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Attack On Arizona’s Internet Was the Beta Test for the Implementation of Martial Law

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vandals arizona map

At approximately noon on February 25, 2015, the Internet went down in a wide swath ranging from just north of Phoenix stretching to Flagstaff, Arizona. Internet service was restored the following day around 1pm local time.

The very first reports I received about the outage, coming out of Wickenburg and Prescott, was that the ISP from Century Link went down because a car crashed into a transformer. Shortly after that, reports stated that a construction crew hit a power line causing Internet service to go down. From the Phoenix media, we now know that this was the work of “vandals” who discovered where cables, buried several feet underground,were located in the midst of rough terrain. These “vandals” subsequently cut through the Internet cables which were inches to a foot thick and this was the cause  of this massive outage.

The event had a crippling effect on local communities from central to northern Arizona.

-911 service and the communications of first responders were taken down.

-Point of sale debit/credit card transactions could not be initiated due to the outage. 

-ATM’s did not work.

-Banks were not able to access their computers and were forced to issue paper receipts for any deposit.

-All cell phone providers were inoperable except for Verizon Wireless. 

-Most cable companies were not able to carry programming (e.g. Phoenix TV stations) due to the takedown of live streaming. The same was also true for many radio stations. 

In short, businesses, schools and personal lives were totally disrupted. Yet, the national coverage afforded to this major event was negligible as I discovered after calling friends and colleagues from across the country to gauge their reaction. As of yesterday afternoon, most people had not heard about this event. I am not surprised as similar events transpired in both Florida and Oklahoma, AT THE SAME TIME! Steve Quayle shared the following email with me last night which described a similar event in Oklahoma:



I just read with interest the Q Alert about phone and internet being out at mid-day from north Phoenix to Flagstaff yesterday.  We dropped internet here in NW Oklahoma (outside Woodward) about mid-day yesterday as well. It happened twice, about an hour later for about 20 minutes at a time.  No explanation was given by the provider (Pioneer Cellular and Internet). We have cell service, for which the data was messed up, but the towers were still operative. 

About that same time, NOAA Space Weather lost data for several hours … complete blanks in their monitoring systems.

Interesting this is all going on about the same time the FCC was preparing to take over the internet.




Whatever hit Arizona on February 25th, also hit two other states at about the same time. This was a well-coordinated attack.


The Key Word of the Day Is “Vandals”

The media has been very uniform in describing this act as the work of “vandals”.

-Independent Channel 3 referred to the outage as the work of 

-Phoenix CBS Channel 5 also used the word “vandals”.

-Phoenix Fox News, Channel 10, described this as the work of “vandals”.

-Phoenix NBC, Channel 12, said this Internet take down was perpetrated by “vandals”.

-Phoenix ABC, Channel 15, also used the word “vandals”.   

-AZ Central, the website for the Arizona Republic used the word “vandals” to describe the origin of the attack.

-Even the BBC and Russia Today used the word “vandals”.

For those of us that have covered events such as this, we can often smell a cover-up when we see the repetitive use of a key word or phrase. In this case, the key word is “vandals”.  In this instance, the implied use of the word “vandal” is designed to indicate that whomever attacked these cables, presumably owned by Century Link, were amateurs who were engaged in some kind of prank. As I investigated further, it became clear that this was a well-coordinated and well planned attack by persons with expertise related to the attack. Further, whomever did this had to have had specialized equipment to cut through these cables. The simple act of just finding where these cables also required specialized knowledge.

This was a very sophisticated operation in which these remotely located cables, in rough terrain were located and cut with precision. The getaway was effected without so much as leaving a clue and we are supposed to believe this was the work of "vandals.

This was a very sophisticated operation in which these remotely located cables, in rough terrain were located and cut with precision. The getaway was effected without so much as leaving a clue and we are supposed to believe this was the work of “vandals.

vandals cable cut


My Professional Contacts Weigh-In

This was also an “in-and-out-job” which left no clues and no traces. Amateurish “vandals” with nothing better to do did not take down the Internet in the manner described. That is also the opinion of several of my contacts who would be, or would have tasked with assisting in the investigation and the restoration of service.

