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Scientists Are Not Going to Tell You This! (2018-2019). Really Scary! What Is Going On!

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    • 2QIK4U

      Scientists aren’t going to tell me that Not a Lady Gaga’s wax figure is horrible? That’s all I could understand with these stupid thumbnail Videos Automatically playing as I’m attempting to read the article in the first place !

      • Equalizer

        Really Scary! What Is Going On!… Saul Alinsky “rules for radicals” BS anti-America ANTIFA meth heads at Berkeley, CA University being brainwashed by professors treasonous George Soros funded violence to undermine our Republic. Wake the fuc up!!!

        • Equalizer

          You can take away the 1st Amendment in America but…When your empty frantic calls for life, freedom , justice are ignored…Look in the mirror and Blame yourself. Stupid libtards.

        • CUB4DK

          Shame on those Berkeley Students and WIZ KIDS…hehehe :lol:

    • Zabwe`

      Scientist aren’t going to tell you that free energy is broadcast from TV masts and cell towers———–

      • 2QIK4U

        Ah ok thanks, and that’s always been true. Anywhere a transmission happens we could drain that energy and they would just turn up the sending Frequency like television channel’s do.. this has been discussed since the 70′s when we used CB radio. I saw a 2019 sci-fi yesterday and they keep everyone walled in with towers that looked just like the new 5G towers

    • Zabwe`

      Intelligent life harnessing the energies from our binary star whilst Humans choke on fossil fuel pollution———-

    • Tempus Fugit

      We don’t know “the truth”. We have never known “the truth”. We will never be told “the truth”. In addition, “the truth” varies from source to source… witnesses at a traffic accident…..

      We don’t know our real history either. The news headlines are all biased/slanted/lies and fabrications…..More like propaganda than news.

      The best we can do is follow Jesus (The Bible is the ONLY truth), be loving and kind to one another, work for a positive future for ourselves and those we love, protect the weak and promote God, goodness and love in our own life and in the lives of others.

      Turn off your TVs. Reduce your news viewing and take it all with a big grain of salt. Stay informed enough to do the right thing for yourself and your family. Make good choices. Consider the consequences. Don’t blame others for your own mistakes and shortcomings. Be as independent as you can be. Keep in shape. Keep your mind sharp. Love your neighbor as yourself.

      God bless.

      • Andy

        (The Bible is the ONLY truth)”

        bwaaaaaah ha ha hahahahahahaha :lol:

        how can something self contradictory be truth? :eek: how can something filled with factually incorrect information be TRUTH? :shock: you actually believe a man-made fairy-tale like the bible is real? you’re an indoctrinated imbecile :roll:

        the bible is a man-made FICTION
        - all powerful god can create an entire infinite universe, but can’t manage to pen a single sentence of his own book?
        - can send his only living son to die for all humanity, yet he can’t manage to pen a single sentence of his own book either?
        - all scriptures were written by ignorant men who didn’t know what gravity, electricity, bacterium & viruses are
        - all scriptures were written in the languages of men
        - all scriptures were written using tools invented by men (pen, paper, ink, etc)
        – the bible was AUTHORED by the pagan roman emperor Constantine at the council of Nicaea in the yr 325ad
        - the bible is replete with thousands of contradictions and factually incorrect info
        - the FACT that neither god nor jesus penned a single sentence of their own book is the very strongest of evidence that neither ever wanted such a book written,,,, ,,,, but then, fairy-tale characters can’t write their own fairy-tale now can they

        ALL AVAILABLE EVIDENCE demonstrates that the bible is the word and work of man and nobody else

        NO EVIDENCE substantiates the claim that any god had anything to do with it

        p.s. the universe was not created, but has always existed (first law of thermodynamics) and jesus is a fictional character who never lived

        time to grow out of your fantasy fairy-tales, let go your imaginary friends, and mature into an adult who does that which is right, for no reason other than it is right

        oh, and if you have to ask “what is right?” you demonstrate that you have not yet matured into an adult, regardless of your age

      • K¡llúḿ¡ńàṫ¡✝☪ ॐ ﷲ ✡

        We don’t know “the truth”. We have never known “the truth”. We will never be told “the truth”. In addition, “the truth” varies from source to source… witnesses at a traffic accident…..
        love it :eek: The best we can do is follow God :wink:
        the LORD God said, The man has now become like one of us, knowing good and evil.

        • zak1955

          How do you know what the Lord God said, since he has never written anything? Do you blindly follow the Bible, a book written by men to control the beliefs of man? Much of which has been disproved by history! The Old Testament copied and changed from the kolbrin bible, a much older book, then added to the Bible. Try doing a little research and find the real truth about your past. Remember the truth is out there, but it’s not what you have been led to believe!

          • Andy

            religious delusionists simply aren’t interested in the truth – they’re like 5 yr old children who simply refuse to acknowledge that Santa isn’t real

            “but i saw him at the mall!!”

            at least the child saw someone dressed as Santa at the mall – these religious delusionists don’t even have that much

    • Josie

      It’s shows her in inner self coming thru…

    • beLIEve

      Rupert Sheldrake – The Science Delusion: Why Materialism is not the Answer

      * * *

      Rupert Sheldrake, Phd

    • David Montaigne

      What they won’t tell you is we are due for the POLE SHIFT described in Revelation!
      Pole Shift: Evidence Will Not Be Silenced
      End Times and 2019

      • Andy

        there’s a pole shift described in Rev? bullshit

        and a magnetic pole shift? big deal – there have been more than 240 geomagnetic pole shifts since the last extinction event and guess what – NOTHING

    • Canderson

      Scientists are payed to be idiots/or stay idiots.

      • plsnogod

        What, like the idiots who blindly believe in the quaran,the bible and the hindu texts,all believing their medieval invented scribbles are the ‘true’ ones.

        THAT is stupidity.

    • Paul Revere

      :idea: :idea: :arrow: :arrow: DOJ Agents just made 2 DOJ Boeing 757 FLIGHTS from Little Rock to DC with Clinton Foundation Documents! BIN Blacking this Breaking News out!!! Agents were seen loading Box for hours! MAKE VIRAL – Paul Revere!

    • Bob DD

      WTH did this guy say about scientists won’t tell us????

      • Andy

        he won’t tell :lol:

    • rmstock

      The man says some interesting things. Why does no one on this page or inside the YT reveal
      his identity ? He is a former Canadian Defense Minister




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