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Mark Taylor Warns US Military Tribunals Mar 2019, Confirmation Is Final Step Before Mass Arrests - Must Video

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Published on Feb 28, 2019



Jim3 days ago

Jesus said they hated me before they hated you. Trump is well able to handle what must be done and he is not afraid to do it! God bless our potus. Thank you God in Jesus name, Amen.

Leslie Miller

Leslie Miller3 days ago

It is in Gods timing not ours. All we can do is pray.

Deborah Connor

Deborah Connor3 days ago

I quit going to church, but I love Jesus. The Lord showed me years ago about the 501-C!!!! I have tried to find a church, but have not found one. I knew about the Satanic paedophiles many years ago. Victims stated rituals were held in the basements of churches! Dear Jesus help us!!!

Hobo Hound

Hobo Hound4 days ago

Not only is MR, Trump induing these attacks against him and his family, Trump is making America great again FREE, not even taking a salary for it,, GOD bless MR, Trump,

Sharman Woll

Sharman Woll3 days ago (edited)

AMEN Mark. 🇺🇸 THANK. YOU SOOO MUCH. YOU just Answered some serious questions tonight. You have no idea, but I believe GOD led me to this certain video Tonight, to hear the specific answers I Needed. 🙏😊🇺🇸 GOD IS SO GOOD. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK, YOU have been CHOSEN to do this work. 👍WOW my heart is feeling much better now. 🙏💜🀄🇺🇸😊

Pixi Myn

Pixi Myn3 days ago

This man, POTUS TRUMP and his wife have done nothing but GIVE. TRUMP KNEW he was going to lose 100s of Millions of $. His wife has backed him all the way. Wasn’t the USA (& Democrats) shocked when they learned just exactly the kind of woman this First Lady IS to her husband.  He did not want to be president if she did not agree to it. She wants to live in peace. Has she had an OUNCE! — I think it is SAD how they are being treated. Isn’t this exactly why God destroyed the Earth and those who lived on it once? He vowed he would never do that again, and to show his bond & promise to His people, he said he would leave a rainbow after every rain. Isn’t that what we see? Sometimes, we need to thank God for UNANSWERED prayers. No bloody preacher could do what Trump has done. Preachers are nothing but greedy!! They can quote chapter and verse but can’t walk the walk, yet keep telling the congregation if they just gave them a little bit more, then miracles would happen. Show me the minister that has pulled off what Trump & the love of God have done!!

Deborah De Clue

Deborah De Clue3 days ago

When all the truth comes out about what our government has done, there will be a Red Wave

silly guy

silly guy4 days ago

We the people have got to keep praying for every single patriot out here working very hard to get the truth out to the rest of us…these people are fighting through many evil obstacles as well as censorship God bless all these wonderful patriots…but most of all president Trump needs every single patriots support and prayers he is in a pressure cooker surrounded by people who he is constantly having to double check and watch everyone around him on so many different levels..our military needs to get out here and apply some mental pressure on our treasonous govt actors so they have to sweat and worry night and day…in order to prevent them from plotting and planning without worrying…put the heat on the traitors and force them to make mistakes and telegraph moves..under duress

Deborah Connor

Deborah Connor3 days ago

I am proud of my college degree Mark, but I agree with you. As a former battered wife, I discovered our family courts are sick! They have been trafficking children to the paedophile elites! I prevailed on many pastors, who cared a less about the children! You can not tell me multitudes of people flocked to their churches for help. The pastors NEVER helped. Better to be at the bottom of the sea with a millstone about your neck, than to let one of these little ones stumble. I am bitter, but I know the Lord will heal my heart!

Susan Strange

Susan Strange4 days ago

Stay with the plan, God is in control. We are in the grace period.

Lynn Winfree

Lynn Winfree1 day ago


Martin Bowcher

Martin Bowcher1 day ago

Hi from Indonesia, I’m a British Patriot that follows Q. Mark’s right, it’s going worldwide.


MARY ORSEN4 days ago

Alex Jones ** Mark Taylor ** Donald Trump ** Trey Smith MEN OF GOD

Marilyn Scott

Marilyn Scott3 days ago

Yes there is tons going on but what people are waiting for are the real criminals getting arrested. That would be Hillary, all the DOJ & FBI folks that have been FIRED, THOSE people!! And they have ent been arrested yet!! Meanwhile these people are planning to rig 2020 and continue to create a crime to charge the President. We need these folks arrested NOW!!

