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Q Anon - Trust No One: Truth to Light, No Sleep in D.C. - Great Video

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JustInformed Talk

Published on May 23, 2019


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Tripp Hammer

Tripp Hammer6 hours ago

Thanks for all you do, Patriots appreciate your work.

Deb Scott

Deb Scott6 hours ago

I need one of those Trump 2020 Make Liberals Cry Again posters. Seriously.

jack asz

jack asz6 hours ago

Trust the plan – Q Get em all – Us

Barre Wilks

Barre Wilks6 hours ago


Terry Sears

Terry Sears5 hours ago

Oh my! It’s getting hot now.😁😁😁 Wonderful to hear. God Bless Our Beloved President Trump 🙏

Michael Whittle

Michael Whittle7 hours ago

Hmmm , it’s habbening . Enjoy the show and have a Popcorn Weekend ?….. kek…… WWG1WGA……m (UK)

Peace Maker

Peace Maker6 hours ago

What a day May 23,2019! Gotta get to sleep. I’ll be catching up tomorrow.

Topher USMC

Topher USMC5 hours ago

President Trump is getting my vote in 2020. That’s for sure.


epictrilogy6 hours ago

It is time to break social media, aka C_A – Cabal Mockingbird “…into a thousand pieces,” and give it back to the people, who paid for it in the first place.

Victor James

Victor James6 hours ago

Boom time from Australia. #WWG1WGA Patriots. Not everyone can stick it out. You-tube can try as they may, we will seek out good intel. Thanks Justinformed.

Joshua Sherman

Joshua Sherman5 hours ago

James Comey is about to start eating the soul of prison food in small bites.


Philipino5 hours ago

Craig! I love the new intro! Thanks for all you do to keep us informed.

Michael Valek

Michael Valek5 hours ago

Mr. President! If you do not act against BIG TECH, they will attempt to steal the election via maga purge.

Marilyn D

Marilyn D6 hours ago (edited)

Robert Hannigan had to take care of sick family :) . God Bless all the Anons. Haven’t missed one post, one video here, and the more you see, and hear, and later witness the news, the more RESPECT you have for our amazing military! Congrats to all the Navy Grads today, especially Joellyn:). #USNA2019

Daniel Brown

Daniel Brown7 hours ago

This is the best Q channel on youtube!! Love ya buddy!!!

Marsha Forsberg

Marsha Forsberg4 hours ago

Those dumb rocks need to be arrested for sedition BEFORE the 2020 election! Thanks for all the info! WWG1WGA!👏🏼💕🇺🇸❣️


BADGUY 15 hours ago

It NOW comes out that these people applied for a FISA warrant based on the “pump and dump” scheme they used on Papadopoulos. This was BEFORE they had the Steele Dossier. They used this Joseph Mifsud to tell Papadopoulos that the Russians had Hillary’s emails. THEN when he repeated that info to that phony Australian Diplomat, Downer, they made a claim to the FISA court that that information came from Papadopoulos’ “activities” with the Russians. They wanted the FISA warrant to spy on the Trump campaign. They made up this phony scheme to get that warrant. Fortunately, the judge saw through their scheme, and did not grant the warrant. Of course, when the Administration..the CIA..and..the FBI went to “Plan B” and cooked up the phony Steele dossier, they finally got their FISA warrant…so they could finally spy on Trump’s campaign and his administration.

Judas Priest

Judas Priest6 hours ago

You went too far Nancy and now president Trump going to show you and your crew just who you are! Song, Who are you, who who, who who! Song, Burn baby burn, disco inferno!!! Trump is 2Q2Q!!!

Alan aka FANG

Alan aka FANG3 hours ago

Thanks Craig, Your a True Patriot ✌️ Keep Up the Great Work Brother. God Bless ❤️


Truth LIGHT5 hours ago

God Bless you Craig. I was just suspended from twatter. Have a back up channel, the push back has begun. I will work from Utube for now. Godspeed Patriots…

Portmaga Land

Portmaga Land6 hours ago

Stay alert, stay alive.

les goss

les goss3 hours ago

It is highly likely that Christopher Steele will end up DOA before he can be made to testify.

MaineBear from The Moon

MaineBear from The Moon6 hours ago

I left fb and twitter cuz I’m conservative

Valeria De Jeronimo

Valeria De Jeronimo5 hours ago

You are first person to mention that tier one fisa warrant allowed them to listen to Trump’s call.

William Horner

William Horner6 hours ago

Love that the whole time you stayed true too Q. Respect. Declass…… breathe out and breathe in. Two years. Patience Facebook hasn’t got rid of all fake accounts.


