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Paradise Lost: "This Is Mass Murder"; The Victims Speak Out and Share Their Stories - Must See Video

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Published on Dec 1, 2018

Rebeca Cobb3 days ago

I walked outside at 630 am to take my dog out half the sky was clear and half looked like orange and rain clouds. The us milatary came in and threw a cluster of bombs on the town direct energy weapon sprays a dust of aluminum and it burns fast and hot it incinerates any and everything metals people houses everything but what grows out of the ground . That is why all trees were still standing and all the trees were way dead from the chemtrails they spray our atmosphere everyday and night all over the world slowly killing us. Manipulate Ate the weather and depopulate there was no warning they wanted all of us to die. PGE called 7 times the night before the fire telling us the power would be shut off due to 40 mi hr winds . I know for a fact there was no wind all Wensday night and all day on the day of fire. Maybe a 2 mi hr wind for a brief second but that’s it.


8018bren42 minutes ago

I pray people turn their lives over to God before it’s too late. WE are living in a highly deceptive time in the history of mankind IN which the rich and powerful Satanic Globalist plan to control and enslave everyone and take over the world for Satan. They could care less who gets killed in the process when they want to de-populate the world anyway of billions of people.

James B

James B42 minutes ago

So far it seems the Democrats are responsible for this problem, working with other agencies, organizations, and most likely governments. The UN is most likely involved also.

Tommy Gunz

Tommy Gunz42 minutes ago

China owns a lot of it now . It’s all a way to get us out and soon it will be Chinese buildings

ann mccarthy

ann mccarthy52 minutes ago

Why is trump not saying anything about this

Keith Sager

Keith Sager1 hour ago

How did you get current google earth images? I went on Google Pro and my images are from May 2018, so I cannot see current Paradise CA devastation.

Rio Thomas

Rio Thomas1 hour ago (edited)

The town called Paradise, the town that wouldn’t allow their town to be usurped by corporate entities. Sad very sad. I can’t see the date on that paper you have on the video. Is that a recent paper?

Thomas Jefferson

Thomas Jefferson1 hour ago

THE PEOPLE OF CALIFORNIA CAN’T BE SAVED,they vote in one commie demonrat after another,THEIR probably the most hated people on earth,WHY,because they think they’ll save the planet by destroying it and killing everyone but them,NOW their own military is destroying them,and their all pussies and queers,who suck off anything the police gangs tell them…..

Julie Lovestrees

Julie Lovestrees1 hour ago

Sorry when there is fire your reaction is flee…period

Julie Lovestrees

Julie Lovestrees1 hour ago

I heard blue is methane

Julie Lovestrees

Julie Lovestrees1 hour ago

I almost moved there trying to flee sonomas over priced rent and lack of jobs years ago.

DeMo 696

DeMo 6961 hour ago

The photo in the 8:46 minute you guys Dont see the image i of Giant people please say yes look close the image

Korina Henry

Korina Henry1 hour ago

listening about the tree at Kmart igniting made me think about this company called “growth solutions” that showed up at my house this summer. I live in weed California. I have an apple tree in my front yard that had been trimmed away from the power lines about a month prior to this incident. According to this company they were also ‘concerned’ with the growth of this tree and he explained they were putting some sort of a metal cable down through the trunk of the tree. I smarted off about how they were just going to kill the tree. Looking back I think it may have been something far more sinister going on.

Jayde Smith

Jayde Smith2 hours ago



bigwaverider2 hours ago

Antone who believes this nonsince is crazy


C”mon man2 hours ago

Cant give up taking down the fence, even though you will have to do it again tomorrow. If it comes down to who will give up first?

Amy Combs Baker

Amy Combs Baker2 hours ago (edited) “ They “ have all of Tesla’s advanced energy devices , actually Trump’s uncle , John Trump went into Tesla NY Hotel room with the CIA to confiscate Tesla’s works … Also interesting to note his Uncle was a scientist that worked at MIT … This is advanced weaponized tech stolen from Tesla , used secretly by our government officials / military . Absolutely no doubt !

Doris Allison

Doris Allison3 hours ago

I’m so sorry this was done to yall!!!to die by a fire is the most horrible death ever.those poor children.was this a sacrifice to satan?

Shhh H

Shhh H3 hours ago

nicely done RFB, great watch.

Sylvia Fashant

Sylvia Fashant3 hours ago

did someone say FEMA.EMERGENCY. SERVICES vehicles? FEMA EmergencyServices showing up in critical situations…out of no.where…& local authorities NO.WHERE.

