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Obama Orders USGS To Suppress Yellowstone Supervolcano Activity--Supervolcano Ready To Take Out Half Of Country (video and picture)

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by Monica Davis

USGS reports that a quake hit Yellowstone National Park Sunday. Thjis is the largest quake to hit the area since 2003. Whistleblowers say the Obama Administration has been suppressing information about the increased volcanic and earthquake activity in the calders–which could possible wipe out half fthe US.








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    • DK

      Yellowstone has been ready to blow for at least 70 years according to many, but the Mantle plume is still 11 miles down. That is quite a lot of rock, and if that still worries you, Iceland is sitting on one now and just suffers from a lot of active volcanoes. If it goe’s, there is no reason why a super caldera will all go at once, there may be many many eruptions.

    • srsly1

      oooohhh, love the 2nd video, predicting Yellowstone to erupt two days ago. I think this one may be hard to prove now.

      And for the love of god, stop with all the “whistle-blowers,” “sources,” and “informants” without stating some actual facts. There is no truth or believably in these stories, just more fear porn for the lemmings.

      • nox

        Why, of course.

        I always kickstart my day with a healthy dose of fear porn :lol:

        • Equalizer

          you and biach 1/5

    • Busta Myth

      I reckon the Project Paperclip Ameri-Nazi Mad Scientists are playing with their fancy space weapons and trying to set it off on purpose !

      That’s why there was a rush to build that big seed Bank recently

      There is WAY too many earthquakes everywhere for this to all be normal

    • amommamust

      Here is the truth about Yellowstone: Earthquake activity is a good thing. It lets pressure off. When Yellowstone STOPS being obviously active, it is time to worry.

    • Beforeitscrap

      The fact that its actually moving is something to worry about alone. We have no way of knowing when it will blow, only that it has and will again. Im just glad I don’t live in the blast radius! The East Coasters are safe, but we will get the ash fallout. Sucks for you Westerners…

      • Neanderthal

        we like excitement out here in the west just like our guns :)

      • srsly1

        sure beats hurricanes every year

      • Fr.Duffy Fighting 69th

        Better to go in the beginning than to endure the mayhem, anarchy and oppression that will surly follow. Famine, disease, violence, and death await those that survive the initial blast.

    • PeterPan

      Yah, I too hate these stories that hype fear and give no real evidence.
      Either put out the evidence or stay home.
      Look at Dupre and her stuff. That is a story that everyone should aspire to match in quality.

    • WarAngel77711

      Sin estudios ¿me amas?


      Haaaaahahaaaaa I’m gonna laugh my arse off when this things blows up. It could just be karma for those 1mil people whom died by the bloody hands of America in Iraq.

    • 4DollyMadison

      The optimist fell ten stories. At each window bar, he shouted to his friends: “All right so far!”

    • Manichee

      Here are The Updates for Yellowstone Earthquakes, :wink:

    • YellowRoseTx51

      Yes, it is going to blow. It is set to go off as we make the leap forward. In fact all of them are.
      That is the NWO payback.

      People are disbelieving of this, because of the entrainment systems of ‘education’ which lied about how things really work here. To add to that, you have the axis powers tampering with all the volcano’s as well. Their plan was to kill the human populations. It has backfired on them.

      The Allies say, the Division of the Families is about to occur. They will pull all the electric plugs world wide and then We make the leap seconds before the detonations. And the volcano’s are not the only thing expected.

      We are officially on the countdown now. Naming a date for the volcano isn’t going to work though. The reason ‘no man may know the date’ is because we are in a war and the enemy is telepathic. The elite NWO is not allowed to move. They are the only ones that will suffer the ELE.

      • srsly1

        How many tinfoil hats do you own?

    • Manichee

      Yow cum from Dudley West Midlands R Kid :lol:

    • Marika

      I’m sorry, but I still don’t see any evidence that any information about Yellowstone is being suppressed. Sources, please? Something besides the fevered imaginations of people who need attention?




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