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US Education Discriminates Against the Poor and Minorities

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US Education Discriminates Against the Poor and Minorities

Recently, I published a piece which said that we never really own our because we are forced to pay property taxes, one of the planks of the Communist Manifesto. Private property should never be taxed because this means the government will be ultimate owner of your property.

Since that publication, I have produced a short documentary on why our education system is racist and favors affluent people, most of whom are white. And don’t blame the white people, this is the product of the rich and powerful who select the politicians who will represent them. And the George Soros’ of the Deep State celebrate the resulting racial division.

Property Taxes Are Discriminatory

The current education system, the way it is managed by the governed by the government is racist and favors the children of the wealthy, who are primarily white. Keep in mind I have strongly criticized George Soros and his types for inventing racial conflict in this country. I am a conservative, but in education, we are funding neighborhood schools in a manner that favors the rich.

The primary funding mechanism is property taxes. Why is this a problem? Ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Is there a correlation between race and poverty in this country?If so, wealthier neighborhoods get better schools when primarily supported by property taxes.
  2. Why would a fair-minded nation ever support a funding mechanism for schools that favors the rich and by default, victimized many children of color?

When I pointed out these inequities, here was a response I received from a recently created video.

Sara Shepard 5 hours ago

I do not agree with public education. We have become too use to the government taking care of us. The feds need to be taken out of education and return the education to the states and parents on local level. Let’s stop the socialist mentality.

I agree with one point made by Sara Shepherd. The Department of Education should be abolished. It is unconstitutional.  But this person did not consider the fact that the local funding mechanism is racist, and remember, I am a conservative saying this. Sara totally ignored the funding inequities I raised and responded with  a “to hell with them” attitude. Here was my response to Sara.

How then do kids from tough backgrounds get educated? Where’s your compassion? A desire to have a level playing field? You may not like socialism, but you must love feudalism and that is what your attitude will bring. I hope for your kids sake, you have $$$ to privately educate them. But for the grace of God go I…… Having been a college basketball coach, I have seen the backgrounds that some black and Latino kids come from. I witnessed the transformation in their lives just because they could shoot a basketball and they got an education as a result.  I coached many so-called  “ghetto kids”  who became very successful. Many became teachers, coaches, lawyers, accountants and some run their own businesses. When we make funds available to effectively teach the poor,  amazing things happen. And since most people in poverty, over 65%, are minorities, a system of education supported by property taxes is not fair and discriminates against people of all races that are poor. However, it hits more people of color than not.

What about poor black and Latino kids who are not good at sports and don’t have a chance to go to college because they cannot afford it or their inferior neighborhood school did not prepare them adequately? Who levels their playing field? It wont be the racists who support the current system.

Doesn’t God command us to love ALL people? If we love all people, we would care about their future and not support the current system, which has historically driven minorities to the “promise you everything” Democratic Party. And who can blame minorities for flocking to the Democrats, even if they are being promised fools gold?

The answer to this problem is a voucher, equally applied to all, that can used to attend any school. And please spare me the “you must home school your child”. I agree it is often a good option. However, it is not a practical, universal solution.

Here is the video that sparked the controversy.

Many say that public education is broken and should be done away with. However, these same people never have a practical solution to help all of our children be the most that they can be.  What’s the answer?  If you have a better idea, that does not promote opportunity based on economic inequality, then please enlighten me.

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    • babar iley

      Typical American solution to everything, “throw money at it, then throw more.” It ain’t gonna ever work without something money can never buy. I live in a poor neighborhood, a trailer park in fact, and my child attends his assigned elementary school which boasts over 50% of the students coming from families that live with incomes below the poverty level. Yikes, one may be tempted to say, but, alas, no. The students at that school perform at a high level. I am amazed at my son’s level of reading. Although, at seven, he is a little slow and does not yet comprehend at a 100% level stuff we give him, he can read high school level texts with very little struggle.. His mother and I are not necessarily hard on him, just consistent and he says he is not alone in his class as the school was selected as one of the state’s best. Now, however, if you take some of the kids that reside in our neighborhood who attend that same school, I see little evidence that their parents understand how they themselves need to be involved and take responsibility for their childrens’ educations. It is not merely the act of dressing up a kid and putting him/her on a bus to a shiny building. It is valuing education however you can get it. It’s something more than money and economic advantage. It starts in the home and with the family. This is where we are failing in this nation.

      BTW, it is “We had become too used to (accustomed to)” with “use”and a “d”, not use to with no “d”. Guess your school wasn’t very good. (I josh and believe this is another worthwhile article by the author..)


      If anything our education system discriminates against the intelligent.

    • Bill

      Proofreading is in need here, or is he use(d) to speaking in this manner?

    • Larry

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    • William More

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    • williambradley

      Discrimination becomes most common thing in every work space and educational domain. Its peoples mind set that needs to be change. Humanity should rule everywhere

    • Espinozae

      Really it is a nice post, because you mentioned my feelings and thoughts in this post, Most of the time, i feel little nervous and think lonely the past life.




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