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Oh Yes! Dems Nightmare!! Pelosi, Schumer Won't Sleep Well After New York Times Sent This to Cỏngess!! - Great Video!

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Published on May 7, 2019



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ZNEOPEC2 hours ago

Dump them All on Nancy’s sanctuary doorstep.

iBiana Doubt

iBiana Doubt2 hours ago

I am patiently anticipating dozens upon dozens of Deep-State Elitists participating in an Olde-Tyme Dance-Party… On the end of a rope. Look Honey, I Shrunk the government !!

dennis frey

dennis frey2 hours ago

for all the people who voted for a democratic house you are contriging to the demise of this country are you happy now?


DONALD 20202 hours ago

Democrats don’t care if they destroy the United States as long as they can complete their obsession of destroying the Trump presidency! They’ve got to go!

warrior for truth

warrior for truth2 hours ago

Can somebody pinch me. NYT!!! IS IT TRUE????

Lori Whaley

Lori Whaley2 hours ago

We can’t continue to find this invasion! There are too many lazy Americans not working! There’s too many politicians stealing from our SS! Pay it back- plus interest!!! #buildthewall #draintheswamp

sptan 52

sptan 522 hours ago

Only God knows, where would our country be. Had that witch Ben elected. God saved America. Trump 2020

JoJo C

JoJo C2 hours ago

What does that say for our country that a failing New York Times has to agree with the president before anyone starts to listen that’s how disgustingly stupid the Democratic party has become


BLACK05GO12 hours ago

Democrats have been putting Illegals in U.S. hotels, paying them, and providing everything they need in health care, etc. WE DON’T EVEN DO THAT FOR OUR OWN CITIZENS.

Christy Vargas

Christy Vargas2 hours ago

Well that’s the thing…. NYT is failing. They just flip flopping to save themselves. No moral merit.

Noo Day

Noo Day2 hours ago


Jack Worster

Jack Worster2 hours ago

Does this mean that hell just froze over

Martin Armendariz _ Staff - RegionalMaint

Martin Armendariz _ Staff – RegionalMaint2 hours ago (edited)

For all the sanctuary cities and the dems that said there was not a problem…here you are..take some to your house….


cbes24072 hours ago

It’s about time their being exposed. Shame them if they can

frank frankerson

frank frankerson2 hours ago

Dem media is losing tons of cash on net platforms, they have to make it up somewhere. I love how they have all this money to give away but they wont have my ss money

Sa Ard Fetner

Sa Ard Fetner1 hour ago


dale carpenter

dale carpenter2 hours ago

Demonturds only wanted to lie about doing something about the border all the while financing the anti American migration !

Rebecca DeMuth

Rebecca DeMuth2 hours ago (edited)

Thank you for making the point about Ellis inland. If someone was sick they were sent back .

P. Hamilton

P. Hamilton1 hour ago

Dems will never feel fulfilled until most Americans are eating from Dumpsters….and pooping on the streets of every city.

jamie wood

jamie wood2 hours ago

obama try to over run the usa

Wolf Jumper

Wolf Jumper2 hours ago

☠️🇺🇸☠️ Demo’s are Terrioust 2 USA Citizens ☠️🇺🇸☠️.

Please Do Tell

Please Do Tell2 hours ago

My family came here legally over 200 years ago, before Ellis island existed. I have three family members that fought in the Civil War for the North

Neoma Henry

Neoma Henry2 hours ago

Democrats not fit to run anything!!!

dale carpenter

dale carpenter2 hours ago

The demonturd isn’t delusional they are lying !!

Michael Annalora

Michael Annalora1 hour ago

Sorry, Congress is busy keeping the coup alive.

Daniel Toural

Daniel Toural2 hours ago

“Arresting” is a gross understatement. We are “welcoming” them into our Country, with a short wait for some paperwork. Believe me, they walked this far, a two week wait is nothing to them.

Simpson Everton

Simpson Everton2 hours ago (edited)

Just call her Al! So much easier than Alexandria ox………………….. or any 4 or 5 letter word will do 👍👍


kahlesstiberius2 hours ago

Dems doomed!

Susan Kelley

Susan Kelley2 hours ago

I strongly. Feel. President. Trump. Could. Run. America. Alone😃😃😃😃. Congress. Fbl. Cia. Demos. Just. Get. In. His. Way. From. M. A. G. A. !!!! Think. About. It. All. That wasted. Money. Wasted. Time. I’m. Partial. I realize. But. I. Know. Greatness. When. I. See it. King. Trump. Rules.

dale carpenter

dale carpenter2 hours ago

How about raising the military pensions that are base on 50′s economy !!!

