest fear is that he may be an imposter who will do some draining and solve some problems only to use the resulting political capital for a greater diabolical purpose. I lean toward him being sincere, but I am jaded.

      This world is going to sh$t anyway you look at it. America is mystery Babylon in my view. Bad things are likely to happen soon, but I’m optimistic about Steve Quayle’s prophecy that God will reveal the sins of the leaders before he judges the nation. Trump seems to be God’s instrument in this regard. I’m not expecting any utopia even if Trump is successful. My hope is to get raptured out of here soon before utter destruction strikes. But a joyful victory before hand would be the cherry on the sundae.

    • The Real Deal

      Trump is not taking down anybody. The flights in and out of GITMO are periodic routine flights for personnel transitioning in and out of GITMO. Trump is not the leader we all thought he was. Trump was always supposed to be the President because of his close ties with Israel and the Likud party. I know you think that your voice spoke and Trump upsetting Hillary was a thorn in the side of the PTB, it wasn’t. Yes the election was rigged… it always is. Why do you think Trump was SELECTED? He was put in office because the Israeli’s own his ass and knew he would do their bidding. Hillary had way too many skeletons in the closet and has a reputation for putting her own self interests ahead of others, including Israel, which they could not risk. Trump is the perfect dupe to do their bidding. So him being SELECTED made their goals of destroying the Middle East that much easier. Can you not see how Trump is going along with everything that has to do with Israel? They just kicked 3,800 black immigrants out of Israel for being undocumented, but we know that’s crap. The Israeli’s kicked them out because the Israeli’s are true racist’s and bigots. They don’t want black migration in their country. That’s as racist as it gets. Notice how the Jew run media in America never mentions anything negative about Israel? Oh once in awhile they have to say something negative just to appease those awake, but of course they’ll just have some talking head pundit come on and soften the blow. Wake up and realize you are being distracted while Trump and the Israeli’s that run America, drive us in to the ground even further.

    • propel7

      YELLOW Sessions. The deer in the headlights look of this PUKE, determines he is COMPROMISED. I actually supported and liked him. What a MISTAKE. It has become obvious that the reason he has done nothing to go after the REAL Criminals in the FBI that he handed the power of investigating Trump directly to, is that he has been waiting for Trump to go down. Trump ain’t going down, you pathetic little WORM. The one who WILL go down, is YOU, YELLOW-BOY. What a total FRAUD you are. I will bet that you are another one of these little Globalist pedophile satanists, and that is what they have on you. I will bet the kitty on it. You are SCUM, Mr. Sessions. When these traitors that you obviously protect, HANG for subversion, robbery and murder of the American People, YOU need to SWING with them. The sell/transfer of Weapons of Mass destruction/URANIUM to Russia, IS Conspiracy to MURDER the American People. YELLOW Sessions’ inability to do ANYTHING about it, proves he is complicit and part of. Time for traitors necks to SNAP. YELLOW Sessions with them. Leave the ropes long. Maybe we can get lucky and see their heads ROLL.

      • Anonymous

        Correct me if I’m wrong but didn’t Drumpfh appoint Sessions? Just like Bannon? When you are stupid enough to throw swamp critters into your home then why be shocked when they grab you right by your pussy. :smile:

    • juliemom

      How does this expose Qanon as a fraud? Nothing in what I read by the GITMO general said Qanon was a fraud. Just because he offered some insight into GITMO doesn’t mean Qanon is a fraud. Many, many people are reading the Q drops and trying to figure out what they mean. People are analyzing the Q drops. Q never said that Americans were being detained at GITMO. There was some covert language by Q and interpreted by the public that speculates that GITMO is being made ready for high level people. The executive order of Dec. 21 relating to freezing assets of people involved in human trafficking coming out about the same time as the GITMO type language makes people think that Trump is getting it ready for the deep state child traffickers. I hope they are right. These people are sick. Bigly sick.

    • Canderson

      What prosperity? It is all a pumped up stock marker to buy off their henchmen. See SGT report.
      Trump must break free and do something real within 2-3 months, or else we on our own, the people that are slated for extermination when the New Yuan Emperor of the World enters the throne in China, and don’t fool yourself it is all run from behind the scene, it is just Masonic prophesy come “true”.

      • Canderson

        There is no end to the crazy-ness when you crazy, and they are pure Psychopaths.

        • Canderson

          Of course they would call themselves cleansers of the higher order or predators that must exist of course, what to expect of them satanic idiots.

          • Canderson

            They are the suppressors of the mind, they want to stay in power forever, that is also why they never ever can be taken for Luciferians, the Light bearer of the World, you understand that?

            • Canderson

              I think the World could muster a takeout of the Jesuit Council Families. The world should prepare.

    • stonehillady

      if people don’t think the opposition is reading the same info that we do, you are dumb. this Q person , though we would want to be true, is a set up, probably a false flag to divert us into believing the little guy is winning, to me our whole world is one big lie, have we been to the moon ? Is the Earth a spinning ball ? Do we take everything literally that is spoken about in the bible, like past generations did ? Or do we think like some scientist that the Earth is millions of years old, and we are one of billions of universes in a sea vastness.




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