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“I can’t take it anymore” – German Refugee Aid Worker

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A Hamburg woman works in a reception center for refugees.She tells of her experiences there and why she is quitting. Once a vocal supporter of the refugee migration to Europe, she has been mugged by reality.

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“I can’t take it anymore” – Hamburger Asylum Worker,” Die Welt, January 17, 2016:

A Hamburg woman works in a reception center for refugees . The mid – 30 -year-old tells how she experienced daily life there – and why she now thinks of quitting . A protocol
The refugee crisis is intensifying . Also in Hamburg accommodations , the situation is obviously extremely difficult – the “Welt am Sonntag ” reported on the daily life of an anonymous employee.

The refugee crisis is intensifying . Also in Hamburg accommodations , the situation is obviously extremely difficult – the “Welt am Sonntag ” reported on the daily life of an anonymous employee.

“Since autumn of 2015 I have been working as a full-time and permanent employee in a Hamburger initial reception center for refugees. I had applied explicitly for this job, that was exactly what I wanted to do. When I finally had the commitment it in my mailbox, I Was madly happy about it. Finally I was able to not only help in theory, but to really do something for the refugees.
Accordingly, I went in high spirits my first day to the initial reception; I was naturally excited, clear, one is always on the first working day of a the new job, but otherwise I was happy to be there. The colleagues were committed and very nice, but with the refugees I had still no direct contact. I greeted the area enthusiastically and found all was great.
“It is certainly super here”, I thought to myself. In the next few days, I then threw myself totally motivated into my work with up to 1,500 refugees who were housed there. I was responsible for their counseling services as the contact for all social problems of refugees, supporting them in their asylum procedure or securing medical appointments when they needed that.
Then the first refugees came to my office, where I wanted to stop the counseling services – After the first few visits I noted that my very positive and idealistic notion of them and their behavior was clearly different from reality. Of course you should not make generalizations about all refugees under any circumstances, there are many of them who are very friendly, grateful, very willingly integrated, very happy here. But if I’m honest, then the collaboration with 90 percent of those whom I meet is rather unpleasant and unfortunately not as I had thought before.
First, many of them are extremely demanding. They come to me and demand that I immediately give them an apartment and a fancy car and most also want me to procure them a really good job, and I am supposed to say yes. I’m sitting there and they are indeed in immediate need. And, if I reject them and instead try to explain to them that these demands are not immediately possible to fulfill,  then they are often noisy and sometimes very aggressive. An Afghan has only recently threatened that he would kill himself. And a few Syrians and a group of Afghans have declared that they will go on hunger strike until I help them to move to another place.

To an originally Arab colleague of mine they have at times yelled “We will behead you!”. Because of these and other things the police have to come out several times a week to us.
Second, they often give very unreliable information. They come to me with their papers and then tell a story that may not entirely agree. But they continue to believe and I can then be only sure when I’ve  talked with my colleagues about it. Often my colleagues say that the person had already been with them the day before and everything they were told was a little bit different.

There was, for example, a resident who came with his deportation notice and wanted to know what would happen now. I explained it to him and he then went. Soon after he came to my colleague and suddenly showed completely new identity documents with a different name and said he was the man with the different name. He was then no longer recognized, but only moved to another camp.
Third, they rarely stick to agreements. Part of what I am doing also includes setting the doctor’s appointments for the refugees. All of them must have a basic examination, that is an X-ray, a vaccine and a general check-up. But many of them still want to go to other doctors, especially to a dentist or orthopedic surgeon. Then I make appointments for them, but often they just do not show up. This happens so often that doctors now have already asked us not to set as many appointments – but what am I supposed to do? I can not simply reject the request for an appointment, just because I suspect that the petitioner might not appear.

And fourth, and that’s for me the worst: Some of the refugees behave belligerently us towards women. It is well known that it is primarily single men who come to us, about 65 percent or even 70 percent, I would personally vouch that. They are all still young, only around 20, not more than 25 years old.
And part of them do not respect us women. They do not take us seriously at all. If I tell them something or want to give them a statement, then they hardly listen to me. They immediately dismiss us as unimportant and then call for a male colleague. For us women, they often only give us contemptuous or even intrusive glances. Often they whistle aloud afterward, then call out something in a foreign language laughing, which I and most of my colleagues do not understand. This is really very unpleasant. It’s even happened once that they have photographed me with a smartphone. Just like that, without asking, even if one has protested. And finally, As I was going up a steep staircase, the men behind went up the steps behind me and they laughed all the time and – I suspect – talking about me and then shouted at me.