Walter Prieto

Walter Prieto1 hour ago

The real problem is not if we have a wall or not ! I think the wall is definitely necessary but until we have the immigration laws change the problem is gonna continue . This invasion is been planned long ago by the globalists and the Dems furthering their agenda of the destruction of America !

Rea Ality

Rea Ality2 hours ago (edited)

It doesn’t matter to me if information from the NYT is good or bad, I don’t trust them! I feel the same way about the Washington Post, CNN, NBC, ABC, CBS, or any other media reporting on President Trump differently than President Obama.

dale carpenter

dale carpenter2 hours ago

I want to see all the demonturds taxes including their windfall profits from insider trading information that they were given by the vatican one world bankster privatly owned federal reserve bank ( not illegal for them but the same thing martha stuart was jailed for ) ! And were those federal reserve bribes claimed on the demoncraps taxes !

Dan McFarland

Dan McFarland1 hour ago (edited)

If California fell into the ocean it could take Pelosi, Pencil Neck Shiff, Maxine Waters, Ted Lieu, Eric SwallowsWell, Kamala Harris etc. with it!

Noo Day

Noo Day2 hours ago

Trump gets 5⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐✔🇺🇸😃

Michelle Miller

Michelle Miller2 hours ago

Stop them get them ALL OUT NOW ! Let pelosi support these maggots ! We are Americans not George Sorros slaves let him support these maggots and pay to deport every last one kids and all get the hell out of here !

Debi Kierstead

Debi Kierstead2 hours ago

Build the WALL!!!

Noo Day

Noo Day2 hours ago

They will end up in Los Angeles in the Mc Artur Park Area and get FAKE Green Cards.

Donald Williams

Donald Williams1 hour ago

Any positive response is more than welcome.

griff Hall

griff Hall1 hour ago

10:53 butchers A.O.C NAME LMAO I HATE HER TO BUDDY🤣🤣🤣

DeathBot Gamma

DeathBot Gamma1 hour ago

NY Times article says give home the money but “not for the Wall.” It’s for emergency funding to help the border patrol.

Leonard Billy

Leonard Billy1 hour ago

Quit giving handouts smartones.

IMAcrapFace2 -

IMAcrapFace2 -11 minutes ago

I like your content but Stop making titles for your vids.. they’re too long & read like a 5yr old wrote them🤦‍♂️

Blue Mooney

Blue Mooney1 hour ago

Its about time that one of the news outlet are telling the truth!! Where the HELL WERE YOU NYT FOR THE LAST 2 YEARS???

Sandi Thomas

Sandi Thomas1 hour ago


oz man

oz man1 hour ago

Is Nancy sober yet ??? I’ve been asking for almost 90 years.


rioclaro21 hour ago

Many of us saw this coming and were attacked by the corrupt


MARTY COLLIER48 minutes ago

We should send half of Congress South of the border with them!

Don Adamson

Don Adamson2 hours ago

Too little too fn late. They all should be ashamed at all the terrible tragedies they have ignored just to pass along the sick twisted Democrat agenda. They dont deserve to be called journalists.


TryingtoKnow55 minutes ago

Hypocrisy of Democrat presidential hopeful. Someone needs to call her out! Link to full article at bottom 4) She has experience prosecuting human trafficking — and is sharply critical of the war on drugs A major priority for Harris during her tenure as AG was prosecuting transnational gangs known for trafficking drugs, firearms, and humans. Her office also led a groundbreaking study on the impacts of transnational criminal organizations and human trafficking in California. She’s channeled that experience in her criticisms of the Trump administration recently. At the 2017 Ideas Conference in May, hosted by the liberal think tank Center for American Progress — an event widely seen as a proving ground for potential Democratic presidential candidates — Harris gave a speechwhere she called out the Trump administration and Attorney General Jeff Sessions on their trafficking and drug policies. “Let me tell you what California needs, Jeff Sessions,” she said, eliciting applause from the crowd. “We need support in dealing with transnational criminal organizations and dealing with human trafficking — not in going after grandma’s medicinal marijuana.”

m s

m s1 hour ago

send them to Pelosi house.

Dean Guando

Dean Guando41 minutes ago

The NYT has no choice but to come clean. Their best bet is to plead leniency when the shtf. Patriots of this country and constitution are fed up. The common sense plain truth is right i/f/o us. Those who are not on the right side of all that is happening in this country – won’t survive.

Jeff Hensley

Jeff Hensley34 minutes ago (edited)

It takes democrats a little bit to open thier eyes. Even the California’s Democrat in their own backyard. BUILD THE FREAKING WALL!!!!

