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President Trump’s Incredible 2 Hour Press Conference, Goes Head-to-Head with Enemedia (Video)

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This is must see TV. President Doald Trump held a press conference that was brilliant. This is why he was elected.

“The media is trying to attack our administration because they know that we are following through on pledges that we have made and they’re not happy about it, for whatever reason,” Trump said during his first solo press conference since taking office.

“Many of our nation’s reporters and folks will not tell you the truth,” Trump said, noting that he had convened the press conference in part to address his policy accomplishments directly to voters.

“The press has become so dishonest that if we don’t talk about it, we are doing a tremendous disservice to the American people,” the president said. “The level of dishonesty is out of control.”

He eviscerated the enemedia and addressed a wide range of issues.

NYP: President Trump said he “inherited a mess” from President Obama, but nevertheless pledged to fulfill his campaign promises.

“I’m here again to take my message straight to the people,” Trump said at the press conference, which was carried live across network and cable news channels. “As you know, our administration inherited many problems across government, and across the economy.”

“To be honest, I inherited a mess — at home and abroad — a mess,” said the president, who has served for less than a month, adding that “ISIS has spread like cancer. Another mess I inherited.”

Trump also used his nearly half-hour introductory statement to take a stinging shot at the press corps.

“The press has become so dishonest that if we don’t talk about it, we are doing a tremendous disservice to the American people,” said Trump.

“The press is out of control. The level of dishonesty is out of control,” he added.

Trump dismissed reports of chaos within his administration. “It is the exact opposite. This administration is running like a fine-tuned machine,” he claimed.

The president even touted the crowds expected at an upcoming weekend rally in Florida. “I just heard that the crowds are massive,” he said of the event scheduled for Saturday.

Speaking of his campaign promises, Trump pledged to deal with the drug problem ailing America, claiming that “Drugs are becoming cheaper than candy bars.”

Trump also suggested he’d issue a new executive order related to a travel ban next week — and knocked the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals for blocking his last one. “That circuit is in chaos, that circuit is frankly in turmoil,” he said.

“I keep my campaign promises,” Trump said.

“There’s never been a presidency that has done so much in so short a period of time,” he added.

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    • Pink Slime

      Fact #1 – LIBERALS LIE.
      Fact #2 – Liberals control the mainstream media.

      So, with them you get fed nuth’n but lies. :twisted:

        • Equalizer
          • Equalizer

            TRUMP will Triumph! AMERICA first! Liberalism is a mental disorder.

        • Anonymous

          Not a word about REDUCING 20 TRIlLION DEBT- instead he will “cut taxes” and build 5 trillion $ military. FOR WHAT? To fight who? Million $ missile to take out a barefoot peasant that we paid to join ISIS riding on a bike in the desert??

          Infrastructure? Where is his help to OROVILLE DAM, which could flood in a MAJOR national disaster exceeding Katrina! Instead he attacks RUSSIA and Iran.
          Border wall is USELESS- why not arrest businesses who HIRE THEM??
          America, we’re finished and we been had again

          • Mayhem

            California has known about the Oroville dam problem for the last 12 years but would rather spend quarter of a billion per annum on refugees.

            But it’s Trump’s fault just the same because he was President for, oh yeah, none of those years.

      • King of Shambhala

        Pink, we have to blast the libs back the stone age they really belong to.
        Now’s the time to reveal the truth.
        We’re a team and we’re too strong for them to resist our force!

        • King of Shambhala

          Lots of GOP covered up for Obama.
          He’s the Antichrist and this is our historic chance to stand up and fight.
          Only the tough will be saved and the weak will be thrown into hell – says the Bible.

      • putupjob

        i’ve gotten no lies from the media in weeks. none.
        i haven’t watched anything from the media in weeks.
        problem solved.

    • SteveBlake

      TPTB control everything. Don’t kid yourself. ALL the world’s a stage.

      • Equalizer

        ALL the world’s a stage only under “Treasonous leaks” by POS corporate media industrial complex, NSA and other intelligence agencies. Nationalism not globalism.

