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Q Operation: Martial Law Coming Soon? Critical Information!! Spread Far & Wide Immediately - A Must Video

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Published on Dec 24, 2018

One of the greatest events in Human History may happen over the 2018 Holidays!! Q annon is real!

MegaFunTV Toys1 day ago

Love from Italy. Americans will save us for second time. I wouldn t never forget that. God bless the Patriots and Mr President Trump.

hadi fehlauer

hadi fehlauer1 day ago

Trust your President.🤗He is doing more for Constitution and Patriots than our chancellor in Germany,who already has sold us out. Germany and Europe will never experience that great chance of history,as you Americans are given now. Fight for your liberty. GOD bless Trump,who hopefully will stop the DEW weapons,also applied on innocently blacklisted TIs in Germany, owed to Obama’s and kabale’s greedy slowkillerprograms. I am sure Mr Trump will establish a 2nd Nuernberg trial in the USA and bring back correct life to the States. There must be some good Generals/intels still somewhere or? They cannot ALL have blindly followed the kabale? Where are the loyal ones hiding? Please, go and protect and support your reborn constitution,asap.🌲 Only then, European countries would learn imo. PLEASE Mr. President TRUMP, stop these Obama DEW killing weapons. It is everything out of co trol in Europe,now.

George Ayers

George Ayers1 day ago

As a Q ANON do not panic, just comply while we gather up Deep State operatives. Your going to be ok. This is the second biggest thing ever to happen in history II to Jesus Christ! Not saying that POTUS, Q, or we the Q ANON civilian digital Force are any gods, but this whole operation is definitely heaven sent for We the People to regain our freedom and liberty! Q Anon where we go one we go all in Jesus name amen and amen

P J Hunter

P J Hunter1 day ago (edited)

I have been saying this for over a year now… once I found Q. I took that red pill back in 1992, when I got on the internet then… only driven by commands… to read the documents of William Cooper (aka Bill Cooper). One day we will All thank his family for his bravery and his oath to protect and defend from both domestic and foreign. Anyway. I have been saying… if you are not praying constantly you are not fully awake… and if you are not following Q, you are missing the show. My three favorite sites… are a mix… there are many channels… search youtube…. deceptionbytes, McAllister TV and Net4Truth TV. When Q says these folks are sick… that is an understatement. Cannibals hooked on adrenalized blood… they are into human sacrificing for power. And some may call them pedophiles also… that too is being too kind… they are pedovores. You have to learn a new word. JFK was after them… and got assassinated. JFK Jr was after them too.. guess what JFK Jr and some white hats came up with a plan… we are in that plan now. Q says they have everything…. says they have the servers… note plural.. servers. And Hillary’s would have all the blackmail evidence they have on everyone…. When Q says they have everything… They got these guys going back to 911 and every other false flag there is. They got them all the way back to Kennedy… and beyond that. Like I said I had followed Cooper… but really never got it about the illuminati… till 2015…. I read their book… indoctrination of you and me book. (ILLUMINATIAM). And at the same time I put it together about the Pedophilia etc… and finally got that it was not pedophilia.. but that these sick fucks are doing sacred rituals… to get high and sex yes… they eat the victim and are addicted to the adrenalized blood… for Power from their Baal/Lucifer/Satan. Psychopaths do not begin to describe these folks. And 60,000 will be a good dent. Q said there will be a day they can not walk the streets. God help them… I think they are going to Hell. Study the history of the Khazars…. and Blood Libel… to understand these sickos. Same people. Search Youtube… Vicki 1989 Oprah, Hampstead Kids…. both stories confirm each other… then Cathy Obrien… then Kay Griggs…. And there are so many… but those are the main ones to get a good idea… of just what I am trying to explain. When I got this all in 2015-6…. especially after those emails Seth Rich leaked and was then killed…. the Podesta emails with the words the FBI says are Pedophile terms etc. Reading those emails… you get the drift.. it takes no genius… no FBI no CIA… no NSA… to see Podesta once you read some of his emails…. and then just google Podesta Art… .it takes no genius to see just what you are looking at… fine art paintings of little kids being human trafficked… OK I said it. It takes no genius to just open your eyes. These folks have all been out in front of us all along. Once I got that Bill Clinton had pardoned Pedophile Epstein his last day in office… and that Bill Clinton had flown the Epstein jet called… the Lolita Express… 26 times to pedophile Epstein’s sex slave island. You can not make this shit up… flights are well documented. Well… I finally got that Bill is a pedophile…. and really with all those emails of Podesta etc… And somewhere there are compilations of peoples’s old tweets… and you can put it together… They are eating babies and little kids…. after severely sexually torturing the kids… of course… to get the most adrenalized blood…. which they consume. Sorry to spell it out for you folks…. Listen to Cathy Obrien… and Kay Griggs to get some idea of the scope.. and like I said Vicki 1989 Oprah.. is a short video but really has every detail. God help us all. Like I said if you are not praying you are not fully awake. God Bless Trump, JFK Jr and the Q Team. God help us all. Look when I put this together myself back in 2015… I said to myself… I said if I figured this out… the FBI, the CIA, the NSA whoever… they know and are doing nothing… and I got then that we had been taken over… I figured back to JFK. And I said to myself… this is huge… Our Only Hope is God… Well God is coming through… Thanks Be To God…. and like I said say a prayer for Trump, JFK Jr, and the Q team.

