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Mounting Evidence Points to a Deep State Coup Has Seized the Presidency

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Mounting Evidence Points to a Deep State Coup Has Seized the Presidency

Although I cannot say the following with 100% certainty, there can be made an excellent case that President Trump has been overthrown and he is operating as a puppet president.

The first set of facts that makes one believe that there is a strong possibility of an overthrow of the President comes from the construction of a timeline which shows such a dramatic shift of policy and behavior of the President and the orderly progression of events and dates do not add up.

The second set of circumstances and facts that leads one to conclude that the Deep State is finally in charge of the White House comes from people with some knowledge of the Presidential schedule and routine as well as some ancillary events involving known people and their routine interaction with the President which dramatically supports an about face reversal in presidential policy toward Syria

.In effect, what is going to be presented in the second half of this article is that I believe that it is possible to determine when this president and his foreign policy decisions were taken away from him.

I. The Timeline of the Coup

A contextual background to the most controversial story ever produced on The Common Sense Show, I want to remind everyone of some very important contextual background events which have set the stage for a coup against President Trump.

Trump Invites Putin to Meeting at the White House

From ABC News  

By PATRICK REEVELL  MOSCOW — Apr 2, 2018, 12:25 PM ET

…President Donald Trump offered to host Vladimir Putin at the White House for a summit during a phone call with the Russian leader last month, a senior Kremlin aide told Russian media today…

…Both the White House and the Kremlin have previously said the two leaders had discussed a possible summit during a call on March 20, when Trump called Putin to congratulate him on his win in Russia’s presidential election. At a briefing Monday, the Kremlin aide, Yuri Ushakov, said Trump had suggested on the call that the summit could be held at the White House…

“When our presidents were talking on the telephone, Trump proposed to hold a first meeting in Washington,in the White House…”

On April 2, 2018, President Trump announced that he was pulling our troops out of Syria and that he was scheduling a meeting with President Putin of Russia.

On April 3, 2018, President Trump’s announcement is played on ABC News.

An Excerpted Quoted Summary of the President’s Decision to Withdraw From Syria As Cited By ABC News

“I want to get out. I want to bring our troops back home. I want to start rebuilding our nation,” Trump said during a press conference with leaders of the Baltic countries Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania. “It’s time. We were successful against ISIS. We’ll be successful against anybody militarily, but sometimes it’s time to come back home — and we’re thinking about that very seriously.”

The president said getting rid of ISIS has been the United States’ primary goal in Syria and that “we’ve almost completed that task.”

He added that the U.S. will be making a decision “very quickly in coordination with others in the area as to what we’ll do” and suggested that if others, like Saudi Arabia, want the U.S. to maintain a presence, perhaps they should pay for it.

These two events make it crystal clear, President Trump wanted out of Syria because ISIS was basically eradicated and Trump wanted to start anew with Putin. The potential of the Trump/Putin conference at the White House very well could stolen war away from the globalists on a second front since President Kim of North Korea has agreed to denuclearize his country as a precondition to a May meeting with Trump.

Let’s not forget about that Trump has negated the bulk of the trade imbalances which were working to the disfavor of the American people. Today, 15 months after the inauguration of Trump, 3 million American jobs have been created and American manufacture is seeing signs of life. Trump’s economy is adding over 300,000 jobs per month and has set job creation records.

This is not what the globalists need. America is the impediment to a world government and a one world economy. America needs to fall and fall hard! Death to America is the mantra of the globalists. Trump’s accomplishments have been achieved because Trump has given the big middle finger to the globalists and to their Deep State minions. Trump was making good on his promise to Make America Great Again.

Reversal of Troop Withdrawal From Syria

The President, and without a coherent or significant reason reversed himself 3 days after announcing troops withdrawal of US forces from Syria.

From New York Magazine on April 6, 2018:

“…Senior administration officials claim that during a meeting with the National Security Council several hours later, Trump agreed to stop insisting on immediate withdrawal after military commanders said they needed more time to wrap up their mission. However, he instructed them to wrap up the operation so the 2,000 troops on the ground in Syria can come home in a matter of months.

On Wednesday White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders framed this as a responsible transition to local enforcement that will ensure ISIS can’t reemerge in the region..”.

Please note that there is not one hint of the chemical weapons situation involving Assad and the Syrian government.

The Red Dawn Invasion Force Makes It Way Toward the Border

On March 30th, I received credible from a high level deep-cover source who told me that two phases of a Red Dawn invasion force which would comprise a two phase invasion force were going to be making their way north to the border. As I previously reported, the first phase would consist of cementing the terrorist forces already embedded from the MS-13 incursions during the 2014 Central American immigration invasion. Phase two is reportedly the direct military invasion from Latin American forces following the breakout of war in Syria.