MsTaly994 hours ago

Media is already spinning it as President Trump falling for Piglosis’ trap🙄🤣😂🤣 President Trump has been waiting for the exact time for a major declassification/info dump! Soon as that DEMONRAT had the nerve to publicly proclaim he was the one conducting a”coverup” President Trump drops the INFO HAMMER!

Buck Browning

Buck Browning4 hours ago

Pandora’s box has been opened..

Marlene Blanco

Marlene Blanco1 hour ago

Happy Memorial Day get lots of popcorn next week is going to be a BOOM Day

Linda Quinn

Linda Quinn2 hours ago

I heard they also spied on some Supreme Court justices and I know they spied on a Fox News reporter because that came out


599636 hours ago

Payment over due, please correct ASAP.

Amalio Salinas

Amalio Salinas4 hours ago

I believe we ar entering into The garden of Eden claiming are home back And throw the evil out.

MaineBear from The Moon

MaineBear from The Moon6 hours ago

yeah tom hanks look at his 2 nd to last post he is bragging bout killing kappy its obvious and me and his pals aint letting it go also kappys deadman switch was def Epstein temple so robert Mueller did the hoax to have us not lookin at the big deal he did with Epstein its so obvious and the cabal and elites control many ppl


SERI0USWEAP0N7 hours ago

And first!!!

Rockrabbit Rehabilitation

Rockrabbit Rehabilitation4 hours ago

187 is code for murder! Thank who was murdered in Washington DC:


Cmac6 hours ago

Someone should go ahead and organize a Democrat scream-at-the-sky for 2020 😂

Atypical Anon

Atypical Anon6 hours ago

Great report, as always! May God bless you and all you do. WWG1WGA

Ann Clouse

Ann Clouse7 hours ago

Wooohooo LIGHT

KneadThe People

KneadThe People1 hour ago

Been following your work from the beginning. KEEP IT UP

Ron Chrisman

Ron Chrisman5 hours ago

187 is the criminal code for murder here in Ca.

Ascending Proof

Ascending Proof5 hours ago

After [they] torture a targeted individual, [they] like to torture TI’s loved ones right in front of TI. Anger. Controlled anger is powerful. Anger will be widespread. Time to flip the tables. Much Love


misool3 hours ago

Exposing the unprecedented overreach done by previous administrations is one of the key elements that will propel Trump’s presidency into eternity.

Angelyn Ray

Angelyn Ray5 hours ago

“grasping the gravity” – YES!!!!!!!!


Mr101beers5 hours ago

Lets just spare a thought for the plumbers of Washington DC. These poor folks are getting no sleep having to remove so many bricks from s bends.

AlphaOmega Code: MRO-026

AlphaOmega Code: MRO-0262 hours ago

Dig in some more and extract all the worms.

Carla Jones

Carla Jones6 hours ago

I believe that they are using these charges to extradite ASSANGE and he will testify about Seth Rich giving the emails to Assange. I believe he won’t go to prison.

Thinking Is Fundamental

Thinking Is Fundamental6 hours ago

Declass!!!!! The QAnon Community has been waiting a year or better for this very moment. I feel……I feel like I just won the lottery & I am waiting for my CHECK!!!!! I wonder how the left is going to try & spin the Narrative Now. Oh wait now Trump is in the process of a cover-up, blah, blah, blah

Chris Isabel

Chris Isabel1 hour ago

It’s a world wide private club and they are playing The people of the United States.

Word Revival

Word Revival5 hours ago

I’ve always come here to catch up on Q… Craig, you’ve been here everyday for over 2 years and I thank you for all you do and the way you do it!! God Bless You!! WWG1WGA

6012739476 Amason

6012739476 Amason4 hours ago

“We ate overcomes by the Blood of the Lamb”. Praise God !!!!

Louella Mitchell

Louella Mitchell1 hour ago

Wow Cruz was also spied on. Congress, and the Media. The dems including obama are so CORRUPT. What were they doing with all this information, but blackmailing people. FISA brings down the house.

Jonathan Perez

Jonathan Perez6 hours ago

God does win, but he also warns us in revelation, ” the enemy will wear out the saints and overcome them briefly”. so we all need to be ready to fight and die for are fait!



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Datwuzfun !!

Datwuzfun !!6 hours ago

I am a peaceful man but I will not be satisfied unless the gallows are busy for months when this is over!


