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The Damage of George Soros

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There have been many who have had an impact on United States politics, but perhaps none more than George Soros. A man who in his book “ The Alchemy of Finance” admitted to an exaggerated view of his place in the world. “I have always thought of myself as some kind of God or economic reformer” He told biographer Michael Kaufman that it was his goal to “become the conscience of the world”.

Born in Budapest in 1930 to Tividar and Erzebat Schwartz the name was later changed to Soros in 1936. When the Nazis occupied Budapest in 1944, his father split the family into groups buying forged papers to identify them as Christians and bribed German families to take them in. George, an atheist was placed with a German Hungarian official named Baumbach. Soros sometime accompanied Baumbach on his job, which was to deport Hungarian Jews and turn the property that had to the Germans. Soros felt no guilt over this, as he told CBS news in December 1998 because he took no active part.

In 1947 the family went to England where George went to the London School of Economics. The Viennese born Karl Popper taught at the school and was a mentor to Soros. It was Poppers book “The Open Society and its Enemies” that first brought the concept of “Open Society” to the attention of George Soros.

“Open Society” was first used as a phrase in 1932 By Henri Louis Bergson to describe a society of moral codes founded upon principles that would enhance the welfare of all mankind. An open society, further expounded upon by Popper, was one where society could change the institutions as they saw fit, one where criticism and change to societal norms were expected and encouraged usually by violent means and according to Marxist doctrine. Popper determined that any society that considered itself superior in any way to any other society was “closed”, a concept held within the American administration today.

This lead to the Soros of today, the man who rejects that the tenets of the Declaration and Constitution are the truths America should be built on. It had been impressed on George Soros and his reading of Karl Popper that the inalienable rights expressed in the founding documents were founded by God. Soros, an atheist, would reject the premise of the founders doctrine.

Soros graduated from the London School of Economics, worked a short time for the brokerage firm Singer and Friedlander where he worked in international arbitrage, a process of buying securities in one country and selling them elsewhere. in 1956 he relocated to New York to work the stock market He then went to work at the investment bank Arnhold and S. Bleichroder where his career finally took off. His plan to leave New York in five years and return to Europe was dismissed, possibly because he knew the money to be made in the United States would eclipse anything to be made in Europe.

After a 1960 marriage to Annaliese Witschak he had moved to Greenwich Village and met the prominent socialist Michael Harrington. In 1962 in a book entitled “The Other America” Harrington spoke of a permanent underclass , and that it required a “war on Poverty” to correct. The book was read and commented upon by Lyndon Johnson, and as such, was the start of the “War on Poverty” that continues to this days in the progressive mindset even though a failure by all measurement.

At this time, Soros also heard of Allen Ginsburg, and later met the radical poet in 1980. Ginsburgs’ ideas on drugs, including the legalization of all drugs has been a basis for the Soros policy for drug legalization, a project Soros has worked on for years.

In 1969, Soros set up for Arnhold/S. Bleichroeder “the Double Eagle Fund” with a partner Jim Rogers. Four years later he set up in a private partnership with Rogers the “Soros Fund Management”. “The Double Eagle fund “ became through name change “The Soros Fund” and in 1979 was rename “The Quantum Fund”. By 1980 the “Quantum Fund had assets of $380 million and more than $1 billion by 1985.

During this time, in 1979, Soros opened the first of his “Open Society Foundations” in Hungary. The objective was “to help build a vibrant and tolerant democracy whose government was accountable to the citizens”. In 1987, the “Open Society Foundation” opened in Moscow, with large amounts of monies being given to various groups and causes. Later Open Society Foundations would be opened in Eastern Europe and Central Asia. In 1993, the biggest project of all, the Open Society Institute in New York was opened. In the book “Open Society: Reforming Global Capitalism” Soros explained the formation of an open society through the monies he would inject into the society for the cause of “freedom, rule of law, human rights, social justice and social responsibility” a plethora of words with vastly different meaning to different people.

Placed in charge of the entire Soros Foundation Network and the Open Society Network was Aryeh Neier. Neier was one of the creators of the Students for a Democratic Society,(SDS) a large socialist radical group of the 1960’s. The main goal of the SDS was the overthrow of America, its democratic institutions, and the decimation of the culture that the United States was based on. After leaving the SDS, Neier worked with the American Civil Liberties Union serving some time as the national executive director. After his time at the ACLU, Neier founded Human Rights Watch in 1978. He spent a great deal of time at both the ACLU and the HRW promoting the idea that the Un9ited States is an oppressive nation, and one of the worst violators of human rights in the world. The Open Society Institute has given over $100 million to the HRW alone , and over $8 million to the ACLU.

There are other monies that the Open Society Institute has given to those that follow the Soros idea of “open society” including such organizations as The American Prospect, Media Matters, Columbia School of Journalism, National Public Radio, Pacifica Foundation, Pro Publica. And the Washington Post. In all Soros has spent more than $48 million funding journalism schools, media outlets, and industry organization such as unions. ”.

The only requirement to receive the largesse of the Open Society Foundations is the agreement to work towards an open society worldwide that tramples on individual rights and the right of the countries to the sovereignty they deserve.

Soros has been called a philanthropist by many, and has total net worth is located offshore so that there is no way to view the source of his funds of what he does with those funds. The Washington Posts columnist Harold Meyerson, praised Soros for engineering the “privatization” of the Democratic Party. Meyerson, a member of the Democratic Socialists of America, calls Soros a means to bypass the incompetent Democratic political machine altogether. Barack Obama has been a favorite of Soros who called him “someone with the charisma and vision to radically reorient America. This is the foundation that Obama has used when discussing “fundamentally transforming America

Soros has now implemented “the U.S. Programs” to take a more head on and aggressive direction in relation to the Republican Constitutional stand. Where the Republicans believed in the marketplace and personal responsibility, Soros implemented the programs to push the inequality that he felt was apparent and to promote public interested instead of personal responsibility.

Soros, who advice from his partner, Jim Rogers made a fortune in the defense industry at the start of his rise, has formed the Center for American Progress,, an organization that calls for massive defense cuts. Center for American Progress in funded through the Open Society Institute.

There are other institutions that are a part of Soros overall plan to destroy the United States.

The ACLU is the leading recipient of Soros Open Society Institute. The ACLU wants the legalization of all drugs and refused to join the Combined Federal Campaign, or take money from the Ford Foundation because he refused to accept adopting measures to not employ terrorists or support terror activity. Aryeh Neier who was discussed in part one worked for the ACLU for 15 years. One of Neiers close associates was Frank J. Donner an identified Communist Party USA member. Although refusing to identify as a Communist USA member to the House Un American Activity committee, Donner was just of the Communist sympathizers listed in the book “ Taking Liberties: Four Decades in the Struggle for Rights” with a foreword by Neier.

There are other groups too numerous to mention at one time that Soros and the Open Society Institute supports financially. Some of those that are well known are:

The Arab American Institute -a group that push for Islamic rights in this country, even to the detriment of Constitutional law. The claim that Arab Americans are unfairly targeted, and that post 9/11 regulation and security measures are unreasonable.

The Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund –the leading legal institution for Mexican American and other Latinos for the advancement of Latino right.

The NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund – the litigating arm of the NAACP with advocacy for promoting structural changes and achieve racial justice.

