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Alert: Trump Did The Final Thing Over Unredacted Mueller Report!! Dems Just Got The Worst News Ever! - Great Video

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Published on May 10, 2019


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Douglas Anderson

Douglas Anderson3 hours ago

I don’t care what these people are saying about My President he’s still going to win in 2020 cry all you want . Let’s see polosi taxes

Kat Meadow

Kat Meadow2 hours ago


Fight Night

Fight Night3 hours ago

The first domino is about to fall…

Karen Oller

Karen Oller3 hours ago

China Biden should stop meddling with other countries. He doesn’t have any power.

Daniel Rusanowsky

Daniel Rusanowsky3 hours ago

We have them for Treason,givem some of their own.medicine,slow’m down.

Michael Shapiro

Michael Shapiro2 hours ago (edited)


pisces pisces pisces

pisces pisces pisces2 hours ago

It’s all a distraction from what’s going to come out. Relax and enjoy the show⏰

Douglas Anderson

Douglas Anderson3 hours ago

This is a smoke screening by the dum dems lol 😂


Shannon2 hours ago

We the people want EVERY elected officials tax returns for the last 40 years

Michael McMenzie

Michael McMenzie3 hours ago

Somebody should ask the question isn’t that conflict of interests to be running for the office of the president of United States while trying to take down another president using politics



Deplorable 4Ever

Deplorable 4Ever3 hours ago

It would be a real shame if Nadler got hit by a train.



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Randy Parmley

Randy Parmley3 hours ago

let the American people see Pelosi and Schumer and nadles tax returns



Graeme Twycross

Graeme Twycross3 hours ago

Jerry Nadler, is a hypocrite, a liar, a crook, it sounds like a democrat, which he is, it’s all a nothing burger, there sinking, the IG, report just might sink them further, interesting times folks,



Krock164 164

Krock164 1643 hours ago

We the people need to see all public servants tax returns


T R-H2 hours ago

Trey Gowdy was correct! Barr should not have released a single word of the report. I hope he has learned a lesson. Give the Dems NOTHING! Make them fight for everything. This is war! Patriots are ready to fight!

Deanna Chandler

Deanna Chandler3 hours ago

When are We The People going to have our fill?? Fixing to have to study the Constitution to find out myself legal means to yank them all out of Washington. We are going to have to restructure our entire Government. They are out of control and intervention has got to be inserted into this mess. We will never have a chance to recover any Sovereignty here as long as we sit . I’ve been way too idle. Not even a illusion of democracy left. Tyranny is all I see. Criminals .

Solomon Lee

Solomon Lee3 hours ago

America must stand up against China. If not Chiina will floof you with cheap and inferior goods that would have huge impact on your econmhy growth.

D. Jewel

D. Jewel3 hours ago

Let’s see Pelosi’s Taxes

Kitty Caruso

Kitty Caruso2 hours ago

Another leftist who doesnt know the three branches of government. Imagine that

Jothanette Meeks

Jothanette Meeks2 hours ago (edited)

President Trump Will be Re-Elected and will serve his whole term . The Demo-Rats are liars.. They don’t want to deal with the borders That’s right expose them lying Demo-Rats

Terry Wilson

Terry Wilson2 hours ago

What’s next? Asking for the presidents past 3 years worth of Walmart receipts? How about his underwear size?

jack shitz

jack shitz2 hours ago

Nadler already has unredacted access to the Mueller report. Why does he simply not read it, & then say if he believes it has something to hide & get that part opened? He’s a liar.

Fitness with Dman

Fitness with Dman2 hours ago

When in the hell is Congress gonna be investigated. But I guarantee it most of them would be put behind bars

Carol Reeves

Carol Reeves2 hours ago

Let’s see Pelosi, Nadler, Schiff, And Schumers tax returns! Let’s see how they made THEIR billions!!


CitifiedCowgirl2 hours ago

Which this corruption of the Democratic party right now it is no wonder we are having bugger problems at protection of America. They just want to try and hold up all issues in hope to take 2020. I see it as them sinking in the swamp.

