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Q Anon: What Do Merkel, Bush, the CIA, and Muslim Brotherhood Have in Common?

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In this video I break down some of the information found in the latest Q Anon posts! If you haven’t already please press like and subscribe to my channel!

Antifa demanding payment from George Soros:

QAnon Posts Before The Boards Got Wiped in PDF Format:

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    • Everette

      I know ! I know !! Can I answer ? They all hate Israel ( 10 lost tribes of Israel lead by Ephraim – America , Europe and Australia ) and Judea living in Israel ! They also had family menbers involved in the mass killing of Jews . They all kiss ass with the pope who is head of the NWO natzi luciferian Esau Edomite Zionist ( take over of Jerusalem temple mount ) bunch . YouTube has shut down my YouTube videos because I was using it to direct people to the evils being committed in America and against America , so I was not able to see your video , sorry . I wish people would leave YouTube and go to the other streaming videos available . I know it was directed at me because everyone else in the house can watch YouTube ll day and night long . Both computer were disabled . Oh well live goes on without YouTube !

      • dandelion231

        Everette I did leave youtube bc of the purge. You should know that just a few months ago youtube, twitter, Facebook all tesitfied to Senate that they did not censor based upon politics etc. So what is important here is that as a result of youtube purging so many conservative sites they now are no longer eligible for public forum protection – meaning they are safe from being held liable for the content of the videos on their site- So being that all of you that were purged have some possible options that you should consider
        1. you could file a class action with the others for the censorship of your 1st amendement rights and political targeting
        2 if you were part of the Elsagate that went down just a few months ago you could along with the others file a class action law suit for whistleblower retailation for exposing youtubes illegal and disgusting promotion of sick and sexually inappriapate videos that youtube put in the requiremend list and how they promoted their views and likes.
        3 you could file a congressional complaint and ask congress to investigate the purge.
        I really hope you guys hold these people responsible bc it is not right what they did and you do have legal recourse and rights.

    • Busta Myth

      The Muslim Brotherhood were started in EGYPT by an Egyptian man called AL BANNA in the 1920′s…BEFORE WW2 even started

      I’m not sure what year they joined with Adolf sHitler…but I do know exactly what happened to them after WW2

      the Bigger Picture of what, why, who happened with WW2 is a sh*tfest of Madness, Greed, Insanity, Lies and Deception :twisted:

    • The Real Deal

      Funny how Q never mentions anything about Israel, or the Jews. Of course he mentions Muslims, hell Alex Jones will talk about Muslims, that’s just fine, but don’t talk about Israel or the Jews… ya know, the ones responsible for all the wars and false flags? The one’s responsible for 9/11, the attack on the USS Liberty, and the bombing of the King David Hotel which killed dozens of U.S. Marines? Yeah you won’t hear Q talk about that. Q says they’re draining the swamp. What Q fails to tell you is that the Jews ARE the swamp!!! And Trump LOVES the Jews… in fact, he’s surrounded by them. Trump pardoned a very heinous JEWISH criminal merely because the Jews asked him to. Who cares that the man he pardoned was a pedophile, sold guns, methamphetamine, and was involved in sex trafficking… you know, the very thing Trump just railed about, and in fact, signed an executive order targeting those same individuals… as long as the criminals are GOYIM, of course. Notice how all the names of people being investigated are all Gentiles? Jews don’t prosecute other Jews. Bet you didn’t know that either. That is why you’ll never see the likes of Harvey Weinstein, or all the other Hollywood Jew pedophiles EVER got to jail. You want to drain the swamp? You evict the Jews, and never have anything to do with them again. They are parasites. They are a cancer on the Earth, and they want to control you. They want to control what you eat, what you drink, what you watch, and how you think. In Europe, any mention of the Holohoax, and your ass is grass. Now who do you think pushed that agenda? Israel wants to evict black immigrants, but wants you to take in every illegal from here to Timbuktu in to your country. It’s okay for Jews to be racist, but just ACT like you have a little love for your own white race, and you can bet you’ll be tarred and feathered by the ADL, SPLC, and the other 1200 Jewish organizations that line the pockets of easily bribed U.S. politicians. Speaking of politicians, did you know that ALL U.S. politicians must sign a pledge to Israel? In other words, they swear an allegiance to Israel if they wish to keep their campaign money rolling in. That’s right, that’s called treason. But you won’t hear Q talk about that either. Perhaps when Q starts talking about the REAL problem, Q might have a little bit of credibility. But as it stands now… you’re being played like a fiddle in the Charlie Daniels Band.

      • Bobwire

        You want to know whats really funny ? You hiding behind a mask . What other group does that ANTIFA ?

        • The Real Deal

          “You hiding behind that mask”.

          Is your real name Bobwire? When you walk in through your front door, does your family greet you with, “Hey Bobwire”? The mask? It’s just an avatar. I mean, would you like me to come to your house and read my comments to you in person so that I’m not hiding behind my computer or “that mask”? What’s your point?

          “What other group does that ANTIFA ?”

          Are you implying that I’m Antifa or something? Well I’m not. Is there any other stupid shit you wanted to say, or is that it? Any counter points you wish to make?

      • Anonymous

        Recall how Assange said 911 Truthers were idiots? Of all these fake whistleblowers, Q qunt is the very worst. doesnt even have to put a face to him anymore. at least Snowjob and Foolford appeared in physical form. Qunt is the most effective distraction I have ever seen mounted by CIA psyops. Even veteran truthers waste hours on his cock tease mind junk and stupid inane hints, inuendos and “clues” that they can never solve and are fake.
        ATS caught him plagiarizing SORCH FAAL from 2007 and a firned of mine insisted it was useful! Proven fake!! Meanwhile Fukushima is melting down again, Israel proclaiming the “US troops ready to die for jewish state” and pics of Trump, Podesta, CLinton frolicking in pedo resort are ignored. Which is the exact purpose of Qunt posts. People have literally lost any ability to think or reason. It is so scary

    • Oliver Cromwell

      TWO WORDS….





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