The Gamaliel Foundation – teaches “social change techniques”

People for the American Way- founded by Norman Lear to fight the influence of the “religious right” and the advancement of “progressive values”.

Democracy for America – has trained close to 10,000 recruits, all of the Soros socialist meme to focus, network, and train grass roots activists in the skills and strategies to take back our country.

The Midwest Academy- teaches radical in the tactics of direct action, namely violence.

The Emma Baker Center for Human Rights- founded by Van Jones, a known communist and former Obama Cabinet member.

Project Vote-the voting arm of the socialist led, corrupt ACORN of the past. Since renamed various different names in different areas of the country, ACORN still is funded by the OSI, and Project Vote has been accused of massive fraud and corruption. One of the leading proponents of disallowing voter ID laws.

There are others including ABC, The American Prospect, Columbia School of Journalism, Media Fund, Media Matters, National Public Radio, Pacifica Foundation, the Feminist Majority Foundation, NARAL, National Abortion Federation, NBC, the New York Times, the Alliance for Justice The Sundance Institute, the American Constitution Society for Law and Policy, Catholics for Choice, the Institute for Policy studies, the New America Foundation, the Urban Institute, Center for Constitutional rights, the Lynne Stewart Defense Committee, Amnesty International, The Tides Foundation, and the Council of La Raza.

There are commonalities in these groups. Most are willing to let the United States collapse to the point where the public interest will turn to chaos and anarchy. Soros has stated that his intention is to diminish the role of the United States in the world, devalue the dollar like he did in England to the tune of a $1 billion dollar profit. Soros also proposes the Special Drawing Rights be implemented, where rich countries would use these SDR’s to help the poor internationally. Soros has stated, “We need a global system of political decision making” This would include healthcare, as Soros is a believer in government controlled healthcare and giving the government control over the resources and decisions of treatments that are a part of healthcare. The Open Society Institute has given money to pro euthanasia groups such as Death with Dignity.

Soros and the Clintons

When Bill Clinton became President, one of the tasks he took upon himself was the relationship of the United States and The Soviet Union. President Clinton appointed three men, Treasury Department Lawrence Summers, Vice President Al Gore, and State Department official Strobe Talbot. Talbot had high regard for Soros and actually called him a National Treasure. It was under these circumstances that Soros was brought on board as an adviser on US-Russian relations. Soros had been funding the Harvard Institute for International Development which was assigned by the US Agency for International development to oversee Russia’s transformation to a market economy after 70 years of Soviet rule. This lead to Jeffrey Sachs, director of the Harvard Institute to represent the US on economic matters in Russia, and with Soros led to mass corruption, including the diversion of $100 billion out of the Soviet economy.If front of a Congressional committee Soros admitted using insider access to take over in an illegal deal a majority portion of Sidanko Oil and that some of the missing assets may have made their way into his personal portfolio.

This is the same man who, in 1995, “I have great access in the Clinton administration. We practically work together as a team.” This is the same man who Hillary Clinton called Soros a courageous man who is fearless and willing to step up when it counts.”

September 11, 2001 was a moment deeply etched into the psyche of the American mind. It brought this country together like at no other time in the past. For George Soros it had a completely different meaning. To Soros it showed that foreign policy under Clinton, Bush and further even in the Obama presidency was arrogant, leading to an anti-American hatred across the globe. Soros himself had decided Bush was “evil” for no other reason than that he called our enemies “evil.” Bush also expressed exceptionalism in the American way of governing and in the country in general. Where the American people tended to demonize the terrorists, Soros was of the impression that it was economic inequality and exploitation of the poor countries by the elites, of which Soros was one, that lead to the attack on 9/11. These thoughts were also part of Obamas way of thinking, when Marie Harf, the White House spokeswoman at the time, declared that all the terrorists needed were jobs.

Soros perceived that America could maintain our position of power by mandating a global “War on Poverty” based on the Great Society programs of Lyndon Johnson of the 1960’s. Soros called upon the “rich countries” to further boost the international assistance given to alleviate international extremism. This also involves, according to Soros “ a growing inequality between rich and poor within countries themselves. After the invasion of Iraq, which Soros found appalling, he hired Clinton Adminstrations Former official as the Director of the Open Society Institute. Halperin has been suspected by the State Department to be a communist sympathizer, and was the author of the Pentagon Papers, a progressive view of the war in Vietnam. From 1975-1992m Halperin worked as director of another ACLU project, funded by Soros called the Center for National Security Studies whose main goal was to cut US Defense, and to interrupt intelligence capabilities. In the book “Target America” James L. Tyson wrote:

“Halperin and his organizations have a record of advocating the weakening of U.S. Intelligence communities. His writings would be a score of 100% favorable to the Communist line.”

Soros believes that 9/11 should have been treated as a crime against humanity that should be targeted as a police matter and not a military action. Bush was blamed for fomenting an unreasonable fear over terrorism accusing Bush of “fostering fear because it helped to keep the nation lined up behind the president”. Soros as a matter of routine, called Bush and Republicans in general, as being extremists who didn’t believe in freedom and in contradiction to “open society principles”, but were based on the supremacy of the American foreign policy use of force.

Soros was convinced that Bush was dishonorable, used false and exaggerated intelligence to force the American invasion of Iraq on the American people and the world. He accused Bush of pursuing World domination by the invasion of Iraq, and pushing the “American” form of democracy on the Iraqi people. The pro-Israeli lobby came under fire by Soros, claiming it was they who Bush was catering to on the invasion. Soros also accused the rank and file military men and women of arrogance because of the example set by Bush. .Abu Gharib, which was proven to be a singular action, has been used by Soros to accuse the rank and file of torturing prisoners.

Soros used his experience of being an integral part of both Nazi and Communist rule to draw a profile of George Bush of the same atrocities, comparing Bush policies to Soviet rhetoric of the “people democracies.”

In September 2003, in an interview with the BBC, Soros declared that it was imperative that regime change come to the United States. There were three main points that Soros said would change the country both politically and ideologically and should be implemented immediately.

The Subjugation of American power, as we see occurring now with the destruction of our military by Obama. The subjugation of American sovereignty something we will see with the forced implementation by the UN, and with Obamas blessings of Agenda 2030 in September, and the implementation of income through economic redistributive policies, something Obama has discussed in the past, and will soon be a primary focus of the United Nations. Soros declared “I could do a lot more about the issues I care about by changing the government than by pushing the issues. Soros had spent eight years building a political and ideological base to do his bidding, and his influence first showed in the passage of the Bipartisan Campaign Reform Act, known as McCain Feingold. Soros spent money in both print, and his progressive foundations to assure there were “experts”o would tell Congress and the media that the American people felt campaign finance reform was an issue they cared deeply about. The Open Society Institute along with eight other foundations that Soros gave money to spent some $140 million dollars on research that was totally fact free. It was contrived through such institutions as the Pew Research Council, and the Pew Charitable Trusts,who knew from the beginning of the study that the purpose of the study was political, and that the project would be stopped if it did not achieve the desired goals. This is the same type of charitable giving that is now being used in climate change by this administration.

Republicans enjoyed a 2 to 1 advantage over Democrats before McCain-Feingold. After McCain Feingold, the only organizations that would not restrictions would by 527’s, named after that portion of the tax code. Special interest groups, such as the Open Society Institute, were 527’s that we not bound by any legal limits. These 527’s, which after the passage of McCain Feingold could give unlimited money as long as they were not issue oriented ads to anyone they wished, These 527’s flowed money to the Democratic Party to work towards the election of candidates that would be controlled by the progressives giving the money such as Soros, This has lead to a movement to the left of the Democratic Party.

