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Astonishing Health Benefits of Colloidal Silver

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There are so many Colloidal Silver uses. In fact, people have used it with such success on so many unrelated uses, that many have dismissed Colloidal Silver as a … scam. But if you read some of the user comments about Colloidal Silver in forums, you could easily come to the point of view that this is not the case. These are people genuinely posting their results, and they’re often excited as they share something that worked where other things didn’t. Most importantly, they write with conviction.

Colloidal silver uses have a history of hundreds of years. It is believed by the researchers working in this field that Colloidal Silver uses may be taken in different ways for specific purposes.

There are NO known side affects to taking colloidal silver when following the suggested manufacturers use.


Colloidal Silver Medical Uses


Common cold.

At the first signs of symptoms from this viral infection – Itchy feeling in the back of the mouth, sneezing, etc., spray the back of the mouth and under the tongue every 2 hours if possible. Alternatively, gargle with approximately one teaspoon -5 ml Colloidal Silver 5-6 times a day and swallow. Large amounts of Vitamin C (2-4 grams) are often recommended. Drink plenty of pure water.

Intestinal problems

Because Colloidal Silver is quickly absorbed when taken normally as in a maintenance dose, it does not reach the large intestine. A different approach is therefore necessary.Irritable Bowel, Diverticulitis, Food Poisoning, Flu, conditions leading to diarrhoea where the offending pathogen is in the gut:A single, one-off, 7 oz. dose mixed with 1 quartl of pure chlorine-free water taken first thing in the morning on an empty stomach and bladder followed by liying down for 20 minutes, should give fast relief from the worst symptoms. Because intestinal flora balance may be affected, it is usually recommended to replenish by taking live culture yoghurt or similar products. Drinking plenty of pure water is important.

Intestinal Worms – Internal Parasites

Taking Colloidal Silver regularly can act as a preventative measure. The small parasitic worms lay eggs to reproduce. In this state, they are vulnerable to the effects of Colloidal Silver, essentially preventing the eggs from hatching.

Bladder infections and Urinary tract

Many favourable reports suggest Colloidal Silver taken as for “general internal cleansing” to be successful especially for bladder infections cystitis and urinary tract problems. For serious infections, 7 oz. taken as detailed under “Irritable Bowel” section above, may be used.

External applications

Cuts, Grazes, Burns, Dandruff, Itchy Scalp, Skin conditions like Psoriasis and Eczema benefit from frequent application. Colloidal Silver does not sting and has powerful antiseptic, disinfectant and germicidal properties. It has also been shown to promote wound healing.

Athlete’s foot fungal infection.

After washing and thoroughly drying the foot:Spray the affected area, leave 5 minutes and dry gently.Alternatively, a small wad of cotton wool can be soaked in colloidal silver and placed in between the toes for a few minutes if this is the only affected area. A small amount may be sprayed inside the shoes.

Eye Infections.

Mild Eye infections like “Pink Eye” are reputed to respond well to Colloidal Silver. A few drops applied at night and in the morning have been shown to quickly clear up the problem.

Yeast Infections generally respond well to Colloidal Silver.  In the last few years, Candida has received much attention and is thought to sometimes be the precursor to Irritable Bowel Syndrome, M.E., T.A.T. (Tired All the Time Syndrome) and some infections.Candidaisis (Candida) caused by a proliferation of a yeast Candida Albicans, is a serious condition often resulting in many different symtoms and problems. Colloidal Silver has been used successfully as part of the strict dietry and herbal regimen used by Natural Therapists.

Silver is a Heavy Metal, or is it?

loving brothers

Science has yet to define ‘heavy metal’ completely; it is a term used quite frequently when referring to harmful metals that do not belong in the human body. Heavy Metals like cyanide and arsenic and others are often associated with the term ‘heavy metal’ correctly. Silver is a transitional or sometimes referred to as a noble metal.

Colloidal Silver Summary

Humans have been using colloidal silver for somewhere between 2 and 3 THOUSAND years. There has not been even one reported death using colloidal silver in all of that time. Before antibiotics arrived, colloidal silver was the “standard treatment” for all pathogenic diseases.

The technology to manufacture colloidal silver safely has given birth to a whole new era of disease prevention and mitigation. Colloidal silver is safe. There is no evidence that colloidal silver can harm or kill humans and there is much scientific evidence that colloidal silver is absolutely fatal to pathogens.

