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"Q" Movement Is Meant To Sink The Deep State, Worldwide Media Receive Talking Points To Debunk "Q" [PANIC] Accelerating: Capt. Dave Bertrand, Ret. +Video

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BERTRAND DAILY REPORT The War For Your Mind & Soul Continues

By Capt. Dave Bertrand, Ret.

Friends and Associates:

The age of “Q” has taken the world by the boot straps and throwing the Deep State under the bus as “Conspiracy Theories,” one after another, are becoming the truth, uncovering the lies humanity has been fed for decades if not millenniums.

The train of truth and the train of lies are in the dark tunnel for a head-on collision. The awakening is massive and spreading across the world.


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The Deep State are in the [Panic] mode and attempting to project their lies as truth everyday via the propaganda fakestream media news around the world. The “Q” movement of patriots ‘have the goods’ on all those that see themselves losing power and credibility. This is a fantastic time to be alive….

The “Q” team of patriots (The Military Alliance) and “Q” himself, on behalf of President Trump (Q+) tells us [You Are The News] and the truth of that statement has had a major impact on the false narratives spewed by the CIA Mockingbird Media.

Fakestream Media around the world and in two recent TV series, are mocking “Q” as a “Conspiracy Theory,” a term created by the CIA shortly after the JFK assassination used against those that found revealing facts that would have blown the [lone shooter] narrative out-of-the-water back then and now for years, multiple investigators have since revealed multiple shooters were involved, implicating GHWB, the CIA, and LBJ.

Nearly EVERY event in history has an element of being a false flag in-order to achieve an agenda. Before the internet, America had only three TV networks and the population were bamboozled and conditioned very easily while the Deep State conspirators fulfilled their agenda(s).

As far as the Deep State is concerned, EVERYTHING is real and should be taken as FACT, because THEY never lie. ["CNN, The Most Trusted Name In News"]

“Q” was created by the Trump Administration to circumnavigate censorship of what is actually happening behind the scenes without violating National Security protocols. “Q” together with an awakened population are taking the false narratives by the fakestream media and throwing those narratives right back in their faces.

That is the reason why the Deep State is on a major push to discredit the “Q” movement at every turn while at the same time, THEY cannot find THEIR basement dweller, his origin, nor can THEY dispute the “proofs” let alone the facts.

It is my OPINION, the sole person typing and sending us “Q” posts on 8ch is Jared Kushner and he gets his messages of what to say as “bread crumbs” from “Q+” Trump himself and advice, limited intel, or comments from the Military Alliance working with the administration during these most dangerous times.

Trump depends on what has become the real media, all of us out here…analyzing and researching, debunking fakestream media, debunking false flag attacks, exposing the criminals, and as (WE) become more informed (or convinced) there is also an element of ‘dis-information’ being thrown in the mix to discredit those that report on “Q.”

But what is ironic, it is easy the discredit anyone with the hidden truth, but takes an open mind to seek the facts and report on it…..

Yesterday’s report “The Experiment” is an example and today SGT REPORT has issued a rebuttal report about the “Flat Earth.” (See Below)

When WE discuss “off color” topics, such as the Flat Earth theory, UFO’s, Aliens from other star systems, or Antarctica revelations….it must be understood, they are reported and discussed by intelligent researchers on various YouTube channels and when WE connect all the dots of what is happening above and below us, or right in our faces, then you can understand WHY there is a major cover-up of the evilness and hidden secrets that makes the Deep State tick !

Note: We are very close to the UFO Disclosure…….

The most important statement I can make, is that I am NOT a “Flat Earth” believer, as one BIN comment stated, because he reads the first paragraph and shoots from the hip, like many. Just as many stop reading anything as soon as they see “Flat Earth” or anything to do with Jesus, or Aliens….they launch an ignorant comment before they put their head back in the sand.

The TRUTH about everything happening in the past and present is coming into the light and if a person cannot maintain an open mind and see what humanity is looking at, denying, arguing, or agreeing with, then humanity will not be able to move forward and the Deep State wins. That is THEIR plan, using dis-information campaigns to keep us divided at every level, the only weapon they have left and “Q” is a direct threat to their plans.

The Deep State loses when people awaken…..

