Midas Letter
The Midas Team James West – Publisher and Editor James West is an independent capital markets entrepreneur and investor. He has spent over 20 years working in capacities such as corporate finance advisor, corporate development officer, investor relations officer, media relations and business development officer for companies involved in mining, oil and gas, alternative fuels, healthcare, internet technology, transportation, manufacturing, and housing construction. Jonathan T. Orr Writer/Analyst Mr. Orr brings his twin passions for great writing and the bettering of humanity to the table. With stints in documentary film production, writing and editing, and a degree in Art History with a minor in Creative Writing, Jonathan brings a skill set that is perfectly attenuated to the concept of enlightening the investing public about the exciting alternatives to conventional technologies that are emerging from entrepreneurs and academic institutions around the world at an ever increasing pace. Eric Pratt – Writer/Analyst Eric has been actively writing about mining and oil and gas companies since 2000, and has contributed frequently to magazines such as Resource World, Resourcex Investor, etc. Eric lives in New York and is often traveling to various resource projects around the world in search of opportunities for investors. Darryl Kelley – Editor Darryl was previously editor of Resourcex Investor, and affiliated news and information site catering to mining investors. Darryl covers emerging companies in the natural resource sector and specializes in developing web copy.
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