NutraSilver® has been tested for toxicity in several national and internationally recognized independent laboratories. The results are always the same: NutraSilver® has ZERO toxicity.

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    • Anonymous


      Using colloidal silver for a yeast infection will make it many times worse, leading to incredibly severe repercussions including possible infertility and death.

      Suggesting this compound be used for diverticulitis is irresponsible and idiotic. I guarantee that if you have such a condition and attempt this method, one of two things will happen. 1) The pain will become so unbearably intense that you will finally seek proper treatment. 2) You will die.

      I’m watching you closely Danser. You don’t actually make the claim that this will cure such a disease and you people reading this should take note. As soon as he does, he’s going to be reported to the FDA and face hard prison time. It’s all in the wording folks.

      • Danser

        Suggesting colloidal silver kills people is stupid and irresponsible; where is your proof? You suggest using cs for yeast infections can cause death, again, no proof.

        You are anonymous because you lack integrity and hide behind “no name” and you can not even write your own articles; you linger in the background and threaten.

        BTW, Colloidal silver is a colloid, not a compound. When you have something people want to hear, why not step up like a man and take credit for what you say, coward….. :razz:

      • John

        Actually YOU are WRONG.

        Colloidal silver works great. I have no problem saying the “cure” word. I’ve used it for athletes foot, flu, colds, cuts, food poisoning, and as a hand sterilizer during flu season.

        I used Advanced Silver for candida … it worked. May have saved my life is what I remember thinking.

        People who say colloidal silver is quackery have never used it. Or they sell patented antibiotics for a living, and that won’t last since the bacteria are becoming resistant to antibiotics.

      • adamb77

        My family has been using micro colloidal silver for many years per our doctor recommendation, and actually had great results with it, for treating yeast infection, flu, cold and strep throat…no issues at all. much much better than taking antibiotics, this is what we are using

        :grin: This is a great article btw

    • smee

      I have just recently started using colloidial silver and all i can say about it is i wish id have known about it years ago! So far i have got back some of my lost hearing range, cured athletes foot, reduce swollen bites on my leg from constantly working in the ocean (scuba instructor), and generally feel much better. Mr annonymouse is obviously one of those payrolees for the FDA to spread disinformation, obviously never tried anything other than whats shown on TV and probably believes that the reason marijuana is illegal is because it was created by the devil!,
      To the more self educated, open minded people out there i highly reccommend it for many many things… Or you can go take your flu shots and vaccines and antibiotics until your moneys all gone, youre dying from poisoning and starting to rattle as you walk… Id prefer the natural way to look after myself and trust what my body is telling me to do. Good luck to the awakening

      • Danser

        Thanks for sharing your experiences with us! :smile:

    • Silver Living Tech

      This article is by far one of the best ones we have seen online about colloidal silver. It does not make the claim that colloidal silver works on 650 different illnesses or organisms, it does not claim to be a cure-it-all natural medicine either.
      I would like to add to it by talking about what colloidal silver is and what is not. From reading the responses it is obvious that there is a lot of confusion as to whether colloidal silver works or not. Let’s first think about what it is. 1. it is a colloid of the metal Ag, commonly known as silver.
      2. a silver colloid is nano in size, but not all nano in size silver solutions are colloidal.
      3. Colloidal silver nano particles have an electric charge if they are made using an electrolytic method or similar method which charges the nano particles of silver, making them cat ions or +ions.
      4. There are many manufacturers of colloidal silver but only a handful actually make colloidal silver, all others make either a silver suspension which behaves like a molecular suspension (its not good :cry: ) or they make their nano particles too large and cause Argyria.
      If you think this is useful, visit :arrow: Silver Living Tech’s website for more information about it.

      One last thing for all those who say colloidal silver does not work, it does, in the pharmaceutical industry they call it nano silver, nano particles of silver, or Ag NP, etc. :idea:

    • JJDUB

      The first comment from Anon is absurd! It seems many are confused as to the benefits of Colloidal Silver and that the ‘mainstream’ medical industrial complex would have none other than a dis-interest from a confused ‘customer base’. That being stated, I’m all about a holistic and natural path! I’ve used this product for many, many years to great advantage. (Don’t forget the 200 plus years of Orthoiodosupplementation that was ‘Con’veneiently swept under the rug.) And, next to my Lugol’s 5% Iodine, my Micronized Colloidal Silver is right up there in the top 20 favs… :idea: these are five that have become a staple as well –




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