Soros has developed a shadow party which first took shape on Long Island in 2003. Soros was there to oversee the defeat of President Bush, and had such people as. Mark Halperin, the socialist of the ACLU, Ellen Malcolm, abortion rights activist, John Podesta, Clinton former chief of staff, Carl Pope from the Sierra Club and others. At this time the organization, America Coming Together was founded and given $10 million, along with money from Peter Lewis, the chairman of Progressive Insurance and the CEO of Real Networks, Robert Glaserall committed $1 million each to ACT.

This was the start of Soros shadow government which has expanded to unions, teachers groups and other numbering in the hundreds with thousands of supporters and volunteers

It is clearly evident that after 9/11/01 Soros had a clear disdain for George W. Bush. As the presidential election of 2008 approached, Soros while putting his support behind Hillary Clinton, was looking for someone who economic and political philosophiies were more aligned with his own. According to Soros, the “open society” in the United States would require a more progressive regime change that what Hillary could provide. Soros found that person in Barack Obama, a socialist/progressive who shared all of Soros values and agendas.

Soros first met Obama during a fundraise for his 2004 Senate campaign, and commanded Obama to a meeting in his New York Offices and it was on January 17, 2007, after meeting Soros that Obama declared his intention to run for President of the United States. Soros sent $2100 to the Obama campaign, the maximum amount allowed at the time for personal contributions. That same week Soros changed his allegiance from Clinton to Obama as reported in the New York Daily News. Obama, hidden from public view at the time was an anti capitalist. Both his father and mother were communists, in his youth he was mentored by Frank Marshall Davis, his friends at college were all communists, he attended the Socialist Scholars Conferences in New York, he was trained in Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals tactics, worked as a community organizer for ACORN and had close friendships with Bill Ayers and Bernadette Dohrn. In the 1990’s he became a member of the New Society a socialist political group, had a close connection to Midwest Academy, a Soros
Socialist organization, and followed Jeremiah Wright, a Marxist who preached Liberation theology” . If a look is taken at the Cabinet that Obama placed around him, there are many socialist and Muslim sympathizers, while very few would be considered white capitalists. Carol Browner, his first environmental “Czar” was a commissioner of the Socialist International. His White House communications director, Anita Dunn, declared that Mao Zedong was her favorite philosopher.

The one commonality between the socialists that Obama surrounds himself with and George Soros is the views that they hold on capitalism and freedom in the United States. Soros has called the global capitalist system “deeply flawed”. Soros believes that the capitalist system is “ a false idea based on the belief that everybody pursuing his own self interest will maximize common interest.

Soros was responsible for the formation of the Millennium Project in September 2006. The director of the project for Soros was Jeffrey Sachs who believed that socialists were both the heirs and the leaders of the world’s most important universal ethical principles and redistribution.

In a November 2008 interview, Soros admitted that he believed in big government redistribution and that he was against market fundamentalism. It was in effect an all out war against the capitalist system used in the United States. In October 2009, Sold told an audience in Europe that there was a deep seated conflict between capitalism and socialism, an “open society”. Although Socialism has failed every time it is tried, Soros explained that it failed because the elites always put their interests before the people.

The New World Order is consistent with what Soros is attempting to do as well. Where Soros continues to push for a worldwide welfare plan, and “open society” where all are equal, he also agrees that to achieve his goal, some form of global government would be required.

Soros Wrote in 1998:

Insofar as there are collective interests that transcend state boundaries, the sovereignty of states must be subordinated to international law and international institutions. The greatest opposition to this idea is coming from the United States”

And in 2003:

When questioned whether he and his foundations could “ help bring about a more foreign influence in the United States instead of relying on the Democrat and republican parties which hasn’t worked.”

Soros reply was, “The flaw is that Americans have a vote in Congress. I think this is where leadership is needed to take into account and respect the interests of others”

Foreign influence on the American culture, laws, and regulations have been a constant drumbeat from Obama. Declaring that America is not exceptional is just a small part of what Obama and Soros believe. In 2009, Obama took a further step, in appointing Harold Koh as a legal adviser to the State Department. Koh is a “transnationalist” which believes in global government. Koh’s solution is for all members of the world community recognize an international set of laws and institutions whose authority would overrides individual countries laws and regulations.

Monetary policies in the country are being set by George Soros through Barack Obama. Just after the election, Soros discussed that a stimulus package was needed to allow the states to continue to function without a deficit. This same stimulus package also repealed such welfare programs as required work for welfare benefits and others. These were principles that Soros did not like, and wanted repealed. Obama made sure that they were part of the bill, and was passed without very many Senators and Congressmen read it. It is Soros policy to always raise taxes, during recession or not, to expand the ever larger government welfare programs. This from a hedge fund manager who pays minimal taxes, and whould hedge fund Quantum Fund, is based in Curacao.

Immigration is another area where Soros has the capacity to influence the outcome. In the Spring of 2006, when immigration policy was being hotly debated, and there were demonstrations in every major city, the organizations supplying the money for the Immigrant rights” demonstrations were all Soros funded. Groups such as ACORN, the Center for Community Change”, League of United Latin American Citizens, The Mexican American Legal Defense Fund, La Raza, and the Gamaliel Foundation.

Obamas intentions are a copy of what Soros is working for. His “comprehensive immigration reform” leading to blanket amnesty. Immigrants in many states now can have a drivers license, all the benefits of a citizen, and soon, if Obama gets his way, the right to vote. That is the ultimate goal. If the immigrants are here, and given the right of a citizen while still being illegal, they will tend to vote Democrat as the party that is willing to give them even more benefits.

Both Soros and Obama believe in a “living Constitution”. IN 2005, the Open Society Institute started the “constitution in 2020” project whose goal was the promote a more progressive interpretation of the Constitution. Obama has called the Constitution flawed, and a living document that must be read in the context of a changing world.

Next: Soros history of destruction and healthcare

George Soros is an environmentalist who feels the United States should have a tax policy based on fossil fuels, no matter what the cost. A firm believer in wind and solar power, he has pushed for taxes through the process of cap and trade to limit the use of fossil fuel in order to limit the production of carbon dioxide. Under cap and trade, companies would be subject to taxes or fees if they exceed emissions as defined by the government. The proposal would give the government total control over energy. Business costs would necessarily increase and cause the costs to individual households to increase as well. Obama has tried to push through cap and trade but Congress looked at the increased costs and voted the concept down. Obama then used the EPA, and unconstitutional regulations to accomplish what he could to limit CO2 emissions, and to effectively shut down the coal industries. In the past year, over 200 coal mines, plants, and companies have shut down because of regulations that cost too much to keep them open. And who came in and bought all the companies up? George Soros.

