About SBC Today These are challenging times in the Southern Baptist Convention, but times full of opportunity. As we move ahead together, this site will continue to advocate our historic, biblical beliefs as Baptists about our Savior, Jesus Christ, and His church. SBC Today exists to restore unity in the convention around biblical discipleship and our historic Baptist distinctives. This site is here to give a voice to what we believe to be the heart of the great majority of Southern Baptists. We will cast a positive vision for the future of the Southern Baptist Convention, one rooted in our historic and biblical identity. We will offer resources for pastors and interested Baptists on a variety of topics, from sermon ideas and outlines to articles on a variety of topics related to Baptist identity, faith, and practice. We are people of the church who care deeply about the future effectiveness of the SBC for God’s glory, and believe that that effectiveness is best served by a revitalization of our historic and biblical identity, and not by an abandonment of those sacred values. SBC Today was originally created by a group of pastors — Scott Gordon, pastor of Claycomo Baptist Church in Kansas City, Missouri; Wes Kenney, pastor of Trinity Baptist Church in Valiant, Oklahoma; Tim Rogers, pastor of Ebenezer Baptist Church in Indian Trail, North Carolina; David Worley, pastor of Bethel Baptist Church in Greenfield, Tennessee. In Spring 2011, the Baptist Center for Theology and Ministry of New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary partnered with the founders of SBC Today to help provide technical assistance in hosting the blog. Other like-minded Baptists have joined into this effort as well. However, all the original creators of the blog will continue to be involved in and make contributions to SBC Today. As with any blog, SBC Today attracts comments from a variety of perspectives. SBC Today does not necessarily endorse all that is said, not only in the comments but in the articles themselves. Sometimes articles may be included for interest and discussion, but we may not agree with everything that is said. We do ask that those making comments do so in Christian charity, expressing your views forthrightly with integrity but also with kindness. SBC Today reserves the right to remove any posts which attack another believer, especially concerning their motives or the genuineness of their faith. Our intention is to provide a forum for discussion and interaction which ultimately produces agreement, not divisive or derisive arguments. Readers are invited to contact us by email with any questions or concerns they may have. For general questions about the site or to submit an article for consideration to be published in SBC Today, email [email protected]
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