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Jose is an African-born student with a relatively weak family and financial background. There is many essay writer are available on the internet. He has been studying in the UK for the last nine months and he has already faced a couple of scams during this short period. He ordered an online essay from a website and deposited $64 for eight pages. The next day when he tried to visit the website, it had been removed. In another instance, he got very highly plagiarized work from another website.

In this article, we will look at some points that a student should know before they contact any such website.


There is nothing free

The tagline of many websites may state that they provide essay writing services for free. You should not be overwhelmed with this tagline because there is nothing for free in this world. When you dig deep into the scenario, you will see that only the outline is provided free of cost, and most of the time, the outline does not reveal the standard of the final essay. However, getting more than a couple of outlines can help you in comparing and contrasting the pros and cons of different services.


Gather the basic information

Most of the students do not have many financial resources, so pricing will be the first aspect to be assessed. When you enter the term, write my essay in the search bar, the internet will provide many options with the respective prices. One option is to note down all the prices and then assess which service is affordable. The other way is to take the opinion from different friends who have already used the services of such websites. The experiences of different individuals should be evaluated from different angles. One important point is the mode of payment accepted by the service. Some services allow partial payments especially in case of bigger orders. Partial payment will allow you to assess the work in a different manner. 


However, this discussion does not mean that you should go for the cheapest service available. A good writing service will never be cheap because it takes a lot of time and effort to write a good quality essay. A service that promises quality content, as well as quick delivery, should be marked with a red flag. You should prefer quality over quantity because your whole academic career is at stake.


Assess the assignment yourself

Once you have gathered different opinions from your friends, the next step is to assess the assignment thoroughly by yourself. This will ensure that you know what exactly is required in the assignment. You will then make the points that should be communicated to the essay writing service. This is especially true when the essay is longer or the deadline is very close. The better you explain the assignment to the service, the better the result will be. It’s always good to compose a comprehensive email that contains all the important points. You can write down all the bullets in word processing software and paste the content in the body of the email.


Assess Guarantees

The whole package will also include the different forms of guarantees. The most important guarantee is that the service will provide the desired content within the promised time. The other important guarantee is to receive content that is free of plagiarism. You should also know the result if the service does not provide the work according to the initial guarantees. Some services do not provide the guarantees upfront on their websites. Thus, you should communicate in detail with the customer services representative to assure that everything is cleared before the deal is finalized.


Assess the expertise of the writers

            Every essay needs a different approach and different content. You should assess the profiles of different writers from the website of the service. This will help you in assessing whether the service has the capable writers to complete your assignment or not. When the representative tells you that a particular essay writer will be assigned to you, you should ask about the sample work for a detailed assessment. Different types of essays are written differently, thus, you should ask for a sample of the particular type of essay that is required by you to assess the expertise of writers.


Assess the whole package

            Essay writing is not only about writing an essay, it is about providing unique content. You should ask in advance whether the service will provide the plagiarism report as a part of the overall package. You must also communicate the maximum percentage of plagiarism allowed. Ideally, plagiarism should be less than 5% in any type of writing. Additionally, you should also confirm the number of revisions included in the whole package. Some services provide one revision while some others provide two or three. You should exactly know the number of revisions available within the package so that there is no confusion later.



Availability of customer services representatives

What would be the use of a service that cannot respond to the queries after office hours or at an odd time? The 24/7 availability of the Customer Services Representatives is a must for any good platform. Sometimes the teacher may hand over the checked assignment with feedback and may require the students to submit the assignment within two hours. At that stage, if the service is unavailable, it may ruin your overall grade. Thus, you should assure that the customer service of your selected website is available 24/7.










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