Colleagues have told me that they have similar experiences. But there is nothing that one can do…its part of the job. This happens so often, if you would make a formal complaint the center would be much emptier. So they ignore it and try not to let it get to them- and so I did the same. I proceeded with my view directed forward when those behind followed me or called after me. Did not say anything and did not distort my face, so as not to encourage them or to give them the feeling that they can hurt or affect me.
But that did not help; it has even become worse – frankly, especially in recent weeks, as more and more men from North Africa, from Morocco, Tunisia or Libya have come to the establishment. They were even more aggressive. Since then I can no longer ignore – and have responded in order not to expose myself.

Specifically, this means: I have started to change my appearance. I’m actually someone who likes to sometimes wear form-fitting things – but not anymore. I put on loose-fitting pants and exclusively high-necked tops. Makeup I use very little anyway, most times only a concealer. And not only have I outwardly changed. To protect myself from this harassment, I behave differently. So I avoid, for example, going to those places on our premises where the single men often stay. And if I do need to pass through, then I try to go quickly and smile at no one now, so no one can misunderstand. But usually I stay in my little office, if possible, all during the day. And I no longer take the train to work and back – because recently a colleague was followed by some of the young men to the metro station and even molested in the train. I would like to spare myself and therefore I only drive my car.

I know this all sounds vehemently extreme, to avoid certain spaces and only take the car. And I find it terrible myself that I’m doing all this, and that I should even consider it necessary. But what should I do, what would be the alternative then? Just to endure the staters and come-ons, it can not be. Of the officials I expect no great help. Neither in this case nor in the other problems that exist with us, neither from the Interior Ministry nor the local Federal Office for Migration and Refugees. If you call these offices they often no longer answer the phone.

So I will only have the possibility of quitting. But I have always ruled this out for me; I like my colleagues very much, the refugee children also. And I was previously so convinced of the job and of the whole thing in itself – because it is very difficult to admit that this is all just a little different from what you have imagined. And quitting would of course be an admission of this. Meanwhile, I still think concretely about it. Many colleagues also want to give their notice, because they can’t take it anymore, because they cannot bear to see how wrong it is all going here and that they cannot help it. And if I’m honest: I really do not think I can take it anymore”.
* Name is withheld
Reported to Sophie Lübbert

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    • sitrep

      These people are living in a make believe world on faceHook, and Twitard.
      Very surprised about such a long letter, as most Twitard Users get very confused with any writings more than 3 words. With Huge amounts of false Guilt placed upon them they welcome, and throw parties for Young Military age men, under the Guise of One word “Refugee”.
      Notice not many women, mostly men “Refugees”, yes never take women to a war zone, Ehhhhhh, Right?

      • Redeemer

        It’s called liberalism and it is a form of mental illness!

        Click on the link and you can watch the very latest video of ‘migrants’ sexually attacking an innocent Swedish woman, although she tells them to stop, they are just like animals and keep on trying to pressure her into sex and even say they will give her money!

        • Sean

          More AshkeNAZI Propaganda From Pamela Geller, BIN Keeps Hitting New Lows Daily

          Destroy Syria, Gaza, Egypt, Afghanistan, Libya, Iraq and the Well Funded and Well Armed So Called Terrorist Can Not Even Find Their Sworn Enemy Israel? :roll:

          Jews posing as Muslim Terrorists again- here’s proof!

        • sitrep

          Yes, that is a very good article, everyone should read it. I have read similar info years ago.
          It could also be compiled in various formats, and make some vids, place it on the BIN Vid Site.
          There is a lot going on behind the scenes on this crisis taking place. Just shows how much disinformation the Germans, And Swiss have fallen for.
          It is so sad, how the public is lied to on a continual basis. They have no Idea who they let into their countries, although the Elitis knows, and this is a very simple, but complicated tactic they are using.
          Churchill did much study on invading countries under the guise of refugees, along with many other people. The tacticians see this for what it really is.

      • Bradley Dueringer

        It obvious to us non-facebook and non-twitter people that this is a proxy/mercenary army designed to destroy the culture of Western nations. Merkel who is an ex stazi and Polish Jew enjoys destroying Germany

    • Doccus

      This is the price good people pay for helping these … “People”. The young ones should have stayed and fought for their country against the extremists. Unless (which actually appears to be the case) they’re extremists themselves and just trying to sneak into the other countries. One big question.. Why is full priority not given to families with children, and males over, say, 40 – Ideally.. former shopkeepers or small business owners? Ffrom all the statistics I see, it really looks as though it’s single twenty-something who are getting all the help. And tales of their behavior really are as bad as this woman says. We don’t need to guess what these males are up to. They blatantly boast of it.
      Definitely an insurgency.. and BHO is the rascal at the head of this assault.