    • Enderdog

      Ok…so I’m 33 minutes in. And nothing.

      Is this a leaked raw feed? An attempt by ABC to say the they broadcast the whole thing, but suppress anyone actually watching it?

      Very fishy…

      • Equalizer

        Hinderdog… You must be a liberal professor at Berkeley…Please be aware MK ultra brainwashing of America’s youth is a criminal act.

    • King of Shambhala

      Obama’s the Antichrist and I’m the Messiah.
      I’m breaking the Apocalypse NOW.
      Obama’s real name is Barry Parks and you must spread this news or roast eternally in hell’s lake of fire and sulfur says the Bible unless you stand up to be counted among the chosen.

    • King of Shambhala

      Trump’s a BIRTHER.
      Now’s the time to deliver on that.
      Get Sheriff Joe Arpaio to make an arrest on Obama and then try him in court during a long trial for High Treason and sentence him for 100 000s of years when he’s been judged by a trial lasting decades to judge him and all those who covered up for Obama ON BOTH SIDES OF THE AISLE.

    • King of Shambhala

      Obama’s the Antichrist.
      I have the proof of that.
      The heavenly miracle of the lottery proves Obama’s the Antichrist because on the day of his victory celebration the lottery in his homestate drew the Mark of the Beast (aka the Antichrist) of 666.

    • King of Shambhala

      All you shills who stand by and sit on the fence you’ll roast in eternal hell says the Bible.
      Ony those who stand up to be counted among the chosen ones will be saved in the end times.
      Hurry and do that NOW FAST!

    • my2pesos

      Man Asked To Speak To Chinese Officials Issues Warns About Imminent Global Chaos – King World News

      • my2pesos

        Trump Related ~ True Trampled…………(12)

    • kyrie PDF Exposing the lie of Islam PDF Satan’s Library PDF FREE EBOOKS

    • CaptAmerica

      Great News Conference. He has the press talking to themselves.
      They are not used to a leader.
      They are used to a marsh mellow.

    • Einstein

      We need an official name for the MSM. I have been trying to push Vomit Stream Media but it isn’t catching on. I think Vomit Stream is very a good description for them. Just picture projectile vomit spewing out and that leaves a lasting impression of what these treasonous criminals put out.

      Enemedia is also pretty good except the libtards will miss the main point. Enema is something that is good and cleans out the feces. The MSM are more like a serious case of diarrhea caused by food poisoning or a bacterial infection. Like in Mexico you don’t drink the water and in America don’t listen to the Mainstream Diarrhedia

      I am sure we can come up with something appropriate for these treasonous low life motherfuckers known to many as the MSM. I truly believe these lying scumbags should hang for treason! The MSM are the reason so many are brainwashed into believing their lies and propaganda. They are using these low intelligence brainwashed morons to bring about these staged and financed violent protests against the greatest leader the world has ever known.

      If Trump were to expose the truth about Sandy Hook, that nobody died that day. However several witnesses who dared to expose the truth were murdered at a later date. Oklahoma City Bombing was ordered by Hitlery Clinton to destroy evidence against them. They moved all evidence against the Clinton’s to the Murrah Building before it was blown up. It is a fact that Tim McVey didn’t blow up the building with a truck bomb, The building was wired inside with C4 to take out all supporting columns. Then we have 9/11 which was staged by Israel and their dual citizens inside the US government. Anybody with functioning grey matter knows 9/11 was an inside job! These treasonous events will prove the MSM to have no credibility as they lied to cover up to allow the guilty terrorists to avoid prosecution.

      It is time to take em down one way or another… Lock and Load???

