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Giuliani Slams Mueller's 'Ethics' Over Public Russia Probe Remarks - Great Video

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Fox News

Published on May 29, 2019


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gregoryjamesaustin3 hours ago

“Insurance Policy” They finally deployed their last ditch effort.

Audit Recon

Audit Recon3 hours ago

Mueller failed to turn a lie into fact. That’s why the democrats are mad.

Chris Metcalf

Chris Metcalf3 hours ago

Kinda funny how this happens right after everything is being declassified. I see where this is going.


rebecca3 hours ago

Why did we need two years to hunt for a crime when I have clear liars al over the place including comey and company

Jesus Saves

Jesus Saves6 hours ago

They try to pretend there’s something there without anything being there. 🤣

Its Me

Its Me6 hours ago

Mueller used terms to gaslight MSM for their twists and mas media brainwashing.

Linda Inman

Linda Inman5 hours ago

Let them go for it President Trump will eat them alive lol.

elizabeth hestevold

elizabeth hestevold5 hours ago (edited)

We’re waiting …… for AG. Barr delivery.🇺🇸🇩🇰

Bobby Florencio

Bobby Florencio1 hour ago

Rudy hit in on the head towards the end: “This is a misuse of Congressional power”!

Patrick Austin

Patrick Austin1 hour ago

Bring the pain Mr. President! WWG1WGA MAGA

Bob Goetsch

Bob Goetsch3 hours ago

Dems will pursue impeachment. Mueller gave them just enouph, to go forward. They will lose.


LEOPARDTWO5 hours ago

In brief, Mueller and other prosecutors do not ever exonerate. They either have evidence to indict, or they do not. Period.


craxd15 hours ago

No one, not even a congressperson, is above the law, Jerry. Remember that, when you’re talking to your oligarch friends at Brighton Beach.


Harbringe4 hours ago

I know exactly what it is. The Dems are politically desperate and there is a risk they would turn on him and given how at one time they praised him and then when they didn’t get the result they wanted and that praise turned to vitriol. It makes sense he would say what he said. He is protecting himself.

Carol Jones

Carol Jones1 hour ago

totally agree with Rudy J. Trump 2020. Trump 2020. Trump 2020.

XDoggX Gregory

XDoggX Gregory5 hours ago


Bumble Blimfield

Bumble Blimfield3 hours ago

Mueller would have stretched out this investigation until 2020 without a doubt had Barr not been assigned

I'm gone

I’m gone3 hours ago

How about investigating Feinstein and her ties with China. Start with her driver.

Martin S

Martin S5 hours ago

Mueller was babbling and bumbling. He sounded more nervous than a man of his standing and experience should have done.

William Baker

William Baker5 hours ago

We need to revolt, march on Washington replace the house and Senate and demand term limits for all elected government.

Russell Jordan

Russell Jordan6 hours ago

This just seems like partisan bias nitpicking the wording omitting his babble

Randy Hodder

Randy Hodder1 hour ago

TIME TO PARDON Gereral Flynn WHO was flim flamed into pleading quilty to a LIE….CREATED BY MUELLER!!!!

maga elf

maga elf5 hours ago

why is mueller babbling anyways

Joe Blow

Joe Blow1 hour ago

Mueller is guilty of election meddling in the 2018 midterms by dragging his which hunt out for 20 months after he knew there was no “there” there!

Andrew Polkowski

Andrew Polkowski6 hours ago (edited)

They lied, they got caught, now it’s jail time for them.

Glenn Mulliken

Glenn Mulliken3 hours ago (edited)

People are # walking away and turning to nationalism fast spreading 🇺🇸🇮🇱🇬🇧 globalists cabalist thieves are the problem stealing our wealth…MAGA 🤩 💪

matthew clark

matthew clark6 hours ago

All these democrats involved with this sham and attempted coup need to be locked up for treason

Janet Leslie

Janet Leslie6 hours ago

Jerry Nadler and Nancy Peloski have lost their minds.

liv hicks

liv hicks3 hours ago

Mueller looked and sounded like he had hurt his conscience…lies never make a person comfortable

Ivan Rozin

Ivan Rozin5 hours ago (edited)

“I am not convinced that Nancy Pelosy does not peep into her neighbors windows. Despite of 2 years of investigation, which showed nothing, I could not remove my doubt. She must be really devious hiding it.”

