I do a lot of research of paranormal, ufo\'s, bio-warfare diseases like Lyme & Morgellons, rife health recovery tech etc.. Elites are using Agenda 21 depopulation delivery systems to reduce populations secretly and by design. Family and friends are being being targeted in plain site by time release biowarfare toxic delivery systems such as chemtrails, insects, animals, sexually, toxic processed foods filled with gmo’s and pesticides like glyphosate that causes cancer and tumors and vaccines etc.... Millions of families are now under attack and many breaking apart from a health crisis. There is practically NO support for our family\'s. They are being left for dead !!! Big Pharma, Big Medical has created over 300 names for Lyme disease, as Lyme has 300 plus different physical and psychological manifestations... that is why curing Lyme is illegal, it would bankrupt the 1% Elites, Big Pharma, Big Medical, Big Corp etc... more info: Lyme Disease - Great Imitator of Over 300 Conditions Morgellons and Lyme are like a big tsunami pandemic sweeping across the world big time by chemtrails, migrating birds and flying insects etc.... Massive suffering on all levels is igniting all over the world as the NWO implement Agenda 21... pray to the Angelics for help... need all we can get. Many are now manifesting rife devices to heal all disease, physically, emotionally, spiritually, financially, socially, mentally. Spooky2 is a nonprofit volunteer group, bringing the life work of Dr. Royal Rife back to life. Take control, be free, all be free…. Main site: Buy: Learn:
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