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Profile PGM Capital is a full brokerage and financial advisory firm. Together with our Strategic Partners and alliances we provide superior tailored investment advice to Individuals, Corporations and Institutions, in the Caribbean, Central- and South America, to enable them in creating their own financial security via investing in structured investment products in the contemporary global Capital Markets. Vision Our Vision is to become the leading Investment Advisory and Wealth management Organization in the Caribbean, Central- and South America, by 2020. Mission Offering a tailor-made global mix of growth and income structured investment products and by adhering to a disciplined investment process, to produce superior total returns for every client under most market conditions. Protecting realized returns by hedging against inflation, currency risk and market volatilities Using state of the art technologies, research- and communication tools, to enable us to provide our clients with up to date, tailored investment advice in this current ‘Age of Turbulence’ Providing training, seminars and communicating our investment thinking in a comprehensive manner, in order to contribute in the paradigm shift of our clients in the direction of a free market and capitalist economy. Providing, together with our partners and alliances, tailored legal and fiscal advice to our clients, for them to protect their assets under management. Outlook 2011 Download the outlook for 2011 here: FCS Outlook 2011
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