Mike M

Mike M4 hours ago

I love how they keep saying “no one is above the law”. that will come back to bite them as the facts start coming out about the whole mess starting with Obama.


rek1311 hour ago

Wow, this is crazy. Giuliani literally calling out Mueller’s ethical standard. It’s almost as if he’s goading Mueller to testify. Hoping he does.


Dan6 hours ago

Muller will pay for his Hypocrisy…sooner or later…

Kathryn Reynolds

Kathryn Reynolds1 hour ago

Can Mueller be compelled to testify? I want the cross examination to happen live and publicly.

Frank Castelo

Frank Castelo3 hours ago

All of this is a smoke screen of lies to keep Hillary’s crimes hidden from the public.





NotImportantJoshHarris*6 hours ago

Mueller avoided the public cross examination while pushing the No-there-there epic strategy of the Deep State.

Truth Rainer

Truth Rainer5 hours ago

There are a nogo load of charges agai at then and what they have done! They know it too. Cant impeach the president



Sounds like all they had was hearsay, 2nd or 3rd hand tales,(lies), which is not admissible.


shur731844 minutes ago

They are going to pay for THIER deception ! God is watching them ! Judgment coming for them


Kiki23 minutes ago (edited)


Wynette Greer

Wynette Greer4 hours ago

Mueller and the entire swamp never had any ethics, they don’t know any thing about them, corrupt to the core

Bonita Jordan

Bonita Jordan5 hours ago

Mueller resigned rather than face questioning under oath so who cares what he thinks. It’s over Bob. Now go home. History will judge you on your cowardly retreat and total lack of ethics.

John Marshall

John Marshall1 hour ago

Muleturd was the bag man for the Uranium One Clinton deal delivering the sample to the Russian and this is going to back fire on Muleturd so I suspect that’s why he’s retired to avoid scrutiny.

Ian Fisher

Ian Fisher4 hours ago

This is a smokescreen timed and designed to undermine the Barr investigations. Yet another shameful ploy by the disparate dems.

Jack Zaccardi

Jack Zaccardi48 minutes ago

Mueller said he is “closing the door on his investigation” and he is getting back into a private life.Not so fast, Bob.

Juan and Nancy Brante

Juan and Nancy Brante1 hour ago



TheKrazysinner6 hours ago

so mueller is being a PUNK and wont go before congress cause he DON’T WANT TO ANSWER QUESTIONS FROM REPUBLICANS!!!!!



Ag Barr said in sworn testimony that he asked Mueller if it was the DOJ protocol that was keeping him from charging the POTUS and Mueller replied NO someone is lying

Liberum Oratio

Liberum Oratio6 hours ago (edited)

When you are responsible for delivering uranium samples to Russian military personal, in the Ukraine, you know what side your bread is buttered.

Larry Garot

Larry Garot4 hours ago

The job of a prosecutor is not to provide grist for partisan mills. It is to decide whether or not to prosecute, and if the decision is not to prosecute, to remain silent. Mueller has failed in that aspect of his job. The federal code states that at the conclusion of a special counsel’s investigation, he must provide the acting attorney general with a confidential report explaining decisions about whether or not prosecutions are warranted. The acting attorney general could decide to make that report public. According to the code, the “Attorney General may determine that public release of these reports would be in the public interest, to the extent that release would comply with applicable legal restrictions.”

Ron Preece

Ron Preece3 hours ago

Barr needs to clearly define the roll of a DOJ Special Prosecutor Publicly ASAP !

Kram Sivad

Kram Sivad6 hours ago

Nadler needs to recuse for conflict of interest.

jim 0311

jim 03115 hours ago

The presumption of innocence must be upheld

Pete Miller

Pete Miller6 hours ago

Nadler is a political flip floper who, in this instance, predetermined guilt i.e. by his own declaration has inherited the Mueller witch hunt.

Buck Browning

Buck Browning5 hours ago

Frankly my dear, I have had enough.. Call me when the hangings start.. Of leftist that is..

Cathie Baker

Cathie Baker4 hours ago

Mueller didn’t sound good during that statement he made. Either stressed or nervous. Watch him speak and you’ll see it.

