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Bush Funeral Envelope Affair Solved: The “Mexican Standoff” Inside the Beltway

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Trump Enters Uneasy Truce with Deep State

Team Trump Meets Bush Dynasty Half Way to End Epic Feud

State of the Nation

First, these are the facts:

The State Funeral for George H.W. Bush was held on Wednesday, December 5, 2018 at the Washington National Cathedral. (See the announcement below from their website.)

During the funeral, an extraordinary series of events took place that continue to puzzle the Alt Media to this very day.  These events are described at the following link: “THE ENVELOPE AFFAIR”: Bush Funeral Service Foreshadows a Major Series of Radical Events in Washington, D.C.


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Then, just two days later, on Friday, December 7, 2018, President Trump nominated Bush lawyer confidante — William Barr — for Attorney General. (See screenshot from Wikipedia below.)  Barr previously served as Attorney General under President George H.W. Bush.

KEY POINT: There’s no question that William Barr was an elite fixer for Poppy Bush. He did things that only an AG would do knowing that they could act with impunity, which he did.  Because Barr was a Bush inside man, he is privy to the family secrets as only a family attorney would be, so he is completely trusted.  Which is why he is now Trump’s Attorney General. See: William Barr’s Professional History During Clinton and Bush I Years 

Willam Barr was confirmed as Attorney General on February 14, 2018.  This critical AG appointment is the single most important personnel change for the Trump administration in 2019.  The true significance of this move will inevitably expose itself in the months to come.

What really happened?

Everything points to a truce proposition floated at the funeral by Trump—a truce that was quickly accepted by both sides of the epic feud.

The Bush political dynasty is powerful and pervasive.  Under W. Bush the family closely aligned with the Neocon cabal and other influential Zionists.

President Trump is also joined at the hip with both Christian and Israeli Zionists, and especially with the Chabad organization through his Jewish son-in-law Jared Kushner.

It appears that Trump knew that he would not have a moment’s peace for his remaining two years and therefore reached out to the Bushes to agree to a peace treaty of sorts.

All the biggest names in both the Bush and Clinton Crime families were present during the Bush funeral.  In this way, Trump was able to disseminate the word to all of them that he would no longer pursue his campaign promise to drain the swamp.  If Trump was to drain the D.C. swamp, all of them would be flushed down the tubes fast.

Clearly, whatever messages were delivered to each of the representatives of the Bush, Clinton and Obama camps at the funeral proved that Trump was dead serious.  The biggest message, of course, was that Trump would release highly sensitive information and/or prosecute high crimes that would sink all of their ships in a day and a night.

There is much more intrigue and privileged info associated with this high drama which is explained at the following 2 links posted.

2019 Changes in the Trump Presidency: THE HIDDEN BACK STORY (Part I)

2019 Changes in the Trump Presidency: THE HIDDEN BACK STORY (Part II)

The major takeaways of this rapidly evolving state of affairs are as follows:

•  Q and QAnon are LARPs who have posted massive amounts of hope porn regarding thousands of fictitious sealed indictments.  They don’t exist, and they never did.  “The PLAN” was never real and only a figment of someone’s fertile imagination WITH A VERY SERIOUS AGENDA.  The Qs are really working for one of the clandestine crime syndicates that currently backs Trump.

•  With AG William Barr in place there will be no prosecutions of the Clintons, the Bushes, the Obamas or any other crime family including the Rothschilds and Rockefellers.  Even career criminal George Soros will skate.  The nomination of Barr just 2 days after the funeral reflects the likelihood that the truce offer was immediately accepted by both sides and that Barr would enforce the non-prosecution agreement as Attorney General.

•  The swamp inside the Beltway will NOT be drained — not even a little — because any prosecutions would make vulnerable the various crime families.  Convictions could lead to the exposure of the Khazarian Mafia and Black Nobility that really run the whole show as they have since the Federal Reserve Act of 1913 and before.

•  The foreign policy of the Trump administration has been completely taken over by warmongering Neocon Zionists.  They have been given free rein to execute regime changes in Venezuela, Nicaragua, El Salvador and even Cuba.  They will also target Iran and continue to occupy Iraq.  Syria is also still in their crosshairs for another day…after other “shock and awe” military conquests have been successful.

•  Trump’s foreign policy is no longer under his control.  Neither are his major domestic policy decisions.  He will appear to press on with the border wall, replacing Obamacare, protecting the Second Amendment, and outlawing abortion as a contraceptive, but these initiatives will only be given lip service henceforth.  None of them will be accomplished during the remainder of his term in office. See: Trump was even unable to stop infanticide being legalized

•  It’s also quite likely that Donald Trump will NOT run again for office as part of the deal.  At this point, most of the crime syndicates that really run the world do not want him as POTUS, except to usher the USA through a highly controlled bankruptcy.  This will be his primary task should the power elite crash the stock market again and then pull the plug on the global economy.