Jerky4 hours ago

Dont just hang out in echo chambers people, take the fight to them in their own comment sections, they are trying to spin all this, flood them with truth, dont let me do it alone. FIGHT! We are the ones we have been waiting for! WE are the cavalry! RSBL-Former DHS-USCIS

Win Taylor

Win Taylor6 hours ago

Could we fine congress members that refuse to show up for work? Fifty grand a day each would encourage passing important legislation. Throw them in jail later…


THughes6 hours ago

Of course they’re already saying that everything coming out now is nothing more than projection from Trump and Barr. 🤬 I’m starting to think we could slap them with a mile long pile of evidence and they would still believe their liberal “leaders”



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Robert Adams

Robert Adams5 hours ago

US was three hop rule. UK was four hop rule.



Marsha Forsberg

Marsha Forsberg5 hours ago

It’s been proven that Australian operatives in their gov’t also were involved with the take down of POTUS! SICK!



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Brenda Rivera Watt

Brenda Rivera Watt3 hours ago

Nice intro.👍😁❤



MetalDog MetalDog

MetalDog MetalDog5 hours ago

How does The Presidents tailor conceal such enormous testicles so well? We are up against thousands of years of this parasitic infection. No flinching now.



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Carol Trimble

Carol Trimble5 hours ago

Yes we’re watching the changing of the guards.



conservative felon

conservative felon4 hours ago

Yes,Brittan has the central command of the globalist elite.the ppl who have bought and payed for our entire media.they bought entertainment and most of all shumer and pelosi.




enigma22745 hours ago

I REALLY hope Assange is part of the plan. In my opinion, he’s a Global Hero and should be treated as such. NOT helping Assange is 1 MASSIVE way that Trump could and would lose A LOT of respect. Whatever Assanges motivations, he may have SAVED THE WORLD by helping to stop Hilary. I still think Trump would’ve won, but we don’t know 100%. Also, him in prison KILLS Freedom of the Press and makes Freedom of Speech just an ILLUSION, and not anything real.

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Martie Jernegan

Martie Jernegan6 hours ago

Praise the lord. Damm the torpedoes full speed ahead. TRUMP2020 WWG1 WGA



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Gordon Brand

Gordon Brand5 hours ago

I agree with earlier comment in regards to Q post about JA. I think charges against him are bogus and a cover to fool the deep state and media. His knowledge is key to alleged hack of DNC computer, which FBI never looked. It was done by SR, and not Russia, and ended up with SR getting 187′d. Bill Bunny has great info that helps solve that DNC puzzle. I hope Julian IS in protective custody, cause deep state wants him silenced. Love your videos and passion for God and the truth

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Robert Adams

Robert Adams5 hours ago

Some are saying the watch is 5/27 as in May 27th.



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Invisible Boy

Invisible Boy23 minutes ago

Foreign asst. = ACT OF WAR!



Matt Mccabe

Matt Mccabe6 hours ago

We need people arrested for treason everyone involved,or it’s all for not



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ICBA ICBA2 hours ago

any coincidence with May resigning and the article on may 19 where the paper confirmed that her intel chiefs had the dossier before trump did.



thomas ackerman

thomas ackerman5 hours ago

Hopefully many indictments are for dereliction of duty at the minimum.



Cathleen Renney

Cathleen Renney5 hours ago

THANKS for letting me know about that recommendation. I’m still getting you on my sublist but I have had to represcribed to you and others. I don’t know where I’d be if Q hadn’t found me and sent me to you and other channels. This is no joke in October of last year I couldn’t tell you anything except maybe my President & Vice President. Today between all of you and Q I could probably teach a class on politics I’m not kidding. LOL SO YOU JUST HANG IN THERE OK, WE KNOW THIER GAMES WE ARE ALL WITH YOU. ; ] CAJUN ALASKAN PATRIOT ANON

Graeme Twycross

Graeme Twycross4 hours ago

It now appears that PRESIDENT TRUMP, has had enough, by declassifing all documents relating to what’s been happening, and giving full authourity to AG BARR, is good news, Pelosi and Nadler and schumer shifty Schiff and the rest of the socialist Democrat’s along with the progressive movement, will all be rocking in there boots, this going to hurt them, and when the IG report plus the HUBER report are released, President Trump will go in for the kill, Pelosi you had better start praying, you’re in big trouble.

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D Schwartz

D Schwartz4 hours ago (edited)

Grass Valley and Nevada city are both in rural North CA… just about an hour east and north of Sacramento. Not in Nevada.

Stanley Curry

Stanley Curry7 minutes ago

Thanks for your videos, this is a Great Service to America!!! Democrats Socialism, is not Unlike the NAZIS of 80 years ago !!!