At the time of my previous reports, I was not allowed to reveal the source of my information. I have subsequently been released from this obligation.

I subsequently wrote several articles detailing how Trump did not dispatch troops to the border on April 5, 2018 and threaten to cancel NAFTA and DACA over 1,500 immigrants making their way to the border. Trump had credible information that this was happening and this why the border has been fortified. I made this point several times in the past two weeks on The Common Sense Show.

On April 8th, I approached Kathy Rubio on the information I had received involving these paramilitary base camps to be used in a Red Dawn invasion. I knew that Kathy had first hand information about these camps both from her own personal observations and related family members. After I explained the seriousness of the situation, she agreed to come on the show for two hours and told everything in what was two of the most riveting hours in the history of the radio show.

Here is NBC’s April 5th report of dispatching troops to the border:

Trump signs order sending military to US-Mexico border


To secure the U.S.-Mexico border, President Trump is turning to the U.S. military. And while some of the troops could be in place almost immediately…

One day after the April 5th announcement to dispatch troops to the border, Trump comes out of his military advisors meeting and reverses his troop withdrawal orders from Syria and the alleged Assad chemical weapons attack happened two days later. And there was further discussion of White House meetings with Putin. What an amazing string of coincidences!

The Marine Helicopeters

It is no secret to many of that Trump is protected in large part by the Marines because he does not fully trust the Deep State elements of the Secret Service. In the week leading up to the decision and the carrying out of the missile attack upon Syria, several helicopters, including Marine helicopters have mysteriously crashed and then, of course, there was the major plane crash that killed 257 people.

  • April 3:
    • S. Marine CorpsAV-8B Harrier crashed in Djibouti shortly after take-off.[310]
    • A Myanmar F-7crashed, killing pilot Major Arkar Win
    • An Indian Air Force Mi-17crashed after catching fire while landing, killing one and injuring three
  • April 4: USMC CH-53E Super Stallion crashed near Naval Air Field El Centro, killing all 4 crewmen
  • April 5:
  • April 7: A US Army AH-64helicopter crashed at Fort Campbell in Kentucky, killing both pilots[316]
  • April 11: A military plane crashedat Boufarik Airport near the capital of Algeria, killing all 257 people.

Were these “demonstration events” designed to make Trump fall into line? How about the following event for a close-to-home-demonstration event? Many think that raid on Trump’s private attorney was designed to gather information on Trump business dealings in Ukraine and this would be used as political blackmail.

Fire at the Trump Tower

Here is another demonstration event-

New York (CNN) On April 7, 2018 the day of the chemical weapons attack in Syria.

A fire broke out at Trump Tower on Saturday, leaving one man dead and six firefighters injured, the New York City Fire Department said.

Police identified the man killed as Todd Brassner, 67, a resident of the building’s 50th floor. He was taken to the hospital in critical condition but later died, said spokeswoman Angelica Conroy of the Fire Department.

Assad’s ALLEGED Chemical Weapons Attack Upon His Own People

Syrian President, Assad, who was winning his battles against the rebels, with the help of the Russians, had no reason to attack his own people with chemical weapons. He knew that this would provide the United States and its Western allies a preemptive excuse to military intervene in a very direct way within his own country and government.

On April 7, 2018, Assad allegedly attacked his own people with chemical weapons. THIS WAS ONE DAY AFTER TRUMP’S REVERSAL OF THE WITHDRAWAL OF TROOPS FROM SYRIA.

If the chemical weapons attack upon was not a false flag event perpetrated by US Deep State interests and the Mossad, wouldn’t the attack dates and the announcement of the cancellation of the US troops withdrawal have happened in reverse order?

April 6th should have been the date of the chemical weapons attacks which would have precipitated the logical and would-be April 7th cancellation order of withdrawal of US troops from Syria?

Instead we have the opposite order. Please explain to me how this happens without being a false flag, preplanned event?




Trump cancels South America trip to ‘oversee the American response to Syria’

  • President Trump will not travel to South America this week, the White House says.
  • Vice President Mike Pence will make the trip in Trump’s stead.
  • The White House says Trump will stay in the U.S. in order to “oversee the American response to Syria and to monitor developments around the world.”

Kevin Breuninger | @KevinWilliamB

At this point, the timeline, itself, casts doubt on what is going on with the White House. However, I have had several discussions with trusted colleagues who have shed further doubt on the seriousness of this apparent coup that has snatched the presidency from the American people.