The POTUS has been completely taken over by forces that are way too powerful for any one individual to take on.

The current composition of his cabinet clearly indicates that his major campaign promises will not be fulfilled.  The number of Neocon warmongers alone is enough to start World War III.   A war cabinet was quite purposefully constituted to advance the fascist side of the New World Order agenda.

This is also why the President is zealously promoting not only the extremely dangerous 5G roll-out, but also a future 6G paradigm.  Israel is still stuck on 3G because Tel Aviv acknowledges the inherent health dangers and risks; yet Trump is pushing a completely untested 5G model.  See 5G ROLL-OUT CATASTROPHE: An Open Letter to President Donald J. Trump

There is no defeating Deep State except by the sheer force of people power and real threat of violence against the 1%.  The Shadow Government has had the planet in lockdown for centuries so how can one man possibly bring down such a deep and wide power structure, especially when most of it operates completely under the radar.

State of the Nation
February 23, 2019

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    • Windwarrior7777

      Looks like Deep State propaganda machine is working hard at penetrating BIN. Don’t bet your future on this B.S. Absolutely NO viable proof this crap is true.Blah…blah…blah….

      • Debbie

        I agree….this is CIA Mockingbird bs delivered in an attempt to make an excuse for Nazi Mueller’s coming Nothingburger on Trump….the wall is being built…Trump will run in 2020 and win by a landslide…the Bush Clinton crime cabal is exposed and even though I do have questions about Barr’s appointment..we shall see quickly if he is just another crook or not…

      • larry4765

        Yes, Windwarrior7777 you are right. BS

    • Don - 1

      Assuming most of this is true then its a fact that the US is the most corrupt nation on the planet. The reason its not on the Corrupt List at the top is that its all kept very secret and hidden.

      Hopeful people thought that Sessions was a do-nothing AJ….will Barr do even less?

    • LifeIs

      The “truce” made Laura gasp and stand with her mouth open a while, looking horrified. Made Jeb do a double take, then stare at GW with helpless concern.

      It demoralized GW.

      The Trump presidency is not one man. Remember the photo with all the top military leaders. With the head of the NSA standing beside the President.

      Yes, Virginia, there really is a mostly-behind-the-scenes civil war. And the President picks his political battles. And he undercuts his political opponents. Very skillfully.

      • Central Scrutinizer

        Tim the Enchanter – Why U No talk about Mystical, Magical Killer Fantasy Planet no more???

        I miss those Epic Fail ‘Lists’….

        Good times, good times.. :mrgreen:

    • dennisR8

      If John Rolls is correct or he is not correct, I see no reason for me to ever come back here again to Before Its News.
      I will seek other sources. I saw too many contradictions with this web site.

      I wonder if other article writers will confirm this as true.

      • DangerWillRoberson

        are you like 7 years young?


          The idea of a truce was first floated by Tom Henaghan from Glen Canady’s site w/ Webb and Henaghan. Since then every CITIZEN JOURNALIST has copied that story. Rolls, Mount, Bertrend etc. Trumps life depends on the Military and if this is so, he has turned his back on them. I doubt it. Since I see no proof and considering who’s name is on this article it’s a fairytale.

      • freetothink

        This is a conspiracy site where anyone can write and submit stuff. What did you expect? :lol:

    • DangerWillRoberson

      john rolls lies cia front!

      the propaganda is good, and true no man can stop satan, but i know one man who can? Jesus can find a man who will ban the fake bank nazi’s jesuits and other high order satanists! the man is named Jesus and the power to flip tables is in his blood and in his people of faith!

      Jesus already defeated the swamp, now we need to believe by child like faith that God will remove the sons of Baal Moloch and ISIS!

    • BulletMagnet879

      Disinformation. No deals.

    • patann

      -The word Jericho been mighty in my spirit, first the revisited from 2013, 5 more disasters, 2019 Hawaii 5’0 before it’s 191 winds, even prior the Southwest, and prior still, hearing states of New York, Srates of States of New Jersey. Just nights or so past I heard an exact number of over a hundred cities; beware from predicted 2015, West Pacific ring of fire, Hawaii/California/Canada all along the North American Sesmic to Tectonic/ Molten Dill Points to Craton, Apb

      , The 2015, EMP/CME Neighborhood Save Souls WALK-A-Thon, Southwest Into Georgia’s Exodus, beware, Apb,

      WAR! WAR! WAR! Human Extinction

          -War as I saw it, 1998, now here 20 years later, brewing in our backyard, even the reapers stampede referred to the 60ies Cuban Missile Crisis, again our backyard. Then first of January that breaking news report fading and shrinking into the distance.  I got a reminder days past, never reconsidered it, three primary demos of exodus were backyards reveals; Dunlap reveal, 2004, now Barack, Michelle and Little Miya girl, Rev 10, Memphis Dunlap street; the Intrepid dream  2001, US weight of blood guilt/backward pale horse, come, 190 years, 40 days lost; Granada 2005, a sealed southern border to millions escaping including my Memphis family, beware, Apb, see also here,,

      NOW! NOW! NOW!