Obama, during his 2008 presidential campaign said that prices would necessarily skyrocket because he would cap greenhouse gases on coal power plants, natural gas and would force them to retro fit. There are requirements made by the EPA to bring coal into line with the limits the EPA has set, but are not yet available or cost effective. When it is finally available and put on line so that coal may make a comeback, George Soros will stand to make billions on the “new” coal industry that he and Obama had taken down to start with.
In 2009, Soros put aside $10 million for a new group, the Climate Policy Initiative. This group was to be used to assist nations to reach low carbon development and to create a new energy economy. Soros has claimed that the US in behind on environmental controls at a 2010 Investor Summit on Climate Risk at the UN. Cass Sunstein, Obamas “regulation czar” has said it is time to discuss “re distributive justice” where the US would be required to transfer some of our wealth to poorer nations for the supposed harm we have caused with our environmental transgressions, and that this would be easier accomplished through climate policy rather than direct payments.

Another area of Soros manipulation is healthcare. In 2009 one of the most influential groups in the political debate over “Obamacare” was the Health Care for America Now (HCAN). This group was one of the guiding forces behind a single payer system, allowing the federal government to control one sixth of the economy so that citizens would no longer be at the mercy of private insurance. In August of 2009, Soros pledged $5 million to HCAN, and was expanded to includes such Soros funded organizations as the ACLU, ACORN, THE AFL-CIO, AFSCME, MoveOn. Org, The National Abortion Fderation, La Raza, Planned Parenthood and the Progressive States Network. These socialist organization were on the payroll of George Soros, getting funding directly from the Open Society Institute.

There are many Pro-Obama groups involved in setting policy for this administration. Both politically and financially they have set the Obama agenda before his first inauguration.

Among these are the Center for American Progress. It objective is to set policy for the administration. In December 2008, CAP presented progressive talking points to the Obama administration and Obama agreed to implement many of these points before he ever became President. One of these talking points was to bring the troops home from Iraq. This led to the rise of ISIS and a complete breakdown of the entire Middle East.

Also implemented on the direction of CAP, was the implementation of universal healthcare. Although CAP wanted a single payer, federal system, what was put forth was Obamacare, a system that increased premiums, decreased coverage, and put the cost of healthcare beyond what many citizens could afford. Another project put forth was “green jobs” paid for with a stimulus that created no jobs, and put the taxpayer another $1 trillion dollars in debt. Most of the companies that were granted money were friends of either Soros or Obama, and went bankrupt within three years.

The BP oil spill was run out of the offices of CAP. The following points show just how involved CAP was in the situation.
May 4, 2010 CAP suggested that an independent commission be formed to examine the cause of the spill. A little more than two weeks later, Obama did just that.

May 21, 2010 CAP president John Podesta suggested someone be named point person for the response. Seven days later, Obama named Coast Guard Admiral Thad Allen to do just that.

On May 26th Daniel Weiss CPA’s energy expert advised the White House to force BP to set up a multi billion dollar account to pay damages. Three weeks later, Obama did as he was told.

CAP recommendations in all other areas of this administrations policies, and agenda. This leads George Soros through Cap to set the agenda for the country, and to dictate policy to the Obama administration.

Another Group is the International Crisis Group, George Soros is part if the Executive committee, and Robert Malley, the Mideast director was named as a foreign policy advisor to Obamas Presidential campaign. Malley has over the years, written many op-eds condemning Israel for all the Middle East challenges, and calling Palestinians freedom fighters who should have the right of return. Obama only severed ties with Malley when it was revealed that he had made regular contact with Hamas.

J Street is another Soros founded and directed group. It ostensibly was formed to “provide meaningful American leadership to end the Arab Israel conflict peacefully and diplomatically. J Street bases this diplomatic leadership on the Palestinians right of return, and the formation of a Palestinian state. J street has warned Israel that it would be required to have a dialogue with Hamas, and have stated that the Israeli settlements in the occupied territories have been the main obstacle to peace. These are all in alignment with Obamas agenda. J Street although hidden for quite some time, can count George Soros as a integral part of the organization. Not only does Soros contribute substantially to J Street, but the Advisory Council consists of individuals tied to Soros Including board member of the Democracy Alliance which is Soros funded. Maria Echaveste, from the Soros funded CAP mentioned above, Morton Halperin, Senior advisor of the Open Society Institute, Robert Malley, discussed above, and Eli Pariser from Move On. Org. Another Soros Funded socialist group.

Hamas, although against Soros wishes is still considered a terrorist group by the United States, although under this administration in name only. Soros has decided that Israel is at fault, and the Hamas organization has suffered terribly because of Israel. During the last conflict between Gaza and Israel, Soros derided Israel for causing 10 Palestinians lives lost for each Israeli life. Taking into account that Hamas hides the fighters and weapons among civilian population, this is probably true but no fault of Israel.

George Soros has attempted to vilify the common culture and beliefs of this country. In 2011, Soros, through the Tides Foundation gave more than $309,000 to the Occupy Wall Street activists. In March of 2013, through his Open Society Foundation, gave $1 million to the NAACP legal defense and Educational Fund. The purpose of this money was to fight Voting rights regulations passed by state legislatures. Soros has given over $5 million to fight voting laws and regulations and to force states to abandon voting ID laws. The primary lawyer working with Soros on nullification of Voter ID laws is Marc Elias who was a lawyer for Hillary Clintons campaign.

Soros has long been an avid supporter of Hillary Clinton. Soros even went so far as to get personally involved, signing on as the co chair of the Ready for Hillary PAC in 2013.

Perhaps the most troubling, and most dangerous of the groups that Soros is funding the of Black Lives Matter and other groups. A singular, well orchestrated plan was put together consisting of outside agitators and a media too progressive to look at the facts to keep the Ferguson shooting on the front page of every newspaper and news reports. Of course the Open Society Foundation director Kenneth Zimmerman admitted that Soros supplied the funds but stated that the Open Society Foundation had not directed for there to be violence. There can be no doubt, that although no verbal orders were given, the Open Society Foundation knew and funded these groups precisely because they knew what the outcome would be. The funding that Soros gave was actually being used to pay the same activists that were causing the riots, and was the driving force behind the “Black Lives Matter” arrival on the main stage of chaos in our cities.

Through the Open Society Foundation and its affiliates, Soros gave at least $33 million to support groups that caused the riots through on the ground activism and helped to lead the anti police protests. There were many groups involved, all funded by Soros including the Center for Community Change, Equal Justice USA, the Hands Up Coalition, Missourians Organizing for reform and Empowerment, (the new ACORN), The SEIU, a socialist union in the pocket of George Soros, pro Palestinian groups who assisted in the implementation of violence to ignite the situation in Ferguson, socialist groups such as, and atheist groups. All paid to do the bidding of George Soros. All these groups worked together, using each others buzzwords, flooding each others social media to make it seem to the mainstream media that this was an actual movement of the new majority

The rights which Soros seeks to establish are not God given rights under the Constitutional Republic that is America. They are based on the socialist/Marxist notion that rights can be given and taken away by the government to force a transformation of the society and culture of any country in a gradual process. But under the Soros organizational process, these gradual changes have given way to a straight forward use of intimidation and use of force to achieve these goals.

Soros has not been discussed in the mainstream media, mostly bought and paid for by Soros. Glenn Beck made Soros known to millions of people and was summarily fired by FOX. The main antagonist against Beck was Media Matters, a lackey for Soros to the tune of $1 million dollars donated, making media matters a high paid spokesman for the Open Society Foundation, and George Soros. It was the first step in Soros plan to curtail the First Amendment in the media.

