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Paradise Lost: Paradise Fire ~ Latest Update & Conclusions from Retired Fire Captains - A Must Video

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Published on Jan 30, 2019


Retired Fire Captains John and Matt give some conclusions and updates regarding the Paradise Fire that Demolished this Community.

rob marx9 minutes ago

We cannot allow 5G!!! EVER!!!

henry bob swillikers

henry bob swillikers19 minutes ago

Benzine is a solvent refined from crud oil and has been mostly banned for giving people cancer and nervous system and organ damage.

Richard Picone

Richard Picone20 minutes ago (edited)

My Remedy to Neutralize the laser weapon. – Metal fencing is grounded to the negative earth, so it’s NOT affected by the laser beam. An aluminum carport (negative grounded to the earth with steel poles) is NOT burned BUT the ungrounded car under the carport (bc of rubber tires) gets burned to a ‘crisp’. [fact] Think!

Linda Randolph

Linda Randolph26 minutes ago

So glad you guy’s saw the other lazar tech being used in Louisanna and New York and Brazil, there is another guy that has been taping all these lazar supposed transformer attack’s since Sept 2018 into 2019 around the world. A lot of the high hills on other fires were also showing lines of black marks of forest totally lazar and gone and black.


thisistheworldtoday28 minutes ago (edited)

The Paradise resident’s recorded 911 dispatcher call ( which I find hard to believe she actually recorded) is popular on the internet and other people said they got no alerts and were told not to leave, yet they survived to tell their tale or to play a 911 tape, so they obviously got out somehow. So did lots of people survive like they did? Or is the 911 caller and those who say they never got word to leave after the event occurred just people planted to give info? These guys are supposedly firefighters .. the one guy is tv newsman how are they qualified to talk about this virus or a legislative bill with Israel? The Lockeed Martin Athena “news” commercial is conveniently planted and scripted. Too perfect .. even shows how it targets a truck to make something “disappear”…my hunch is real firefighters are not talking and real residents are not taping a 911 call and the Athena commercial was made just for the Paradise event,

Marcel Baumann

Marcel Baumann33 minutes ago

I am not sure if the blue beams over the high voltage distribution sites are coming from DEWs. My theory is, that when the spraying of the skies was so heavy with the aluminum and there is a pressure inversion which brings all that crap down over the high voltage transformers and lines, it very well could be that the air with all the conducting particles is causing the flash-overs which also produces blue light (plasma). This could also be observed over the many years now with thunderstorm lightning, which has increased in intensity x fold. Louisiana is always a starting point for aerosol injections and spraying operations which is then conducted all along the the East coast. The weather in Dec. 2018 and early part of Jan. 2019 was produced by these operations.

Marcel Baumann

Marcel Baumann47 minutes ago

You folks need to stand united and get out there in mass. The french do it and this channel ( ) is enticing the people to copy and join in with the yellow west (Gilette jaune) movement. It is indeed a good idea and eventually the only way to stand up and demand action.

Purple Hippo

Purple Hippo49 minutes ago

Plastic wheel covers survived…. Why would someone put wheel covers over alloy wheels anyway ? That is a pool of aluminium there or at least that’s what the “image” suggests. Whatever the case it certainly isn’t forest fires ….it’s beyond me how people fail to see that objective reality…. Saying that people continue to believe in the potato rock racing through space claim no matter how much proof you offer them ….they don’t want to see ….that’s certainly stranger than fiction ….it’s a big scary cartoon vast oceans are screaming level ….always 😀

Nita Petersen

Nita Petersen1 hour ago

God bless these guys!


secattention1 hour ago

Just FYI… and maybe it’s just me, but those links above are a bit messed up. Nothing on the first 3, 4 was my home page…which is funny, & 5 is this video.

