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Zionist Israel Provokes a New War Near Russia Iran Border

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At least 30 dead in battle over Nagomo-Karabakh

DEBKAfile reports;

Armenian and Azerbaijan have traded heavy fire, mortars and artillery in the disputed Caucasus region of Nagorno-Karabakh since Saturday, when at least 30 soldiers were reported dead plus civilian casualties.  The region is embedded inside Azerbaijan but controlled by ethnic Armenians. Since 1994, when a Russian-brokered ceasefire left Karabakh and swathes of Azeri territory in Armenian hands, they have run their own affairs with Armenian military and financial backing, but clashes break out on a regular basis. The latest outbreak is the worst in decades.

President Vladimir Putin called on the two sides to stop fighting and renew negotiations. DEBKAfile: Russia is Armenia’s main arms supplier, whereas Israel sells arms to Azerbaijan.

Explanation @zurichtimes;

It was 2016 and it was time to start another war with Russia after the failed attempts at baiting it and China and others into a regional and global war. They were unhappy with the results in Syria and wanted more blood and more war and more conflict and more mayhem. Without selling weapons how would they collect taxes and keep their people employed?

This new war was a way to exact some revenge on Russia and also open up another front for Russia to be distracted with and preoccupied with just as they did with Ukraine and Crimea.

Putin recently signed a defense treaty with Armenia so it was time for Azerbaijan who are controlled by the Zionist Israelis and who use it as a staging ground for attacks on Iran and Syria and Russia and Ukraine and Crimea. Constant trouble making was one of their main MO’s (Modus Operandi). 

Living in Peace and letting others be in Peace was contrary to their tasks and goals and ways to thinking and being. It was not in their nature nor was there any Shekel based profits in Peace.

The Zionist Cabal with the newly unveiled and newly initiated members of Qatar Saudi Arabia Jordan and Turkey needed a way to hit back simultaneously at both Russia and Iran and prevent any further alliances between these two nations.

Foreign Policy reported back in 2012;

Senior U.S. intelligence officials are increasingly concerned that Israel’s military expansion into Azerbaijan complicates U.S. efforts to dampen Israeli-Iranian tensions, according to the sources. Military planners, I was told, must now plan not only for a war scenario that includes the Persian Gulf — but one that could include the Caucasus.

The U.S. intelligence and diplomatic officials told me they believe that Israel has gained access to these airbases through a series of quiet political and military understandings. “I doubt that there’s actually anything in writing,” added a senior retired American diplomat who spent his career in the region. “But I don’t think there’s any doubt — if Israeli jets want to land in Azerbaijan after an attack, they’d probably be allowed to do so….”Access to such airfields is important for Israel, because it would mean that Israeli F-15I and F-16I fighter-bombers would not have to refuel midflight during a strike on Iran’s nuclear facilities, but could simply continue north and land in Azerbaijan. 

Defense analyst David Isenberg describes the ability to use Azeri airfields as “a significant asset” to any Israel strike, calculating that the 2,200-mile trip from Israel to Iran and back again would stretch Israel’s warplanes to their limits. “Even if they added extra fuel tanks, they’d be running on fumes,” Isenberg told me, “so being allowed access to Azeri airfields would be crucial.”Former CENTCOM commander Gen. Joe Hoar simplified Israel’s calculations: “They save themselves 800 miles of fuel,” he told me in a recent telephone interview. “That doesn’t guarantee that Israel will attack Iran, but it certainly makes it more doable.”

Azerbaijan was Israel’s secret staging ground for any attacks to be launched covertly on Iran Russia and any other enemies of Zionist Israel.

Sergey Glazyev, a Putin adviser in a recent interview;

To survive under these conditions, maintain our sovereignty and develop our economy, we need to build a broad anti-military coalition, pursue our priority development strategy, recover our financial and economic sovereignty and pursue Eurasian integration. To prevent war, we need to realize the president’s (Putin) goal of a common development area from Lisbon to Vladivostok. It is very important to convince our European partners as well as our partners in the Far East and in the South that we need to cooperate, not by blackmailing or threatening them, but through mutually beneficial projects, joining our economic potential while respecting the sovereignty of each state.


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    • The Thinning Veil Report

      damn israel. it’s always israel and their cohort, the united states of israel.

    • King David

      Nothing but more HOGWASH and speculation at best!

      • Zurich Times

        Hogwash is just name calling. Evidence was provided if you read the article and the sources.

    • Judge Roy Bean

      Crimea is set in stone, it is Russian and doubt American military will back any plan like that.

    • Takealook

      Typical Jewish cowardly meddling.

    • Icecharge

      Why not to exchange areas? Armenia gives Nagorno Karabakh to Azerbaijan and Azerbaijan gives its standalone area between Armenia and Iran to Armenia. They look about equal sized, and unhappy individuals can be satisfied with money. Good will would be needed, not any hostile propaganda, least from outsiders.

      • medtes

        I was thinking the same thing, but sadly it’s not as simple as that, the evil forces will always push to a more complicated solution where a lot of lives will be lost…
        This Glazyev is a genius, Putin will be wrong if he doesn’t listen to him, as much as possible.

    • Hoa Hong

      Just another Anti-Semite diatribe. Stop the BS already.

      • larry4765

        Hoa you are so right. Always blaming the Jews or Israel for all of the problems. Anti-Semite for sure.




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