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Paradise Lost: Paradise Fire Not a "Forest Fire" But Now..."Home Ignition" Fires..Bye2 HO Insurance +Flying Embers-Glowing Long Time - Must See Videos

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Published on Jan 23, 2019


California 2017 Wonder Fire Flying Embers Penetrating Houses and Glowing Long Time Big Anomaly (continued)


Diane Smith

Diane Smith1 hour ago

In Florida after several hurricanes, insurance companies dropped all their insured and left the flippin state.

Torben M

Torben M1 hour ago

Thank you for your great work. Great vid about those fire ambers in action…

Poison Ivy

Poison Ivy1 hour ago

Great Vid!! Thanks for your hard work investigating & having to RE post – people watch 10 min of one Vid of 66, and post elsewhere that you hav no proof. Makes me understand why Elites want the useless eaters gone.

jesus christopher

jesus christopher2 hours ago

Great video jamie, but shocking the b s they are giving the people ,truely evil, god bless.


jim3 hours ago

Agenda 2030 get those peasants out of the countryside and into the 5G smart city control kill grid

Fields of joy

Fields of joy4 hours ago

Dearest American brothers, this sadly shows and confirms that you, like us living in France, and like everybody on this Earth, are under severe attack.  They are attacking us through a huge, unbearable taxation on everything we do, buy, earn, while aiming at the total destruction of our sovereignty which has been already widely transferred to the EU non-elect mafia. On Nov. 17th, they have imposed on us one tax too many (on gasoline) and we have put on the Yellow vests (which the sarkozy government had made compulsory in our cars to make his billionaire friend Bolloré, the monopoly maker of the vests in the country, richer!!) and went on marching on the streets everywhere throughout the nation to make a huge yellow wave visible everywhere in towns and cities, as a symbol of our refusal to consent to a tax harassment any longer. Soon, we started speaking to each other again, and those who were not interested in politics or thought that it was too complicated to understand, started understanding the System better. We pass on information (the true ones) and it happened that we all wanted the same thing: true DIRECT democracy through the use of Referendum for everything important. The parliamentary system is totally rigged and corrupt and we all want it out and finished with, or totally controllable by the people. That it itself was a huge benefit!! The police forces are now attacking us with “semi-legal weapons” on most of our peaceful marches, causing injuries and sometimes deaths. And of course, causing people to fear going out in their yellow vest again. We remain quite a large proportion of the population staying calm and keep on occupying every public place we can, peacefully, every Saturday.  Meanwhile, the big stores are loosing customers and making less tax for the government and their employees are turning against us in fear of loosing their jobs. The medias who belong, as everywhere else, to a bunch of billionaire lives-looters, are slowly making people give up supporting the movement and sometimes we get attacked by the gullible or selfish people themselves. meanwhile, the government is hurrying intensifying the passing of “laws” and cover signatures of international treaties aiming at suppressing further our liberties and sovereignty. We could stop paying our taxes until this month (1 Jan 2019) when the IRS has been allowed to suck the income tax from the very source of our income (retirement benefit, social benefit, or salary). So we are, it seems, totally f….d. All there is left for us to oust this government and change the system totally (our unique demand is a Referendum for every topic pertaining to our society and institutions) is a total strike, which the poorest of us cannot afford on the long run. We would like to federate everybody in a spirit of frugal buying (less tax for the gov.), with no more purchase of anything not necessary for surviving. Ecologically, this is a lot healthier and a general trend emerging anyway, so this is working better than the other actions it seems. Many of us are not leaving more than necessary in the bank, but the huge number who still watch TV are not changing their habits at all. So we started ousting the mainstream “news” media reporters from the streets. Now, they have become afraid of our insults and the hurdles we put in their attempts to film us live and distort the events with their rigged editing and liars comments. They are more and more discredited for their lies, and this is another victory. However, nothing seems to really work to stop this inhumane system and its agendas so far. The brainwashing medias are intensifying their mind control in more subtle ways over the vast majority of people who continue watching TV and listening to the radio “news” in their cars. Youtube suppresses a lot of videos made by independent reporters and whistleblowers. But we are also hundreds of thousands (possibly up to 2 millions) to still go out in Yellow throughout the country and to be more and more determined. 60 to 85 % of the population declares supporting the movement. The only thing that has worked so far was the wearing or our yellow vests and their placement on the dashboard of our cars for those who do not dare wearing them. This aims at showing to the world that Macron, our adolescent, narcissic, gay, puppet, a former Rothschild-associate “president” is a perverse joke.  Now, your medias, as well as all those around the world, hardly show the police violence against us, and Macron and his gangs are claiming that we are the violent ones, they keep on arming the police forces with more offensive, dangerous weapons, laughing at us, in a blatant desire to trigger a military state of emergency, and fuel a “civil war”. In fear of this, many drivers have recently taken their yellow vests back into the glove compartment of their cars…but the number of us marching on the streets or standing at roundabouts of all towns and cities in the rain and cold all day each Saturday, is constant, and perhaps increasing.  This is the 11th Saturday coming up next and we will be facing new weapons from the police, military police and special forces which macron-the-coward is equipping them with, along with harder strategies against us. We are just ordinary people, and a lot of us had never been in demonstrations before in their lives. Old women with less 600 euros a months to live on, handicapped people, jobless, mothers and fathers who want to stop the slavery system for their children’s future, well-off people who are fighting in solidarity as well as for the nation’s sovereignty and natural human rights, the whole society is represented amongst us, us, THE FREE PEOPLE the Free/nch. Your Revolution (1776 your Constitution) preceded ours (1789 our Constitution) but it was equally rigged by the Freemasons, the Jesuits and the English Crown. We are now even more into the scam with our forced, unwanted belonging to the E.U. Mafia. Rothschild owns 99% of the central or national banks in the entire world. We are AWARE that this is our VERY LAST CHANCE to spoil this system before the A.I. takes over big time, with the smart meters being installed forcefully and covertly- sometimes violently, just like against you guys, in our homes, and the 11 vaccination shots made compulsory for our babies and children, by the current evil puppet (very fraudulently elected), macron. We don’t know where it is going, but we cannot stay idle and watch the total dictatorship close up on us. Next will be general strike at work.  They cannot put us all under arrest or each followed by a robocop. The thing I wanted to get at with this very long comment is: whatever the cost, we are the 99% and we now have no choice before the dictatorship becomes totally paralyzing: they can injure us, kill us, but they cannot change our hearts and minds with their technological means and billions, BECAUSE we are the huge Majority, we are the Conscience, the Love, the Solidarity, the Truth, and we will WIN.  Fear is their instrument, but We are no longer afraid. Living a shit life and betraying our Souls and Children’s future is not longer acceptable.  We will get our dignity, liberty and joy of living back, or die. But they won’t have us as slaves no more. God bless, Brothers and Sisters!