Nearly two decades ago, I was a Maricopa County Volunteer First Responder. I did so until DHS took control of the operation in 2002. As such, I received specialized training related to various forms of terrorist attacks and the likely response protocols to each attack. Subsequently, I developed many friendships and contacts in this business. Yesterday, I contacted a dozen of these people and I heard back from four. Two are still active and two are retired but still retain volunteer status related to their expertise. All five of us are unanimous in that this was not the work of vandals, this was an attack requiring inside information, specific training and specialized equipment. Two of my contacts believed that this was a beta test performed by Muslim terrorists (e.g. ISIS). Two others thought this was a dry run rehearsal for a preemptive strike upon the grid on the eve of war (i.e. Russians and/or Chinese). Additionally, at briefings held by the FBI in 2005, two of the men stated that they were told if it was necessary to invoke martial law, they would take down all communications so dissidents targeted for arrest could not warn each other. Additionally, the Phoenix media is reporting that the Phoenix PD was in charge of investigating the vandalism. However, one of the four people I spoke with stated that DHS and the FBI were on the scene and were controlling the investigation. The Phoenix PD was releasing prepared media releases and were repeatedly using the word vandals.

Who’s Is Responsible?

I reside only seven miles south of the impacted area. I have learned from some locals that accessing the sight of the crime is not possible. Security personnel, without any identifying insignias, were in place and were turning unauthorized people back. I have been told that this was not a typical crime scene and until late yesterday afternoon, this had become a highly secure area.

As I contemplated the opinions of my fellow and former first responders, I have tried to determine who is correct and who was likely responsible and what was the motivation for the attack.

Grid EX II allowed Russians and Chinese military to participate in this simulated take down of the grid.

Grid EX II allowed Russians and Chinese military to participate in this simulated take down of the grid.

Fifteen months ago, I reported that, against all common sense, the Russians were being allowed to participate in the highly secure and classified Grid Ex II drills in November of 2013. Since this was the period of time that President Obama was attempting to justify the invasion of Syria, and Putin was threatening nuclear retaliation for doing so, I was among those who questioned the logic of allowing the Russians to learn the intricacies of power grid organization.

muslim bros in the whitehouse

Nearly one month ago, I reported the depth and degree that the Obama administration had been penetrated by individuals with clear and undeniable connections to the Muslim Brotherhood along with their influence in DHS and the Fusion Threat Centers.

Two weeks ago, I reported that DHS has assumed control of all intelligence gathering information and this meant that operationalizing a mobilization effort to secretly arrest dissidents, under NDAA provisions (i.e. the Red List spoken of many times by Doug Hagmann and Steve Quayle), was now very likely based upon a hostility rating known as the “Threat Matrix Score”. I further reported that there are two programs designed to round up people who are viewed as a danger to the status quo. The two operations are labeled “Operation BOA”, as in boa constrictor, and “Operation Lightening Strike”. I have some operational details, but at this point they are still sketchy. Suffice it to say that Operation Lightening is the 3AM round up of all perceived dissident journalists and even some local politicians. This will be accomplished on a single night of terror. Operation BOA is a more deliberate process and will focus on more non-media threats such as outspoken veterans, gun rights activists, etc.Martial law will not be called martial law, it will be labeled as “Continuity of Government”. The announcement of the procedures designed to enhance the “Continuity of Government” policies will be made by a four star General from NORTHCOM. “


"Not a matter of if, but when".

“Not a matter of if, but when”.


Let’s not forget that when was Janet Napolitano was leaving DHS she warned that attack upon the grid was not a matter of if, but when.

Napolitano did not issue this warning once, but twice before leaving DHS.



“A massive and “serious” cyber attack on the U.S. homeland is coming, and a natural disaster, the likes of which the nation has never seen is also likely and on its way.” 

Outgoing DHS Director, Janet Napolitano, August 27, 2013


In  seemingly unrelated actions, yesterday, the Obama administration enacted two more unconstitutional Obama decrees: (1) Obama is using executive actions to impose gun control on the nation, targeting the top-selling rifle in the country, the AR-15 style semi-automatic, with a ban on 5.56mm ammo on a fast track, immediately driving up the price of the bullets; (2) The FCC took complete control over the Internet (private citizen communication) yesterday. The first action is clearly a move to remove citizens’ ability to defend themselves against the forces of tyranny at some future date. The second move is designed to cut off the head of the Patriot movement and severely impair communications. These are both martial law related actions.