Robert Stoll

Robert Stoll3 hours ago


Artsy Chic

Artsy Chic4 hours ago

I’m beginning to think that if you live anywhere with the name paradise in it or is considered paradise watch out. While watching this video I recalled the 2018 Big Island Volcano. ..Hawaii is considered paradise, a good portion of the island and a town called Hawaiian Paradise park was inundated by lava, now Paradise California Is Gone.. makes you think yeah? If you live anywhere that’s considered paradise or has paradise in the name you might want to rethink that. I Saw a video today where a man recalls the paradise fire and how all his friends had burned in their cars just a few feet from him, but because of prayer he and his car and dogs were spared. The Bible says Satans time is short.. I think he’s sending us a message.The Bible says in Revelation 9:4 They were told not to hurt the grass of the earth, nor any green thing, nor any tree, but only the men who do not have the seal of God on their foreheads. Just my observation.

Daniel Jenn

Daniel Jenn4 hours ago

Wow, great upload. I’d like to save a few segments to my computer for FB…

Alvin Colbert

Alvin Colbert4 hours ago

I hear there were super black Aliens…with Ray guns…and spaceship.its a super black Alien invade earth…attacking all white Area..its over for white people the super black Aliens are here…

David palkow

David palkow4 hours ago

I’ve been saying that all along it’s funny the whole town is wiped out but nothing around it is burned

Sheri Lynn

Sheri Lynn4 hours ago (edited)

APLANETRUTH Please don’t sensationalize further… he said he didn’t even look into the school bus, why ask him if he believed there were children inside – his belief is irrelevent. That’s the kind of crap that Deborah Tavares did in one of her most recent videos – can’t watch her anymore – she clearly slanted the words of the people she interviewed and edited their comments to make them appear relevant. Please don’t go down that road. This guest’s story is compelling enough without embellishing. Love and appreciate your work, please keep your standards high.

Living The Humboldt Life

Living The Humboldt Life4 hours ago

all these nut jobs in the comments need to be shot as well,simple mined fucks believe in anything and deny the actual facts and cause,I guess it is fun to make shit up and ignore that power lines started this fire, you kind of people make me sick and i wish i could get my hands on you lames,fuckin choke the life outta you!!

Living The Humboldt Life

Living The Humboldt Life4 hours ago

you’re a pile of dog shit along with the other fruity nut jobs, literally a pg&e issues that started this fire,I hope you get robbed and shot in the face you punk ass bitch,blow your brains all over the floor you’re a waste of air!!!

Jacques Couture

Jacques Couture4 hours ago

get real people….get a life….hate you fear monger stupid people

kay poyiadgis

kay poyiadgis5 hours ago

revelation 7 verse 3 it is prophesied to happen


uraqtpie25 hours ago (edited)

Can you make a meme with the PG&E wants to kill image ?

Erik Schiegg5 hours ago

«And he did great signs, so that he made also fire to come down from heaven unto the earth in the sight of men. And he seduced them that dwell on the earth, for the signs, which were given him to do in the sight of the beast, saying to them that dwell on the earth, that they should make the image of the beast, which had the wound by the sword, and lived. And it was given him to give life to the image of the beast, and that the image of the beast should speak; and should cause, that whosoever will not adore the image of the beast, should be slain. And he shall make all, both little and great, rich and poor, freemen and bondmen, to have a character in their right hand, or on their foreheads. And that no man might buy or sell, but he that hath the character, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name. Here is wisdom. He that hath understanding, let him count the number of the beast. For it is the number of a man: and the number of him is six hundred sixty-six.» Apocalypse Revelation 13:13

Grumpy Hermit

Grumpy Hermit5 hours ago

15:25 – Molten aluminum on the road. These pics remind me of all the cars that “melted” a block or more away from the WTC on 9/11, even though everything around them was not burned or covered in debris.


Mazlv385 hours ago

The Israeli government in Israeli are the owners of United States. And government are killing you off. Wake up..

Jude Robinson

Jude Robinson5 hours ago

So the US military killing their own people? So who is in control of your military ? Certainly not your president.

Lee Vincent

Lee Vincent5 hours ago

At least we can shoot down those patronizing UFOs now :D 

Jason Webb

Jason Webb6 hours ago

Scary, Looks like The Day After

Charity For Earth

Charity For Earth6 hours ago

I’m really sick of this messing around with peoples lives….what the heck can we do to stop this MURDER???? God bless all who died. May you forgive the bastards who killed you for your own sake and peace of mind.