Soros has also formed a deep lasting relationship with the Clintons. As stated before, Soros had been grooming Hillary for the presidency before he changed course and backed Obama, a more malleable candidate who believed as Soros did that America was the source of all the world’s problems. Hillary, who believed in the teaching of Saul Alinsky, was more covert, assuring the citizens that she was a centrist while working “as a team” as stated by Soros. She was the driving force behind The Center for American Progress, a Soros think tank and Media Matters, her attack dog for the media. Both were placed at her disposal. Hillary provided the names and connections that were needed to attack those that disagreed.

One of those that disagreed was Rush Limbaugh. A concerted effort was made by the two groups mentioned above along with, another Soros organization to take Rush off Armed Forces Radio to, in their words “ protect our troops from these dangerous and reckless messages”. In other words, the truth that the Alinskyites did not want to come out. One of those truths being Hillarys deep seated disdain for the military. Media matters also attempted to smear Gen. Petraeus, the Commnader in Iraq at the time with a General “Betray US” ad in the New York Times. The reaction was swift and immediate, with the Senate denouncing the ad. Very informative was that Hillary Clinton was NOT one of the Senators denouncing the ad.

Soroa and Hillary have the same causes, including gun control, felon voting, and are based on the “open society” of George Soros and the leanings of Hillary towards an Alinsky type push for power. Hillarys thesis at Wellesley college was a 75 page homage to Saul Alinsky . During her rise to power, Hillary Clinton was put in charge of the Democrat money machine. This lead to Terry McAuliffe becoming chairman of the Democratic National Committee in 2001. Hillary, being in charge of raising money for the committee, set up a clandestine network of independent fund raisers to collect vast amounts of money outside the official Democrat channels. The funds were run by George Soros and Harold Ickes. The reason for these funds was to facilitate the progress through the Democrat party of globalization and redistribution.

Today, this collaboration between Soros and Hillary have moved forward with a Member of the Democracy Alliance ( a SOROS organization), Susie Tompkins Buell becoming a founding member of the Ready for Hillary PAC. Soros has already donated $25,000 to become the co chair of Ready for Hillary PAC co-chair.

Will Soros further expend money to place Hillary in the White House? The coal industry has suffered under Obama, and are near bankruptcy. This is important only because of what will happen in the future. Over 200 coal companies have gone under, and many more are seeing swiftly dwindling profits. The Obama administration has intentions of wiping out the coal industry, or at least the present owners of coal. Once the coal industry is fully destroyed, the EPA will relax the rules, and sell these industries to cronies for pennies on the dollar, giving government more control over the energy industry.

It is informative, that over the past few months, George Soros has been buying up coal stocks on a massive scale. One million shares of Peabody Energy, and 553,200 shares of Arch coal. Both companies, because of this administrations over regulation and the cost of natural gas plummeting, are near bankruptcy. The EPA in my opinion will relax standards just at the end of Obamas tenure as president, prices will go up, and Soros will have manipulated this administration into a large payday. Makes one wonder if that hasn’t been the plan all along

A substantial amount of Republicans have disavowed Donald Trump by saying he is unstable, a loose cannon. Trump speaks for the people, and although I too have reservations, Donald Trump would be a welcome change from the totalitarianism we have been subjected to for the past eight years.

For those of you who feel Hillary would make a better President, what are you thinking. Her lies are there to see, he experience in politics is a series of greed and incompetence. Tell me one thing in her thirty years of public service the she has done that didn’t serve herself.

What about now? Has Hillary finally changed and shown any responsibility to the American people? I have always been told that you can tell a persons character by the company she keeps. So let’s take a look at one of the people that Hillary has extensive ties with.
George Soros.

I have written about Goerge Soros before (, links are at the end of this post) and have found more recent activities of Soros and the myriad of those liberal “new world order” types that march in lockstep with a man who has been called a Nazi collaborator.

Ann Beeson and Bill Vandenberg wrote a document titled “special Funding to seize this Transformative Moment” Ann Beeson is the former director the The Center for Public Policy Priorities and Vandenberg is the director for U.S. Special initiatives and partnerships at the Open Society Foundations. In that document, these two members of the Soros regime wrote:

“ The global economic crisis elevated the risks and opportunities for building a better society and is the perfect storm for real change.”
The questions is what changes are the Open Society is looking for? They are looking for changes to Immigration right, LGBT equality, women’s rights. While wanting total equality as an agenda is commendable, the Open Society Institute, feels that the group that would take over this agenda should be the National Council of La Raza. This group feels there should be no borders as does OSI, and illegal aliens should be allowed to vote. Obama is doing his best to assist in this, negating nati0onal sovereignty in the process. Hillary goes along with the agenda. Her Presdiencey would increase amnesty and refugees entering the country by over 500%. This has been given no transparency in the complicit media. Now called “Unity 2009”, it also includes large scale economic changes, including redistribution of wealth to minorities. Leaders of “Unity 2009” include John Podesta from the Center of American Progress, a far left wing progressive group and Hillarys campaign manager and Andy Stern, the former president of the Service Employees International Union”.

Soros also funds the “Black Youth Project 100” a group that stormed the Manhattan headquarters of the NYPD union. The demands they made included divesting from the police, effectively ending the police force. Much like Ferguson and Black Lives Matter, it is nothing more than an attempt the create anarchy amongst the citizenry, and to further break down the communities that they live in. They the same the next day at a police station . This group has a funding grant from the Soros OSI with one grant totaling $350,000, and is based at the University of Chicago. This is what our children are learning at the universities in this country.

Soros also financed a document called “Extreme Polarization and Breakdown in Civil Discourse” This sounds like a discourse that would assist in making both sides of the political spectrum more appealing. But what is discusses is opposition research on those who disagree with the administration of Islamic radicalization that is taking place all over the world including the United states. Once again, John Podesta from the Center of American Progress and Hillarys campaign manager is the leader of this smear campaign. Soros has supplied a $200,000 grant to CAP for the Anti-Muslim Bigotry Project, the opposition research and a smear campaign of those that they felt were critics of radical Islam. It has also been found that two others grants for this purpose were sent to CAP totaling $500,000.

But what does this have to do with Hillary? Soros has known the Clintons since 1993, and has supported Hillarys campaing since 2013 with a senior role in the “Ready for Hillary Group”. Soros has also given over $15 million to pro-Hillary groups. AS mentioned above it was Soros who assisted the Black Lives Matter movement to the tune of $33 million and caused the social unrest and rioting in Ferguson, Baltimore, and last week, probably Milwaukee. This was also the same group that criticized Bernie Sanders and cause disruptions during his campaign to assure that no one but Hillary would be the nominee.

Internationally Soros was deeply involved in the Ukraine. In the chaos caused when the Soros backed foundations created situations that caused the overthrow of the Ukrainian government and establishment of a government handpicked by Hillarys U.S. State Department. It was during this chaos that Naftogaz, the state owned energy company was privatized. The assistance of the U.S. Secretary of the Treasury Jack Lew advised the Ukrainian government to sell the company. The one person to profit from the sale of Naftgoz was George Soros. The deaths of 10,000 the displacement of close to 1.5 million people are nothing to Soros if there is profit to be made.

