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This is Absolute Proof of Contact

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This is it ‘Proof of contact with an Alien Intelligence’.  Not exactly those radio frequency bleeps from the cosmos we were all expecting.  Instead, we have been contacted via hologram message inscriptions strategically embedded onto certain artifacts.  In order to see the alien communications…you must be capable of vision perception in a 4th Dimension.

Typically, we see in 3-Dimensions: width (X). height (Y), and depth (Z).  In order to see in a 4th Dimension, we swap (mathematically invert) the light we see…like going from a postivie to a negative. For most people, the range of light we see falls between the wavelengths of 200nM to 900nM.  Visual perception in another dimension, like a negative or inverse sphere, would make the ocean appear red…the beach sand would look black.

Wikipedia defines the fourth dimension as: “Algebraically it is generated by applying the rules of vectors and coordinate geometry to a space with four dimensions”.  When we see something in both the positive and negative spheres…we create a model for vision perception in a 4th Dimension.  Today we have the technology to specify levels of spectrum illumination and readily enter the 4th dimension of perception at will.

Most people would prefer to process  visual information normally in a positive 3-Dimensional world, opting to by-pass the described 4th Dimension of Perception.  However, we must consider one scientific fact that will now be substantiated:

“There is an Ancient Alien Intelligence reaching out to modern humanity through specific artifacts inscribed with hologram image messages.  These artifacts were meant to be viewed in a 4th dimension…a Sphere of Spectrum Specific Illumination (SoSSI).”

Modern technology is required to illuminate, record and translate the photo scribed image projections.  This further defines them as time-capsule visual communications.

Gazing at the world from a SoSSI or a 4th Dimension altered visual perspective  can be quite boring, very confusing and a total waste of time!  Unless specific information was designed to be understood within the realm of this dimension.

For the past 16 years has been recording and deciphering hologram image projections from scribed stone artifacts.  Small stones forged by a highly advanced and alien technology.  Ancient time-capsule communications, disguised until viewed under SoSSI of the 4th Dimension:

Alien Hologram Communications Translated from small photo scribed stones ‘Petro Photoglyphs

Projecting from The Unicorn Petroglyph:


Projecting from The Genesis Petroglyph:


So where is the ‘proof of contact with an unknown intelligence’… an alien we can hook-up with now?

As incredible as it may sound…We now have scientific proof of contact with an Alien Intelligence.  Proof of Contact is provided by projection of hologram images from an inscribed cloth known as ‘The Virgin of Guadalupe’.  The highly detailed, photo inscribed, poncho or ‘tilma’ was discovered in the year 1531. The sacred artifact projects hologram images of ‘La Virgen’ when viewed within a Sphere of Spectrum Specific Illumination or the 4th Dimension.

Projecting  hologram images from an artifact discovered 500 years ago was the intent of the ‘Artisan who forged this Sacred Cloth’ …A time-capsule key, opening a portal to communication with an Ancient Alien Intelligence who talks the talk of GOD!

Look at the ‘Eyes of La Virgen’

(More Developments & Descriptions)

A Procedure to ‘Hook-Up with an Ancient Alien Intelligence’:

  1. Download a photo image of ‘La Virgen de Guadalupe’ from Wikipedia.
  2. Apply spectrum specific illumination to the image through an ‘image invert’ function.
  3. Reduce the level of ‘blue’…increase the ‘red’ level…adjust ‘green’, contrast & birghtness.
  4. Focus at will…reference the research of  Dr. Jose Aste Tonsmann, Ph D

(The application ‘Irfanview’ –free works just fine).


Developing the Oldest Photos Known to Humanity

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