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Throughout time, in every part of the world stories that can only be categorized as incredible are recorded every day. Lately it seems that there are many people who look at stories of the paranormal as flights of delusion and so they are either dismissed or ridiculed. This type of behavior creates a barrier for the investigator who truly wants to discover and reveal that this world is an incredible world of wonders and miracles.

In these times of Photoshop, CGI and magical special effects it is hard to differentiate between the fraudulent and the rational.

There is also science and the scientific minded that we have to contend with and those who claim to be critical thinkers that demand to be heard, however it is unfortunate that they have not yet learned that science has never been able to take account of everything that happens on the earth, or in space for that matter.

I contend that we live in very frightening and dark times.

There are events in our lives that can be an effect from some cause. When causes between meaningful events happen, we call it synchronicity, a part of time where we see the evidence of determination or random accident.

It is hard to tell which because synchronicity or meaningful coincidence is such a complex mental construction, subject to conscious and subconscious influence, not every correlation in the grouping of events by meaning needs to have an explanation in terms of cause and effect.

I remember a quote I read from Philip K. Dick in which he declared that what you most fear never really happens to you, and what you most yearn for never happens either.

In the world of today, I think if Mr. Dick were alive he would probably change his mind. Many of the things I have feared are happening to me and many of my friends, and what I have yearned for happens for a brief moment and then it is taken away by some unfortunate circumstances.

There are many nightmares that are all too real, and there are many people living through them every day wondering why horrible things happen to good people.

The truth may be in the process of manifestation and the possibility of retro causality. where we see the effect happen before the cause. Real science says that it is all hypothetical, however with the aid of television and movies we can see hyper reality deliver a form of predictive programming setting us on the path of eschaton.

When reality imitates cinematic fiction, cinema no longer functions as the ‘prosthesis for memory’ but as an intact body for what is to come in the future. Rather than just preserving history, film instead furnishes a syntax and lens through which reality is being fore-structured or causality is being engineered.

Sophisticated causal engineering or the conjuring of chaotic spirits, or murderous homunculi has always been an effective topic for most cinematic fiction stories. The programmed human or the possessed human carrying out the desires of a demon or some other powerful entity or cult has always been the subject of some very dark television shows and movies.

A new 8 episode thriller debuted on the BBC Saturday night called “Intruders.” It is easy to see why the television show debuted in Europe rather than in the United States. It is probably one of the darkest television shows I have ever seen and for the first time I felt uncomfortable watching something because it gave me the feeling that I should be aware of all of the numeric cues, the word Ennead as the name of a book store, and the appearance a pair of guys in black suits who appear to perform a reverse exorcism, by putting an evil spirit into someone rather than taking it out.

It is also a bit horrifying to learn that the story is set in the American Northwest just over the border from where I live in a heavily wooded small town in Washington State.

It seemed that what I was watching was an indication that something evil and tangible was being unleashed into unsuspecting victims. The possession appears to be like an intrusive thought, as in one scene a little girl is loving her pet cat one minute and then her eyes go black and she then proceeds to drown it.

The shocking thing is that there is no real explanation for this behavior. There is actually a talk show host that does a show similar to Ground Zero in the television show that warns everyone that this is happening.

For many years we have reported about a possible demonic plague, where an infiltration of some alien thought form has somehow entered into the bodies of people and that it is something far darker than the average possession. It is a condition that may or may not respond to exorcism and it most certainly seems to have some sort of trance like hold on the victim.

There are some esoteric theorists that believe that magical forces are at work to shape our lives. That the elite have within their ranks the darkest of magicians or dark arts practitioners that reach into the ether and somehow create a glitch in the matrix that generates just the right amount of chaos to confuse people and to also trip their primal instincts into reacting like beasts or animals.

The reaction is seen in news stories where people become cannibalistic, ultra violent, irreverent to religion, or become a threat to themselves and those around them.

From late 2011 well into 2012 there were many reports of this type of behavior in the news and many believed that we were witnessing the beginning of the “Zombie Apocalypse.”

However there was a little known story that was generated out of the Middle East about an organized attack against the United States from Iran. In this attack no bombs were thrown, no was gunfire exchanged, what happened led to the arrest of two close allies of then President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

What happened was that magicians in Iran were conjuring the power of Islamic demons and wanted to use them to carry out spiritual and physical attacks on their enemies.

Ahmadinejad was struggling against major powers both from the United States and the country’s supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei. Several people said to be close to the president and his chief of staff, Esfandiar Rahim Mashaei, were arrested for invoking the powers of the djinns.