    • truthlovingsoul






    • dabu

      What could be the purpose of flooding the west with their enemies? The countries they destroy are their countries too! So what is it that they do! They want chaos, and they want the people to rise up and fight each other. What they should get, is the people rising up and fighting them! Yes! That is what they should get! I declare, if this happens here, it wont be the muslims that I will go after! I’m headed straight for washington d.c.! And it will be a good day for the bussards, as I do not waste time on prisoners

      • Heart Of Winter

        I’m sure they’re just terrified of you. Watch out everyone! Fat middle-aged balding guy headed straight for Washington DC!! :lol:

        By the way, it’s *buzzards, not “bussards”, genius. Unless you really were talking about bussard ramjets, which wouldn’t really make any sense given the context of your statement.


    • barebones

      In the future Germany, for the sake of self preservation, it is imperative for European women to accept these muslim customs and attentions. Once islam overtakes all the European cultures in the world disrespect might mean death under sharia.

      Of course, the alternative for the Germans is to turn the tables and support PEGIDA while there is still a chance at reversing the damage caused by this multicultural BS. The minds of Europeans worldwide have been purposely controlled to act in a self destructive way, apparently with the desired culmination being genocide.

      The warm feeling of helping a muslim “immigrant” emotionally adjust to a traumatic event in their lives is very similar to the satisfaction enjoyed by that very same “immigrant” when it slits your throat!

    • iamamerican

      This sh*t wouldn’t be happening if the men weren’t neutered.

    • 2QIK4U

      Where have all the neo-Nazi skinheads gone :?:

      • Damien

        They are hardly going to be getting involved in Christian type stuff are they? Hell do they care?

    • burned handle

      lets see if this comment appears on thw site. :shock:


      You can try to teach a bear to dance, but it is neither graceful, nor fun for the bear. Taking savages into your country, and expecting them to be civilized is unrealistic. I bet you wish you had a 2nd Amendment in your country now, don’t you sweet cheeks?

    • ViewPoint

      I am not a Trump supporter, but I must say, the lyrical poem he recently recited about The Woman and the Snake hit the nail on the head. The woman came across a half-frozen snake, took it home, warmed, revived it, fed it, and after the snake recovered, it bit her. Before the woman died she asked “why did you bite me when all I did was help and save you?” The snake replied, “you knew I was snake before you took me in.”

      Donald Trump Does Dramatic Reading Of ‘The Snake’ | MSNBC

    • Tazika

      One believes what he sees with his own eyes. That’s why I’m confused by the use of term “Muslims”. I think that something else is happening. In 1977. I’ve been in Egypt – Kairo and Alexandria – for 2 weeks. I was 15 years old, at home in Croatia (I am from the Middle European part of mostly South European then non-aligned Yugoslavia) just for the first time in love. I packed few dresses – some sleaveless, yes! – and with my green eyes and long loose-warn reddish hair I landed in an Arab country. I wanted to see everything, so after the pyramides and museums I would take a city bus in unknown direction just to get lost in megapolis, in its crowded little streets, not knowing the language nor arab letters.
      I had the time of my life. Around me a sea of happy faces, loud talking, always trading, all colorful, strange, lot of singing when people meet. I’ve entered a lot of houses when people invited me – it seems that they loved to invite a stranger on a wedding or some sort of happening. I loved the food they kept offering me, and every day I finished with one or more wreath of flowers around my neck and in a hair – many times given by female passers-by, not only male. Men wore “galabeja” – long dresses – or their version of european formal suit, and women were often wrapped in colorful fabric with a lot of jewlery ringing on them, and they all – men and woman – wore (for me laughably lot) parfume.
      No matter how hard I try, I can’t remember one covered female face except one bride – but a lot of European brides also have veil for the ceremony. NOT ONE bad or evil look came on me, not a single one! I was often told one short sentence and when I’ve asked my hosts what it means they told me it means “Beautyful lady”.
      I really bloomed in Egypt, because I felt that Arabs RESPECT WOMAN MORE THAN WE EUROPEANS; they reaspected me in a deeper, old-world, pristine way; they respected me as they respect perfect God’s creation; during that visit I turned from atheist-materialist into a believer.

