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The Destruction of Jerusalem—A Sign

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When Y’shua (Christ, Messiah) left the temple for the last time, he said, “Not one stone will be on another,” projecting the destruction in 70 AD by Titus, but could it also for our time? The disciples’ question suggests the possibility in Matthew 24.

It was the end of an era when Nebuchadnezzar, king of Babylon, conquered Jerusalem and “burned the house of the Lord’ on the 10th day of the 5th Jewish month in 606 BCE, Jeremiah 52:12,13. 

It was the same date when the temple burned in 70 AD under Titus, according to Josephus in Wars of the Jews. Each time, it was the end of an era, first by Babylon, then by Rome.

In our time, Rome is spiritual Babylon as seen by clues in Revelation 17 where a harlot is in bed with kings, is decked with gold (wealthy) and scarlet (color of cardinals) and is said to be the mother of harlots (other false churches) and abominations–wars dating to the Crusades to take Jerusalem so the pope could be in control of the holy places for Jews, Christians and Muslims.

This and more is revealed in The Godfathers, an expose’ by Alberto Rivera, a converted Jesuit priest who paid the ultimate price for doing so–his wife said he died of poisoning. Published by Chick Publications, Rivera says the Vatican signed a concordat with Hitler to make the world Catholic when they won the war–Italy and Spain joined with Germany to make it happen.

Sentiment was so strong after the war that President Truman was unable to appoint an ambassador to the Vatican, but after President Reagan took a bullet, he agreed to do so. He opened the border to Mexico and signed REX 84 that provided internment camps for illegal aliens. Now the illegals are okay, and Homeland Security considers believers in Bible prophecy to be potential domestic terrorists.

The CIA has been called ‘Catholics in Action’ (Google). Its leadership has been members of Catholic secret societies that were cited by JF Kennedy in one of his last speeches—he failed to favor Rome’s wish for a regime change in Vietnam and he said he would abolish the Federal Reserve System that sends money to the Vatican, (Karen Hudes, IMFwhistleblower, at 7:30 point)

That may offer insight to the $2.3 trillion that Donald Rumsfeld announced was missing at the Pentagon—announced the evening before 9-11, it didn’t make the news, but can be Googled.

A Vatican Bishop admits money from Globalists goes to senior Vatican officials and The migrant crisis represents a plan orchestrated and prepared for a long time by international powers to radically alter the Christian and national identity of the peoples of Europe.” Your News Wire

“The pontiff called for open borders in the US, urging authorities to take in as many refugees as they can, and provided the examples of Germany and Sweden as models for the US” (ibid)

The term, Babylon, derives from Babel, meaning confusion, Genesis 11. There’s so much confusion that people who don’t read the Bible may not see Rome as the source. Vatican means “divining serpent” (vatis = diviner, can = serpent) identified as the devil in Revelation 12:9 and linked to Lucifer (Isaiah 14:12), worshiped in the Vatican. YouTube

So how does this relate to Jerusalem? Speaking of the end of the age, Christ said to understand the book of Daniel. The last verse of chapter 11 shows the king of the north (spiritual Babylon) moving to Jerusalem. This won’t happen with the Jews in charge; it will have to change for Rome. The idea of history repeating is from the Bible, Ecclesiastes 3:15.

“All [Muslim?] nations” will be gathered against Jerusalem,” Zechariah 14 was cited by Christ in Matthew 24. Will it happen on the 10th day of the 5th month–August 22, as by Nebuchadnezzar and Titus?  Maybe it’s necessary as a sign to the world of end-times.

Dr. Richard Ruhling’s latest book is The Destruction of Jerusalem–a Sign for US of Good News Amid Impending Calamity, is available cheap today at If you find something you love, please leave a review.

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    • nomorelabels

      I think the world has seen enough destruction and decay without religion hungering for more.

      Endless wars and violent humans of a predator nature is the history of this world, and whoever created it should have been able to correct this destructive nature and human suffering.

      But they didn’t, so please do not tell us yet more destruction is “good news”. I find this to be an insult to decent human beings who are tired of what religion has orchestrated upon the minds and hearts of men. Hatred, division and violence…that is the hallmark of religious tyranny.