R&R Coroneti

R&R Coroneti4 hours ago (edited)

CA fires pre plan they use youth prisoners to fight fires too. Asset protection, people have to pay. Gov fam worker list to be saved from fires. Be on list etc prior to fires. Plus plans to build stuff. INTERAgov…mob. Expendable areas because of low income, are planning areas.!!2018%20-%202023%20CFMA%20FINAL%20SIGNED.pdf The Carr fires was from prescribed burn by gov

Alouicious Jackson

Alouicious Jackson4 hours ago

I’ve got an idea: let’s GTF out of California!


CobCeo5 hours ago

Jamie you’re doing a lot for the world. I’m a hermit but I had to drive cross-country last month and I came back through California. I saw some of that for myself. I can’t imagine living there. Everything in my body was like get out of here as quick as you can. I really wanted to stop and meet so many people on the way but it wasn’t a pleasure trip. and it took me nine days already to cross the country. I’m glad you’re doing what you doing that’s about all I can say and send you some money every now and then to help out with all the programs you’re running. I send love to you and your family.


walkingaxyl5 hours ago

I recently had SCE come out to check the pole and they informed me I was in a high fire danger area. The few brush fires we have had we put out quick. There are strict weed abatement rules here. YOUR FIRE INSURANCE IS VOID IF YOU HAVE A SMART METER!!!!! They are not UL tested or approved. Check with your insurance agent!