A Brit in the Philippines

A Brit in the Philippines2 days ago (edited)

Question,if they have seized 10 trillion why are they fighting over 5 Billion for a border wall ? only asking. Happy New Year I hope.


rblibit1 day ago (edited)

Couldn’t happen soon enough in my humble opinion. The whole Bush family is a criminal operation and the CIA is the machinery which carries out its will. The CIA must be DISMANTLED. This NOT about one party or the other. The Clintons, Obamas and others are in on the CRIME SPREE, too. So don’t hand us the “my party is the good one” crap. Both parties have been “controlled” for a very long time. We are simply DRAINING THE SEWER… (swamp is too good for them).


mitchegan1 day ago

Trump added 30 billion extra dollars to the defense department. Then starts sending troops home. Put 2 and 2 together and it makes sense.

Rodney Caupp

Rodney Caupp1 day ago

The existing system wasn’t going to last much longer. The Global Change, being directed toward re-establishing our Government, “of the people by the people for the people”, is way past due. My generation (I’m 68 yo), my parents generation and my grandparents , all live in American Hell, trying to worship a Rag Flag of their government. I can hardly wait to watch a few executions on line.

BC Stud

BC Stud1 day ago

69,405 sealed indictments – to take America First and then the World !


tattoo22442 days ago

Please let this be real and not another let down ‘ good luck american brothers and stay safe.. love from england

Steve A.

Steve A.1 day ago

Lets say this is all true, why would we not know that Bush was a traitor? this means the new order will be as secretive as the old order, if it’s our Country we should know who would do us harm, what are we kids. I like Trump and l hope all of this happens but l want to know” For the people By the people “


S J1 day ago

And…Who are you???? What is your background??? Why and How would you know this?

Louise Horn

Louise Horn1 day ago

The more people who wake up to the facts about Federal Reserve, the better. God speed. This video was comforting.

Sheila Curenton

Sheila Curenton1 day ago (edited)

WWG1WGA.WQKE. MerryCHRISTmas PatriotsWW. No matter what we have JESUS. Maranatha.


Dvora2 days ago

Great clip, Law… buckle up, it’s going down!!

Veronica Farias

Veronica Farias1 day ago

Beware of those taking a “negative” stance on the subject of potential civil unrest… We need to UNIFY! Not DIVIDE! I noticed some commentators attempting THE DIVIDE.

Ross Rain

Ross Rain1 day ago

Yes indeed , I’m awake and have known this for decades, heartbreaking shit to try and wake up the sheeple, nevertheless This will all come down in January 2019 will be our glorious year, thank you sir for your great work. God Bless us all and thank you God for Our Great President Trump. WWG1WGALL GO Qanon 😎❤️💖❣️I am informing People of your site 🙏

Paula Hornell

Paula Hornell1 day ago

Whatever it takes to return us to our Constitutional Republic. 🇺🇸

Frances James

Frances James1 day ago (edited)

Most of us already know this…..the ones following Q…..and those that knew something was very wrong for a very long time, I woke up after 9/11. Quit watching the news and go to the digital warriors that are now reporting the news.keep up the good work and keep informing those that aren’t awake. We need as many digital warriors as we can get !!! Thank Q ! WWG1WGA…..Q Sent Me !!!

Art Girl

Art Girl2 days ago

The Federal Reserve is totally UNCONSTITUTIONAL and needs to GO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

michael moore

michael moore1 day ago


Lynn Cuthbert

Lynn Cuthbert1 day ago

God Bless America! From the Uk.

Mona Lisa

Mona Lisa1 day ago

Just in time for our military to return from overseas. Let’s not wait too long, I’m ready.

