John Chuckman is former chief economist for a large Canadian oil company. He has many interests and is a lifelong student of history. He writes with a passionate desire for honesty, the rule of reason, and concern for human decency. John regards it as a badge of honor to have left the United States as a poor young man from the South Side of Chicago when the country embarked on the pointless murder of something like 3 million Vietnamese in their own land because they embraced the wrong economic loyalties. He lives in Canada, which he is fond of calling “the peaceable kingdom.” John’s writing appears regularly on many Internet sites. He has been translated into at least ten languages and has been regularly translated into Italian and Spanish. Several of his essays have been published in book collections, including two college texts. He has published a book, The Decline of the American Empire and the Rise of China as a Global Power, published by Constable and Robinson, London. John also writes book reviews. Apart from his writing since retiring from the oil industry, John has taught university courses in economics, done a good deal of private tutoring, served as a professional newspaper restaurant reviewer (he likes cooking), followed his favorite hobby of photography, and created a popular family of image blogs on the Internet. John may be reached directly at:  [email protected]   SOME INTERNET SITES FROM JOHN CHUCKMAN: CHUCKMAN\'S PORT STANLEY CHUCKMAN\'S MONTREAL CHUCKMAN\'S ILES DE LA MADELEINE (MAGDALEN ISLANDS) CHUCKMAN\'S GODERICH CHUCKMAN PHOTOS ON WORDPRESS: CHICAGO NOSTALGIA AND MEMORABLIA (SELECTED           POSTCARDS AND RESTAURANT ITEMS) CHUCKMAN’S PLACES ON WORDPRESS CHUCKMAN’S PHOTOS ON WORDPRESS: TORONTO NOSTALGIA AND MEMORABLIA CHUCKMAN\' S NON-SPORTS TRADING CARDS OF THE 1950s VOL.1/4 CHUCKMAN’S ROBOTS CHUCKMAN’S ART CHUCKMAN’S GALLERY OF GROTESQUES CHUCKMAN’S CARTOON COMMENTS CHUCKMAN\'S MISCELLANEA OF WORDS CHUCKMAN\'S COMMENTS FROM THE WORLD PRESS CHUCKMAN\'S POLITICAL ESSAYS
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