–Dave Bertrand

[email protected]

STOP ONLINE CONSPIRACY THEORISTS [Before They Break Democracy] – Video

Stop the online conspiracy theorists before they break democracy

Julia Ebner

Cannibals, aliens and clandestine lizard overlords: thanks to algorithms, such ideas threaten the future of Europe

Organised conspiracy theorist networks have launched an all-out information war across Europe. At the heart of this is the QAnon movement. It expanded from the US to Europe and the UK at rapid speed, hijacking political debates on social media as well as mass protests in the streets in recent months. Our new analysis at the Institute for Strategic Dialogue shows that European conspiracy theorists run increasingly sophisticated campaigns around critical junctions in national, regional and global politics. They even carried out social media operations to influence voters in German state elections, including the 2018 election in Bavaria.

The QAnon community, which began on the message-board site 4chan, strongly overlaps with the support networks of far-right movements such as the EDL and Pegida. Most recently, it co-opted yellow vest demonstrations and boosted hardline Brexit campaigns and Tommy Robinson protests. By injecting conspiratorial narratives into these movements, its members can leverage existing networks and alter their political direction. A commonly used tactic is to combine conspiricist hashtags with those of viral campaigns and trending topics. The scale this generates is disproportional enough to distort public perception: In 2018, ISD identified close to 30m uses of the word “QAnon” across Twitter, YouTube and forums such as Reddit and 4chan.

READ MORE…………………

Capt. Dave Case (Ret.) Responds to my BDR report and his “The Experiment”

Hi Dave:

I just can’t agree the world is flat; there is too much evidence to the contrary. However, there are other concerns that give me pause.

The claim that we all descended from a black woman in Africa sounds like BS. I do believe she’s the oldest Negro discovered, but I don’t believe the negro migrated from Africa to Europe and Asia; changing their skin color and features along the way. I think we came from three, maybe four, distinct groups; Negroid, Mongoloid, Caucasoid, and maybe Neanderthal. We evolved from the unknown. (No, we didn’t swim around eventually crawling up on land to become human – more BS.)

All organized religion is a gigantic con game to keep the masses in line, by rewarding heaven, threatening hell, and to filch money. Nevertheless, the Bible is based upon actual facts as understood by the ignorant peoples of the period. What they saw and wrote about was what they thought happened – not what really transpired. (When I was in the Congo in 1962 a Baluba tribesman was convinced that he saw a white man produce fire from his thumb when he lit a cigarette from his lighter. Another was angered when a guy took his picture with a Polaroid camera; he thought the photographer was stealing his soul.) I do believe is a supreme power, God, Alice, Ralph – you name it. There is something out there beyond my understanding that guides along and to some extent provides us with luck.

To think we are the only intelligent life is the height of ego and stupidity. Of course their are others; perhaps beyond our three, or four, dimensions. Are they good, or evil, or neither, I have no idea. As far as stars and the heavens not moving for navigation purposes, we are talking about split seconds of time compared to the eons we, and the the heavens, have been twisting and turning; a mere blink of an eye.

Are we a way station to other destinations? Are we heaven, or hell – who knows? Just enjoy the journey; be nice to, and respect, your fellow passengers. It’s a fun ride – make the most of it and don’t worry.

Capt. Dave Case (Ret.)

Promoter of the Flat Earth Theory….


I am at Flat Earth 2.0 level…I assume the world is Flat and we are living on an Infinite Plane…The Space Shuttle experiment using a Tether almost Failed in disaster because I believe they (NASA) were attempting to TOUCH to actual Dome structure and instead received a nasty Electrical Shock…Luckily, the conductive link “Disconnected”…Otherwise, the shuttle would have burned like the filament in a lightbulb…

In Flat Earth 2.0, the area we call Antarctic actually surrounds the oceans and contains them…Much like a Mud Puddle…On a much bigger scale, WE are living in a puddle of water…Assuming a Flat World, the NEXT major discovery will be where the Dome touches the surface of the earth, containing our atmosphere…When encountering the actual Dome structure, we might find that it is Miles thick of Solid Glass…I think the Big thing that will be discovered is the “static charge” the Dome has collected…It would appear that we grossly appear as a “Leyden Jar” which demonstrates stored electrical charge… Actually touching the Dome with your hand might electrocute you to a cinder…The same thing can be said in the Noah’s Ark story…Where if anyone touched the Ark they would be Dead…Which does make sense…Noah essentially built a Huge Capacitor of Wood with Tar in the Joints…Essentially, Noah built a huge Capacitor…You touch it, you become load resistor to Ground and you Fry….

