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Deep State About to Unleash Everything They've Got Soon +Videos

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Bertrand Daily Report The War For Our Mind & Soul Continues
By Capt. Dave Bertrand, Ret.

The power house behind the Democratic Party and the DNC is an organization called “America Votes.” Their supporters and affiliates are far and wide in the battle for “Progressive Change” which actually means “Socialism” on steroids. George Soros is the main donor and he mobilized “America Votes” with billions of dollars to install Hillary Clinton into the White House. George Soros and the DNC placed all their bets on Hillary Clinton to be the next president as early as when she was Secretary of State. All her maneuvering and scandals are indicative for a BIG WIN that did not happen.
The “America Votes” organization uses the same similar propaganda tactics as the “Southern Poverty Law Center” by focusing on minorities (only) while projecting a sense of sympathy and solutions created from lies and deception(s). The socialists say they are for the working family…..but lowering taxes and an increase in take-home pay doesn’t do it for them, but higher taxes (in their minds) will help the minority worker.
While working minorities are secretly happy with more money in their pockets and beginning to show “more support for President Trump,” according to the Atlantic Magazine polls, the DEMS are under-funded, no leadership and desperate to take-down this president.
The “Deep State” are about to unleash everything they’ve got soon…..
Preying on (exploiting) minorities fears and indecisiveness is exactly what the organization does. The Marxist Communist Model for workers is a mixed-bag of socialist models that vary from country to country. In America, the push for socialism has been around for over a century and nearly went full-blown speed if Hillary Clinton had won. Therefore…the battle for a “Progressive” socialist community structured for appeasing minorities, paid for by anyone or a family with an income above $40,000 a year….is the push for 2018/20.
The socialist plan to put a lid on corporate profits and/or share those profits with the workforce, is in theory great for minorities that will never see themselves as entrepreneurs, but especially advantageous for the immigrant, legal or illegal, that will see little to no social security at age 67 and will have to rely on welfare, free housing and EBT food stamps controlled by a communist regime.
In contrast, the Capitalist idea for a means of production is to “Make America Great Again” by allowing the business community to expand, hire and provide the necessary benefits to their workforce without (later) draining the economy through welfare benefits. By limiting welfare to those that cannot survive otherwise will always be available, but not under past policies by corrupt presidents to use welfare as a means for enticing political support of their voting base.
Socialist / Communist politicians that enter service with thousands of dollars in their bank accounts and after a couple years become millionaires, is not the result of Capitalism, but use Capitalism as a means for scamming the tax payer by exploiting minorities (and foreign leaders) for bogus humanitarian (ex. Haiti) disasters, the creation of wars abroad in the name of “Democracy,” while being the paid liaison in crooked deals involving phony contracts and defense spending. Then comes the money laundering and “favors due” from high level law enforcement types when they get caught.
The FBI and DoJ of the Obama hold-overs are now being investigated…..
The struggle in America (now) is when there are 30 to 40 million illegal aliens that came from a socialist country that did nothing for them, but are in America promised everything under the sun by socialist / progressives in suits and ties….ONLY concerned about maintaining power.
As to the outcome, we are seeing an aggressive administration ready to remove those that should not be in the United States, the clean-up of corruption, killings, and drug dealing by the MS-13 gangs nationwide, and soon the arrest of sanctuary city leaders for “Obstruction of Justice.” ALL those mentioned here have the backing and support by Democrat Socialist / Communists, but as we will see soon, they themselves are going-down.
In the end, the Congress will have to decide on how to effectively deal with DACA and others that will be allowed to remain in the United States.
“The social relations of socialism are characterized by the working class effectively owning the means of production and the means of their livelihood, either through cooperative enterprises or by public ownership”
America Votes, which works “with over 400 state and national partner organizations to advance progressive policies, win elections, and protect every American’s right to vote,” has received millions in funding from Soros.”
“America Votes is working to improve election systems and fight back against efforts to suppress voters.”
And we saw how that worked very well for Bernie Sanders.
“Our work (America Votes) has brought together a wide range of causes and built a unified coalition that has transformed how theprogressive community works.” In other words….Socialist Communism.
Take a look at the list of what we as Americans are up against.
“While I am confident Trump will lose the presidential election and lose badly, neither the country nor progressives can afford even a moment of complacency. We must mobilize as never before because winning the White House is not nearly enough.” –AV President Greg Speed
To sum it all up….the socialist movement / Democrat Party are in free-fall and completely broke. They have very little influence in government and those still talking are seeing their favorite people going-down. For now…socialism and communism is D.O.A. in America and there’s “New Sheriff in Town.”
If George Soros is not already in an orange jumpsuit at GITMO….his arrest for TREASON must happen soon.
—Dave Bertrand 
Note: The latest news about the Twitter scandal has affected this news brief (BDR) by censoring in a manner that will force me to de-activate the account and possibly create a one or two page website for posting(s). The BDR will continue as normal…..