The religious establishment has long had its eye on Mashaei, the man behind much of Ahmadinejad’s political and religious thinking, because he practices an alternative Messianic –though no less fundamentalist — version of Islam that includes aspects of the occult and a more limited role for clerics.

The challenge for these magicians was to conjure the djinn and in a reverse exorcism or mass curse send them to enter the bodies of their marks. Abbas Ghaffari, was described as Ahmadinejad’s “exorcist” or “jinn (genie) catcher” and allegedly had the ability to do a spell or a “working” of transference to an unsuspecting victim. Transference is the literally the ability to conjure a spirit and then place it in a bottle, or another container including a human one.

Abbas Ghaffari, was said to be “a man with special skills in metaphysics and connections with the unknown worlds“.

It may be common for psychiatric patients who are Muslim to attribute their hallucinations or other symptoms to “Djinn,” the invisible, devilish creatures in Islamic mythology, researchers in the Netherlands have found.

The findings demonstrate one way in which culture may influence how people perceive their psychotic symptoms, and could help Western psychiatrists better understand patients who have an Islamic background.

However is truly a psychiatric blame game or are the Djinn truly being used against people as a tool of psychiatric warfare?

In Islamic mythology, Jinn, or djinn, are supernatural creatures made of smokeless fire. They are frequently found in Islamic occult literature and are mentioned in the Quran. Historically, they are portrayed as menacing creatures that can harm humans, or drive them mad. People in Muslim societies have traditionally seen Djinn as the cause of mental illness and neurological diseases, especially epilepsy.

A belief in Djinns seems to have persisted despite recent cultural and political changes within Islamic cultures. For example, two recent surveys done in Bangladesh and the United Kingdom in 2011 and 2012 found that many Muslims believe firmly in the existence of Djinn, black magic and the “evil eye.”

Just recently Pope Francis called upon the Roman clergy to provide an army of exorcists that would not only be able to combat the demons and Satan, but to also learn how to combat a new enemy of Christianity which are the Djinns.

It is also interesting to note that there is an esoteric connection between ISIS or ISIL and a number of demonic purges that seem to have a connection to the Djinn.

There is a lot of reference made in the Quran to Iblis and the Djinn, Iblis being the Arabic name for Satan and Djinn being the Arabic term for Demons. All of the chaotic supernatural forces seem to fighting and inhabiting the bodies of those who are the blood thirsty horde that now see themselves as a great and powerful force.

Melek Taus is an Islamic demon and is worshipped by the Yezidis. Melek Taus is depicted as the peacock Angel who carries with him fire from heaven. Melek Taus has a will of his own, a characteristic associated in Islamic tradition with the Djinn as opposed to angels who have no choice but to obey the will of God.

Now keep in mind that the Djinn are made through a smokeless fire and can live, fallin love, marry and die. The spirit of the Djinn can possess human kind and they can do the will of the Djinn.

Don’t you think that it is too much of a coincidence that the US launched attacks in Iraq shortly after ISIS attacked the Yezidis? During the attacks fire rained down from heaven.

Melek Taus is generally believed to be the devil by most mainstream Muslims is the god of the Yezidis which compels us to wonder if we are participating in activating the fire of the Djinn fortified by the activation of the Yezidis demon god? ISIS is already possessed with a passion for blood lust and now we have somehow activated the Djinn in the territory. The threat of the fire Djinn has now been employed esoterically.

If we go back to ancient times and middle eastern mythologies, It was Thoth who restored the head of ISIS and helped her when Osiris was murdered by Set. Thoth also describes the purging of Babylon of all of the Djinn and other chaotic entities in order to find the body parts of Osiris. The Iblis and seven Djinn were cast out of the Emerald Mountains (heaven).

There are also accounts of Djinn that shape shift and have been known to seed or possess humans in order to commit acts of chaos. It is a creepy thought that there are among us possible people that are possessed by the Djinn and that there are magicians and Wizards who are capable of conjuring these Djinn and sending them our way as an act of psychic warfare.

We have looked back in history and have seen that when there are moments where great wars and bloodshed are occurring there always seems to be an occult element involved.

When ISIS or ISIL first came on the scene we knew of the power in a name, especially the power in the acronym that was used by some English speaking news agencies.

The power of the name ISIS invoked to purge Babylon open the gates of hell and set the demons free into the world is not too farfetched when you see the names and the places that have been cursed or condemned in their firestorm of terror.