      • Daughter of the Church

        Einstein, thanks for your contribution. I give you a + to counter the previous “minus”.
        President Trump, so far has engaged in a radical window dressing of the front store. “VSM”, “Enemedia” or other catchy terms, as you suggest as a help ot our President he is certainly a good start, but will our President go all the way to change the whole of the back store? Probably not. An extreme moving-out, or a “purge” as you seem to suggest may be too much for a down-to-earth business-man.
        If a total clean-up and revamping occur from MSM, then massive scandals such as Sandy Hook would begin an increasing unraveling of bigger and more sordid affair. It will be 911 exposed for what it was; it will be then the unjust wars; it will be the exposure of the giant marmite of lies of the NASA, followed by the sinister worldly agenda behind the Antarctic Treaty…. in fine, a total collapse of everything.
        The President, and even if the entire nation is behind cannot do that.
        Jesus Christ only may save us, but that is an other story…

    • King of Shambhala

      Investigate Obama’s real name Barry Parks.
      Don’t be cowards. Hurry or burn eternally in hell’s lake of fire and sulfur says the Bible, all you cowardly yellow.

    • King of Shambhala

      If you want to throw out all the crap of the last eight years investigate the words Obama Barry Parks.
      Let’s stop this nightmare.
      Even if most of the people get blasted by that truth, at least we’ll get rid of all this crap – so browse those words and also the words “Obama real father Jim T. Parks”.
      You’ll find a treasure trove of REAL INFORMATION!
      Learn for example where Obama’s really born i.e. the Forbes Air Force Base outside Topeka, Kansas.
      It all clicks because Obama’s mother Stanley Dunham was from Topeka, Kansas.
      Its far overdue for us to do this research.
      For example, the surviving Parks family is still there in Kansas today.
      They’re Obama’s cousins and we have to go make videos with them.
      Spread their testimonies about Obama on Internet and on all media.
      Nobody knows anything about Obama and we’re just fumbling and stumbling around with no clear direction.
      These Hawaii and Kenya births are all wild goose chases Obama’s set up as a rampart to protect himself.
      Why are people here at BIN so blind to not investigate important leads that are given to you?
      I understand most of the people here are paid disinformation shills paid by Obama.
      But I have the illusion that there’s maybe just even one honest brave and truth-loving person among those here.
      In the last eight years, I’ve not seen much of that person.
      It’s been mostly lies, deceit and betrayal on all sides.
      No truth has come out of this so far.
      All liars will burn eternally in hell says the Bible.

      Obama’s third cousin Linda Joy Adams is the one spreading this information about Barry Parks on Internet at her blog
      She says Obama probably doesn’t know his real name himself.
      It was hidden from him to protect him against the KKK in Kansas that will try to get him as they killed his father Jim T. Parks.

      • Big dog.../small fish...


        • King of Shambhala

          Don’t listen to paid Obama shills like Big dog…/small fish…an HIv-infested homo who’s been trolling my articles for years and made countelss death threats and I got him banned from BIN. (his handle was ‘Dogonneit’)
          he wants people to not investigate Obama’s name Barry Parks.
          Investigate it and save your souls or you’ll burn eternally along with Obama’s paid shills working for Obama aka The Devil; they’re the prophecied false christs, aka Minions of Satan etc…so follow me, … coz I’m the truth and I’m the Way.
          Don’t listen to the anonymous homos-trolls infesting BIN, they’re demonics as predicted in the Bible that would come in the end times.

          • King of Shambhala

            Now Trump’s taken out the media.
            Obama’s going to get 100 000s years in jail.
            Pamela Geller fights Islam/Obama.

    • wiseoldlady

      Thank you Pam for adding this very good news conference.

    • Anonymous

      nice guy best president ever so far

      cnn bbc abc the worst crap ive ever heard

    • Martus

      This anti Trump disease is global and even school kids (yr12) in other countries are told to write anti Trump essays.

      That is the level of infiltration the Masonic organizations and other secret squirrels have achieved throughout the world and it is interesting to note that many of our politicians are gay and pushing the gay agenda of the gay antichrist.

      The power structure seems to be Mother lodge in London + other specialist groups run by/ruled by the Royal gartr whose head is the ruling monar.

      So who is this gay AC.

