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Boom!! AG Barr Taps US Attorney John Durham To Investigate Russian Investigation Origins - Great Video!

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Published on May 14, 2019


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Rea Ality

Rea Ality2 hours ago

Equal justice under the law with equal application! There was no collusion yet a two year bias investigation. It is only fair to have an equal investigation into the attempted coup against the POTUS.

Glenn Mulliken

Glenn Mulliken2 hours ago (edited)

Adam hankerschiff lie lie lie 📢🔊 TRUMP OUR WONDERFUL PRESIDENT is the best.MAGA 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

Charles DiSaia

Charles DiSaia2 hours ago

i wasnt aware cnn was still on the air. that shows you how bad it is and to see comey on cnn puts the icing on the cake.

vincent collette

vincent collette2 hours ago

Shitt schiff is an embarrassment a lier He needs to go VOTE him OUT,


Victor2 hours ago (edited)

Comey has already said that he put people into the trump campaign Because he could get away with it… under any other circumstances he wouldn’t have gotten away with it , because it was a new Administration .


Victor2 hours ago (edited)

Just wait until the Democrats start to try and (slander) this guy next . They will do it , without a doubt , slander is the only thing they know . They tried to (slander) Donald Trump… they tried to (slander) Judge Kavanagh……They tried to (slander) Bill Barr … Now are you will try and (slander) this man .

East KY Hunter 629

East KY Hunter 6292 hours ago

2 year investigation I’m sure if he shared his Netflix password the US government would of found it out 🤔🤔🤔

Barry Sheridan

Barry Sheridan2 hours ago

Going up snot bad, it’s coming down hold your breath cuz it’s hard to breathe Democrats got away with too many too long


roger51732 hours ago

all these people like comey, brennan, clapper, strozk, page and even obama will start disappearing. all these people are loose ends and hillary doesnt like loose ends

Lilly trust

Lilly trust2 hours ago

No matter what the democrats do I am sure justice will be served by the grace of God. President Trump 2020

Daniel Rusanowsky

Daniel Rusanowsky2 hours ago

They the Left are protectionists they proclaim our President is committing the very crimes that they in provable fact are committing themselves.


SAR TRACKING2 hours ago

Durham is a heavy hitter . The same guy who slam dunked corrupt fbi agents working for Whitey Bulgers Irish mafia and Italian mafia . This shook the feds to the core . Durham is not afraid of death threats and contract killers . He’s been through all that BS before . The perfect man for the job.

Brad Vaughn

Brad Vaughn2 hours ago

Comey must have taken money from Hillary, Obama , or Soros ! To say what he is saying!

Max Barrett

Max Barrett2 hours ago (edited)

I know this attorney !! He is the real deal out “Jim” your day is coming soon bro..and when he see’s your idea of justice…you will get the death penalty.

Michael Kaiser

Michael Kaiser2 hours ago

No bipartisan! They where all dems so I guess he’s right! LOL

Aaron Hammon

Aaron Hammon2 hours ago


Oregon's Lonewolf

Oregon’s Lonewolf2 hours ago

Enough. Of course it was illegal because is was based on a BS dossier. It’s not rocket science. Hang them

c s

c s59 minutes ago

FBI is only loyal to the FBI. Not one took any effort to protect our country. From themselves.

Jerry Eason

Jerry Eason2 hours ago

Carl Bernstein is A Nut or a QUACK if you will.


ufoboatman2 hours ago

Don’t hold your breath conservatives don’t look good in blue

leon landowski

leon landowski2 hours ago (edited)

You know how the Dems are all of a sudden into transparency: subpoena this, subpoena that, subpoenas the dogs dinner. Well I just watched Juan Williams on Outnumbered explain that there is no need for any investigation. You have to admire the ability of Dems to turn on a dime. He didn’t even have the good grace to look embarrassed.


dbltrplx2 hours ago

Connecticut is anti gun Anti free speech Anti 4th Amendment. What do you think this shill is going to do ?

plantation free

plantation free1 hour ago

I see the Deep State is still trying to take complete control over the U.S.

Mark Millers

Mark Millers1 hour ago

So democrats are ok with using extortion to get compliance. Shameful political party.

tina caetano

tina caetano1 hour ago

Best news I’ve heard all day No nonsense Attorney John Durham at the wheel !

Richard De Lyon

Richard De Lyon1 hour ago


Donald Williams

Donald Williams2 hours ago

If the democrats do not try to trash him. They’d already know he is in their pocket.

David Soltai

David Soltai34 minutes ago

Trump 2020 4 years of investigations equals 4 years of prosecutions equals MAGA

David Soltai

David Soltai26 minutes ago

What AG okayed the FISA warrants? Thought sessions recused himself

Brittany Foster

Brittany Foster19 minutes ago

Is this guy a good guy or we don’t know we don’t need more corrupt

Frank G

Frank G1 hour ago

I got a nickel that says Mr John Durham will get bashed by congress and the media , I think they ,Dems & media, are a little nervous about this.

Song Iv

Song Iv1 hour ago

American peoples getting tired of investigate a made up crime

Steven Amato

Steven Amato1 hour ago (edited)

The way that they treat him I don’t think one single person can blame President Trump for the way he’s treated Congress what goes around comes around. One more thing drop dead

Daisy Yeh

Daisy Yeh1 hour ago (edited)

Excellent . . Can start interviewing under oath with Schiff, Nadller and all the top Dems including those presidential candidates. We are so tired of their lies publicly. They are the true obstruction of justice and easily to see lie under oath. Need to go after those opinion reporters and find out their lies or cover-ups. Schiff is the one will broke first if same rule (fine $25K) applies to him. Disagree with the Dems’ Congressman here . . No more dealing with incompetent US Congress now . . just waste time and resources.