LifeCoach Cher-ie

LifeCoach Cher-ie5 hours ago

I have been listening to your video reports on CA and you are putting together some great facts, pointing out the obvious deceptions & people outside are clueless of them… i share as much as i can. Just want to say a big thanks… lots of serious hard work giving people the truth… is not going unnoticed. We the people need to know, as we are all targets of de-population control of psychopaths … love & peace


Libertalia6 hours ago


Dee Bee

Dee Bee6 hours ago

Deep State plot,agenda 21/2030. These monsters need to be removed..Sustained development for who? Environment my eye.. Is DEW SUSTAINED DEVELOPMENT?

Cathrin Gustafsson

Cathrin Gustafsson7 hours ago

Chemtrails can’t spread? It’s MINUS 12 degrees CELSIUS. And they are fighting Global warming lol. Silverwhite stripes in a milky white sky and one is Hanging 10m. above ground.

Frederick Pinard

Frederick Pinard7 hours ago

Consensus rather than tradition. Or nonsense versus logic. That’s climate change for you.

Cynbad Davis

Cynbad Davis8 hours ago

This is sooook freekin unreal!?? Even knowing what we know, we are still stuck bent over!!?? Argggg!!?? Feel I’m in the worst movie ever!!?? Thanks for info tho….so appreciate the truth. It just SUX!!!


88msbugsy8 hours ago (edited)

Hi Jamie, I just wanted to tell you that I sent money to your Paypal for the Paradise victims, and it was returned to my Paypal, and I’m not sure why. As for the fire in Paradise, I know it was DEW. Do you think it was also the nano-tech embers? That guy that you interviewed was compelling, and the embers didn’t act normal, I don’t think…he said they were “programmable,” and that’s really sick… They have gone mad now, and are trying to depopulate…us!

Maggie T

Maggie T9 hours ago

Would LED lights add to the fires?

Rich GM

Rich GM10 hours ago

There is nothing that any californians can do as the crime family is writing to the crime boss. It will need to come from higher up

Our Lady

Our Lady11 hours ago

Could it be propane used as refrigerant IN APPLIANCE plus smartmeters = BOOM

Evelyn Chaput

Evelyn Chaput11 hours ago

I picked my two people I’ll be contacting, and hope others do the same. Lets do what we can people to let these criminals know we see their wickedness. Jme Lee has been doing much, to keep us All informed. Lets add to this. Good Job Jme, I appreciate You

Christi Gutierrez

Christi Gutierrez11 hours ago

Me and my husband are both native Californians. We have never seen anything like what’s going on with these fires before.

Lynn Durbin

Lynn Durbin13 hours ago (edited)

I am not sure but are cement homes (as in Florida for hurricanes) more fire proof? Everyone with a knowledge of the history of the Sierra club recollects one past president turned to the other side..$$$$$….the turncoat.

Markus Allen

Markus Allen13 hours ago

The forests are not what’s being targeted. It’s all manmade structures! And no fire can totally disintegrate an aluminum engine block and leave the vehicle shell! MY GOD What does it take for you sheeple to wakeup?