Can't Remember

Can’t Remember1 hour ago

Why not all for TRUMP’S birth certificate? And at the same time let’s get obama’s REAL CERTIFICATE? Oh! Let’s not forget hilary’s emails!!

cwhy harris

cwhy harris3 hours ago

Poloser ….I want to see YOUR tax returns back to 1776. You crypt keeper

Steve Wilkinson

Steve Wilkinson2 hours ago

Laughable frivolous to demand Barr break ferral law or be held in contempt!

Donny R

Donny R3 hours ago

lying pelosi… the law does not say The President has to hand over his taxes. The Dem party is done. Anti American losers. Hey pelosi,,, Why don’t you let the American people see your taxes?


stevesteele113 hours ago

Let’s see Pelosi’s and Nadlers tax returns and see how 2 civil servants became rich in office!!! Also don’t tell Nadler he’s going bald or you won’t get any cooperation at all!!!!

Aleada Siragusa

Aleada Siragusa2 hours ago

Investigate Pelosi – she seems dirty! Look at her and her husband over her whole time in office!

MK Wiseman

MK Wiseman2 hours ago

Nasty Pelosi should relate her own tax returns for public scrutiny. Prime hypocrisy! A should Nadler, Schiff and Schumer. Not to forget the entire crowd of clowns aspiring to be president.

Elenn Vuong

Elenn Vuong2 hours ago

You all wish President not win2020.democrats return god .they are don’t care god anymore Ashamed

B Martin

B Martin2 hours ago

Think about it,… these are the people in charge. PATHETIC!!!

Space Cowboy

Space Cowboy1 hour ago

Now Supena Nadlers taxes for the last 20yrs “Audit FatMan”

Jerry Black

Jerry Black3 hours ago

I see where Pelosi said that the number one goal of the Democrat party in 2020 was to defeat President Trump. Not jobs nor healthcare or prescription drugs no to taxes and border security just defeat Trump. I guess for 2020 that is all that they have. That and who uses which bathroom.

Russell Dail

Russell Dail3 hours ago

Dems don’t want court case,their corruption will be their undoing

Sharon Vess

Sharon Vess2 hours ago

Adam Schiff made MILLIONS off Standard Hotel. REMEMBER???


xrtroger2 hours ago


Omegaperfectstorm !

Omegaperfectstorm !3 hours ago

🌹 1st! LUVS Everyone

Mike Grover

Mike Grover3 hours ago

Even the DIMS can’t agreed. The grey haired guy is honest and the other is a LIAR! Plain and SIMPLE!!! If they would read it then they would be informed and lose their arguments and possible charged with some type of obstruction. If they don’t read it they can continue with the bullshit and waste time, effort and get zero results, which is their plan.

Philp Jones

Philp Jones1 hour ago (edited)

There is no such Law to reveal our President’s Tax Return. Pilosi is hitting the Bottle and Smoking Weed again to tell her lies along with all the other Democrats in the Democratic Party.

Michael McMenzie

Michael McMenzie3 hours ago

Their underscoring the fact that the trump haters haven’t disappeared That is the problem not the Russians


G W2 hours ago

Mueller shirked his responsibility. He was paid to make a decision not to pass the buck. The USA should ask for it’s money back.

paranormal instinct

paranormal instinct3 hours ago (edited)

Look at him trying to keep his sentences straight

awake In Florida

awake In Florida1 hour ago

What a circus!! And this where our money is going!! The greatest so called show on Earth!

Daniel Rusanowsky

Daniel Rusanowsky2 hours ago

Obstruction of justice is a smoke screen for them for takeover agenda,the powers a be are in place by the world Look Out!!

