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Smoking Gun 2021 - The Year of the Collapse -- Lynette Zang (Video)

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by N.Morgan 

We are all aware of the crimes of the “too big to fail” international banks, including the rigging of LIBOR rates,  which dwarfs even the magnitude of their precious metals markets manipulation.

These manipulations have gotten so atrocious that the banks are attempting to ditch LIBOR altogether by 2021.

According to Bloomberg, “The 50-year-old global borrowing benchmark that became a byword for corruption,  is headed for the trash heap of history.”

In this installment of the SGTreport Lynette Zang discusses what this will mean for the more than $350 trillion in securities which LIBOR underpinned, is nothing short of a calamity: a total collapse.

The clock has been ticking since long before the 2008 crisis, and Lynette believes the global debt bomb will finally detonate in 2021.


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    • CUB4DK

      “Smoking Gun 2021 – The Year Of the Collapse”… people are slowly Waking up to the Fact that it takes ” corrupt Money” to run all these Wars. What organizations are financing all of this???…We already know, and the numbers of others “in the Know” are growing
      significantly…I believe that the Collapse will be much sooner! :grin:

      • CUB4DK

        OFF TOPIC…too bad the Bible wasn’t written from an All Female Perspective…I think that all the Stories would have been Realistic at the very Least. For Instance,…The POOR Wife of Abraham would have talked about how her Satanic Husband was Mentally on the Edge of Insanity! :lol:

        …and from a Women’s Perspective… We are All the Daughters and Sons of GOD-DESS!! :lol:

        Cheers, Uncle Hexy :grin:

        • raisnbran

          you must of finally sobered up!! your making sense for once!

          • The Real Deal

            Ol’ Rexy just rambles. Makes one wonder how any of his patients put up with him. Can you imagine having this guy as your dentist? :wink:

            • CUB4DK

              REAL DEAL…they just Love Me…they just keep on coming back for more treatment :lol:

            • Sean


              Cube is not nicknamed:

              “Doctor Pain” for nothing.

              I’m more interested in the Anti-Christ battle between.

              The Ferrett vs The King of Excrement.

              Looks like it may be leaning towards The Ferrett in the latest Anti-Christ Battle.

              Netanyahu sets off to Russia after Israel strikes Syrian army positions :eek:

              Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has traveled to Russia for talks with President Vladimir Putin after the Tel Aviv regime hit military positions in Syria, which enjoys Moscow’s support.

            • The Real Deal

              LOL Hexy. I bet you keep them entertained, that’s for sure.

        • kletus_ledbetter

          You are a prime reason for the fact that women should be seen and not heard.

    • Man

      wasn’t 2012 the end of the world?

      • Rad

        This is the first time I’ve ever agreed with one of your comments Woman.

    • Bob DD

      Article NO GOLD in U.S. vaults? Many allegations the Bushies got the gold out of World Trade Center buildings via underground cellar tunnel roadways before it was bombed. Get it back. Put the handcuffs on Daddy. Trump could do and Executive Order offering multi-million dollar rewards to whistleblowers for squealing on the thieves? GET THE GOLD BACK. Start with the Bushies. You know those red-white-blue American as apple pie traitors? The guys who duped me into voting for them 3 times. Never again.

      • Anonymous

        You voted for the Bush’s THREE times? WTF is the matter with you??? :smile:

      • Rad

        That gold was gone long before the Bushes strutted their vaginas into DC.

      • CUB4DK

        But LOOK at what YOUR GOVERNMENT has Done,… all the WARS and Destruction!…Your GOLD is Gone!…and YOUR GOVERNMENT,
        will have to PAY BACK for Damages… Sorry, looks like your Gold is gone for good.

    • Zabwe`

      Find Extinct Volcano—-Atoll—–
      Install Thermal Pressure Release Valve——
      Position Turbine—–
      Assemble Intelligent Accommodation for Indigenous people——Bulldoze the Georgia Guide stones and question the masons – sanity – reasoning and logic—————–

      Tools required————-Drill————-

    • raisnbran

      your sober now?

    • Pink Slime

      Hello Angle#3,

      Charlie here. It started in 1913 with the creation of the Feral Reserve, the phony income tax ripoff, and the illegal IRS. Phony printing service and collection agency of the communist Democraps. All are designed to ENSLAVE you and enlarge their bureaucracy.

      America is a hybrid of communism and capitalism and that is why the system will crash. The stuff that started in 1913 was the crumbles. If you look at history it often takes decades and even hundreds of years for a kingdom to fall.

      Someone pinned it at around 240 to 250 years average. America is at that limit. I think I calculated we have about 7 years left. We have many pundits expounding what this lady is saying. But nobody will do nothing about it because they can still buy and sell, you know. Travel freely, buy doughnuts, etc. :lol: :lol:

      The IRS was a clever achievement. It was to take the heat off Congo’gress when they raise taxes and I can’t believe you plebes fell for it. Congo,’gress, as pointed out in the Constitution by PH, had the DIRECT responsibility to collect taxes.

      Nixon was also one of the dirtiest and most destructive President in history when he took our money off the gold standard allowing it to freewheel with no governor. Naturally, the printing of the gold-free money wiould exceed its grasp.


      Charlie (wanting to make the doughnut the new gold standard. What do you think?) :lol: :lol:

      • CUB4DK

        PINKY…I love your Anagram…but someone should have pinned it at the 240 years average… :lol: :lol:

    • Cerebral prolapse

      september 23, 2023

    • Anonymous

      Zang is more or less right. The bankers are getting themselves prepared for financial collapse by The close of 2021. But it is the threat of a cosmic collision circa the close of 2022 that is driving their timeline, and that collision will throw the Earth back into an Ice Age by the close of 2026 or before:
      The First Of The B Swarm’s Five Main Clusters Approaches
      The ET aliens have dislodges a Kuiper Belt Object and it is headed for our inner solar system. We call this body Comet K2. It will pass perihelion at a distance of Mars in Dec. 2022. But at nominally the same time, a swarm Of Red comets (predicted in Revalation 12, will pass thru our inner solar system and giant meteorites Wormwood (and Warmwood) will hit Earth causing an Ice Age. The precise time is not known, but it is around 2023 +/- 1 year. This impact will cause th collapse of the financial system somewhat befor or after this event.




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