      Search do a search on google for “Prince Savior World” to see who he is.


    • King of Shambhala

      All the shills posting in these comments are frauds.
      Why among all the tens of thousands reading these articles aren’t there any to spread the real news?
      Why is no one speaking about Obama’s real name Barry Parks, what is wrong with you people, are you sick in the heads?

    • King of Shambhala

      There’s a thing that mmust be made perfectly clear here.
      If you spread the news of Obama’s real name of Barry Parks, you’ll go to eternal heaven.
      If you hesitate or sit on the fence, then you’ll burn eternally in hell’s lake of fire and sulfur said the Bible, did you register that?

    • King of Shambhala

      You’ll burn eternally in hell’s lake of fire and sulfur if you don’t spread the news Obama’s real name is Parks and nothing you can say or do will change that.
      Your choice is hell or heaven.
      Hurry to save yourselves or burn and don’t complain about it, because I warned you.

    • King of Shambhala

      Hurry to save yourselves.
      You have a few seconds left.
      If you’ve not reacted yet, you’re too late.

      • Geeper

        A few seconds, huh? Okay, nobody wants your French koolaid.

        Does that mean you’ll stop spamming this thread and shut up now?

        • King of Shambhala

          Geeper’s an HIV-infested homo who’s been trolling BIN for years and supports Obama’s homo agenda. Obama’s the Antichrist which means he’s the Abominaiton meaning a homo.
          Geeper’s also a reporter so he’s banned from attacking other reporters like me.
          Report him to the admins for breaching terms of service.
          French koolaid isn’t an insult for Americans.
          Lafayette was French and helped Washington win his battles.
          But furthermore, the French assisted the Americans in the Battle of Chesapeake and the Siege of Yorktown whree the French led the battle and won the victory for the Americans.
          The Americans would be tribals now or else English or Mexican unless France hadn’t stepped in and won the day for America.
          If America exists today it’s because the French wished it to exist as it is today.

          Obama’s fraud is thus also a creation of France and it’s the shame of France.
          Obama’s the greatest criminal of the history of the world and it’s France’s shame too.
          The shils infesting these comments are responsible for the Rule of the Antichrist Obama because no one is standing up to be counted among the chosen.
          No one is standing up to spread the message that Obama’s real name is Barry Parks so that means that the rule of the Antichrist Obama was anabled by the Silence of the Lambs of the shills infesting these comments.
          None of you stand up to be counted by spreading the message of truth. By being silent you enable Obama and the Mob.
          Why is no one standing up RIGHT NOW to reveal Obama’s real name? Why is no one standing up to reveal Obama’s dad’s real name Jim T. Parks? Why are you all silent? You’ll burn eternally in hell’s lake of fire and sulfur said the Bible.
          You’ll be thrown into hell because yo’ure responsible for not speaking up.

    • King of Shambhala

      Trump Toys with Reporters at Press Conference Today. Dutch Right-Wing Approves Trump: “Islam = Nazism” (Video)

      • King of Shambhala

        I’m the Messiah.
        Obama’s the Antichrist.
        Hurry to spread the news or be doomed for all Eternity and burn in hell says the Bible.

        • King of Shambhala

          The shills trolling me a Christian false christs: Jesus said to turn away from anyone claiming to speak in his name and say they’re Christians in the end times.
          My belief is different because those shills are also Leftists and defend the homo Obama.
          My belief is can find it’s origin rather in a Christianity mixed with Buddhism such as my relative Royal Count Tolstoy who’s creed was called “Christian Anarchism” and which rejects Communist Leftists wholesale (although I’m a Buddhist covnert and 150% Buddhist exclusively).

    • truther357

      Our President… Our HERO .. went after Our ENEMY ‘WITHIN’.. and gave them a good kick in the nuts! …Oh..that’s right.. these low life, pro-terrorist ‘COWARDS’ don’t have ‘BALLS!’
      So.. What the hell is the holdup? They are not on Our side!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




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