Glenn Heiselman

Glenn Heiselman1 hour ago

Comey is on a sympathy tour. Looking for someone to have pity and vote not guilty at his trial..

Donald Zorniger

Donald Zorniger1 hour ago (edited)

RUN LITTLE RABBITS …. RUN !!! Now maybe we’ll get some answers on who was involved in the international coup against the United States of America. MAGA STRONG !!!

Dona Herndon

Dona Herndon15 minutes ago

James Comey keeps digging his grave! Comey believes he is tops. I believe Comey is a traitor, of the worst kind.

Teri Wright

Teri Wright1 hour ago

Criminal acts will be proven now. Great move AG Barr

Amir Vakili

Amir Vakili2 hours ago


Becky Williams

Becky Williams53 minutes ago

Bernstein please tuck your neck back into your shirt.

Adam Bellizzi

Adam Bellizzi1 hour ago (edited)

This all came from the top starting with Mr.Obama, Lynch, Rice, Jarrett,Comey,Clapper,Brennen,fbi,cia,dni your all on notice

Krystal Patterson

Krystal Patterson1 hour ago

I think this President has been investigated more than any other President in all our history of president’s! Not only him,but his whole family!!!They began investigations before he became president and have not stopped!!They done it legally and illegally!!!!! Not only him but his friends,enemies ,and aquantances!!!

Robert Vanyo

Robert Vanyo2 hours ago

The beginning of Suicide summer in DNC?

Mary J

Mary J3 hours ago

Oh dear 😯he served at Obama administration? Don’t count your 🐔chickens!!!! Do you think hill go against Obama to arest anyone?

Micheline Burgett

Micheline Burgett1 hour ago (edited)

Comey is the one who is lost. A.G Ken Barr is the real Democrat as Democrats used to be. Comey isn’t a Democrat ,nor Republican . He is a lier to Congress . Comey is a bad guy , hr isn’t Democrat and he isn’t Republican . He is just a bad Person for this Country .


U K4 minutes ago

….. still…..democraps will now claim John Durham is a russian agent working for Mr. Trump ( and the russians of course ) ! These demonrats are as insane as it can get !

Grant Veale

Grant Veale19 minutes ago

The Dims are trying to obstruct justice and hamper, hinder and stop Barr’s investigations.


OLD GLORY1 hour ago

CNN says John Durham should be impeached….

pablo curley

pablo curley1 hour ago

Democrats are blackmailing against TRUMP, asking finds $25,00.00 that’s a CRIMES RIGHT THERE.


Dutch35 minutes ago

Ro Khanna, now THERE’S a real American taxpayer name!

Dona Herndon

Dona Herndon20 minutes ago

Why did Barr wait so long, to hire some help?

Bringing .The New

Bringing .The New23 minutes ago

hahahaa… Demonrats starting to sh*t on themselves… Demons can’t stand the Light of Truth, their end is near… hurray!

Micheal Sanderford

Micheal Sanderford8 minutes ago

people are sounding like democrats, let the investigation get finished, then slam whoever not what it can, might, could be


M P35 minutes ago

It is not simple Khanna…This is very serious…Truth will come out

Dave richardson

Dave richardson28 minutes ago

This is what Jeff sessions and rod rosenstein should of done,but sessions was a coward and rosenstein was in cohorts to get trump


Z ESDS1 hour ago

“… you can remain silent… your job is to charge or not to charge… period!” What does it take to describe the nothingness of a whooping nothing bugger…!? … let’s start with the names from the infamous Susan Rice’s CYA email distribution list of names, manager of the FISA’s courts, gang of Eight… then we’ll be able to find a complete organization chart of this FBI’s cabal crime family… and might lead to the BS’s WW WH! Isn’t that neat!? AG Barr would not be breaking no laws and rules for anybody… period! .. Mueller ‘s time over… it’s time to pay for the Barr’s bills… right now! “… you can remain silent… otherwise we’ll throw your own books at you so you can do your own corrections… in Gitmo… for good!” HRC demanding that we have to investigate into “the China connection collusion Clinton’s Cash corruptions”… we just may need some help from Peter Schweitzer so we’ll be to know more about “the Secret empires”.. very soon! “… BS’s administration paid $1,000,000.00 + for these spies off from defense budget as defense contractors… without evidence of any works preformed at all!” We’d need to reemerging FBI’s organization into the US Marshall Service… likes the way it’s once was… Since R. S. Mueller III is a SC not an IC… therefore if Congress wanted the whole scoops for themselves then they would have to reenact the ICR first … then patiently awaiting for the next investigations… onwards! Just a friendly reminder… from the recent past of the USA history… EUDS

Paul Wiseman

Paul Wiseman54 minutes ago

Comey a man with NO CREDITABILITY or ethics and is up to his neck in this illegal spying conspiracy accuses a man with the highest character of stupidy Comey isn’t very intelligent.

Carol Krenn

Carol Krenn44 minutes ago

When is this going to stop? Honestly? Every investigation has a conclusion and then needs to shut down. An analysis is an analysis.

Henry De Paz

Henry De Paz1 hour ago

I think Bush didn’t go to jail because of Barr

Brittany Foster

Brittany Foster18 minutes ago

I sure hope I feel awful for President Trump they have put this man thru hell

Brittany Foster

Brittany Foster16 minutes ago

I think they all have violated the law the FBI (comey) and the democrats and I believe some of them was in on this hoax

Timothy Duffy

Timothy Duffy9 minutes ago

Was not Durham the guy who pulled apart the Meuller(FBI) Boston MOB partnership apart. I can see Meuller now (O Shmit).

Micheline Burgett

Micheline Burgett1 hour ago

President Donald J.Trump should ask his records in F.B.I. and for his family . That is what President needs it and he has right to receive them as soon he pays the $10.00 .



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