          “-NOW, why am I looking at the word Now? That’s the new word, the new word is now. How long? No Kress, pack light, how, how long babe? We went over this, Sia Maaseiah 2017 got a word puzzle someone was playing that moved the word now about until it spelled Judgement Now. Then, then days later the word Now come as decorated with multi color blinking lights of caution. And, and Kress that was before Rev 10 mighty Angel and Rev 17, 7th Angel forewarn her, there’s no further delays, desolations US soil come. I’m so glad right now Caulkley we don’t have children, I was at Bailey’s the other day and they were having a hard time deciding how to do this neighborhood walk for exodus with those twins, it was really depressing. How long Caulkley, it’s not just for right now, its permanent, like Egypt’s ten it’s for stampeding us Gram said and it’s permanent, no more USA, Canada, the UK. Ready? We gotta go before it get too bad and people lose hope and start attacking each other, oh and it’s, we should keep that to ourselves. That’s too heavy, what’s in, churches are alerted along the way to help us with shelter and food so take out, come on babe, I’ll do a look through for what’s important. Hey, hey those not tears, Kressada Forthright, we been over this a million times. I Know, give me my bag and it’s Mrs Kressada Forthright if you don’t mind, Mr Caulkley Forthright, I would so love to watch Scorch Trials right now! Right now, as in right now, we gotta go, that’s Gram favorite, only without the zombies. Remember she watched World War Z not realizing the Z stood for Zombies? Yeah, she didn’t care, she loved Brad Pitt, plus she’d seen in a dream he’d been running for his life with his arms filled with children. Kressada, remember we’re not alone, special angels like those who lead and watched over Lot and Family are with us now, so Kress, Kress, don’t look back, funny, ha, ha, ha. So Caulk your Gram seeing that Brad Pitt on the run like that, it mean Kress we all have the same fate, rich or poor, just like nature, even death, the end of it all doesn’t make a difference between us, and if people ask where we’re all going? We been over that, babe, you trust me right? We want people to know we’re going southeast, yeah, kinda the only ones we can trust, those obeying blessed exodus, there you go.” Why? Jesus disciples asked Him why he spoke in parables? He answered by quoting the prophets of old, as Jer 5:21, equally saying, well see here, Mat 13:10-17, beware, Apb

    • insane2bme

      it makes no sense the faces of those who opened thos envelopes were of fearand if anyone hasnt noticed president trump still hasnt had a moments rest so this explanation makes no sense and im not buying it,its stupid

    • Ideas Time

      I think the writers call is spot on. The best response the people can do for now is cut off all funding for all politicians and parties who pretend to represent the people when we clearly know that they never will. It is insane to keep sending them money so they can fix things that are well paid by the cabal to not fix anything. These selected people will all tell the people what they want to hear and then business as usual.

    • Dlwrightsman

      Not buying the author of this report’s opinion. You do not have to watch President Trump in action very long to know he does not bow down to anybody, nor is he prepared to overlook any crime. Basically, President has something this report lacks…, and that something is integrity.

      • Don - 1

        I pray you are correct wrightsman. Trump needs many dramatic events before the next election. Real action, not a lot of word soups.

        • Dlwrightsman

          Ye, with little faith. Trump does not need any dramatic events whatsoever. First and without argument he has accomplished more in two years than any other president during their entire term. Secondly, he has so triggered the opposing party that they themselves will implode from their own hatred. All one needs is a pair of unblinded eyes to see it.

    • Slimey

      When you APPEASE you LOSE. I hope Trump is not appeasing them. Because they will NEVER accept you. You deal with your enemy with OVERWHELMING FORCE and FEROCIOUS RETALIATION.

      You must NEVER appease your enemies because you only EMBOLDEN them. IF you study history you will see that is the only thing that will guarantee you peace and prosperity for your generations.

      WIPE THEM OUT! :twisted:

    • Spy

      I’m calling BS! Those were not the reactions of relieved people.

    • Ruk9p

      The above is a whole lot of conclusions and takeaways to be discerned from Trump passing notes at a funeral.

      No matter how hard they try, the propagandists work is easy to spot. I feel sorry for them. How do they sleep at night?

      • Central Scrutinizer

        I saw what was in the envelopes.
        It was a nude of Hillary, from way back in her Arkansas days (way before the colostomy bag!!!).
        That’s why Laura Bush was so shocked.
        Everybody knew she was a skank, but now they all had photographic proof.

        What is seen, can NEVER be unseen. THE HORROR, the horror……… :mrgreen:

    • Hellfire5

      Nice try. Even here in Australia we can smell the BS from this troll contributor. Cant wait for POTUS to come downunder, will be there with a large Q.

    • Anonymous

      Not stand off. More like Stand Down.




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