Discovering the actual Dome structure would/could end the Earths Energy shortage…Oil, Wind, Solar, Hydro power, Geothermal energy generation would become OBSOLETE overnight… All the countries of the world could Tap that energy for Eternity…The Powers that Be DON’T want that to occur because it would not only put them out of business but would WRECK our present world economic structure…A New Idea can be more powerful than any weapon of Mass Destruction…

Beyond our Dome, could be other water puddles on the infinite Ice Sheet…There could be other Suns and moons surrounding other puddles…The spacing between the Puddles might be distant…This would ensure that the puddles would remain isolated from the other puddles…This would prevent wars and other conflicts…It could also prevent one puddle from infecting another puddle…

Then again, I could be completely WRONG…So far, the Flat Earth camp is showing a LOT more credibility than what we have been indoctrinated to BELIEVE…

We were taught that AM radio wave propagation from an antenna bounces the signal off the Ionosphere…I now see that they are reflecting that wave off the DOME itself..

I believe we are living in a Giant Ant Farm…Its giant to us because we have nothing to compare it too..

Bill Crismon (Colorado)

From the Desk of Capt. Dave Bertrand (Ret.) Your Comments Are Welcomed and Can Be Published Unless You Specify Otherwise.

Retired Int’l Freight Captain (DC-8 & B-727), Former (State) Law Enforcement, U.S. Customs (UC) Sector 5, Vietnam era Veteran (Korea), Embry Riddle Aeronautical University & University of Alaska (Undergraduate), Interests include Border Security, 9/11 Conspiracy, Government Corruption, New World Order, Freedom vs Communism, Secret Space Programs & UFO Encounters, Aviation, and Enjoy Living Off-The-Grid.

Read Past Bertrand Daily Reports:

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    • Anonymous

      What a crock of shit.
      What is really happening is that the al QIAduh psyops that is run by Mossad to shore up support for Drumpf and to distract from whenever he betrays his base? Q is the sQam that people are waking up to. Its not just Ann Coulter…

      Trump Signs Amnesty Budget Bill For Millions Of Illegals-Encourages Millions More To Flood Into The US And Is Caught Bald-Faced Lying About Caravans That He Let In
      President Trump lied to the nation today by falsely claiming his administration stopped multiple illegal alien caravans, when in truth, he let them into the USA. Speaking for 40 minutes, he never mentioning he just signed the dastardly and secretive budget bill which incentivizes illegal immigration and child trafficking.
      Trump just signed into a law a bill that 99% of Americans know nothing about which contains Amnesty for millions of illegals, incentives for child trafficking, an expansion of Trump’s deadly catch and release policies, less detention space for illegals, reductions of interior immigration law enforcement, new buildings and buses to bring more illegals into the US, raising of legal immigration levels, a measly 1.3 billion for border fences, and severe restrictions on where border barriers can be built.
      Trust the sQum! Trust The sQam Plan!

      • Canderson

        I do not really see this, the Milliary that got Trump on their team intervene against Zionism when needed. So far.

        • Canderson

          What the people needs is result; Hillary in Prison etc.

        • Canderson

          I like SGT report because it is on the peoples side-of things, the little people against them Psychopath corporate conglomerates.

          • Canderson

            Women as priests; gay marriages in church; corporations (a psychopath by it’s very definition; the shareholders demands interest; today they are very few because they own everything and that by fraud (the fed)., we need to kill them.) as a legal person. All this is destructive of a sane good and fair society.

            priests – spiritual leaders – women wants a sugar daddy for their children or a real man; they just don’t seem to care: they fuck with the enemy also because the child is always theirs.

    • Ken

      It has been said that if you won’t believe in God then you’ll believe in anything. There also appears to be some truth in the old saying that ‘whom the “gods” would destroy they first make mad.’

      Everyone is entitled to their opinion but there is just way too much opinion, without backing facts, that is masquerading as fact. I’m hearing it everywhere. People are just too sure of what they are saying. Reagan spoke of it about people “knowing” things that were just not so. I’m fond of saying that today a lie goes ten times further than the truth.




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