Rafy Colon Hernadez

Rafy Colon Hernadez1 day ago

GOD bless Q, GOD bless America 🇺🇸 and God bless Donald Trump!!!🙏🙏🙏

Planets Today

Planets Today1 day ago

Thank you POTUS, white hats, patriots, Q, Anons and our Heavenly Father. May we stay safe & and successful in defeating the Deep state. God bless and Merry Christmas!🎄

Precious Gems

Precious Gems1 day ago


idreamyou1001 day ago

WOW! You have no idea how I needed to hear this. I am so isolated from everyone, because they think I’m crazy. I had a heart attack Nov. 24th. I thought I was healthy. I’m a CrossFitter. It was totally stress. I try to tell ppl about Q. They just turn away. Q IS REAL. GOD TOLD ME SO. JFK JR IS ALIVE. I LOVE MY POTUS, MY FAMILY AND MOST IF ALL MY GOD. Thank you again for this video. I subscribed and sent it to some friends and family that now don’t think I’m so crazy! GOD saved me from the heart attack, HE just made me stronger to help other ppl.


doggies40022 hours ago

I believe this will be here only days from now but I guess we’ll see.

Undisputed Blackjack

Undisputed Blackjack2 days ago (edited)

I am not a troll and god knows how much I can’t stand the Communist MSM & A majority of the liberals; as it’s proven liberalism is a progressive mental illness . There is no one in the military that sent out the message on Social Media. The Military does not take an oath to the President; it’s the Constitution! Ask any Veteran! Yes, I do believe Military Tribunals are upon us. If you live in a big city, I do advise you stay inside if Marshal Law goes into effect! We know the Deranged paid for by Soros will riot and most will unfortunately be shot by the military if things got that crazy! Those living in the burbs and country side got nothing to worry about! Merry Christmas Patriots!!!


mitchegan1 day ago

Ron Paul was brave to bring this up in the Presidential debates. There are still many who dare not speak out of fear. Sad

Triggerhappy Ranch

Triggerhappy Ranch1 day ago (edited)

Well done partner. (Might this really be why Trump stayed in D.C.?)

Lee Turner

Lee Turner1 day ago

Hallelujah Gpd bless all those that have made this happen , thank you Father for Donald Trump the true leader of the US and as far as I am concerned of the world , Father protect the 1st family and all those that have been involved with the freeing of our countries.. please in the name of Jesus save the freedom of our countries .. bring those that have been involved in the treason of our countries to earthly justice Amen

Barry Campion

Barry Campion1 day ago (edited)

The UK own USA, the empire, London, district of columbia and Rome. Own the world. The 3 cities, corporations

Raffaele Gaudio

Raffaele Gaudio2 days ago

best Christmas gift for all of humanity god bless trump.

WISDOM vs knowledge

WISDOM vs knowledge1 day ago

You can take down the house of rothschild by making those bills/notes obsolete, hence they cannot cash it in!


Rightsideofthelaw71 day ago

He hits the main POINT! The banking system…!!! The Federal Reserve was created NOT to long after the sinking of the Titanic in 1912… I was told their were many folks on that ship, including lobbyists… who were totally AGAINST the FED… and, of course, many of them went down with the ship… big surprise…

Mike Mikesell

Mike Mikesell1 day ago (edited)

Now we know what the 10 days of Darkness means. Martial Law for 10 days as they roundup the pedos and evildoers.

Freeman Pennington

Freeman Pennington1 day ago

Need to get rid of the UN Federal Reserve and cut off all power Federal Reserve and cut off all power two unelected foreign dictators

Johannah Patterson

Johannah Patterson2 days ago

Take care of the elderly and disabled… It will most difficult for them. 💇

Ralph Enriquez

Ralph Enriquez1 day ago

Guess who invented the IRS!!!! Yes the Federal reserve !!! They are no part of the REPUBLIC!!!!!!!!

Linda Eckert

Linda Eckert1 day ago

Would LOVE to Believe GHW was executed but I will not believe until I see some proof.. :/ MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL :) 

Burlap Garden

Burlap Garden1 day ago

I believe this, I feel it in my spirit that this event is upon us now. I don’t own a cell phone, no one in my household owns one so we don’t EAS alerts so we have to find out some other way.

Gina Diefenbach

Gina Diefenbach1 day ago

🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🇺🇸 God bless our president AND his family ….

Colleen Cazier2 days ago (edited)


mari brenner

mari brenner2 days ago

Yes, we know!! The arrests will begin and we will have to stay inside while the military takes down the evil!! It’s all good!! No guns will be taken!! Our President loves us and our country!!

Temporary Billy

Temporary Billy1 day ago

Nice presentation..great information ..I’m not sure that red and white warning was put out by a white hat from people I listen too ,such as some sources you listed but ya never know . Exciting times 2 be sure MERRY Christmas

Steve Paul

Steve Paul1 day ago

the shut down over border wall, and the indictments are staged acts so gov. can go into there bunkers, and implement martial law. we have war coming! starting with power grid shut down.


PSP1 day ago

It was also stated stay away from anything involving a large crowd as the DS has a habit of trying to kill people especially during these times

William Sargent

William Sargent1 day ago

I hope this is true!!!! MAGA President trump!!!


Play2Win19582 days ago

Q is a military operation


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