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X22Report Kavanaugh Capable of Taking Down the Deep State Putting Them in a Full-Blown Panic! Arrests & Military Tribunals Around the Corner (Video) Robert David Steele

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Deep State Panic, Arrests & Military Tribunals Around The Corner:Robert David Steele

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    • Anonymous

      When they talk about arrests they mean little kids in Logan, Utah who doxxed Wrinkled Borin’ Orrin Hatch. Whoop-dee-doo.

    • Toby

      This is BS! Kavanaugh was involved in drafting the USA Patriot Act! Bet you didn’t know that, did you? Don’t believe me? Research it! He is a danger to the Republic!

      • Bob DD

        And he is a Bush/Clinton bot involved in cover-up of H’s dead lawyer in the DC park. I’m VERY leery of Kav, but, unfortunately, believe he must be put on the court NOW! A matter of timing, hoping at the Least, he might be a moderate. Certainly isn’t a Conservative being connected with those rogues. GOD bless America.

        • Anonymous

          “I’m VERY leery of Kav, but, unfortunately, believe he must be put on the court NOW”!

          Read this statement and ask yourself why our country is so effed up. I mean wtf???

    • Anonymous

      The ‘Deep State’ wants to keep us enslaved to the Rothschild Banking Cartel where the IRS and Federal Reserve axis funneled a large percentage of our tax dollars into the pockets of our elite. This is why the Rothschilds worked so hard to get a US central bank (they own 55% of the shares in it) into controlling our money supply. It’s been going on for about a century now. I don’t know if Trump will do anything, but right now he is our only hope. I no longer trust our Congress (Enacted the Federal Reserve Dec. 1913) or our Supreme Court(Citizens United decision Jan. 2010)

      • Kingfish Stevens

        If you want to get really upset, read about the Constitutional Act of 1871. Result of that action incorporated the US and turned us from citizens into property.

        • Mina

          Definition of a Corporation:
          An entity such as a business, municipality, or organization, that involves more than one person but that has met the legal requirements to operate as a single person, so that it may enter into contracts and engage in transactions under its own identity.

          A government constrained by our Constitution has no legal authority to operate as a person having its own identity separate and sovereign to the people who established it.

          Of course a government can always assume powers not delegated; it can pass an Act proclaiming itself to be the Creator of the Universe and operate under that assumption. But it is no longer a legitimate Constitutional government constrained to operate under powers explicitly delegated it by our Constitution with all others declared to be null and void.

      • Don - 1

        Thomas Jefferson stated that any country that lets a private bank control its money [like the Federal Reserve]…..that country is doomed.

    • Ideas Time

      The system will have hearings and then do nothing. Rod is a good example. There will always be a new distraction. It is all a con job for the foreign state who has thousands of paid corporate employees do nothing to them operatives.

      They all get a free pass, every time. What will Trump do, nothing is my guess. They are all blackmailed or they do not get in power.

      Everything is rigged for and by them to rob the sheep and keep the parasites in power. Anyone who thinks they will not rig every thing is the definition of insanity.

    • Anonymous

      It is time to arrest and prosecute the serial liars that keep promising mass arrests for years. This is just another of the same Cabal tactic made to convince you that a “Messiah” is coming to save you. Just sit back and wait. they say.

    • diane

      second opportunity you have to allow my comment on. hope you will this time.

      It simply is not the possible assault. what it is is Kavanaugh lying to three different Senators, in two different hearings. One was in 2006, to receive his Court of Appeals position, and for the Supreme Court position. He lied to Ted Kennedy, Senator Leahy, and Senator Hatch.

      Now he also received and used stolen documents belonging to the Democratic Party, in Senator Leahy’s possession. These documents were the game plan for the democrats to add their potential judges to the courts in our country. Now Kavanagh knew this was stolen documents. Taken by a follow republican named Mr. Miranda, and given to Kavanaugh. Then used by Kavanagh. Talk about the swamp, both these fella’s Trump and Kavanagh are the swamp Good luck America.

    • Ideas Time

      It is a joke to think they will take r there own down.

    • chin1161

      dave of x22 report is a shill,1683 episodes and still saying the same ole shi$, economic collapse on the way,blah,blah,blah,always do the opposite of what he is bloviating,guarantee to make money,absolute moron


      What a joke, tribunals, they will all get cushy jobs and golden parachutes, they protect their own, never happen the leaders do not have the balls to do it. It would reduce respect for the government if they were found guilty and punished, Club med for everyone of them.

    • raburgeson

      Read the headline, notice nothing has happened. Didn’t waste my time watching.




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