BE7429713 hours ago

Many residents of The SF East Bay have been trying to get the word out about the Faux Environmental Front Group The Sierra Club. See the fb page Save The East Bay Hills that’s been trying to stop their backing of UCB, City of Oakland/Mayor Libby Schaff and EB Regional Parks plan to cut over 400,000 healthy trees in the EB Hills, ‘in the name of fire safety’, under (the nativists) ‘false pretext/myth that they easily catch and quickly spread fire’ The Sierra Club pushes The Climate Change Agenda (that fake C.C. is caused by C02), but of course we know it’s Covert Warfare. Here are a couple posts from that fb page. And link below a Sierra Club Article re: Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez’ pushing so called ‘renewables’ , to ‘help stop’ ‘The Climate Crisis’ (covertly Engineered Warfare) that she blames on oil companies and C02. The so called ‘renewables’ she advocates are all components of the NWO’s harmful to health-5G/harmful to health-LED “Smart” microwave radiation Con-Troll Grid. Aka Climate Action aka Sustainable Development aka Forced Consensus aka Global ‘Governance’ aka UN Agenda 21/2030 aka The NWO. Below are two separate post headings from Save The East Bay Hills fb page. Just two of hundreds of posts on the topic the page posted for a few years trying to address the lies. But the plan passed last Nov. as Measure FF (because they made it sound good on the ballot) with the backing of all the above mentioned that accepted Monsanto Grants to Poison The East Bay Hills. * Save The East Bay Hills June 2, 2016 · An OpEd in the East Bay Times calls out the Sierra Club for supporting the clear cutting of tall trees and suing “the funding agency to demand 100 percent destruction of the trees instead of thinning.” The editorial notes that doing so would destroy biodiversity, increase fire risk, and, by using “thousands of gallons of toxic herbicides,” poison the environment. With friends like the Sierra Club, who needs enemies? The article is here: The website allows you to make your own voice heard by adding a comment. Please do so. * Partial post: Save The East Bay Hills May 26, 2015 · URGENT: The Oakland City Council Public Safety Committee is going to vote tonight on whether to accept $4,000,000 in federal FEMA funds and to spend $880,000 in local taxpayer money to deforest and poison the Oakland hills. The City appears intent on clear cutting 2,059 acres of forests and spreading thousands of gallons of toxic herbicides in wildlife corridors, recreation areas, dog parks, and residential neighborhoods. You can find out more about the pending clear cut here and why they are doing it here: * Click in to see Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’ support of The “Smart” microwave radiation 5G/LED Con-Troll Grid. All detrimental to health and will not in any way help what she calls the Climate Crisis (Covertly Engineered Warfare). Sierra Club Article: What Is This Green New Deal Anyway? ALEXANDRIA OCASIO-CORTEZ has a plan to tackle Climate Change Link:

Markus Allen

Markus Allen13 hours ago

How do they predict fires to increase and intensify? Fires are to be prevented. This is insanity! Do these criminals think we are going to continue supporting this crime? Nobody can legitimately predict this shit. Since when does this happen? NEVER IN THE HISTORY OF FIRES!!!!!


Erin13 hours ago (edited)

Same “brushy” BS rate hike here in San Clemente hills, when provably brush and trees are the only survivors! And plastic, paper, banks, SDA’s, select bizs’, homes, Cal fire and mason lodge! How are Ins. cos. blind to chronic scenes depicting UNSCATHED FORESTS and “BRUSHY” areas? Verifiably now the safest regions! ‘Forest danger’ was non existent for centuries; instant agenda 21 creation! Their genocidal arson scape goat is a major FAIL! Real eyes realize real lies.

Susan Shipanik

Susan Shipanik14 hours ago

Shared Gonna call God bless you!

Tom JM

Tom JM14 hours ago

I am a Public Insurance adjuster out of Michigan. These fires were not started by embers!! Fact, you can’t melt a car into the ground with a 800 to 1500 degree forest fire, not going to happen!!!

James Lico

James Lico14 hours ago

Good research man! You have discovered criminality!

Cisco Kid

Cisco Kid14 hours ago

Perhaps…the fire retardent materials used to biild homes…is not so fire resistant…perhaps under certain circimstances they more readily burn…especially if the house wiring is used as fuses inside the walls…creating gases in the pockets of internal walls which are not insulated like external walls…even the external walls will hold gases when fires are ignited within the sealed walls… Just a thought…! The 180 degee out Effect… Believing something is one way…when it is the exact opposite…! Cisco d

drain the swamp 2.0

drain the swamp 2.015 hours ago

the new term of falling a tree is not timber its been changed to ember

drain the swamp 2.0

drain the swamp 2.015 hours ago

I’m going to put a ounce of silver in the microwave to see what happens

Im really Not here

Im really Not here15 hours ago

People have been living there for hundreds of years, no fires.

Wake up World

Wake up World15 hours ago

Thank you for making this video.

Chadley DoRight

Chadley DoRight15 hours ago

Reminds me of the start to the movie, “The Hunger Games”…………………..

don seymour

don seymour16 hours ago

I was going to ask if you had a favorite video to send, think i will send them all….

don seymour

don seymour16 hours ago

If they don’t let you build, then you all should be part owners of the new gold mines…MURDEROUS Land Grab…

michael frank

michael frank16 hours ago

ignition problem fueled by flying embers = pancake theory re: towers falling. These guys come up with the craziest stories to cover their tracks. Most people just accept it, don’t research anything. After all , it’s science!!

sandy 123

sandy 12316 hours ago

Just moved from modern apartment (all electric) to old terraced house…, monthly energy charge at apartment (autumn/winter) £150-£250…monthly energy charge @ new home combined gas and electricity £50!!!!


sharylc17 hours ago (edited)

Well it was home ignition fires but they made it that way from the flammable nanoparticulates they inundated Paradise with prior to the fires. Again, this was from our manmade genocide problem. It is getting obvious and even the sleeping people are waking up.