Glock Girl

Glock Girl3 hours ago

Patriots Are Now In Control

Alex Hazelwood

Alex Hazelwood2 hours ago

Hopefully they are protecting Assange, and planning on using the charges against him to get a ton of info out in the public. If they prosecute him, they will lose a bunch of support, and that includes me.

Ariosto Rodriguez

Ariosto Rodriguez3 hours ago

Good morning to you all, what a night this was last night. I was there on 24/7 soapbox listening to there podcast. I was on 8cn watching Q dropping all of their drops. It was so amazing to experience this and be apart of. It was just 30 minutes after Trump told Barr to release everything. That’s when Q started up on their Drops. I have them all posted on my Facebook #WWG1WGA

bryan inglis

bryan inglis2 hours ago

I keep saying May was home sec until mid 2016, she KNEW from the start!!!! Gchq works under home sec, remember Britain’s role in 2003 Iraq invasion, 1 unconfirmed source said saddam was getting yellow cake uranium from Africa. Our politicians in Britain are all compromised!!!! Except Farage, hopefully

_ GueroLoco

_ GueroLoco6 hours ago

Anyone think the timing of Twitter deciding to equally enforce their TOS, and ban the Krassensteins isn’t a coincidence?

Layla Beans

Layla Beans6 hours ago

I hope potus cancels his trip to u/k…why go over there after we have a Memorial Day to Remember with DECLAS?!?! 5👁’s….. I don’t like the idea of potus or ja being on ANY kinda plane, train, or boat right now!!!! Shelter in place!!!!

M Lightblb

M Lightblb33 minutes ago

Your “Those [GOOD]” video was not in my notifications, but this one was and I watch you daily anyway. DECLAS is here, God bless us all, and let TRUTH win!

john pettigrew

john pettigrew5 hours ago

The dossier was put together back in 2007. Dan Bongino has a video regarding it. HRC and the DNC just changed the names.

Ron Fisher

Ron Fisher2 hours ago

We need to pray for our president like we’ve never prayed before 🙏

Angela Monroe

Angela Monroe2 hours ago

Notifications were off again. Good thing I knew Q made some drops, wonderful birthday present lol

Kathleen 168

Kathleen 1681 hour ago (edited)

4 ads, one was 50 minutes long Btw, I still love the verses at the end. I was looking for a good Psalm to read.


VetranWhoApproves5 hours ago

Hey Craig I love you and your work. Can you change it up a little bit for us Christians? Love how you do God’s grace is greater at the end. Can we have a prayer at the start asking for the Holy Spirit and discernment at the beginning please.

jane homes

jane homes3 hours ago

This is huge. So many it’s mind-boggling someone going to play a fiddle

virtuosity cash

virtuosity cash6 hours ago

The President and The Anons can stop Big Tech as long as they have Control of “The Titan Computer”, which controls it “All”.


warsane11 hour ago

If anything was real we would be hearing much more about fixing our elections. We would require ID at the very least….please

Amy Harris

Amy Harris1 hour ago

Hey Craig! This morning YOUTUBE did suggest your video to me! Gave you 5 stars, then asked why. I checked off informative. Thank you for all your research!

Peter Spiderman

Peter Spiderman4 hours ago

The establishment from both parties still control Congress…. Many are compromised through blackmailed or bribed….. You hv to weed them out stage by stage when their times is up for reelection…….

Recce Rat

Recce Rat5 hours ago

I’ll predict that you’ll be hearing about UK MP’s Clare Smith and Boris Johnson amongst others! Tied to Mifsud, Link Campus and a Scottish university?

GOPerry 1965

GOPerry 19651 hour ago

This will be a movie one day, hope it ends with Hillary Clinton and friends swinging from ropes…


suzi7 minutes ago

Going to buy food for the grill, I’m stocking up on popcorn too! Thanks for all you do!

John Woods

John Woods1 hour ago

Like the soap opera music in the intro😂.

Kekbot Pro

Kekbot Pro6 hours ago

We have the power of God AND Anime on our side!!


Gaetano4 hours ago

I want to see Google employees arrested for treason. Quite literally. Yeah, you.

Felise Magele

Felise Magele4 hours ago

I’m from New Zealand and I’m ashame our government was in on it too.5eyes barstards. John key our Prime Minister and a buddy of Obama, killery Kerry and the federal bank resign suddenly shortly after POTUS was elected. Our government went after Kim dotcom after he exposed there surveillance of our residents..




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