Lou Abernethy

Lou Abernethy2 days ago

The church quit teaching the gospel, global warming and what ever the government has been paying for. No bible involved.

Robyn Evans

Robyn Evans2 days ago

Study and read God’s Word!!! Seek the Lord Bible…not a church!!

Regan MacBannon Mason

Regan MacBannon Mason4 days ago

Rick Warren of Saddleback Church in California is another deep state traitor. If it were confirmed that he was a member of the clergy response team/FEMA that would not be surprising.

Artbookends Meyer

Artbookends Meyer3 days ago

My husband and I feel the same way organized religions…..hierarchy 😕😕🙏

Ronald Redmond

Ronald Redmond3 days ago

TY fellas for making these videos…I would not have made it this far without Mark Taylor, because I was unable to: see through the layers of psy-ops concerning President Trump, in the run up to the ’16 election, wasn’t sure if President Trump was the chosen General Patton for America and ultimately, the world. My heart told me Pres. Trump was raised up & chosen to lead this fight. But my mind told me he’s just another psyop. Now I know for sure Pres Trump is chosen by God, because of the opposition against him. Confirmation in the mouth of meek & humble witnesses, who give freely asking for NOTHING in return. That’s Mark Taylor & all who are serving with him. Thank you everything Father Who Is The I Am, Who Is LIGHT & there’s No Darkness in Him. In Jesus Mighty Name, Emmanuel”Father With Us.” Amen/Agreement. TYHolySpirit, please guide us, protect us- the remnant, to be a comfort & aid to Jesus people. Give us stamina, strength physically (like David, Joshua & his brave men, like Sampson too. Give us the courage and heart of David, Obedience and Trust of Gideon, to face and engage the enemies of Jesus! And may the babes who are confused, find strength and be encouraged by our absolute determination to overcome all spiritual and physical obstacles, with joy and True Love in our hearts, imported to us through the Obedience, Power, Loyalty, True Love of Jesus. He Is The Way, Truth, Life. He will fight for us a all, but we must be Willing to Stand & Fight! Amen. TY Jesus. Master, Saviour, Teacher, Brother and True Friend. There’s No Man Like You. No other Name given to man that is Your equal. All others pale in comparison & have admitted this Fact. TYFather , BIG brother Jesus and Holy Spirit, for honoring and accepting Jesus’ Willing Sacrifice of Himself on my behalf. And though im not worthy, I’m willing to accept Your free gift of forgiveness for all that I’ve wronged. May my regrets and past failures, be a constant reminder, a thorn in my side, like the apostle Paul, to strive for Jesus Who fights fought for us all. He gave His All. Jesus “never gave in & He never gave up, never backed down, never stopped fighting,He always had righteous indignation toward His/Our enemies. Father Give us the ability to Love our brothers and sisters, to stand and fight for the helpless and Not sit on our asses, waiting for Jesus to come down & do it for us. Open the eyes of Your remnant, Father, to realize that we must get in the fight or be left behind, wailing and gnashing teeth, because we refused to stand & fight. I ask for course, stamina, and help in knowing when to pray & what to ask You for, so that You will freely give. Amen.

Lynn Winfree

Lynn Winfree1 day ago

Wake up churches r sleeping, sec sensitive churches r going to be lost at these mega false churches

Mary Gribble

Mary Gribble2 days ago

Mark, your voice is the one, among thousands, which I follow! I do believe that because of our prayers to save our Republic, born in the Christian-Jude tradition, to prosper in righteousness and submission to the Word of God, we were sent a great man, Donald John Trump, a sinner like we are, who gave up everything, including the safety of his own life, to stand up for the continuance of our nation and Constitution.There is something nefarious happening to churches, which we must recognize. You have eloquently pointed this out: the control of corporations and the New World Order. I was baptized in an Episcopal Church ninety years ago. We had to learn the cataclysm to be “confirmed”. I joined that choir and the Altar Guild which they sold was a great honor, but was merely a maid’s work so the Rector could peacock around town. THEN, enter the Internet! Research exposed not only the scrum bag groups which peopled trusted foundations, but that two Episcopal Bishops were open homosexuals in residence in NY! What is called the Cabal, Globalists or Deep State has a vested interest in falsehood and control. “The most powerful lie Satan has is to make us believe he doesn’t exist!” Thank you, thank you so much Brother Mark! May the Lord Jesus Christ bless you and keep you and those who follow you, this day and forevermore!