Just three days ago it was reported that the Islamic State was planning an attack on an American City. At first the threat was that ISIS had the capability of burning an American city to the ground. Just prior to the announcement Senator Lindsay Graham stated on Fox news that militants in Iraq and Syria would attack the U.S. mainland if President Barack Obama did not immediately take military action to stop them.

“I think of an American city in flames because of the terrorists’ ability to operate in Syria and Iraq,” Graham told Fox News host Chris Wallace. “Mr. President, you have never once spoke directly to the America people about the threat we face from being attacked from Syria, now Iraq. What is your strategy to stop these people from attacking the homeland?”

Later ISIS ratcheted up the threat by saying they would blow up an American city. During the weekend the Drudgereport and many other websites were claiming the target would be Chicago or Washington DC.

The irony is that by some sick coincidence the threat was made while we were observing the 200th anniversary of the burning of the Whitehouse during the war of 1812. On August 24th, 1814 British troops charged into Washington, setting the White House on fire and capturing the U.S. Capitol building.

The British Embassy posted and tweeted a picture Sunday of Patrick Davis, deputy British ambassador to the United States, with a caption saying he was participating in “the anniversary of burning of the White House with a BBQ.”

The picture was followed by another, about an hour later, that showed a White House replica atop a sheet cake, flanked by sparklers. The caption said: “Commemorating the 200th anniversary of burning the White House. Only sparklers this time!” Within hours of the tweets, the embassy received several angry Twitter responses and eventually backed off. The British diplomats later apologized for the incident.

In Portland Oregon it was reported that an unidentified Middle Eastern woman was seen climbing the Flagpole of a tall building in the middle of downtown. The partially naked woman was allegedly carrying a milk jug and a garbage bag. Witnesses say that the woman appeared out of nowhere and they couldn’t believe she was able to climb the flagpole with all that she was carrying. She apparently was able to rip down the Oregon state flag and then she dropped the white jug. Witnesses say you could hear the woman yell “let the world burn.” Soon after, the roof of the downtown building was set ablaze.

When the police and fire crews arrived the woman had mysteriously found her way out of the secured building and was on the ground with the flag wrapped around her body. Some believed she jumped and landed unharmed in the street below, the building is 15 stories tall.

The local press reported the following:

Police found a 34-year-old woman who appeared to be suffering a mental-health crisis nearby. The woman was naked and climbing the flagpole on top of the Oregon Bank Building at 319 S.W. Washington St.

Police said the woman stripped, climbed the pole, removed the flag, then came back down and wrapped herself in it while holding a lighter and a fire extinguisher.

The woman was throwing construction glue from the roof, damaging cars below, police said.

Firefighters don’t believe the woman was involved in the fire, however. Portland Fire & Rescue spokesman Damon Simmons said investigators questioned the woman and decided to pursue other leads.

Police took the woman into custody, and she was taken to a hospital for a mental evaluation.

My staff and the news staff were here at KXL studios when the event had happened and the eyewitness testimony and the mainstream account did not match. None of the witnessed claims matched whet the authorities said happened. All the witnesses claimed that the woman was Middle Eastern, looked like she was in a trance or under the influence of some drug, climbed the flagpole to tear down the flag and then dropped a jug that many thought contained a flammable liquid. All of the witnesses say that she said “let the world burn.”

Only a couple of people claimed that the woman jumped the 15 stories to the ground while others say that she used a ladder to get down.

The firewe was contained in a matter of minutes and the situation was taken care of by the time we left the studios at around 1:00 AM pacific time. The event happened at 12:00 Midnight Pacific time.

I know it is outrageous to speculate that the woman was possessed by a fire Djinn, but she wasn’t your average 34 year old woman and it is kind of odd that the mainstream complete ruled out her contributing to the fire.

There was no word on how the fire started, the woman wasn’t identified and the case was immediately cleaned up by authorities. The report also stated that there was very little damage to the building during the fire.

Sherlock Holmes a character from Sir Arthur Conan Doyle once aid about investigations that when you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth.

The truth is somebody is conjuring the meme of the fire Djinn Panic and is seeing the vision of an American city burning to the ground.

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    • David Montaigne

      When Muhammad received the Qu’ran, according to the majority (Sunni) tradition, he initially worried it was from a Djinn, or evil spirit – not a revelation from the Archangel Gabriel. So the tradition goes back to the origin of Islam, and further into pagan Arab culture.

      If the Islamic Caliphate is the final Beast kingdom of the Book of Daniel, we will hear more about this in the next few years.




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