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Why Democrats Want to Abolish Electoral College

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If today’s radicalized Democrats seize sufficient power, it won’t be a matter of enduring a few years of poor government while we wait for the pendulum to swing back. They plan to inflict irreversible damage. One example is demographic transformation resulting from the open border. Another is their assault on the Electoral College:

Desperate to bring the Tyranny of the Majority to our representative democracy, on the first day Democrats assumed control of the House of Representatives, Rep. Steve Cohen (D-TN) submitted a bill to kill the electoral college.

Tyranny of the majority was a major concern of the Founding Fathers, who set up a democratic republic, not a democracy. They did not want a system that would allow 51% to enslave the other 49%, or cities to lord it over less densely populated areas.

Without the electoral college, presidential candidates would naturally concentrate on where people are concentrated: urban areas. The rest of the country would be left unrepresented.

Amending the Constitution won’t work. There is too much resistance to such a ham-fisted power play by densely populated, leftist-dominated states like California and New York. So they have devised an end run around the Constitution called National Popular Vote, which is intended to impose direct popular vote by interstate compact.

Already alarmed back in 2015, Electoral College expert Tara Ross explained why this venerable institution is so crucial:

The purpose of progressivism is to centralize power in the fist of an ideologically homogenous elite. The Constitution is their primary obstacle. Their war on it did not start with the Electoral College, nor will it end there.

Progressives struck a blow against the ingenious system set up by the Founders when they passed the 17th Amendment. Consequently, Senators are now elected by popular vote instead of state legislatures. This undermines a primary purpose of the Senate, which is to represent states as government entities, thereby balancing the centralized power of the federal government. Today’s progressives want to inflict worse damage by doing away with the Senate altogether.

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  • DK

    The founding fathers were masons, lawers and for the most part major landowners or. backed by them, their objective was to secure their wealth and position gained by colonialism aka plantations on lands they could not plausibly own by removing the natives with biological warfare using smallpox and unrestricted massacres, and to farm and occupy the continent using indentured slaves mind controlled under something called government which is the literal. meaning of the word. Power through the republic was to be based on Romes system and to be in the hands of an absolute minority of those rich landowners. Elections were rigged, male only property qualified voting for free men only and candidates were pre screened and selected. War was constant to claim.indian territory, expand and remove UK, French and Spanish territory to incorporate it by hook or crook in this case destabilization, forced immigration

    • DK

      and the creation of states from these territories with these colonists voting themselves into the union despite being illegally present in a foreign country therefore US law was applied to the real landowners who were natives spanish french and english, they got a minority vote but became tenants and lost the majority of their land to the state. To cap this off the US government paid revolutionary governments instead of the Bourbons the royal houses a few dollars for the remaining continent, again removing the.rights of landowners through fraud. under adverse possession even the most penniless native had recovered his lands after the Mexican and French revolutions.

      At this point, we must ask what the hell you are complaining about, as mind controlled slaves, where you were imported to be exploited, loot and kill on behalf.of corporations, occupy and claim property’s not yours under a legal system which did not apply under a country quite prepared to kill you for gain. And you cling on to being a corporate republic, Romes republic became a socialist paradise of bread games and debt, which is how it died, slowly not with a bang but with a whimper. Constantinople went on to better things for a thousand years since it was not run on deficit spending, but still its corruption killed it.

      As for democracy, you have to be one before you get to complain.




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