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Messages from an Ancient Advanced Alien Intelligence

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Ask any believer how God communicates…you will receive a veritable deluge of responses. Try to imagine all  the incredibly detailed events of Genesis…communicated and then transcribed into scripture for mankind to understand.

A possible explanation is provided by a discovery made in the year 1994.  A collection of small inscribed stones capable of projecting photo detailed image stories. Unique stone artifacts called  ‘petro photoglyphs’ or photo inscribed stones. The photographic detailed image projectiions from a petro photoglyph provide a continuous video message and communication… a whole recording or hologram when the artifact is ‘properly illuminated or lit-up’.




Contiguous photo-detail messages…communications opening a ‘portal to an advanced ancient…alien intelligence‘. Hologram codices forming a language of video projections…transcending  the language barriers…a time-capsule ‘‘Functional Xenolinguistic Model‘.

Stone media for video communications from an ancient, alien intelligence defined through a highly advanced recording process . Time-capsule messages using modern technology to ‘light-up or translate the projections’ and perceived within a ‘sphere of spectrum specific illumination’.


Deciphering or translating the stone scribed hologram projections requires little more than the database of collective human knowledge. Video interpretations of history, mythology, religion and science defined by image codex projections.


Petro photoglyphs are ’Time-Capsule Communications‘ without boundaries of conventional written or spoken languages…perfect 3-Dimensional Hologram Inscribed Artifacts…’Portals to an Ancient and Highly Advanced Intelligence’.

Left: a Theoretical Spatial Model of Perception in the 4th Dimension (courtesy of Wikipedia).

RIght: a Practical Visual Model of Perception in the 4th Dimension with the application of spectrum specific illumination (image projection from the Unicorn Petroglyph).

An ancient sacred artifact inscribed by a similar technololgy provided an inspiration for mankind.  The result was global cohesion from the scattered languages and religions of the New World.  The 500 year old agave fiber artifact or tilma called: The Virgin of Guadalupe is a perfect example of an artifact capable of projecting ‘hologram photo-detail images’ when perceived within a sphere of spectrum specific illumination.


In 1531, a door was opened to Juan Diego…an indigenous native of the New  World.  Today, this artifact is one of the most revered in all the world.  And today with modern technology, we again open a portal to an ancient, highly advanced and alien intelligence through specific hologram inscribed artifacts.


The image face of the Virgin…subjected to various levels of spectrum specific illumination.

Petro Photoglyphs open a portal to the same Ancient Alien Intelligence…providing a functional model for time-capsule communications…transcribed into Religious Scripture & Mythology by ancient mankind:

1. The Ancient GOD who saved humanity in the Altrahasis and Genesis 6.


2. House of the Mountain…the Temple Compound and Altar of Abraham.


3. A Time-Capsule Message…The Orion-Enki-Horus-Pacal II Codex & Star Map…within a sphere of bi-lateral perception.

* The Orion Codex…A Stone Scribed Communication

* Understanding the Ancient Images within & the Orion-Enki-Horus-Pacal II Codex

Deciphering an Ancient Time-Capsule Cosmic Message


The Biblical Unicorn…Behemoth…Leviathan described in the detail found in the Book of  JOB Chapters 39-41


4. Tethered Avatars…Quetzalcoatl (New World) and the Unicorn (Old World)…a Portal to the Communications of One We Have Called God.



The Avatar of and Arm of the Creator


The 3rd Eye Codex…Tethered Avatars…the Emissary…the Omniscient 3rd Eye…Kingship on Earth.


An Ancient Alien Library of Information…Ancient Knowledge Lost pertaining to Who we are…Where we come from and…WHO WE ARE IN CONTACT WITH…!



‘The Oldest Photos Known…Would Have Been Scribed in Stone’

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    • Pix

      That’s called ‘matrixing’ and has no relatationship with reality. Our brains are hot wired into forming recognisable shapes out of chaotic patterns and textures. In the past this has been called ‘scrying’.

    • laserles

      typical response from those left behind…Reference is Genesis 19:29

    • KultLeader Superstar

      ..i iz Apophenia Superstar for the Kreator…..kan you see it..?……

    • Anonymous

      Typical responce from those that god did it.

    • laserles

      …there is an absolute difference…




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