TheCinderella291 day ago

The red wave will come in 2020..

Steven Root

Steven Root2 days ago

I love my Church in Rogue River, as I love to sing to God

Timothy Proffit

Timothy Proffit3 days ago

WO, BRO. I have been saying that to pep’s alot lately. The Church is going back N2 the houses. That is where the the Power of God will manifest I believe. Much to much grandstanding on the stage while the church community is shot to hell.

Robyn Evans

Robyn Evans2 days ago

The church has been in captivity blinded…they don’t know how to live by God’s standards. It’s the hidden ones the separated remnant🙏Few not many

Lynn Winfree

Lynn Winfree1 day ago

We leave in such a time its exciting and hve to hve decernment and THE HOLY SPIRIT


ColdB33r11 day ago


Cindy Robertson

Cindy Robertson1 day ago

Look at king David..even though he messed up several times…he repented and God still used him as the standard, the type and shadow of and in the lineage of Jesus Christ.


david1696 days ago

David B Exactly what is the “Confirmation” everything is waiting on and who issues it?

Al Palmieri

Al Palmieri6 days ago

Laws are for us peasants not for those who make the laws or enforce the laws,city,county,state and the feds weather their politicians and their friends or the alphabet squads FBI,CIA,NSA these agencys are above the law as well as the politicians.

Michael Bell

Michael Bell3 days ago

I just hope Military Tribunals are true. Right now IDK. Some Justice Need To Be Swift Justice!

Timothy Proffit

Timothy Proffit3 days ago

There is a group within a group Mark. I believe God showed me years ago that acroos the map of the U.S. will have houses of prayer, what my imagination saw was the map of the U.S. with specs of fire. Those specs of fire signified house churches of prayer and deliverance.

Cindy Robertson

Cindy Robertson1 day ago

Caleb= Bold Joshua= Salvation They had a different spirit in them..they followed God fully!



Linda Forrest

Linda Forrest2 days ago

Amen Mark… God bless you!! Two Churches that my late husband was an “assistant” to the pastor who loved the Lord and brought many to Jesus… through various things that happened, brought my husband to such depression and desair, he took his life in 2008. I stopped going to church for yrs and just started back but something seems off. Feels like being force fed marshmallows faster than I can swallow them. Fluff and cotton candy. Pastor relies on ‘church team’ [for the meat of God's word]. Sermons are now more rock like singing [ie chanting] and out of an hr, maybe 15 mins of sermon that is on a one pg outline and passed out. Ppl on cell phones during service…. WHAAAAT!!!? Soooo disheartening. You are exactly right on what you say. Amen from Tx!

rusty tucker

rusty tucker2 days ago

to many churches have fallen they accept satans will with abortion and satanistic ideals

Corrie Jacobs

Corrie Jacobs2 days ago

It is a shame that one person do to bring Jesus Christ back to America where the Churches are not doing Gods work

Bobbi Fencl

Bobbi Fencl1 day ago

God must be angry… My heart stands with my President Trump and pray that Q is real…

Beth Travers

Beth Travers2 days ago

God stopped giving laws when he gave his Only Begotten Son for Us! That’s how much he loves us, because he we are his children created in his image. He is a loving forgiving God, but does ask for our faith and love.

Mary Williams

Mary Williams1 day ago

judgment begins at the house of God first. God ordained governments.

Lynn Winfree

Lynn Winfree1 day ago


Leigh Lou

Leigh Lou3 days ago

Pray to God who Mark Tyler is !!!!

judith bateson

judith bateson1 day ago

Amen, God is faithful to His promises.

Sami Jaye

Sami Jaye1 day ago

And ovomit bin lyin was an angel? The sea hag is an angel? N O_ T_. DJT is BRILLIANT, he’s not gonna fall for gwb’s crap. DJT LOVES this country, and world, God has his back.