Podesta and Huma Emails About George Soros Dinner

From: John Podesta [mailto:[email protected]] Sent: Tuesday, October 07, 2014 04:23 PM Eastern Standard Time To: Huma Abedin Subject: RE: NEED QUICK FEEDBACK: Invitation from America Votes Loretta lynch? On Oct 7, 2014 3:39 PM, “Huma Abedin” <[email protected]<mailto:[email protected]>> wrote:
talked to john he agrees with you ________________________________ From: [email protected]<mailto:[email protected]> [[email protected]<mailto:[email protected]>] Sent: Tuesday, October 07, 2014 11:21 AM To: Huma Abedin Cc: Robert Mook ([email protected]<mailto:[email protected]>); John Podesta ([email protected]<mailto:[email protected]>) Subject: Re: NEED QUICK FEEDBACK:
Invitation from America Votes
I would only do this for political reasons (ie to make Soros happy) It’s very unclear to me how much AV will matter next cycle. And I haven’t seen then adding any value this cycle. I also worry a little it will cause donor confusion vis a vis Priorities. On Oct 7, 2014, at 11:11 AM, Huma Abedin <[email protected]<mailto:[email protected]>> wrote:
She is having dinner with George Soros tonight. Do you know much about America Votes? As Greg Speed explained to me, they are the coordinated campaign for various outside groups. Soros is a big supporter of the group and hes going to ask her tonight if she will come to a fundraiser for them at his house in December. Thoughts?
From: Greg Speed [[email protected]<mailto:[email protected]>] Sent: Tuesday, September 16, 2014 11:42 AM To: Huma Abedin Cc: Lona Valmoro ([email protected]<mailto:[email protected]>); Evan Kost Subject: Invitation from America Votes Hi Huma (and Lona):
It was wonderful to see you last week. Thanks so much again for making the time in a very, very busy week. Attached is an invitation for Secretary Clinton to join us at an evening reception at the home of George Soros in December. We would be thrilled to have her serve as honored guest and speaker at this gathering of our top supporters honoring America Votes’ work over the past 10 years and looking forward to the next decade. Thanks so much in advance for your and the Secretary’s consideration of this request. We are now holding dates at Mr. Soros’ home in the middle of the month (Dec. 15-17) and hope we can find a mutually agreeable date during that window if possible or an alternative. Please let us know if we can provide any further information, address any questions, etc. Thanks very much again and look forward to talking again soon.
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    • unidentified

      why dont they get rid of the electoral college so this doesnt happen again

    • Firmament Does Exist

      Right? It was much better when the cia plant Muslim homosexual and his transvestite pretend wife were in charge!

    • Everette

      The Media wants to talk about Russian collusion , but fails to remember Obama and Hillary kissed Russia’s ass for awhile . Check out executive orders in May 2012 when Obama ordered 15,000 special force Russian troops to protect him from American people . And Hillary setting up urainium delieveries to them . Treason !!! Now let’s talk about George Soros foreign NWO vatican natzi Esau ( not Jacob Israel ) Edomite ass kisser collusion ! Someone tell me what the hell is the difference with someone with billions of dollars aiding Hillary not being a citizen of America and setting up riots for Trump , Pushing Media advertisements and lies ! Trumps collusion has not be found ! Obama’s and Hillary’s collusion with Russia , Soros and the vatican natzi’s has been found . It’s time we brake out one of Obama’s ordered China guilotines (30,000) and have it placed in front of the Capitol building . Then after proof of Treason ( which will not be hard to do ) allow Obama and Hillary to draw straws to see who goes first . Cut their scum ass heads off ! It’s time for those of the deep state to get ready for their ends ! GOD has prophesied of their ends ! So it has been written , so it shall be done ! They have just a short time left !

    • AJ

      I enjoy mostly your post but just am asking why you call yourself captain? I know boat captains always for some reason call themselves this but I have been a captain for the largest airline in the world for 30 + years and after retiring flown for overseas airlines and own my jets but nobody ever calls me Captain….I never knew a pilot that addresses him/herself as Captain. Just wondering if it’s a small penis thing??

      • dakota

        I hate to say it but I did laugh at your funny comment.

        However, you may have been too hard on him. It could have been John Rolls, Reporter, who wrote
        “By Capt. Dave Bertrand, Ret.” so you’d know something about him.

        If you notice, Bertrand did not sign off that way at the end.

        Bertand signed off as “—Dave Bertrand”.

        No penis problem here, but I do know that your mind is in the gutter, and wonder what you are hoping for and may not get on Valentine’s Day.

    • Soulutionaries Media Network

      Secret High Level Satanic Deepstate PedoGate Operatives who have secretly been running ’Operation Mockingbird’ Productions inside Major Global Mainstream Media TV Networks/Outlets & Production Houses Linked To Global Intelligence Units, Are Secretly Behind Other Major False Flags. In The Must See video below Their Diabolical Plot to use Nukes To cause Mass genocide upon the Mass Public is Fully Exposed.

      This Top Secret British Satanic Crime Syndicate Operates ’Globally’ with other DeepState links in America & Worldwide. Therefore, This Dire Situation Effects People Of All Countries  Worldwide. make No Mistake The Evidence Clearly Shows That The Threat Is Real. Therefore,  Mass Exposure Is Urgently Needed to Flush Out All The Key Hidden Deepstate Ringleaders Immediately. We Know due to our ‘Sounding The Alarm’ Some are on the run and even ‘Faking Their Own Death’ to escape being caught & Facing Just Punishment!!!

      So All Warriors With Platforms Who Can Help To Get The Word Out Is  Very Much Appreciated

      Thank You

      Soulutionaries Media Network




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