Matt Byman

Matt Byman1 hour ago (edited)

When I look at the video where the beam (or beams) hitting/sparking a traffic light and hitting the, what I think to be, power lines. You can see a light blip dancing and moving al over the screen. The blip seems to move in relation to where the objects are hit and sparked. The blip appears to “dance” in frequency/synchronicity with the beam(s). It also appears to be compressed at times and has the appearance of a focal point but not a glare or light disturbance In the video from the Brazil attack, Yes I call them attack, there appears a be a dark spot to be dancing on the buildings. It looks as if it is a shadow but it moves with the same intensity as the blip in the night attack.

wake up sleepy the world is a stage

wake up sleepy the world is a stage1 hour ago

5g can o ly travel 500 ft. It cant go thru leaves or shrubs. IT IS NOT GOING IN SPACE!! THERE IS NOTHING IN SPACE!!! SPACE IS FAKE! ITS A HOLLYWOOD PRODUCTION! CGI! THE EARTH WE LIVE ON IS FLAT! NOT SPINNING!! THE STARS, SUN, AND MOON ARE MOVING WE ARE NOT!! WAKE UP!! SATELLITES ARE FAKE. NASA SAYS WHERE THEY ORBIT ABOVE THE EARTH IT TEMPS ARE 2000-2500°c. Their made out of gold and light metal. The shit would melt in that heat! You belive in God yet you belive we live on a sphere, not a circle like the bible states?! The entire globe model was created to remove the fact we have a CREATOR! We are the center of this universe! Its onlt us and the fallen angels! The people killing us and creating all these bullshit agenda’s are either the bloodline of Kane or sellouts. They sold their souls for riches, control, fame, ect. Take a look around or you will never see a curve. We are 70% water and water is always flat. Hmmm… The water doesnt lie! Water cant stick to a spinning ball either. If that atmosphere holds the water to the ball why doesnt it work for all balls that have water on them? Makes no sense and the people in control are laughing at all of you people that believe the earth is a ball! There is a firmament above us and we cant leave. What goes up, must come down! Fact! Nasa is creating technology for earth not mars or the moon. They are behind the weather minipulation. They want to be like God! Thats why they do what they do! I hope you all wake up to these realities! Great info in the video. I had to try to open yoir eyes to the facts that 5g is a ground base technology and it will be the end of health as we knew it. It MUST BE STOPPED!

Jim Johnson

Jim Johnson1 hour ago

What politicians are helping solve this mass murder?????? if none, who is the first politician Paradise is going to hang by rope on live TV???

Roxanna Finch

Roxanna Finch1 hour ago

Coleville”e is having way to many chem trials

James Weld

James Weld1 hour ago

All new houses after jan 1st 2020 in Ca must have solar panels enough to supply the majority of it power. Theses panels are highly toxic and disposal is real bad


ABOXofMONSTERS1 hour ago

5G is here everyone wants faster and faster downloads. It’s safe except some are sensitive to it. Same ones that sick now with EMF. The network for high speed cellular is on its way to space now. It may be free Because it’s going to be linked to the AI sat network. It’s going to save us from ourselves embrace it. We need correct answers to everything and your going to get the best advise looking forward to 15 moves ahead to infinity no AI humanity won’t be sustained by this planet it’s prob already To late you got more then Benzine you have all over USA 24500 contaminates in water. Big clean up coming in a new world.

James Weld

James Weld2 hours ago

Tennessee and somewhere in South america had these blue lights as well

Nicole A

Nicole A2 hours ago

How can I send you a photo of a snake taken after the fire with his head ONLY burned and up in the air like a stone figure

Jim Johnson

Jim Johnson2 hours ago

Have you heard of concrete culverts being dug up because the metal rebar blew out from lazer weapon????

Sam Warheit

Sam Warheit2 hours ago

The Nobel Peace Prize should be awarded to this channel, among all others exposing this insanity. This is ‘Checkmate”. The next generation has been defiled by vaccinations, and everyone’s DNA has been systematically raped in one form or another by chem-trails to similar pathogens in GMO foods. And the news is dominated by some BS referee call that prevented the Saints from playing in the Super Bowl… more Poetic Injustice, metaphorically. Thanks a gazillion for all your efforts.