E.1 day ago


carol johnson

carol johnson3 days ago

To much movement going on on your screen calm it down

Kay Watson

Kay Watson1 day ago

The Churches live in their comfort zone and you can’t wake them up– I’ve tried. They just go on as usual wanting to keep Attendance up. We have seen not only all the Signs but it’s been World wide. To me, I feel God is trying to wake up the world but people only care when it affects them. Matthew 24 should wake everyone up as we’ve been told to see the Signs and know Time is near for His Coming. May 14, 2019 was Israel’s 70th Birthday that she’s been recognized since May 14, 1948. AND Trump proclaimed Jerusalem as the Capitol of Israel which we knew and moved our Embassy to Jerusalem. Jerusalem is the City of God; He has His name on it.

Cindy Robertson

Cindy Robertson1 day ago (edited)

I worked in the forest service..its true..those of us who worked in the forest all year had eyes to see that the college students who came in the summer or bosses couldn’t see. We could see dangers, we could see weather coming or going, wind trends, fire patterns. We could find our way thru the forest without a compass or degree ;-) 

Joyce Nay

Joyce Nay2 days ago

I heard that ( and it didn’t then and still now doesn’t make sense to me) one of Bush Sr. things in the deal(??) made with Trump was to put Barr in at the WH in a certain position. ?????????????? 1. when your caught doing what Bush Sr. has done. It’s time for you to be held responsible accordingly. 2. Why was there a ” DEAL”??????? So Trump placed (bush sr.)a treasonous human trafficker and pedophile an murder choice “Barr” in and has access to top secert infor. and inside 411 right in front of him. Sr. Picked Barr so I would think they were close. Now Jr. and the rest of the bush family ( of which you would think the 2 were close. What does everyone think he’ll do??? The same as maybe R.R.? Trump let R. R. stay even after hearing about the wearing a wire event. And R.R. was the one that supposably told Trump to fire Comey!!! The entire “colluding with russia” was found early on to be fraudulent as for why and how they got a judge to give them dems. permission. Why wasn’t ALL OF IT STOPPED right there and then?????? It makes me sick to think that ” we the people “are out of luck. Why were there e Catholic priest back in december 2018 standing in the oval office directly behind and to Trumps right? TAKE A VERY CLOSE LOOK AT THE CROSS ON THE PRIEST TO TRUMPS RIGHT. IT IS NOT A CRUCIFIX WITH JESUS ON THE CROSS. IT SEEMS TO BE A PRRSON WITH THEIR ARMS ON THEIR CHEST. IT ALSO APPEARS TO ME TO HAVE THEIR “WINGS” OPEN WHERE JESUS ARMS WERE NAILED. The preist in the middle of the 3 has a vile hanging around his neck. I have no clue what possibly that would be. I always wondered why at bush Sr. funeral Trump wasn’t saying the prayer everyone was saying. It”s odd…… At the cpac event he said ” he loves it when we tell him those 4 words. WERE PRAYING FOR YOU. Why hasn’t he come out strong condemning major events like when the Vegas massacre happened?? Or the horrifyingly horrific fires in new mexico by D.E.W.????? It’s disturbing to wonder if we are watching a show and he is among the stars. I HEAR ” QUESTION EVERYTHING AND EVERYONE”. I HAD NO IDEA SUCH MORALESS HORRIBLE THINGS WERE HAPPENING IN THE YEARS BEFORE THE TRUMP PRESIDENCY. PLACE QUESTION EVERYONE AND THING ON TOP OF THAT. I consider myself a conservative and counted on potus. “I” put him on a pedalstal and put him pretty high up there. When he has brought 411that shakes us all and the question of ” what life would have been like had she won. And I am only speaking for me. Both sides of information that comes out, we need to do our homework. Don’t skip over it because you think you can trust someone. We did that in the past and yet here we are. God Bless Everyone!

no hi

no hi1 day ago

I have been done with church many years ago ,it’s just like high school you went so others could show and tell you who you aren’t, they play the name game, the money game I would just soon stay home worship God , I dont need people who SAY THEY BELIEVE IN GOD buttt ???

Mohammed Sood

Mohammed Sood3 days ago


Quo Vadis

Quo Vadis1 week ago


Karen Stewart

Karen Stewart1 day ago

No military tribunals mentioned?