Nicole B

Nicole B17 hours ago

I recently learned that Chaparral is a natural cancer killer. The plant grows mainly in California. Guess where some CA fires were concentrated?

Janet Yak

Janet Yak17 hours ago

Thanks for all your good works! Agenda 21/30 fully activated. put on the FULL ARMOR of GOD today, tell the truth, call a thing by its right name; these directed energy fires are part of a takeover, more land confiscation, they do not care who or how many are hurt. EMBERS!!! ???????????? NOT A CHANCE! HOME IGNITION? yes, they are igniting homes and cars! IT IS OBVIOUS!!!!

Martyn Flynn

Martyn Flynn17 hours ago

Hey folks, I dont if anyone has left comments on nasa channels and the like, calling them out as liars and hoaxers etc. What is the first response of people who defend nasa? They immediately call you a “flat earther”, whether you are one or not, (I’m not by the way). Thats exactly why the flat earth movement was pushed so heavily, as a weapon for nasa to call anyone who questions them a “lunatic flat earther” and you wont be taken seriously. It is now creeping in to the wider “truth seeking” channels and next, anyone questioning anything pushed by the msm will just be disregarded automatically as a “nut job flat earther conspiratard”. It aint doing you any favours at all, in fact it is doing great harm to the truth community. Flat earth is a psyop, can never be proved and will be turned on you to dismiss you with impunity.

Janet Yak

Janet Yak17 hours ago

continuing…. I want to say this as simply and plainly as I can. We, the people, are being LIED to and about! These stories are horrible fabrications that ursurp reality and TRUTH! Been following this one closely because I owned a home in Paradise.

Janet Yak

Janet Yak17 hours ago

Howdy ! Granted I only had eight years as a structural Firefighter, which included several weeks of fire science and building construction training, as well as some wildfire classes, because, upon occasion, we were deployed to… wildfires! I was at the Point Reyes fire guarding houses, I was there when the Oakland Hills fire happened. I was there in a seven-story concrete building at 2nd and Mission when the Loma Prieta earthquake hit(I was in the basement!). I knew immediately when 9/11 happened

Mark W

Mark W17 hours ago

They tried to blind us with bullshit psy-ence . . .

Rob K

Rob K17 hours ago

Sprinkler systems don’t work when PG&E shuts off the power. Water pumps require electricity. It has been determined that the fires are caused by PG&E transformers and faulty/old electrical infrastructure from PG&E… The are required to maintain their own equipment.

Rgb Rides

Rgb Rides17 hours ago

rock homes were used on easter island during a plasma event.. Rock Dolmans! could be nice with some heaters: Rongorongo text?

Tom McDonough

Tom McDonough17 hours ago

Embers, MY ASS! Durning winter time, back in my high school days in South Florida, there was a place in the woods where nearly every Saturday night, dozens of us would go to party around a large bonfire. Anyone who’s experienced a large bonfire will see lots of burning embers flying through the air, HOWEVER, even in strong winds, these embers will fade and die out, not twenty or thirty FEET from the actual fire. Not ONCE did these embers burn the surrounding dry scrub areas, much less set afire any homes located only a couple hundred yards away. Show me your so called, ‘science’ by building a 20′ foot tall bonfire in the middle of any high-density neighborhood and you can bet your ass that not a single rooftop on the neighboring homes would alight. Many of these homes had terra-cotta roog tiles that burned. A freaking blowtorch, or even a trashcan filled with white hot coals wouldn’t ignite terra-cotta roof tiles, much less any stray embers coming from a fire. These are NOT regular fire embers. They are long, rod-shaped filaments of white-hot, PLASMA, that aren’t coming from fires, but are CAUSING them, along with DEWS and underground Tesla technology, for staters. They also look to contain some type of AI, as Jamie previously pointed out.