II. What Key People Are Saying

My best Intel source has told me that two people who routinely brief the President, have been denied access to the President without explanation. In our subsequent conversation, he did not use the term “coup”, but he did say “…not fully in charge of foreign policy…”

Kathy Rubio reached out to me and told me she knew of someone who had the same experience with being denied access to Trump. Further, she said that she hear a source of Alex Jones, on his show, state that people were being denied access to Trump as well and this interview was played on Jones’ Saturday broadcast. Kathy Rubio added that she was given information by one of her sources that at minimum at least one Trump family member was being held as hostage and that would be Ivanka. Kathy named Jared Kushner as the brains behind this operation. This would bring George Soros into the picture since he and Kushner are close business partners.

Paul Preston’s New California people have had access issues with Trump as well. Further, Paul shared with me last night that Trump cancelled his South American trip because of credible information involving an assassination attempt to be carried out by a group called the Clear Path, or Shining Path as they are sometimes called, who helps the Sanchez-Paredes cartel coordinate the marriage between Middle Eastern terror groups and the cartels along with Latin America military forces who have military arrangements with Putin. Hence, my earlier Red Dawn warnings and Trump’s sending of troops to the border.

Paul sent me a text at 1AM Pacific this morning which said that recent photos of Ivanka from South America show her not wearing her wedding ring.

Two more things to consider:

  1. Pray for Trump
  2. The 60 minutes hit piece against Trump, which will feature Comey’s book which was preplanned to attack Trump and take away future sympathy from the public for Trump should he be taken out of office on a permanent basis. Don’t believe a word of this false report as it is a psyops.

I am confident more information will b coming out with regard to this topic.

Steve Quayle, Kathy Rubio and Paul Martin are guests on my show this evening.

For more stories like these, visit The Common Sense Show

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    • Takealook

      Kushner behind a coup to take out Trump? How surprising! A total Israeli stooge with allegiance to Israhell and
      a death wish for America. Who woulda thought?
      The actual coup was completed when he gave Ivanka’s hand in marriage to this traitor. Nice parenting there Trump.

    • Jesus Christ is the truth,the life and the only way to the father.

      An “extreme snuff film” featuring Hillary Clinton and Huma Abedin raping and mutilating a prepubescent girl is circulating on the dark web, according to sources familiar with the material. 
      The video, code named Frazzledrip, has been circulating on the dark web since Monday, according to reliable sources who have viewed the material and confirm the content is “worse than any nightmare.”

      “The people who are coming back from viewing this tape are just not the same.”.
      Many people are unable to watch the video due to the horrific nature of the content, according to sources familiar with the tape.

      In the video, they take a little girl and they fillet her face, according to reports, and then they take turns wearing the little girl’s face like a mask. It is believed they were terrorizing the young girl, deliberately causing the child’s body to release Adenochrome into her bloodstream before bleeding her out and drinking the blood during a Satanic ritual sacrifice.


    • raburgeson

      I don’t believe they have him cornered because all he has to do is call the militia to order. I don’t buy that the target was chemical either, looks like a big secret what they hit.

    • Detergent

      Dave’s assessment is about half right. Thing is, it’s more complicated.

      The one thing Trump has to do, in the face of a concerted “Deep State” effort to take him down, is keep support of the U.S. armed forces. If he doesn’t and the military throws in with the Deep State then there will be tanks around the White House – like tanks in Moscow in October 1993.

      So far the armed forces have (mostly) held their oaths to defend the Constitution above their political considerations. This has come at a price. Trump has paid for their loyalty with strong praise, increased military budgets, and with periodic attacks on other countries that increase their value and esteem in the eyes of the public.

      We have a government at war with itself. The “Deep State” vs. the military. The Presidency will be controlled by one or the other. At the moment we’re seeing it controlled by the latter, via threat that the latter will throw in with the former.

      More complicated.

    • Daryl 010

      This is all VERY interesting! It has all the makings of a good (but alas, satanic) Disney movie for the kids!

      The first time King daddy Don bombed Syria, (in a good way) it was reported somewhere that Princess Vanky and hubbie Kushy begged king Donald to do it (for the PEOPLE!)… and now, the second time, the selfish Prince Kushy gave up and betrayed the beautiful Princess to be held as a hostage by evil reptilian world King Pindar Geo Soros!

      Does ALL of this sound a little more than made up. or what part(s) of it do to you?? Dont forget…… truth can be stranger…..

    • diane

      Look, if anyone is in danger it is President Trump. President Trump would not allow Ivanka to be placed in harms way. Our president loves his children to much for that kind of foolishness.

      As far as for the missing ring. Maybe her fingers were swollen. That happens and she decided not to were it at that time. Or she thought it was to pretentious to wear with these women who have had to struggle to simply survive in that country.

      Either way, if anyone is in danger it is our president.

    • Pink Slime

      You do also know you have a 100% FAILURE track record. Do you realize that? It’s called GAMING the people.