Soros is intent on causing international chaos and creating a global governance agenda, with national leaders becoming his pieces to push forward his agenda. This culminates in such anomalies as increasing the number of refuges that this country will take in without any vetting and working to give them the right to vote. Soros is also funding Marc Elias, called the Democrats super lawyer involved in cancelling voter I.D. laws. Soros $5 million grant to the DNC for Marc Elias has brought cases in Ohio, Arizona, Virginia, Wisconsin, North Carolina and Phoenix.

These are the people that Hillary continues to have at the top of her list. These are the people she goes to for advice. I wonder how may of those 30,000 emails she deleted had something to do with these people, and how many more times does she expect to be able to lie to the American people about her determined destruction of this company. She will effectively continue Obamas “Fundamental Transformation” of this country into a Third world country that will only profit the globalists like George Soros.

The legacy of globalist George Soros continues to grow. With the election of Barack Obama to the presidency, Soros has a willing accomplice in the destruction of the American way of life. Calling the election of Obama a “make or break” moment for transformative change, Soros has moved forward in the creation of chaos with American Society.

A leaked memo from 2009 written by Ann Beeson, the former director of U.S. Programs in the United States for the Soros Open Society Foundation, and is currently the director of the Center for Public Policy Priorities, and Bill Vandenberg, the program director for Special Initiatives at the OSF, makes clear the agenda of Soros and his foundation.

Due to an economic crisis that Soros had no small part in creating, and the priorities of the Obama administration, the Soros foundation pushes for chaos and has provided $10 million dollars for his “projects”. Those projects are wide and varied, with over $33 million being given to the Black Lives Matter group to create animosity and violence throughout the country. Along with Black Lives Matter is a group called “Black Youth Project 100” whose protocol includes storming police stations and demanding defunding of all police activities. They claim to be member of an activist organization to create justice and freedom of all Black people. Of course, the money saved by defunding the police should go to blacks. This is another group that creates chaos and that Soros is funding , to the tune of at least $350,000 and located in Chicago. This group , as many others of Soros groups is for no other reason than to foment chaos and to try to silence any and all detractors.

There is a specific agenda that the Open Society Foundation is working toward:

Make advances on the challenging issues of the day-immigration and open borders, incarceration, income inequality, equity in economics, the public participation in policy reforms through violence, and crating more movements and organizations to further assure the destruction of American values and culture.

One of the groups that the OSF has identified for inclusion in many of these areas is the National Council of La Raza, a group that still claims possession of the Southwest, believes in open immigration and benefits for illegal aliens. La Raza is only one group that now makes up the OSF Unity 09, a group of non profits that are pushing for an extensive economic program that is based on socialist-progressivism and equality in outcomes rather than opportunity. This unity 09 is run by John Podesta, Hillarys campaign chairman and Andy Stern, the Socialist union leader of the SEIU.

Soros has also founded a group that has targeted those criticize radical Islam through the Center for American Progress (CAP) run by John Podesta. Prominent critics such as Pamela Gellar and Robert Spencer and many others have been targeted for speaking out on the radical Muslims that are already in our midst. The excuse was that members of the Arabic community needed “high quality opposition research to combat Islamophobia”. They claim the those in the “Islamophobic movement” have worked together to move forward false narratives and flawed information to stop the introduction of progressive counter terrorism. Mush like Obama they are blind to the destruction that Islam has caused over the past 1400 years, and intend to use the terrorists to further degrade the security of the country with the end result resulting in the effort of combining the BLM movement with Islam to create enough chaos to have Obama to declare martial law. The ramifications of martial law will be the usurping of all rights of American citizens and the implementation of unconstitutional law. This will be the destabilizing force that Soros is looking for ( and will take the United States back to an era of chaos and civil war.

But what does Soros believe in, what will be the end result of all the chaos he is creating? We only need to look at what he has done in the past. In the 1980s and 1990s Soros spent a great deal of money in companies like Czechoslovakia, Croatia, and others. He sent the money to opposition parties, publishers and newspapers in these countries to destabilize the administrations. Putting himself and his organizations in the middle of the chaos led to new administrations lacking the skills to run the government effectively. Using people such as Columbia University economist Jeffrey Sachs who was the Soros payroll to convince these governments to privatize all the public assets, Soros bought them pennies on the dollar and made billions on reselling the assets he had already accumulated.

In 2004, Soros turned his attention to the United States. He then made a profit of over $1 billion on the housing trade collapse through a series of bets on the market. Funneling money through organizations such as the Tides Foundation, Center for American Progress, and The Democracy Alliance to bypass election laws in one way the Soros can fund a myriad of organizations that will give him political power. Democrats go along with his agenda to continue to receive the assets that Soros provides. Among the higher politicians that have received funding from Soros are Joe Biden, Barack Obama and the Clintons.

The power that Soros will continue to use if Hillary is elected President is tantamount to a co-presidency. It will be Soros who sets Democrat party policy. From immigration, to income inequality, to Islam terrorism, Soros will be pulling the strings of the Hillary puppet. With the majority of the Democrat/Socialist party receiving funds from Soros, it will be difficult to keep the American way of live from further eroding.

In the Ukraine, Soros fomented a war that has caused the deaths of over 10,000 people and the refugee crisis that is part of the further debasement of Europe. What did Soros get out of the civil war in Ukraine? He has his friends, U.S> Secretary of the Treasury Jack Lew, and a US consulting company called McKinsey suggest the selling to government assets once again. Soros then bought the state owned energy company Naftogaz.

The refugee crisis that is now besieging Europe was started because two groups. The Migration Policy Institute and the Platform for International Cooperation of Undocumented Migrants, both US based organizations advocated the settlement of the refugees within Europe. Both are Soros funded organizations which and were architects of Soros “ Merkel Plan”. Te “Merkel Plan” which has led to migration to Europe of an unsustainable lever was originally created by an organization called the European Stability Initiative whose Chairman Gerald Knaus is a senior fellow of Soros Open Society Foundation. Even the Hungarian President Viktor Orban has declared that comments made by the Soros owned Clintons are political. Soros had stated that Hungary is wrong to continue to protect national borders , (or national sovereignty) and refugees as a obstacle. The plan that Soros has is “ to treat the protection of refugees as the objective, and national borders as the obstacle”.

The intent of Soros is to destroy all national borders with the creation of global governance of unlimited power. He has found a willing accomplice in both Barack Obama, and Hillary Clinton. In our current President and perhaps our future one, he has found willing acolytes willing to let Soros pull the strings. He has already told Hillary Clinton what to do about Albania when she was Secretary of State, which undoubtedly made Soros a tidy profit. The 2nd Amendment has kept the globalists from taking our guns so far. But there may be so many regulations and executive orders in the near future, especially if martial law is undertaken, that the purpose of the 2nd Amendment for self defense and against a tyrannical government may become a moot point.

America continues under attack. George Soros, his organizations that are affiliated with his Open Society Foundation, the global elitists, and the Obama Administration continue to attack the fabric of our country

George Soros intends on collapsing this country as well as Europe In Europe this is being accomplished through a document called the OSIFE-Justice Initiative Portfolio Review-Ethnic profiling in Europe. The major purpose of the document is an effort through Soros and the OSF affiliate organizations to push the police of Europe into backing down from crimes committed by immigrants or be accused of discrimination. Through such Soros affiliated organizations such as the Counter Xenophobia Fund (Xen Fund) and the Justice Initiative (JI) they have spent in excess of $1.7 million to undermine the reputation of police.

