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How Alkaline Foods Help Prevent Cancer

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Alkaline Foods

Alkaline Foods Starve Cancer Cells

It is a known fact that cancer cells survive in an atmosphere of less oxygen. As such, excess of oxygen causes their degeneration and death, hopefully leading to the disappearance of cancer. This is exactly where alkaline foods make their entry because it has been found that alkaline cells (i.e. cells with a high pH) have more oxygen retention and carrying capacity than any normal or acidic cells. When such an alkaline state is reached in an area in the exact neighborhood of cancerous malignant cells, it’s believed that it becomes impossible for those cells to survive. The reason is the excess oxygen that these cells are carrying supposedly leads to the destruction of the cancerous cells.  Therefore, it is extremely important that we consume alkaline foods and hence prevent our body from becoming acidic and acting as a magnet for diseases.

Examples Of Alkaline Foods

For the most part fresh fruits, green vegetables, berries, nuts, and fresh dairy products are the best alkaline foods.

The highest ranked alkaline foods are lemons and watermelons. Next in alkalinity are celery, limes, dates, mango, figs, papaya, grapes, pears, asparagus, raisins, seaweed and vegetable juices. These foods are actually alkaline forming. By alkaline forming, we mean that when these foods are tested they will show up as acidic, but on digestion, the end product that is left is actually alkaline and helps increase the level of alkalinity of the body.

Foods that moderately alkaline would be apples, avocado pears, alfalfa, fresh green vegetables (like cabbages, broccoli and sprouts), turnips, all kinds of berries and more. Many moderately alkali foods are snacks that can be eaten throughout the day, and which should reduce the possibility of cancer to quite an extent. These fruits can be eaten at any time and with any meal to keep up your body’s alkaline levels.

The foods that are least alkaline, which are not bad for you but do not help your alkaline ratio much either, are almonds, brussels sprouts, coconut, onions, radishes, nuts, whey, mayonnaise, soy products and yeast.  These foods will make little or no difference to your alkali ratio if eaten. If you’re attempting a cancer treatment, in order to get the best effects, you would have to intake the highly alkaline foods on a regular basis to really keep your body alkalized.

Alkaline Foods Strengthens Immunity And Prevents Cancer

It is always best to alkalize the body in a natural manner, and this is the reason you should intake lots of alkaline foods while attempting to prevent cancer. In fact, maintaining alkalinity in the body is presumed to help in strengthening the immune system. If our immune system is healthy, then we should have no fear of cancer; after all, cancer is just a by-product of a beaten-down immune system.

Simple Tips To Build-up Alkalinity

Here are some simple strategies that may help to gradually balance your pH level:

  • Soymilk or almond milk instead of dairy products
  • Elimination of red meat and reduction of any chicken or turkey
  • Elimination of soft drinks, soda, coffee – alkaline water and alkaline green drinks instead
  • Whole-wheat products instead of anything containing white flour
  • Big salads as a whole meal as often as possible, including tomatoes, zucchini, squash, cucumbers, almonds, avocados with pumpkin, sunflower, or sesame seeds
  • No processed, ready-made or fast food at all

Not only will your body be healthier, but also, you should actually feel healthier and more energetic. So start a diet today of alkaline foods, prevent cancer and stay healthy forever!


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    • Anonymous

      Nothing infuriates me more than some disgusting, filthy, greedy pig trying to make money off of people’s hopes and lack of knowledge. The body’s pH is naturally alkaline at 7.35-7.45. Any deviation outside this margin leads to catastrophic consequences. An acidic human body (pH7.0 or less) would be long, long dead before reaching that point. Food intake does absolutely nothing to affect this. You can literally drink battery acid and see absolutely no change in blood pH whatsoever.

      This huckster trying to make a buck off you is not much different from a car mechanic that fixes what ain’t broken and charges you until you’re dry. Don’t fall for this. You can pick up used physiology textbooks on for a couple bucks. Please, educate yourselves.

      • Anonymouse

        “The body’s pH is naturally alkaline at 7.35-7.45″ Wrong
        It’s the blood that needs to be between 7.35-7.45 acidity.
        Our system will take alkaline resources from other parts of the body to keep the BLOOD at the 7.35-7.45 acidity level. One of the main functions of the kidneys and lungs is to balance out the bloods acidity level.
        Most virus, bacteria, and fungi cannot survive in an environment with an acidity level of 6.5 and above.
        When looking at a food acidity/alkaline chart almost all of the food eaten in a western diet fits very much in the acidity column.
        There are plenty of sites that will give lots of info on this subject. Anony’s comment about educating yourselves is great but he/she needs to do this too.




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