      • Dr Richard Ruhling

        Unfortunately, man’s selfish nature isn’t going to let the world end in a fairy tale happily ever after.
        We all have freedom of choice and some choose to blow up a building. If God interfered with that freedom of choice, it wouldn’t look good and we would all serve God from fear rather than love and appreciation for what He has done, but in the end, it will turn out better for those who have learned to trust His guidelines for life in the Bible–not tyranny, but true freedom of choice for us. some of this may be explained better in my book that’s cheap now at

    • The Watcher


      • RAIN

        Sorry to bust your dome but, not a chance.

        The Alliance would crush Iran. no doubt about it.

        • Dr Richard Ruhling

          Maybe you aren’t seeing that they want an excuse to do it because Iran isn’t going along with the monetary plan for NWO. The sequence is Zechariah 14:1-3 and then Daniel 8:4-8. [verse 4 is happening now with Islam pushing west–already ruined Europe and 100 Muslims running for mid-terms in the US. The “great horn” on the goat in Dan 8:8 is Trump–horns were used to make trumpets in Bible times[

          • RAIN


            Yes I’m aware of the “100″. Tell me, are they shiite or sunni? Who IS the “Alliance” and I wonder what’s what with Britain, Saudi Arabia, USA, Israel…

            Years ago I read a document released by Brookings Institute titled “Which Path to Persia?”
            You might be shocked by it’s “prescience”. But what I really want to know, from a Scriptural point of view, is the rise of China. What can you tell me about that?

            • RAIN

              Wait… Trump just now “answered”. haha.. All in the timing.


            • RAIN

              Pardon the distraction, but you did say that Trump is the great “horn”.

              Check, mate.. Timestamps are important.

              China, the European Union and others have been manipulating their currencies and interest rates lower, while the U.S. is raising rates while the dollars gets stronger and stronger with each passing day – taking away our big competitive edge. As usual, not a level playing field…
              5:43 AM – 20 Jul 2018

            • RAIN

     about “prescience”, eh?

              Again please excuse the intrusion but I have to say this:

              here comes the RAIN. Welcome to Level 5. 4D is over, Q droids.

    • Dr Richard Ruhling

      You asked, from a Scriptural point of view, re the rise of China. Since God “declares the end from the beginning, (Isaiah 46:10) there is a double application of Daniel–it’s “unsealed” in the time of the end, Daniel 12:4, and Gabriel told Daniel that his vision of the ram (Medes & Persians = Iraq & Iran) is “at the time of the end,” Dan 8:17.
      After Iran is stomped by a coalition for destroying Jerusalem (Zech 14:1-3) they are stomped, and the great horn of the goat (Trump) is broken (assassination?) four horns come up toward the four winds, an allusion to the four beasts that brought the four beasts in Daniel 7. This is a reply of history with same beasts but different meaning because Daniel 7:17 says the four beasts are “four kings [kingdoms] which SHALL arise out of the earth.” Babylon was declining then, so it could not be in that time when the lion (in Babylon’s architecture) represented Babylon–
      This is end-time–the UK has the lion and the lion had eagle’s wings in Daniel 7–the US as an ally.
      The bear represented Russian and the leopard with four heads could be China allied with Korea, Japan, Thailand as Asian powers. The 4th beast, a dragon, again represents Europe with the little horn that all the Protestant reformers saw as the papacy. So far, 2500 years since Daniel has not disproved his visions, and men like Sir Isaac Newton (invented calculus) translated significant parts of the Bible, obviously seeing a deeper meaning than our shallow criticisms of it.

      • Busta Myth

        You can learn a lot from photos of all these Country leaders doing dodgy looking handshakes with each other too

    • Dr Richard Ruhling

      I believe Trump can be represented by the great horn on the goat that clobbers the ram in Daniel 8:7 because in Bible times, Trumpets were made from horns, but you can’t judge a prophecy until you come to the time when it is to be fulfilled–give it a year–you may see it differently!

      • RAIN

        Thank you for your perspective. Very helpful.



    • Dr Richard Ruhling

      You are most welcome–I appreciate your open attitude–as a motivational speaker, Zig Ziglar said, Let’s not get cooked in the squat!