These same organizations the Xen Fund and the JI have also spent substantial amounts in France, Spain and the Netherlands.

Another organization started by Soros in England is the Stop Watch campaign for the sole purpose of limiting stop and search by British police, leading to an increase in crime in London and throughout England. Prime Minister Teresa May claimed that the police force was too white and didn’t look like the communities they serve.

Over the past few weeks, a website called DCLeaks has leaked thousands of e-mails from the Soros organizations. Major media has ignored these leaks, is it because Soros and his organizations have given over $30 million to Hillarys campaign? This may be the reason that mainstream media has ignored the leaks, and have buried the story preferring to add words to Trump speeches to make him look bad, or hiding Hillarys illnesses.

The mainstream medias needs to be made to understand that all of the organizations that OSF funds are inter-related for the sole purpose of weakening the national and local governments to the point where they can no longer uphold the laws and values that are part of the local governments worldwide. The goal is to subvert the human rights, democratic principles, and unique identities that support the sovereignty of individual states what they are.

In Israel, Soros opposes efforts of the Israeli government to limit the flow of illegal immigration through Egypt. The organizations that work for Soros, both independently and through the United Nations, have worked diligently to delegitimize the Israeli people. He has funded many Palestinian and Arab groups to vocally tell their target audiences that Israel has not right to defend itself much lass exist.

Soros works under the idea that nationalism, and the honest protection of national laws and borders is racist anywhere in the world. The end game of these organizations, and Soros, is the create enough chaos and lack of respect for authority so that security will collapse, there will be mob rule initiated by the organizations being funded by Soros, and the one world government ruled by Soros and his globalist elite cronies can move forward in creating the New World Order they aspire to.

The Democrat/socialist members of this administration agree with Soros. Look at this administrations meetings with Black Lives Matter. Soros has given Black Lives Matter close to $650,000 to instigate the same chaos that they are fomenting in Europe. Black Lives Matter has worked with Soros organizations, with the Palestinians and Hamas to politicize the police in the country. As seen in Ferguson and Baltimore, the main aim is to cause police inaction in the areas where these minorities live and where action is constantly required.

Another area of agreement with Soros in this administration is illegal immigration. Soros has made it quite clear that there should be no borders and no national identity. Working with Muslim compatriots, sympathetic journalists and fellow globalists like Obama, they intend to demonize anyone who disagrees with them, using all the outlets in the power to call them “Racists” “Xenophobes” and “Islamophobes.”

Close to 75% of the citizens of this country agree with Donald Trump that there should be “extreme vetting” of anyone coming to this country and a limited number of refuges. Obama, following the dictates of Soros has chosen to ignore the will of the people.

The election of our next President must be watched closely. Once again the hand of George Soros is intruding into the sovereignty of the country. Scyti, a Spanish company has purchased software giving it power in the U.S. elections. This software was purchased from Soros organizations, and in cooperation with a company called OVUM now has the capability for end to end control of our elections. OVUM is headed by Nishant Shah who worked for the Global Business Coalition, a Soros funded organization. He also provided business services for the Acumen Fund in Pakistan run by Soros’ daughter Andrea Soros Columbel. Another employee of OVUM is Margaret Goldberg a member of the global board of Soros’ Open Society Foundation. This is the company that this administration has allowed to take over our elections. In November 2010, Scyti was contracted by 14 states to “modernize” the election process.

OVUM is a major player in what are called PPPs. Private-Public Partnerships. The aim is to consolidate public and private services under the government to control entities that serve the country. OVUM also purchased a company called Gov2U who developed software for the purpose of making transparency and legitimacy to decisions made in European elections.

Scyti along with Ovum has been able to secure polling and election in 14 states and Washington D.C. Just prior to the last midterms, the D.C. voting system was hacked.

In Florida, the Department of State commissioned a study of Scyti voting software, and the outcome was concerning:

The study concluded that the system was vulnerable to attack from hackers. The software could lead to votes not being counted, not accurately read the votes, and disclose confidential information.

Once again, Soros is in the middle of the attack of national sovereignty on our country. He has used his money and his organizations to topple governments is Serbia, Ukraine, and Kyrgyzstan, and to break the English Pound. He has been declared an economic war criminal in Thailand and was convicted in a French court for inside trading.

Through Black Lives Matter and Hillary followers he has funded the targets on Trump rallies. Through he has launched tactical strikes on Trump supporters. These attacks are to keep the majority of the citizens of this country who believe in Constitutional principles from speaking out. The intention to cause fear, to make the people afraid to speak out, to go to a political rally, even to go to town. The demoralization of the public psyche is the goal of domestic terrorists who will go to any lengths to reach the goal they have set, and with a sycophantic media calling them trailblazers they will continue to push until society becomes irrelevant.

RICO laws must be used by those attorneys and those in power to move forward. Social Justice Warriors must not be allowed to block roads, or let off with an admonition not to do it again. Civil legal action must be used to hit these activists where they will feel it. If the laws allow a jail sentence, no matter how long, use it. These civil proceedings would also bring to light the globalists and socialists who are paying these activists to behave as they do.

It is time to take our country away from the globalists who would turn us into a third world country. From Obama, to Hillary, to those RINO’s like McCain and Kasich who are more concerned with their careers than they are with the direction of the country, there will be a push back. They need to understand they will not be allowed to steal this election. Donald Trump is just the start. Rumor has it, there will be civil war if Trump wins. They may get more than they are ready for, Patriots are not afraid.

Next time, Obama is following the Soros agenda for the U.S. Look at what Soros did for Europe, and Obama is doing the same things here

Donald Trump mentioned Goerge Soros. It is a well known fact that George Soros and his Open Society Foundation (OSF) is one of the largest donors to the Clinton Campaign. Having given over $30 million through the Open Society Foundation to the Priorities USA PAC, a Clinton PAC that has allowed Soros, as the largest funder, to the call the shots of the Clinton campaign.

One of the directions that Soros has caused the Prorities USA PAC to take in the direct wording from the OSF to the Pac has been the denigration of law enforcement, citing “implicit bias” to make the racism of groups like Black Lives Matter more palatable. The use of “implicit bias” has become mainstream now, which will lead to racial discrimination lawsuits not required to show intent. It is hand in hand with “white privilege” in changing the foundation of law. Because of “white privilege” whites will now be considered guilty and convicted by the liberal media , liberal politicians and the liberal courts that are shopped for the purpose of advancing the liberal agenda.

In order to put an end to the “white privilege” that is perceived by the progressives, their lackeys in the media, and the low information voters , groups aligned with Soros and the OSF have funded this mass exodus. Soros funder groups are telling the illegals to come and combined with the green light given by this administration and the immigration policies that they ignore, the number of illegals in exploding. These same illegals are having “social justice” and government agencies working hand in hand in order to give them the right to vote. Obama has compromised our borders and the sovereign status of our country, for no other reason to do his best to destroy the country and give Hillary the Presidency. There is incontrovertible proof that two Soros groups, America Coming Together and America Votes have registered many of the illegals pouring over our borders.

Karen Narasky, an Obama appointed administrator manages a fund called the Shelby Response Fund, funded by George Soros and used to increase the registration of people of color with no attempt to register only citizens. One report from the Shelby Response Fund was in response to more states requiring Voter I.D. to vote. After identifying an explosion in needed litigation to the Soros OSF, more funding was rushed by the seven foundations that fund it, the Open Society Foundation being the largest. The cases are being litigated by Marc Elias, Clintons top campaign lawyer acting outside the campaign with a law firm called Perkins Coie in Washington D.C.