God gave you a country for a reason because he trusted that you would obey the laws all of you have been witnesses to the crimes being committed against a American Donald Trump is not a politician he’s one of you and you all have allowed this American to have crimes committed against him which you witness there for you are part of the crime the law gave me American people the responsibility of enforcing the law on their officials but all of you have allowed this the happened to a American not to mention this is the president of your country so they have acted against him and him committed crimes against them like treason then that means than all of you have given them Aid and comfort to engage in the overthrow of the United States and the United States Constitution if you fail to stop them or have them arrested all of you will be formally charged

Phyllis Dickerson

Phyllis Dickerson1 day ago

What did he say about military tribunals??? I missed it.😖🤔

Cindy Robertson

Cindy Robertson1 day ago (edited)

Some church leaders did not did not have eyes to see Gods choice in Trump.

Rose Friend of Jesus

Rose Friend of Jesus2 days ago

King David had a past too. Worst then President Trump.

Sami Jaye

Sami Jaye1 day ago

Why do the titles not match what is being said?

Lupita Sanchez

Lupita Sanchez3 days ago


Esther Amora

Esther Amora3 days ago




Robin Clifton

Robin Clifton3 hours ago

The Old Testament gives us pictures of spiritual reality. Be encouraged with Leviticus 14. Even a house can have leprosy. And a solution is given. In some cases the house is destroyed.

Alexandra Russell

Alexandra Russell1 day ago

are all 501 c 3 bad? Even the ones that are not involved as a church? There so many that help homeless, they provide food, etc. Are they all bad? Or just the ones that are churches?

David King

David King1 day ago (edited)

I saw perry stone, it was wonderful, he taught the bible, the holy spirit was there, i think he is very nice and good- it depends on the preacher & intent of the people- where I felt evil? Joel Osteen, city govt, some suburbs of Houston, Conroe tx ( pure evil) most lawyers, charity Galas – spec. Diabetes & cancer chairities, susan g komen, nicus, and doc offices that force vaccines on the elderly & children- beware- los angeles, ft Lauderdale, Atlanta, Montana, Some parts of Canada

Dar C

Dar C12 hours ago

TRUMP keeps saying he’s saved us $$, so why did he steal our $4,150 EACH PERSON personal exemptions? Millions of families AND anyone with $8,000 or more in deductions (mortgage, medical, charity, etc.) will NOT GET THEIR REFUND! They will instead owe $$ they don’t have, likely also pay interest. Millions are up in the next bracket! WTF? A real boon for the FED. Trump is evil to say he cares about us then do this.


twinflower1 day ago

That’s almost exactly the same thing. We watched it happen, tried to speak the Word cocerning this, but it fell on deaf ears. We left, came back, and it was an absolute opposite of what it once was. It breaks my heart to talk about it. The body is very sick and we pray for revival.

Robin Clifton

Robin Clifton3 hours ago (edited)

ALSO recall that the Lord Jesus said He will build HIS church and the gates of Hades will not prevail His builded church. What a wondrous promise!

Barbara Clayton

Barbara Clayton1 day ago

This is so awesome!! Wow!!💗❣️💗 The truth is all about loving yourself and then you can truly love other! Your heart knows the truth. time to go within and connect to God like Jesus did out in desert. Quieting your mind and ask for clarity AND TRUTH WILL BE REVEALED!! ❣️❣️🙏❣️❣️LOVE IS MOST POWERFUL THAN DARK💗❣️💗

Sharon Crawford

Sharon Crawford1 day ago

Im getting sick of people running down the church. God has a true remnant. And there are still some good churches out there who are standing on Gods word. You havent attended every church in America. And there are still some Godly leaders.




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    • DangerWillRoberson

      yeah we know the sky is falling this time next week i mean months , i mean next year, no i mean when trump is out of office! no, its a con job for simple folk of low info! :idea:

      • Anonymous

        Taylor the fake poseur can fkkk off.
        Trying to pawn off roundups, secret tribunals and other illegal, antiAmerican tools of dictatorship as “God’s will” to save us. Another Q-style faQe unleashed on the Idiot Evangelicals who are so spiritually dead and undiscerning, that all some con Man has to do to convince them, is spout a few scriptures and pretend to be a believer. Like Drumpf’s act. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    • FauxScienceSlayer

      “Justice delayed….is justice denied”…. we’ve played this JustUS game for two years….no Q queue for me….

    • dufus

      there are no military tribunals. where do they hear this crap?

    • The Watcher





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