      • RAIN

        Interesting. When time permits:

        Dr. RR, “Trumpets were made from horns, but you can’t judge a prophecy until you come to the time when it is to be fulfilled–give it a year–you may see it differently!”

        I want to show you something posted here on BIN yesterday, a reentry..

        So anyway.. all you Q followers out there.. I came back July 3, 2018. Here’s something from one year ago, July 3, 2017.. an excerpt:

        one more point.. a time will come when you see what it is I have done here. You speak of levels of pursuit and their relevance within the Spiritual and the mundane but come very close to separating the two when you say there is lack of a plan. I don’t believe in accident. All is connected and the Game I have laid out on BIN over the past month is about exactly that.
        what I am pursuing is this: analyzing and assessing the evidence for the existence of an underlying “matrix” to all things.. the Way of things. This is as deep as you can get, brother – the quest for evidentiary proof within the “mundane” world. I have already shown you/delivered to you “tomorrow’s news”, hours and days before the news actually breaks.. before the actual events occur.. and i have done this repeatedly throughout an entire month. The evidence is docked right here in the BIN. Study the past, Know the present, Determine the future.. and the key to it all?…
        JUL 3, 2017, 5:30 AM

        Get the picture? haha… you gotta connect the dots.

        JUL 19, 2018, 1:34 PM
        connecting the dots: Allow me to complete that original post, as it was written from “Determine the future.. and the key to it all?…”

        Determine the future.. and the key to it all? The Word IS True. No doubt about it. It’s all in the Book. There are those who will confuse this all with craft, but nothing could be further from the Truth. There is a difference and I see it, crystal clear.
        JUL 3, 2017, 5:30 AM

        So again, thank you. You’ve been a tremendous help.

    • Dr Richard Ruhling

      RAIN: You say, “The Word is True,” and I’m glad for your perspective–I agree with you, but we are like miners working in different parts of the mine. I have found something rich–”He will make [us] ruler over all that He has” IF we understand the conditions that most people have never read and the meaning is not obvious on the surface. Please spend 99 cents to get a copy of my book linked above and I would welcome your response when you’ve had a look, [email protected]

    • jknbt

      the end time events that are coming in order:

      1. great apostasy gets even worse
      2. pretrib rapture
      3. revealing of the antichrist & false prophet
      4. small war in the middle east, with nukes, see rev 6
      5. God saves Jewish remnant
      6. God brings into their ministries the 2 witnesses in Jerusalem…all Israel will be saved…the satan kills them
      7. God raises up the 2 witnesses, raptures them & the jewish church (mid trib rapture)
      8. God opens the 7th seal, pours out the bowl judgments…it gets really ugly
      9. God judges the harlot churches, especially the catholics, but protestants too
      10. The nations invade Israel, half of Jerusalem taken, Temple desecrated, antichrist makes war on Israel
      11. King Jesus comes back to earth, those saved after step seven are caught up into the air (stratosphere, not heaven) to meet him (post trib rapture)… King Jesus intervenes in the war of Armageddon, satan captured & thrown in hell, beast & false prophet thrown in lake of fire, the invading armies devastated
      12. Millennium begins…all countries are eventually conquered and put under the rule of King Jesus
      13. The Matt. 13:30 purge of the unrepentant wicked…absolutely just, fair, and with appropriate mercies applied
      14. see the book of Rev. for what happens in the rest of the story…

    • Dr Richard Ruhling

      Christ’s wedding parables (3) all show a sudden event beyond which there is NO time to get ready but that event is a calamity (city burned in Matt 22:6,7), reflected by the midnight cry in Matt 25:6 (echo of the calamity that fell on Egypt at midnight, Exod 12:29,30, when God took Israel to a covenant and later said, “I am married to you,” Jer 3:14. THAT’s the meaning of the wedding parables, as Paul included the Exodus in “ALL those things happened to them for examples…end of the world,” 1Cor 10:1,11.
      The messenger to America’s churches (aggelos in Rev 3:17) is “blind” and “the blind will I bring by a way they known not,” Isaiah 42:16. For a better understanding, please get the book linked above for 99 cents as it has a dozen reasons why no pre-trib rapture




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