Elvis Stone

Elvis Stone2 hours ago

I can’t wait to see this all blow up in their faces 😁 MAGA WINNING 2020 🇺🇸🎉🎇🎊🎉

Kevin Hensley

Kevin Hensley1 hour ago

How much Xanax did the Democrat congressmen take before the interview Cuz you can tell everything he’s saying is BS he doesn’t even believe it Just going on and on with baseless accusation talking points be nice if they could at least give different lines to different people so you wouldn’t believe they’re all in lockstep

Eric Peterson

Eric Peterson1 hour ago

Nadler is PROOF that Voter Fraud exists!!! We need Voter ID’s NOW!!!

Mark Staggs

Mark Staggs2 hours ago

Me and all my family will be voting for Donald trump for president 2020

Jorge Lopez

Jorge Lopez3 hours ago

I need some holy welfare California money like by congress gets. I want that same holy welfare money they get. Where do I apply or do I ask an international bank for that california holy welfare money. Can I get a witness.

Dale Boxsell

Dale Boxsell13 minutes ago

Nadler, waters, Pelosi and warren all need to be put out to pasture they’ve all exceeded their used by date anyway.

Jorge Lopez

Jorge Lopez3 hours ago

How do I apply for pelosi welfare. Her god is very generous to her and at this point I might even change over to her god and get that holy money. I need some of pelosi welfare and I will even use affirmative action to get extra holy money. So pelosi let me see your tax return . Let me see where you donated that holy money to people like me or do I just say pelosi sent me for some holy welfare money u get.

Fungus Chungus

Fungus Chungus1 hour ago

The Demoncrat’s just want to know how to dodge investigations.

joep meloen

joep meloen1 hour ago

When you try to persuade someone to commit a crime…..aren’t you then in violation in law and must they not pursue you ??? and thus you have to be sentenced ??? as I see, Nadler has to be put in contempt :) 

Timemachine Eddie2 hours ago

democrats need to be held accountable for their crimes against America up to and including Treason. America Loves President Trump.

Susan Kelley

Susan Kelley1 hour ago

Folks. Could. Dirty demos be. In. Panic. Mode

Gil Bolden

Gil Bolden45 minutes ago

I want to see that old biddies tax returns after so many millions she’s made being in Congress. Tic Toc Nancy

Dick Johnson

Dick Johnson2 hours ago

Online shoppers should boycott products sold from New York, Illinois and California! Trump 2020! 🇺🇸

Bobbie and donny Klun

Bobbie and donny Klun1 hour ago

Yes maybe its time to leave the planet for a few rotations….geeezzez…but alas my ship was confiscated…it better be unharmed..

Hoan Nguyen

Hoan Nguyen2 hours ago

Democratic Party didn’t respect the legal system and makes Barr break the laws, why have others respected DP

Theresa Woodward

Theresa Woodward8 minutes ago

Usually when folks are pointing their fingers it’s usually a reflection to their own – Lets see Pelosi’s. Nadler and Harris’s tax’s.

Che Sullivan

Che Sullivan1 hour ago

It was GOD’S will, that Donald Trump, became the 45th president of the United states. American people voted for him, because he was the only one, capable of leading this country, to a winning victory , like we have been enjoying, most of all, jobs , the economy at its best, and so much more than I don’t want to get u bored. MAGA 2020 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

Daniel Broberg

Daniel Broberg49 minutes ago

Every time I hear the name “nancy pelosi” I can’t help but to say “nasty pelosi” to myself (No capital letters cause she’s not worthy)

Doc Kwik

Doc Kwik30 minutes ago

The lib lie is strong with these droids! Yes folks, All dems believe the lie and they are afraid of truth!

Jafte Cenjoy

Jafte Cenjoy1 hour ago

Every single one of your videos, every one. Has a misleading/ completely false title. Your title says God is love, yet you lie to get money….

Truth Hurts

Truth Hurts3 hours ago

If you go back to when Clinton got in trouble and then Obama with the Fast and Furious scandal they talked about holding the acting democratic prosecutor then and they were totally against it and dems walked out same situation and the same double standards. I think it’s funny it’s no fun when the rabbit got the gun LOL hahaha

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