Kristie Hansen

Kristie Hansen17 hours ago (edited)

I think the water problem is from paid off managers that let coke and Pepsi soda and. Nestle Water bottling companies steal the water and fracking for oil and gas stealing water. And we pay for it. They have gone overboard giving permission to fracking companies tens of thousands of wells out in the hills behind bakersfield. The trees are being disimated look on google earth the clear cut most of the trees in california. The mountains. Are bare they must have given them to israel like everything else they get maybe israel has the missing 23 trillion. We are being killed by the new world order. We should use the shutdown to fire and investigate these congressmen. Find out just how treasonous they are. Find out what laws they have changed. Keep the federal government shut down until. The investgation is complete. Give the states back their power to issue food stamps. Shut down the military amd the federal reserve. Get all duel citizens out of the government shut down all black op projects and all corporate welfare. Any congressmen that signed the pledge to israel should be arrested for treason. A partial shutdown is their way of blackmailing the taxpayers and federal employees. The shutdown does not affect the congressmen only the public. Blackmail use to be illegal. How many migrents are coming accross the boarder during the shutdown.


Ajax17 hours ago

HEADS UP -  VERY IMPORTANT Information Americans NEED To Be Aware Of  -  Trump just signed onto the Noahide laws  -  Have you heard of Noahide laws?  People within Our Government have: Vatic Note: I just found this, but had published this info before, but now its closer to time and its important for US to take note and ponder it for what it is.  A direct attack on Our religious freedoms.   What ALL AMERICANS better understand is that now today under these laws of the Khazars in Israel,  The United States has just make it clear that CHRISTIANS will be treated as criminals if they believe in Christ, and will be beheaded as punishment.   We NO LONGER HAVE PROTECTION FOR “RELIGIOUS FREEDOM” and its now a death penalty crime, which harms no one. “The U.S. Congress officially recognized the Noahide Laws in legislation that was passed by both houses. Congress and the President of the U. S., George Bush, claimed in Public Law 102-14, 102nd Congress, that the United States of America was founded upon the Seven Universal Laws of Noah, and that these Laws have been the bedrock of society from the dawn of civilization. They also claimed that the Seven Laws of Noah are the foundation upon which civilization stands and that recent weakening of these principles threaten the fabric of civilized society, and that justified preoccupation in educating the Citizens of the U.S. of America and future generations is needed. For this purpose, this Public Law designated March 26, 1991 as Education Day. For example, according to the Noahide laws if one believes in the Messiah Yahushua/Christ, then they are guilty of Idolatry. To add fuel to the fire, if you speak the name of Eloah, you have Blasphemed, guilty as charged, outcome decapitation (Decapitation is their choice of execution for breaking these ‘laws’)….  The Seven Noahide Laws themselves were not included in the Resolution nor in the Law itself, AND FOR GOOD REASON -  ”It is our duty to force all mankind to accept the seven Noahide laws, and if not ~ they will be killed.” ~ Rabbi Yitzhak Ginsburg For Review – Regarding the Bush family: The Donald Trump Jewish Zionist PSYOP - ‘They’ have everything in place ‘officially’, to start the beheading of Christians in Our country -    -  Why Did the U.S. Government Purchase 30,000 Guillotines? “… The One Who Now Holds it back will continue to do so until He Steps out of the way.”   - This Spiritual War Is Very Real Folks And We Were Told About It “In Advance”  -  it is these people that are on their way Out Permanently –  Revelation 20:15 “And if Anyone was found whose name was not Written In The Book Of Life, he was Thrown into the lake of fire.”

kay manning

kay manning18 hours ago

Boy the left just want stop destroying America. Need to get rid of Jerry Brown Nancy idiot can claim for more money for illegals


chanhog6018 hours ago

yawn old news oh boy whats this video about .gotta go


casperbkuw18 hours ago

AGENDA 21 & 2030

Shieena Living Waters

Shieena Living Waters18 hours ago

FYI – HISTORICAL LAWSUIT FILED – has been removed. Are you aware?

Shieena Living Waters

Shieena Living Waters18 hours ago

Shared ! Easy peesy, hit contact in their website ! Takes 1 minute (unless you want to write a long arse letter 😣)

Mitch Chmura

Mitch Chmura18 hours ago

Racist fires, won’t burn trees!



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