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Greg Hunter: Red Tsunami After Earthquake of Mass Arrests – Mark Taylor Video

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By Greg Hunter’s (This takes the place of the Weekly News Wrap-Up for 11.9.18)

Mark Taylor, author of the popular book “The Trump Prophecies,” says what happened in the 2018 midterm elections is just the beginning of the coming “Red Tsunami” that was predicted in one of his prophecies. Taylor explains, “This election is not over. This election is going to be ongoing for a while now. The Lord said there was going to be a ‘Red Tsunami.’ We had a red wave. That’s what we had. We took the Senate and we added seats in the Senate. That was the goal of the whole thing. Don’t forget we had six states flip red for governorships. Why is that important? Because of the state Supreme Court justices they are going to appoint. Florida alone has three of them coming up. Why is that important? Because when Roe v. Wade gets overturned, it gets kicked back to the states.”

Taylor goes on to say, “What does it take to create a tsunami? It takes an earthquake. This is where God is saying this election is not over. This ‘Red Tsunami’ has to be started by an earthquake. We had the red wave. The earthquake is Jeff Sessions stepping aside. The delay is over. They are going after these people hard. For two years, I have been saying the mass arrests are coming. I have been saying the Army of God better be ready to take their place when these mass arrests happen. There is going to be a ton of job openings in D.C. That’s the tsunami. The rumblings of the earthquake already started when Sessions was moved out. Now, we’ve got a new prosecutor coming in, or Attorney General. This is what’s going to start the earthquake, and the tsunami is going to happen when the mass arrests take place. That’s the ‘Red Tsunami’ right there.”

On the mainstream media (MSM), Taylor also predicts, “The news media is going to be gutted. God is done with the news media. When Donald Trump says the fake news is the enemy of the people, he is absolutely correct. The mind control going out from the news media is incredible. This is why I tell people to stop listening to the mainstream media. God is going to gut this news media, and I can almost guarantee you there are a lot of indictments for people in the news media with their names on it.”

Taylor also says there are going to be some hard times coming. Taylor says, “Are we going to go through some hard times with the civil unrest? This is a transition we are in, taking our country back basically for God and for the people. There is going to be a little upheaval, and we are going to have to weather through it. God is still on the throne and is in control. Everyone wants to point the finger and say this is Donald Trump’s agenda. No, it is not. This is God’s agenda. We have been asking the Lord for decades for justice, and justice is about to reign supreme on the earth.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Mark Taylor, author of “The Trump Prophecies.”

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After the Interview:

You can read all of all of Mark Taylor’s prophecies he says come from God the Father by clicking here. Mark Taylor also puts new prophecies he gets on this page. You can buy a copy of “The Trump Prophecies” by clicking here.

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    • Anonymous

      We are sorry to report that there won’t be any mass arrests today. Or any other day for that matter. LOL, I guess there are still 75,000 indictments floating around however. These can be used just like Cottonelle toilet paper, though, so all is not lost. :smile:

      • Central Scrutinizer

        The 75,000 Cottonelle Indictments are currently being relocated to a non-descript underground Wal-Mart / FEMA facility, where (shocking!!!) 75,000 guillotines are now located. They are set to be used to wipe off the blades of said machines when ‘da Killing Commences’ in 3…..2……1……1/2…….1/3……..1/4………1/8……… (You get the idea). :mrgreen:

        • Anonymous

          UPVOTE ^^^^^ :smile:

    • Icfourfour4

      I believe !!!

    • Jay

      Anything is possible but it seems like this fellow is just doubling down. Wasn’t he the guy who said Hag Hillary would go to jail. I’m from Missouri on this one.

    • jesvideo

      I support and believe Mark Taylor. I can tell a man of God when I hear him. I myself had a dream over a year ago now in which God told me he was going to expose the evil and he was going to deal with the Churches and our Government. God wants a revival and he wants the Churchs to preach his message of salvation through Jesus. Now many Churches have become nothing more then social clubs afraid to offend members by bringing up that they need to be saved. God is going to close the doors of those Churches that refuse to tell his message. Their memberships will dwindle and their doors will be closed because they are not able to financially continue. The Churches that preach Gods message of salvation through Jesus Christ will flourish. God wants a revival and it is necessary to weed out those Churches that refuse to bring people to Jesus.




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