Jim Smith

Jim Smith2 hours ago

YOu people do not get it ….they are satanist ….they worship demons. Hillary believes that she lost cause she did not sacrifice enough innocent people to moloch and that is why she lost. I would not be surprised if this was a sacrifice for the 2020 race, think about it this is California after all. Evil just plain evil people. Remember these people believe in their God who happens to be lucifer they believe our God kept adam and eve locked in Eden as prisoners and their god came along and released them from Eden. Sick people out there.


Erin3 hours ago (edited)

Keep em coming! Praise the Lord! I warn everyone, would love to rent a billboard. A news clip said firemen are “committing suicide”! We know they’re liars; have any heard of this? They know the truth, perhaps feel helpless or being silenced?! Appreciate your tenacity on this travesty! God protect these two brave souls for the truth, as Cal fire and local depts. won’t confess to these obvious attacks!

Shieena Living Waters

Shieena Living Waters3 hours ago (edited)

This would be even better if edited to insert the a few more clips where appropriate. IE: People’s accounts of not being able to leave – police turning people around, the lack of cars escaping just outside of town, the Fireman who was told to turn around and stay in his lane but he ultimately proceeded, AND all of the fire trucks parked on the side of the road, the presence of certain agencies 2 weeks prior. IMHO, the Conspiracy has much more impact when people hear of the complacency of AUTHORITIES and FIRST RESPONDERS.

Cat Erin Davis

Cat Erin Davis3 hours ago

Blessings to these brave souls and all involved in bringing us the plain truth 💜😇💜 Thank you 💜

Lee Mcleod

Lee Mcleod3 hours ago

Is there any sort of imaging equipment that can trace these beams back to the source?


Antoinette3 hours ago

heres something for i sent you another one…

Mary Goog

Mary Goog3 hours ago

A great compilation of news clips and interview with the two firemen. Thanks

Razz Berry

Razz Berry3 hours ago

This came out a while back, but I thought you might want to see Schiff & Brown pushing this.

Rebecca Davis

Rebecca Davis3 hours ago


stephen maye

stephen maye3 hours ago

Thank you Shelly, John, Matt and Jamie!!!

Chris Ellertson

Chris Ellertson3 hours ago

I have ag21 on my phone and anyone I tell struggles with cognitive dissonance and they look off into nowhere land. From small town western Can and we are having our lands stolen from us just the way they took from the native cultures and now they are Hunger Gaming us………wake up folks we are asleep…….shaking you……awaken soon….. This is government do not trust any government….. Havw been shocked twice once buy lightening, once welding and now brain injured and am sensitive to wi fly, working to hardwire and change but the masses are like in the movie Cell, with John Cusack……..Scary excrement people!!!!!! Wake up am Shaking you……..Wake UP!!!!! De-wifi…..Light, Frequency and Vibration can be so good but look how it is being used against and our own vibration of goodness is somehow holding it all back we are losing people. Trumps holding back…….From an aware Canadian

Greg Ericson

Greg Ericson3 hours ago



S C R3 hours ago

Rev 13:13, And he (second beast) does great wonders, so that he makes fire come down from heaven on the earth in the sight of men,

J.S. Reynolds

J.S. Reynolds4 hours ago

Californians need to evacuate the state just as the dust bowl victims evacuated mainly Oklahoma. The Big One is coming and the spiritual darkness gripping the state of California will bring its destruction. Get out now. You should already be gone.

Thunder Rolls Media

Thunder Rolls Media4 hours ago

Agape Love my friend…. God bless you, Jamie

Chris Collins

Chris Collins4 hours ago

As said in this good video presentation, and am grateful to all those in it (the two wonderful fire captains as well as Shelley), but Jamie of you’ve done a tremendous job on this. Truly stellar. Again am grateful.