John Podesta discussed with OSF President Chris Stone the steps required to impose federal oversights of local police. The first steps towards this has already been implemented by Obama and his DOJ. The opportunity has come from many areas. One is Obamas contempt for the police and his socialist leanings for the government to regulate everything. The DOJ and Loretta Lynch has been the point person on forcing federal investigations and oversight on any shooting of blacks by white (and even black) police officers. The fact that Soros also has funded the Black Lives Matter movement, among others, has assured that riots will continue and federal oversight will become more wide spread and oppressive. Hillary would allow this to continue rather than attempt to dig down to the cause.

Also on the domestic front, Soros was instrumental in the destruction of the FBI’s terrorism training program, and the screening required to enter the country. Over $40 million has been spent by the OSF to weaken counterterrorism policy. Soros and the money he has used to fund the Muslim Advocates and their offshoot the National Security and Human Rights Campaign (NSHRC) in 2010. Soros has already given a budget of $21 million to allow the NSHRC to claim discrimination whenever a Muslim is found to be guilty of promoting jihad. The main purpose is to try and dismantle the “war of terror” that this administration is doing a poor job of implementing perhaps on orders from the OSF.

The goals of the NSHRC include : Closing Guantanamo, ending unchecked surveillance, reducing the profiling of Muslim or other ethnic people, increasing oversight of executive actions and expose government or private individuals who violate the law.

Many of these, such as the attempted closing of Guantanamo, and warrantless searches have already been implemented by this administration. It has already been proven that Obama is also a Soros

sycophant, as well as a progressive/socialist of the Alinsky model and has received funding from Soros as well.

It was the OSF who instigated through the New American Foundation the concept the “right-wing extremists” (veterans, returning soldiers, patriots, and conservatives) as being on a par with Al-Qaida. Two reports were written one which aimed at creating a “safe space” for Muslims in this country. The second to correct the citizens opinion that Al-Qaida is a terrorism organization with no ties to Islam. This was the genesis of “Islamophobia” the excuse used to attempt to guilt the citizenry into staying quiet about what they see about them. In the face of all the damage and murders being perpetuated on the people in this country by Islam and jihad, this is the position this administration feels must be imposed on the country. This same organization has discussed putting aside human rights including feminism, gay rights and any effort to combat terrorism. How many more will die before the administration finally collapses under the lies it tells is unknown. Once again, this administration, along with Soros and the OSF do what they can to obfuscate the true picture of Islamic Jihad in this country. Rather they use people like Doug Hattaway, a former Clinton adviser to send the message out to the country that Muslims are victims, and the national security policy must change.

Muslim Advocates Associate Executive Director Farhana Khera has accused Americans of being biased against Muslims simply for them being Muslim. Also under criticism were training manuals used on both a local and federal level for counterterrorism. Calling them false, bigoted and inflammatory, the point was pushed that it unfairly targeted “innocent” Muslims. No mention of the fact that over half of Muslims in the United States feel that Sharia should be the law. White House logs have shown the Khera has visited the White House at least 11 times, undoubtedly to commiserate with our Muslim in Chief and his minions in the Department of Homeland Security and DOJ.

On another front, Soros, through his organization is attempting to force Republicans to disavow Trump. The Common Defense PAC under the auspices of has a listing of sixteen military veterans with no contact information. It is listed with the Federal Election commission with a P.O. Box in Pennsylvania.The director is Perry O’Brien a conscientious objector and the operator of the now defunct an organization providing support for other soldiers looking to get out of the war. He was also one of the orgazanizers of the “Winter Soldier” campaing in Afghanistan nad Iraq. A petition on the Facebook page asking for Republicans to sign and disavow Trump is actually a MoveOn. org petition. Even videos supposedly from this PAC has the URL of MoveOn. org prominently featured.

Hashtags such as #VetsAgainstTrump, #Stand with Vets, and #DumpTrump are all entities, and a Thunderclap campaign with a social media reach of over 4 million has as its donors such people as Van Jones. is listed as an “organizer” of the Thunderclap campaign.

Geprge Soros does not care about the mainstream people of this country. The objective through all his organizations is to disrupt and create chaos .It is Soros along with the Clinton progressive/socialists that created chaos during the primaries and tried blaming it on Trump. It is Soros who is fomenting the domestic terrorism this country is experiencing through the organizations that he has funded from Black Lives Matter to the Muslim organizations that want to force our culture to change. Soros has caused the United States “the main obstacle to a stable and just world order”. He will use his Foundation and money to attempt to terrorize, intimidate, demoralize or limit what is allowed to be said or done. On college campuses it involves breaking up conservative meeting, most time with the college administrations approval. “Social justice rights do not Trump property rights. Deray Mckesson has taught at Yale University the looting isn’t violent it’s an expression of anger. I hope all the BLM activists who feel it is just their anger that makes them riot and burn down the small businesses that people of all ethnicities have worked so hard to build will remember that anger when shots start being fired at them, when looters are caught and beaten, and when the go to jail to stay and not just a slap on the wrist. Because to be honest, no matter who is elected President, the people will get angry, and once that happens there will be nowhere to hide. They will be dealt with by an angry populace, and they, along with George Soros must find themselves unwelcome at the hands of the American people..

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    • DK

      Soros is just a conduit, even the £5 billion gained from the EMU fiasco would long have been spent since most of it was not his, losses would have been almost just as great in the dot com bubble, the 2007 – 8 crash damaged him, even today most of his funding is from NGO’s which receive other peoples money, Soros himself has an LLC Soros Fund Management set up with other peoples money in 1969, he therefore has ‘investors’. Dangerous but still someone else’s Muppet.

    • Christian T

      Could someone please edit this so it’s in readable English?! If it’s worth reading then why not present it so that it can be read.

    • seataka

      SIGN Petition to declare SOROS as a Terrorist ( It NEEDS MORE BEFORE SEPT 16th)

      SIGN Petition to designate ANTIFA as a Terrorists (It has enough but more better)

    • freedomringsforall

      Soros is just a scum bag man for the internationalist elites to funnel money to all their dirty tricksters around the world that are creating the chaos and disorder they want to institute their trilateral world order and eventually their one world governance.

    • truther357

      Why did Our FBI- CIA- NSA allow this foreign national, War criminal, communist to take over Our Media and the total US Government?
      In 2008 this criminal and his Marxist Mafia ‘quietly’ overthrew Our government and financed another foreign national, criminal to become POTUS. George Bush, his AG, his FBI director and his director of the CIA should have been charged with ‘High Treason’.
      They knew that Obama was a foreign national communist and they knew that Soros was behind financing Obama and McCains Campaign bids. Vietnam War criminal ‘traitor ‘ Hanoi John went on board with Soros in 2002.
      How did the Bush Administration know.. We sent them documented information in July of 2008 .
      This is not the information that We sent them… but it wouldn’t have made any difference, anyway.
      The FBI- CIA and NSA are now Our biggest enemy ‘Within’ .. behind the Soros owned ‘Left-Stream’ Media.
      We have the right man in charge, now.. but it will take years to get rid of the Obama and Soros holdover ‘communist’ that has infested Our government.




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