      My mother was in 1974. a member of SIX FEMALE GROUP that went in IRAN, then with Shah Reza Pahlavi, on FEMALE EXPEDITION on Damavand – 5610 m high – they did climb on the top, and they spent some days in Teheran too. She went there soon after she spent 2 months in the city Washington, so she could compare life in this two places. She kept saying how there’s MUCH MORE JOY AND FREEDOM IN IRAN THEN IN WASHINGTON, that ORDINARY LIFE IN WASHINGTON IS MUCH MORE DANGEROUS THAN IN IRAN, where she felt welcomed, respected and safe. In Washington she had to lock the car and windows while driving because robbers were attacking cars while waiting for the green light, and she was afraid to walk in the parks, especially after sunset, and in Iran 6 european woman camped in the mountains and partied overnight in Teheran, beeing finally free.
      Their biggest joke on that trip was in the fact that one Slovenian had broad structure and considerd herself “fat”, but when they were in Iran everybody was addressing her as the beauty of the group :lol: When she came back she kept saying how she tasted admiration and respect that only “beauty” in society has, and how she’ll allways remember that time of her life in Arab world.

      So WHAT HAPPENED in Arab world that they changed so much :shock: ?! Why were woman un-veiled, respected and free in 1970-ies and now it seems they are not :eek: ? Who are this Arab men that are entering Europe in large numbers, attacking our woman in disgraceful manner? How can the whole society change so much in time shorter then ones life? This evil that cought us Europeans unprepared is something NEW. NEW and DANGEROUS. What is the NAME of this evil? Don’t tell me it’s “Arabs” or “Muslims”, because I’ve been there not long ago and it was NOT. I go often in Bosnia, and Bosnian Muslims haven’t changed, they are the same as they’ve been in ’70-ties: deeply cultural and respectful – and fighting with all strength and on all fronts against this “New Muslimship” that tries to enter and infect Bosnia too. As Muslims, they know this invador better then we in the Christian world, and they are TERRIFIED :eek: .
      If you, the Beforeitsnews, are interested in this topic – investigation for NAMING the enemy, I am offering my cooperation: I, as a Christian woman, will go in Bosnia and interview many different Bosnian Muslims about people that we call “Muslim immigrants” and their ideology. I can tape the interviews and process informations, if you are willing to make it public. This will cost me and take my time, but I think that is crucial to know, for Europe and for mankind. I am waiting for your response, yours sincerely, Sonja

      • freedom007

        Tazika, I suppose you gotta write a separate ail to the BIN chiefs
        for your proposal,
        which is no less than heroic, but necessary.
        they wont read your words as diligently as needed, theyll over-read it…

        The barbarian behavior of those pseudo refugees the article describes is not islamic. It is a perversion which must have developed very recently.
        I am curious from which source this insanity virus comes… go and do these interviews, c´m on!

        I too know that, as paradoxical as it may seem when one reads the Quran, there really is a half-way sufficient degree dignity of women and respect for women in most traditional Islamic societies. It is much like the way women lived in Catholic rural regions of Bavaria in 19th century. This is so for pragmatical reasons. Traditional Islam knows very well that even a patriarchal society cant afford making the majority of women unhappy, for then the women get sick or commit suicide, and wont cook and bear kids and represent the respectfulness of the respective family anymore.

        The new so called islamists however dont even know what Pragmatism is.
        They are either fanatical nutcases,
        or gangsters who make use of the Quran for their impure purposes of rape and robbery.
        The first-named category perhaps will go to heaven after death, their sins being forgiven because they were madmen, unable to discern good from bad;
        but the second are Hypocrites as to traditional Islamic teaching, misusers of their own Word of God, blasphemers of their own Allah, and if they dont repent they all will fry in Hell.
        For such people there IS a Hell.

        as to the article itself:
        perhaps the fact that this woman ceased to use make-up and turned to more “oldfashioned” clothing shows a good side of the problem. Young German women became more and more overdressed and over-make-upped during last years, it looked as if they wore face masks, or like Geishas, it was disgusting. I hope our female clothing habits now become more normal, more decent, at last – motivated by the sex madness of those pseudo refugee guys.
        And I also hope that self defense techniques become part of our obligate sports lessons at school for all girls above ten years. A woman who feels unable to give an attacker a good shove or punch is helpless in crisis times.

        • wiseoldlady

          In response to Sonja’s comments and your’s… is Wahabi teachings originated from Saudi Arabia. When the Shah was disposed by queen Elizabeth’s Jewish cousins they started a new revised version of the Koran…. full of hated. Pamela Gellar has explained this repeatedly. Then one enters into wild savage African countries with this corrupted version and you get animals as a result. I go to daily and now Merkel wants to send all the African parasites right back to Africa but the countries don’t want them back in Africa. The aftermath of insane liberalism. No prior vetting, etc. Leads to mass genocide of their new European countries. There have been so many rapes by these ……….. plus assault. The vile repulsion and offensive lack of any discipline by these savages makes you want to puke. Then there are the Middle Eastern Muslims…. having better self control but still products of wahabi.