Truth Seeker

Truth Seeker4 hours ago

We know outerr space is purely fiction! We just expose these murderers they are attacking American towns

Truth Seeker

Truth Seeker4 hours ago

We are at war and we must expose these people and stop them

Laurel Sobol

Laurel Sobol4 hours ago

Thank you. My brother is a fire captain and this information is vital. God bless you all here for God.

laswan s.

laswan s.4 hours ago (edited)

Agenda 21 has been implemented in every county in every state. In my Jefferson County in WA state it’s called The Jefferson County Land Trust. The UN sent their people out to train people in the local governments. These people think they are doing a good thing. In the name of conservation and sustainability. We used to have dairy farms here but the land trust has scooped them all up now. They lie to people telling them they will preserve their farm for future generations. Future generations won’t ever be able to live on said property. Property that has been in their family for generations. I know I’m leaving a lot out but it’s hard to talk about and there’s a lot involved. One day in the not far off future we won’t be able to go to national and or state parks or anywhere else we like to go to enjoy nature. Beaches, lakes, rivers and so on. It’s a huge land grab and it’s taking place right now. We will all end up herded into cities and that’s where we will be allowed to live, work and play. There will be no cars other than for deliveries and so on. People will have to be content with walking, bicycling and or public transportation. Abolish the United Nations.

M Lehmann

M Lehmann4 hours ago

I’ve tried to wake up people around me but they won’t listen. 😔

Adam Willoughby

Adam Willoughby4 hours ago

I am very grateful for these two retired fire captains, Jamie from, Richie from Boston, Shelley Lewis and everyone else involved for all the research and investigating they’ve been doing. My heart goes out to those that have lost everything due to a war they don’t even know they are apart of. Truly disgusting what is happening and I hope we all wake up and band together. Look up “Fallen Angels Covenant” on YT and listen to it. The closing statement is very important because these evildoers know that if we band together, they don’t stand a chance. We need a mass awakening.

laswan s.

laswan s.5 hours ago

Logic Before Authority has a video concerning surges of electricity and poles burning at their base. No fire anywhere else. He believes the surges went to homes and caused fires through the wiring.

Ryan Eartherton

Ryan Eartherton5 hours ago

Good info an thanks JL for all you do brother! Seems these 2 are diet woke though… satellites? They’ll learn.


texasgranny5555 hours ago

It was planned to get rid of these people in this alien community. They wanted them dead.

Kyle Flag

Kyle Flag5 hours ago

Watch it again they DO tell you who is responsible.

myfairy talegimail

myfairy talegimail5 hours ago

Thanku. God bless you all n protect you n you families

don seymour

don seymour5 hours ago

Agenda 21, War on the Population.

laswan s.

laswan s.5 hours ago

Thank you Jme Lee and thanks to these 2 brave retired fire captains and Supposedly Shelly also. Please don’t let the truth be buried. This is MURDER. I am praying for your safe keeping strength. God Bless all of you who are trying to get the truth out there. I just hope people will listen and wake up!

ronbusa37 Channel

ronbusa37 Channel5 hours ago

Thanks for the info and your time

ronbusa37 Channel

ronbusa37 Channel5 hours ago

Maybe they want us living in a trash can

Jason Jackson-Wright

Jason Jackson-Wright5 hours ago (edited)

Benzine is the Byproduct of Laser vaporized or High-Temperature complete burn process of Organic Material aka Hydrocarbons. Fill in the Blank.

Aiya Knight

Aiya Knight5 hours ago

Wow did you see the pic of the white truck hit by a laser? It looked exactly like the cars in paradise.

Lisa Tsuda

Lisa Tsuda5 hours ago

Guess we need to end gov’t. Just have a Potus and few others.

dinah ward

dinah ward5 hours ago



ampavoo5 hours ago



retnal085 hours ago



madtv7196 hours ago

1942 the Battle of L.A well i think they’ve come back the .the Alien Treaty has ben over for some time now 👽💀👽

Susanne Friend

Susanne Friend6 hours ago





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