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9/23/2015 Urgent! Help! 2016-2025 Let's Make This Go Viral...

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In response to the massive love and support that I received from releasing #JADEHELM: This Could Get Me Killed! (Confessions Of A Veteran), I’ve decided to release part III of the video series. After releasing the prior two videos mentioned in the article above many people started asking me “Where is this all going?”.

Honestly? I don’t have the answer to that. What I do know is that there are clues all around us as to what the future holds. Some decide to purely speculate while others research a little bit, like myself and many other independent media personalities. The answer really lies within your ability to research what is being presented to you. My personal research and military service has lead me to some dark realities that are easy to see coming upon America… I’m confident that after you hear me speak, you’ll understand things a little bit differently from what the media shoves down our throats everyday. 

The following information contained in this video is extremely easy for you to research now. It has always been extremely easy for anyone to research.So why hasn’t it been released before? If that’s what you’re asking, that’s a fair question. One word… Terminology.In the event that you don’t know what terminology to look for, it will become increasingly hard to find what you’re looking for. An interesting catch 22… So happens to be the case with the 1996 Army After Next document that I release in Part I.

By not knowing what to look for many people looked over this document for almost 20 years. My job in the military allowed me to recall some of the terminology that was used on the post I was stationed at during the time of 9/11. Recalling that knowledge set me out on a mission to recover proof of what I lived in the military, hence the 1996 AAN document.

Don’t watch the following material with a heavy heart. Watch the following material with an open mind and clear eyes. Watch this with a heart bent on preparation, understanding, and courage. The information I cover will be very vast and will seem like it’s not going to converge…I ASSURE you… It will. It just takes a while to get from point A to point B when you’re dealing with raw information. 

This video is worth every single bit of the 2 hours it took me to record it. I can promise you that! You WILL NOT find all of the content on my Army After Next Series on ANY OTHER YOUTUBE CHANNEL. At least not yet. All I ask is that you show the video and this article love to help a veteran get his truth out… Thank you for supporting me and I respect everyone that’s been generous and patient. May God look over you and protect you. ~Sincere 

Check Out My Website! 

Honestly? The Best Club I’ve Ever Joined… 

I STRONGLY Recommend Watching Army After Next Parts I and II
Watch Both Here: Army After Next (Part I-II)

Army After Next (A Veteran’s Confessions) Part III: 


After Jade Helm 2015. Army After Next. 2016 – 2028 (COMPLETE SERIES)




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      Thank you for viewing. As long as the comments stay respectable I’ll leave this section open. Let’s try to be decent please. Thank you. ~Sincere

      • yeahsurexxx

        why? afraid of the truth?


          Why would I be afraid of truth? That’s what I’m here for… I have a distaste for senseless disrespect. Seems to happen on here quite a bit. If they’ve given me the option to tune out disrespectful people who aren’t here for the right reasons, I believe I’m well within my rights to select that option. Thanx for the question. Hope that provides some clarity.

      • An Observer

        Any BIN “journalist” that doesn’t leave the comments open, to me automatically flags their story as a joke.

        If you believe what you say, then no matter what people say in the comments, they should stay there so that people can voice disagreements, present their own evidence, or share why they may or may not agree.

        Disabling comments, to me, means that you do not trust what you write, or do not want people poking holes in your story.

        Just my opinion. But its true. When I see comments disabled, I don’t even read the story, because I know that “journalist” is afraid of being called out.

        • DefaOmega


          The Author originally had a comment here that had “n*****” in it, but now it’s gone. Have the self-censored or was it deleted by BiN?

          Good Luck.


            Actually I didn’t censor it… I censored the word the same exact way you have and now the whole comment is gone! I have the email of my comment in my inbox tho… smh.

            Since my comment was deleted I’ll paraphrase… I’ve been called out of my name on this site and I don’t appreciate it. That is the ONLY reason I would disable the comments section. NO ONE should have to be attacked for there color, race, or religion. I LOVE conversation… REAL CONVERSATION… Not trolling and irrelevant comments that have NOTHING to do with the article…

            For “An Observer”… Read my response right above yours… Your “feelings” aren’t my first priority to get you to read or listen. If you don’t understand my “why” then I can’t help that… Hope you’ve enjoyed the information presented. Have an excellent day.

    • Guntherian

      hey wait a minnit, that lil dodgy guy,in the picture aboe,,, thats pindar…. xD omw this is going to be fun!
      tell the children to close they eyes, the wummin to close they legs, and the men to put up they fists, cause something rad is a coming

    • The Clucker


    • drdeb

      You printed some interesting info. My suggestion: Provide an overview introduction of each point -4 or so sentences for each point you intend to discuss. Do the same at the conclusion-4 sentences for each point you presented.

      A good investigative reporter does not editorialize. I suggest you allow your viewers to form their own opinions.

      This story, in contrast to your others ones I viewed, presented some new information to me and it was coherent. I thank you for that. That does not mean I agree with all you stated. That is okay and I am grateful that freedom of speech has not been totally destroyed.

      To those who offer you no praise for what you are attempting to do, until they produce information, they have no right to say a thing.

      Thanks Again,


        Thanx for reading Deb. I appreciate your response. I also think doing a brief summary is a must. I am actually working on it now. #Respect

    • SumBodyLyd2U

      So who is that little guy? Just tryn to learn.


        No prob… That’s Hassanal Bolkiah. The Sultan of Brunei… The Fourth Wealthiest man in the world…

        • SumBodyLyd2U

          Sounds like a whole lot of bad news. Sad that there’s 7+ billion of us yet we serve “them.”

          Thanks man for the info. Much appreciated.

        • DefaOmega

          Unless I’m mistaken and please correct me if I am, based on Net Worth he is the 4th wealthiest ‘royal’ but doesn’t rank in the top 500 for Net Worth of World Wide Individuals for 2015.

          Good Luck.

    • edgelord

      As always, nothing will happen. . .


        Maybe not… More than likely something will tho. Nazi Germany was “peaceful” and most didn’t suspected what was to come until it was too late… Some where able to flee with nothing while they had a chance… But hey, history doesn’t repeat itself right? So yeah, maybe nothing will happen… Let’s just look the other way and enjoy GMO’s, chemtrials, and FOX. lol. Not… Time will tell. And I’m sure it will tell a lot… I’m will to wager it will be a lot more than “nothing”.

    • Bottousai

      Wrong again. It is now the 23rd. and nothing happened as usual


        This article isn’t about anything happening the 23rd… Spam somewhere else please. Read the information before spamming. That will help you to spam more efficiently. Thank you.

    • Anonymous

      Italy is #1 and Canada is #7.. USA #2


        Thanx. That means you heard me say that I wasn’t sure while you were watching. You were paying attention. Thank you for viewing… :)




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