          Nothing will get better until the Europeans stop marching and gather guns by any means necessary. The stores have sold out all their pepper spray to females. These savages swarm in groups….a 13 year old girl was captured, raped constantly for 30 hours. What kind of crap is this!!!!!!!!!!!!!! There are daily assaults on women and beautiful European young girls. Would lessons in Judo help if assaulted by five guys at one time!?!?!? Not really. Does this restrict freedom in Europe… absolutely. We can thank the two snakes George Soros and obuthead for this nightmare.

          Firmly believe these bas…ds should be castrated. The whole lot of them. Rigid rules should be enacted on these buzzards. Otherwise they can leave. Why anyone in their right mind would ever welcome single males is the epitome of stupid….. ignorant…. lack of reasoning… liberalism at its finest.

          Personally, I am fed up with this destruction of Europe. This will damage all future tourism. How can anyone feel safe anymore. The attacks on buses, trains….. bombs…. This ISIS mercenary army is growing and spreading…..satans army…. infiltrated amongst the parasites. Time to stop all this. When Muslim obuthead took office an immediate gray cloud of gloom and doom engulfed America. This cloud has now grown to cover most of the planet. It needs to be stopped. It will soon be too late unless Europeans get bold.

      • Knarlydawg

        Tazika, your story is genuine and a great testimony to how most of the world really is minus the despicable influence of Global Zionism which seems to be at war with everything it comes into contact with. Luciferian Talmudic Zionism is one of the main contributing forces behind the turmoil in the world. The source of this article, Pamela Geller, is a well known Mossad provocateur who can be found spewing every kind of anti-Muslim rhetoric everywhere people will listen to her vomit.

        It is amazing how these Zionists are always stirring up anti-Muslim propaganda when they can’t stand anti-Zionist criticism……’d think that the “do unto others as you would have them do unto you” doctrine would be what “G-d’s Chosen People” would be manifesting. Instead they stir up controversy and chaos everywhere they can, manifesting the nature of their true father…..Lucifer. These provocateurs are Lucifer’s chosen Ones not GOD’s.

        Tazika, please go forward with your interview plans and post your resulting articles here so some of the zombies in America can experience the truth for a change. Expose the Zionist agenda whenever you can.

        GOD bless and protect you.

    • Michael Carrigan

      Proverbs 19:19
      A man of great wrath shall suffer punishment: for it thou deliver him, yet thou must do it again.

    • NeverBackDown

      When someone intends to do you harm, do not fear doing harm to them. Stand your ground. A predator will seek out the fear in you, try and make the fear show itself, and then use that fear against you.

      Do not be fearful.

      F – Fire
      E – Earth
      A – Air
      R – Rivers (water)

      Use “FEAR” to your advantage.

      If you do not know how to defend yourself, learn self defense NOW. Take the time out of your day and learn how to physically defend your children, your spouses, and yourselves.

      If you do not, it will be your fault for your downfall. If you see what is coming toward you and you fail to prepare for it, you have only yourself to blame. Don’t rely on calling your superiors, don’t rely on calling the authorities. By the time you’ve tried to reach out to them you will have been hurt.


    • Tempus Fugit

      Cognitive dissonance. People know letting young men of fighting age in are not refugees, so stick a handful of real ones in and everyone turns a blind eye. Name them refugees and people willfully suspend disbelief to stay accepted by the herd. They have no one to blame but themselves as they have chosen to live in fantasy instead of reality. They will also suffer in their fantasies as their illusions can not hold up for long and reality comes crashing down on them.

    • Klemens

      German Vigilantes: German Politicians let Migrant Violence pass, Want Police State against NWO Opponents.


    • angel

      most liberals are this dumb

      read the q*ran and find out what else they will do

    • Knarlydawg

      More Geller Zionist Mossad Muslim hate incitement. The Zionist Greater Israel Project hard at work dividing and concurring the Middle East, Europe and America. Zionism is the clear and present danger to all of mankind.

      • DRJerkins

        No one needs to incite hate against muslims. muslims do a good enough job of that all on their own.

        • Knarlydawg

          I’m quite sure there’s plenty of criminal misfits embedded with the refugees as is the plan by those those who have created this terrorist war.

          That said, you obviously haven’t dug very deep into these issues and have relied too heavily upon MSM spoon feeding you with their Zionist owners’ propaganda.

          Set aside your presently held beliefs, clear your mind and dig deeper. Spend some time investigating what the other side has to say……not what you’re told they say.

          If you’re honest with your self, you will find that a lot of what you’ve been told is simply not truth

    • Klemens

      so called “Refugees” at work:

    • Big dog.../small fish...

      I’m of the belief that they should have taken in only families.




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