William Hanlon

William Hanlon6 hours ago

A lot of conspiracy nuts here.

craig nichols

craig nichols7 hours ago

the sierra club does such great work they want you all out of the forest so they can all burn

Sage 1123

Sage 11237 hours ago (edited)

Project blue beam, anyone? Mud Floods and how dirt, comes up through the ground, and pictures of 2800 look odd, like the one on my page I point out.


nickiz17 hours ago

Gas lines

David palkow

David palkow4 hours ago

I’ve been saying that all along it’s funny the whole town is wiped out but nothing around it is burned

Truth Freeman

Truth Freeman7 hours ago

could these pep[;e, homes, cars, be deliberateTargets - by drones with military in some office (like playing a 'Game' aiming at them to kill. and could it be experimental -new ?ideas/ ammunitions. ?be made with Thermite as the TT's? ; as the YT's that show military killing in the middle east. America or the Lobbyists (not to mention Israel) who setup FFlags? Those "fires" are too weird; they're not accidents are they. Are people Thinking and Questioning with possible Answers?..... Yes i've just got to that part. so ao terrible.

James Brozik

James Brozik7 hours ago

I don't know all the details but Hillary Clinton had some years ago gave China emanate domain of California and Hawaii. It was against debt or something. May have something to do with the fires?????

Global Watcher

Global Watcher8 hours ago

God help them people, the people doing this are psychopaths & very SICK my heart goes out to these people.?#

Rosemarie wallsten

Rosemarie wallsten8 hours ago

justice must be given to the victims . the truth shall be uncovered !!

Brian Schwerin

Brian Schwerin9 hours ago

RIP to all the innocent of the world who fall to tyrannical corp commy govs. 😑

adam schwait

adam schwait9 hours ago

Keep falsely accusing Jews or linking bad pagan Satanists to good Jews and your GOD will begin to judge u 4 propaganda against the innocent

Scripted Sports ToThePoint

Scripted Sports ToThePoint9 hours ago

god damn we cannot let these ass hole get away with murder this can happen to all of us

Linda MacLeod Goodman

Linda MacLeod Goodman9 hours ago

The before & after image at :33 starkly reveals the goal, imo.

adam schwait

adam schwait9 hours ago

This tragedy will not be overlooked , nor underinvestigated by ME!!!! All my condolences, LOVE Adam Michael :

nicholas keating

nicholas keating10 hours ago (edited)

Check out Dr Judy Woods work on 9/11 and compare her findings to what it looks like on the ground here. Notice the lack of debris and how even the pine needles didnt burn..

Watch me eat/ Fat, belly dancer

Watch me eat/ Fat, belly dancer10 hours ago

Where are the 600 missing ppl? Anyone worried about where they have been taken?


Fodor11 hours ago

America is great again with dew. amen you all. no fk brain.

Mary Elkins

Mary Elkins12 hours ago (edited)

They want people out of California that’s what they want this is right out murder.Police better wake up in California I’m sure they have families anybody with eyes to see can tell what is happening here.Sorry for the families that have lost love ones.This needs to be stopped now.

Rick Hinojosa

Rick Hinojosa12 hours ago

Outstanding information. God bless you all, truth warriors.


THEY LIVE12 hours ago

In the past countries signed genocide treaties which meant they could not genocide their own people. Now under a Corporate NWOrder umbrella/pyramid corporate government figure they can genocide their corporate own/owned citizens/persons. Youtube; Genocide Treaty Deborah Tavares Search: Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars PDF



My lines have been cut. I can tell you how every town in the world can generate their own renewable electricity at all levels for almost free. Heat, light, and transportation. I do not want anything but to get this information out to anyone who wants it. Does anyone hear me out there? Can anyone hear me out there?? The fuel to all this evil you post gets its energy from oil. You need to hear this before I am offed. (remove these brackets and words to access) ch?v=Krq64TF8r3Y&

Caroline Kuo

Caroline Kuo13 hours ago

Where’s the photos of these chemtrails?

Rob K

Rob K14 hours ago

How many forest fire aftermaths have you seen that didn't burn the trees, only man made houses and cars.

Rexx Roberts

Rexx Roberts15 hours ago

this is your fascist,zionist,satanist,governments[trump is the swamp-truth media]

Lee Vincent

Lee Vincent15 hours ago

Please read my post below, it absolutely supports the theory that much of this is being caused by lasers etc. My company does some work in this area.


mariaj15 hours ago

Californians wake up! They want to. bring in agenda 21! Red cross global elite contolled! People need to start fighting back against these criminals before they destroy our entire state.

Maya Solis

Maya Solis16 hours ago

Thank you for going up and doing this interview. This is so hugely important!! These people are humans and this is so fricken wrong. I am so fed up with this. I am taking to the streets with signs telling people to wake up. This information has to get out to everyone. My sense tells me that Sacrament (o) is next on the list with an earthquake.I will share this with everyone I know. Thank you for being someone who gives a damn.

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    • Mike

      They are going to implement their agenda 21 plan whether you like it or not.

      It has begun. Everyone living in a no human zone will be targeted. What starts in Ca always spread across the rest of the country. Hope everyone is paying attention.

    • Anonymous

      the makers of 911




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