Brittany Foster

Brittany Foster1 hour ago

Or they can give it up and do something really progressive like the border

Tricia Stout

Tricia Stout2 hours ago

The illegal invasion is a real model of Socialism people. Our tax dollars supporting those who are unable and or unwilling to pay their way.

Charles Mason

Charles Mason37 minutes ago

Nancy fix immigration before you do anything else , its past due or we will drop off at you’re mansion wall.

annie hernandez

annie hernandez13 minutes ago

Us that live in South Texas know there’s a crisis!

Heather G

Heather G1 hour ago

Congress seems to think they’re above the President of the United States! His tax returns is none of their business or anybody else’s business. Congress needs to start doing what is best for the American people not what’s best for them!!!

Dan Meyers

Dan Meyers1 hour ago

Now msmbc and cnn will say the times are lying to help Trump. How will they spin this story?

louann williams

louann williams52 minutes ago

Obamas world destruction of America.useing those who will for free living.The democrates have destroyed themselfs . Mentally unstable.

Norma Cortes

Norma Cortes1 hour ago

To New York Times happy your eyes are opened.

Nan Kidd

Nan Kidd1 hour ago

Wow that bob got commonsense.

Nick Kastsaridis

Nick Kastsaridis2 hours ago

G I guess I could go and reissue my prescription to that rag drag newspaper what happened to the CEO died and fresh Blood come in or is someone finally said the hell with it and change someone’s tampon well either or thank you for having and doing the correct thing

cindy hilley

cindy hilley2 hours ago

Face it left about socialism/communism. Nothing in house can go to senate. Nancy stopped our government. Why do justice democrats want to destroy America? Maybe they’re fighting for globalist? Nancy raised by mob boss. Nancy will be taken down by freedom. Nancy incited civil war violence to save herself. Nancy took bribes Mexican cartel came out in el Chapo hearing. Adam Schiff also profited in millions

Jim LaGuardia

Jim LaGuardia9 minutes ago

This is an invasion. Fight back!

Noo Day

Noo Day2 hours ago

M A G A MAGA 😃 M A G A MAGA 😃 🇺🇸✔

Dona Herndon

Dona Herndon1 hour ago

This is an invasion and the people coming in, hate Americans. Stop spending our money on them. Americans need help.

Dorothy Thomas

Dorothy Thomas1 hour ago

California wants to be a part of Mexico.

Brendan Berry

Brendan Berry1 hour ago

Put them back over the border… not here in America. My taxes are already To High!!! I dont pay for this! When will we demand this stops!!!

John Devon

John Devon36 minutes ago

Build the wall, deport all illegal crossings immediately. Dems are destroying America.


rioclaro21 hour ago (edited)

ABOUT TIME! The NYT owes it to the USA especially after the devastation that they caused by their corrupted reporter (Duranty)was sent there and denied the genocidal starvation and murder of the farmers of the Ukraine (Holodomor)….Duranty was awarded and held up as an exemplary reporter as late as the 1980′s. (1932-1933) were the years this occurred.

Scott Wooldridge

Scott Wooldridge1 hour ago

Dems: Not accepting illegal immigrants is racist. Trump: We are going to bus illegal immigrants to sanctuary cities. Dems: Sending illegals to sanctuary cities is dangerous and racist.


ak420haze1 hour ago

Not wrong sir, LYING.

Noo Day

Noo Day2 hours ago (edited)

🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸Trump is🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸2020🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸😃✔


Jeff [email protected]18 minutes ago

Why around December we seen our military going to the Border what happened to him they just went home for lunch something never came back why aren’t they still there and helping the border patrol stop this s*** there’s something really wrong with our government man this is just bull s***

Gabrielle R

Gabrielle R1 hour ago


Noo Day

Noo Day2 hours ago

Go Trump 😃

Sheila Morin

Sheila Morin1 hour ago (edited)

So the NYT has control over congress? in charge of the NYT carlos slim the richest man in yup Mexico i bet nancy Pelosi knows him…..may be nancy Pelosi needs to be questioned by congress yup

Dwight Crumpler

Dwight Crumpler33 minutes ago

Oh now the New York Times want to print a little truth. Screw the new York times.we the people want forget all the fake news you reported on our president .. hope you go down in flames.


mrBDeye1 hour ago

There is a crisis at the border. Fake news and Democrats are denying this.






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      You are being ruled be old ladies and fatherless morons. Chuckie Boy and Pssylousy. Maybe, Murky, and Macroni. The 3 Stooges of Europe.

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