      NOTHING you have EVER said came true! :mad:

    • humaka

      Oh it is such a sad thing to watch the arrogant naive bring about their own demise, with their great compelling evidence they seek to prove just because they wish it so…

      Any that don’t know, all and everyone is compromised, believed in childish religious fairy tales and so blinded them self, so indeed it came no liberty gone in the instant, as overnight, and as a thief in the night it stole their children and wives, unto unspeakable horrors, did the revenge seekers fall into the snare of the lawless.

    • Laser Guided Loogie

      Stupid shit people on the internet believe: For $10 Alex!

    • The Ferrett

      Donald Trump has now demonstrated that he is nothing more than an inarticulate sideshow clown and a counterfeit medieval medicine man offering cheap miracle and ILLUSIONARY fixes for America’s problems here and abroad – “I will eliminate poverty” he was heard to have said recently.

      Donald Trump is really Donald Drumpf, and his real name reveals some of the true secrets behind his character. Trump appears not even to be his family’s legal name.

      Donald’s great-grandparents, Christian Johannes Drumpf and Katherina Kober, had sons, Christian Drumpf and Christ Chirst.[16] Christian was Sleazy Freddy’s father. By his name, Christ Christ, may had converted to Judaism. Nevertheless, Donald’s great-grandmother, Kathernia Kober, appears to have been Jewish.

      What we know is that the surname Kober is German and Jewish (Ashkenazic): from a derivative of the personal name Jakob or Yakov. German and Jewish (Ashkenazic): from German Kober “basket“,

      Recently Donald Trump released a Chanukah greeting along with a message of solidarity for his “Jewish brothers and sisters”. He tweeted out a wish for a “happy and healthy eight nights” along with a formal message on behalf of himself and the First Lady, Melania – who aint no lady!

      He said: “Chanukah is a time for Jewish families around the world to come together around the lighting of the menorah and celebrate the miracles of the past and promises of the future. Melania and I wish all of our Jewish brothers and sisters celebrating this meaningful holiday a happy and healthy eight nights in the company of those they love.” He went on to explain the Chanukah story, concluding that he was “proud to stand with the Jewish people who shine as a light to all nations. We also stand with the people of Israel, the Jewish State, which has itself a miraculous history of . . . overcoming the greatest of odds. ”

      As with most who desire to be rich, Donald Drumpf has made his pact with the DEVIL a long time ago and he doesn’t mind showing you who his father is and his Jewish kin are who now totally dominate the White House. In fact it is now becoming crystal clear that “democracy” is simply an auction awarded to the highest bidder and Trump is doing Jewry’s bidding straight from the Oval Office.

      Just to hit the point home, the appointment of John Bolton to be the new National Security Advisor is just the latest Trump hiring of a morally flexible Zionist stooge and perhaps the most concerning thus far. Bolton is chairman of the Gatestone Institute, a Neocon think tank that is financed by US-Israeli Zionists and operates as a black propaganda outlet for the crime cabal that we often refer to as Khazarian mafia.

      So, this current Putin bashing or “east vs west” dialectic is phony, just like the so-called opposition of the Jewish owned MSM and the Jewish owned Trump. Think about it! And you don’t navigate the shark-infested waters of NYC real estate without becoming a prisoner to Israeli foreign policy. Trump would NEVER have made his millions in historically Jewish owned Manhattan property without their help.
      It’s all theatre with a bunch of bad actors on the world stage doing their best to deceive the dumbed down goyim and its so classic Mossad. But as they say in the classics . . “You can’t fool all of the people ALL of the time . . .
      We are expected to believe that the Assad regime committed a horrific atrocity against mostly women and children at the very moment when Syrian forces have decisively defeated the Islamist rebels and Trump declared he wanted US troops out of Syria. Days before this fake attack, the Russian Defense Ministry warned that a false flag provocation was in the making.
      Where’s the evidence that Assad launched a chemical attack? Like the series of fake “attacks” touted by the jihadist rebels over the years, this one lacks verification – but that doesn’t bother the War Party. Since when do they need evidence? Last time Trump fell for this routine it turned out that his own Secretary of Defense admitted – well after the US bombing raid – that there was “no evidence” that the Syrian government had launched a chemical attack.

      The same dodgy “proof” beleaguers the Skripal “poisoning” case in Britain – and, what a coincidence, the same villains are being blamed – Putin & Co. The idea that Assad had anything to gain from launching such an attack is not even worth refuting: he’d already won the war. So what would be the point? It isn’t hard to understand this, yet our stupid President is clueless – or pretends to be.
      The sad thing is that most Americans have slowly but surely become a dumbed down and largely clueless people that have NO awareness of the risk that the criminally insane government in Washington is taking with their lives. The lack of mass street protests throughout the nation is clear proof of that.




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