Hallands Menved

Hallands Menved1 hour ago

I just heard Mueller’s strange public address and here’s my take: He decided (on his own, he said) to tell everyone that the investigation is over, his office is closed and that his appearance before judicial oversight would not provide anything beyond his report. Any access to further work products was not for his office to decide (Barr and the president decides)! All well and good. He also said that everyone (meaning even Trump) is presumed innocent until proven guilty. Okay! Fine. But then he went completely off the rails, implying that even if sufficient evidence of criminal collusion between Russia and “anyone from the Trump campaign” had existed, it was “beyond the scope of his office (special prosecutor) to indict the president.” That’s an illegal and completely nonsensical statement! This statement would land mr. Mueller before a judge immediately, if I was the president! It’s a grotesque smear, implying that “we believe he did it, but were prevented from prosecuting!” And that’s a lie! Nobody can prevent the special prosecutor from prosecuting anyone! That’s the hole idea behind the institution… Mueller also maintained that “there had been numerous, highly sophisticated intrusions from the Russians into various election systems and email systems” and stated directly that “these Russian spies, posing as Americans (?) had provided Hillary’s emails to Wikileaks.” That’s simply not true, either! Assange, who has never given out false evidence, clearly stated that they had obtained them from an American source, and that this had cost Seth Rich his life. Assange would not confirm or deny that Seth Rich was the actual source, because they never give sources, but he nevertheless maintained that the leak had cost Seth his life. This is all moving from the twilight zone into pure insanity. Mueller’s gave two completely incompatible statements: 1. My report says everything I have to say 2. I still believe the president colluded with the Russians to fix the election. The douchbag can’t have it both ways! That’s insanity right there for you.

Susan Auger

Susan Auger5 hours ago

And comey has Alzheimer’s


Patriot5 hours ago


B Ray Sanborn

B Ray Sanborn5 hours ago

Impeachment baloney will come and go but stay tuned SPYGATE is only a few months away ..The Fun begins then and will time up well for 2020 . MAGA 🇺🇸

Delia Delvalle

Delia Delvalle5 hours ago

They are trying to get the president before the president gets them… they are running scared..that’s all…

les goss

les goss7 hours ago

Jesus Christ had a favorite word for lawyers like Mueller: “Vipers”.

William Hickock

William Hickock6 hours ago

We don’t have enough evidence to prove him innocent; what a coward! Mueller is a fake.


PinkEye6 hours ago

Mueller didn’t give a press conference; he walked on stage to pour gasoline on a dwindling dumpster fire at the request of his handlers.

Purple Rain

Purple Rain7 minutes ago

Barr lied for dump his boss dump boy who lied for his boss.

Tread Softly

Tread Softly6 hours ago

DONE! Trump didn’t do anything but the criminal left has!


futilitariano6 hours ago

_”If we had had confidence that the river bed clearly did not contain any gold dust, we would have said that.” ~ Gold Digger after finding no gold dust in the river bed

jw m

jw m2 hours ago

it’s called prosecutorial malfeasance to demand a Constitutional change for a 4th branch of the Federal

The Great Cornholio

The Great Cornholio4 hours ago

The demonrat party stand on the edge of the bottomless pit. This is MAGA.

Scotty Lee

Scotty Lee6 hours ago

The coup is still in operation – the tactics just keep changing. Mueller is intentionally vague, convoluted & non-committal to provide cover for the deep state & provide raw meat to rabid Democrats bent on impeachment. The Left is fighting hard to create a Marxist state.

Ines Almeyda

Ines Almeyda5 hours ago

No questions! No transparency. Why is Mueller afraid to answer questions? No one yelled a question. Only crickets… All that money spent for nothing, 2yrs. investigating for nothing. A hoax!

C Mohan Chandra

C Mohan Chandra5 hours ago

He knows the IG report is coming soon so he decided to smear the President and the AG to justify his Russia probe. He also provided cover for his good friend, Comey. Liars will be found out and justice will be served in due time.

Bunker Buster

Bunker Buster4 hours ago

The American Government have become Corrupt to its Foundation

Richard Schaefer

Richard Schaefer6 hours ago

Rabid politicians like Schiff and Nadler make Trump look like Abe Lincoln.


motosport893 hours ago

If there was really something there they would have said that too. Hands off my President…!!.. Democrats will pay at the polls 2020

Gene Deaver

Gene Deaver4 hours ago

Every time Nadler opens his mouth he’s digging his and the Dems political grave a little deeper and opening his


danuta6 hours ago

excellent point Mr. Guiliani!!!!!…….nadler is prejudiced!!!!

Judah Samaria

Judah Samaria4 hours ago

If Mueller was subpoena would it change his statements?


HORTON 137 hours ago

It’s all just an extremely weak attempt to make President Trump appear guilty to sway voters away from him..




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