Connecting the Dots

Both Steve Quayle and I agree that we are witnessing the introduction of the “Red List” strategy. What happened in Arizona, Florida and Oklahoma was a martial law preparation beta test designed to simultaneously take down communications. Why would DHS want to take down communications? When the Red List roundups begin under Operation Lightening Strike, the powers that be do not want to allow their intended round up targets to be able to warn each other. Further, the crash of the ATM’s and point of sale transactions limits one’s ability to go on the run.

How do Russians factor into this? We know from surveys done by various organizations (29 Palms military base) that American troops cannot be counted on to fire upon American citizens. Therefore, the Army manuals pertaining to FEMA camps call for the use of foreign assets. This would be the Russian troops that I have repeatedly reported are in the US training on American soil for martial law implementation. Why do you think they were allowed to participate in the Grid Ex II war games?


What happened over a three state region was not the actions of “vandals”. This was a highly coordinated and sophisticated attack upon certain aspects of our grid designed to take down communications and commerce. I suspect that Russian Spetsnaz were the boots on the ground for this beta test in preparation for martial law. The only question which truly remains is how far away are we from complete implementation of this operation?


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    • YouGuysAreIdiots

      That would make it the four hundred and thirty second beta test for martial law so far. At least according to my count of all the times you loons have made this kind of claim.

      Get a clue. Grow up.

      • GabrielKing

        If you buy the “vandals” story then you are the idiot. We’ve been slowly descending into martial law for decades so your either a moron or a troll. I would guess both. :cool:

    • GabrielKing

      Obama’s power grab of the internet is another clear indication that we are spiraling towards a planned martial law. This “vandalism” does seem very suspicious indeed…. good catch ! :wink:

    • Keitan

      I can only attest that the outage in Arizona did occur. I reported it on Twitter as soon as it happened @keithgonzalez
      Taking a less paranoid route, we are constantly hit in construction sites by people looking for quick cash for copper lines. It seems that these “vandals” were actually meth-head tweakers looking for some copper to turn into cash. But that they went so far out of their way to a very remote place is weird. Either way, this story is much more interesting than the official scoop.

      • redroksaz

        This was not a construction site but a remote desert area and how much copper do you get by splicing a line? Answer…little to none. If someone dug down several feet, precisely at the right location, this is not a mere coincidence. The other question that needs to be asked is how does this happen in three different states at the same time. People digging for copper?….I have some real nice beach front property in Arizona I will sell you at a price you will have a hard time refusing. Trust me!

    • rev

      When you are in control of everything, and you wish to maintain control of everything, it becomes necessary to test that control periodically.
      Common sense would say that this would be accomplished as a matter of course. To believe that the PTB would leave anything at all to chance is the height of naiveté.
      They must, considering they are not idiots, be certain that they can cut off any service, any highway, any supply of anything at any time and at a moment’s notice. That is the best way to control a large population.

    • Colt

      It also happened in parts of Missouri. No internet and Netflix also went down. :mad:

      • srsly1

        OMG NETFLIX DOWN! What will people do, read a book, go outside? Oh the humanity! :lol:

    • Watcher

      Cui Bono? What’s the main consequence? Americans get even more pissed off about this invisible enemy. Al-CIA-Duh!

    • sam520

      Internet taken down in THREE states on the SAME day and the powers that be want us to believe that it was vandals? ONLY a FOOL would buy this BS!!! I would love to hear the odds from one of you math professionals on this event. The odds have to be through the roof.

    • Kel Ra Magnon

      I work in the field for telecommunications and internet I can tell you without a doubt this is quite common with the hundreds of million miles of fiber optic cable. There are phone backup redundancy within the systems but internet is not high on the redundancy list because it is a luxury not a neccessity. This kind of thing happens in different areas every single day and probably multiple places every day. The new FCC rules will place internet access into a necessary utility so every hard line supplier will have to spend billions to provde backup loops for each remote terminal. This will drive up what they charge and every one of you will see a billing increase.

      • Kel Ra Magnon

        BTW each major telcom company has it’s own secuity and investigative division I have seen FEDS and FCC reps ran off of these sites and told to get back to thier own jurisdiction. These security guys are not badged or uniformed.

        • sim1776

          I work in the outside plant side of telecom. A fiber cut up north of Phoenix would have little to do with internet service in Phoenix. Shame on CenturyLink for not building a ring. I support the copper thief theory. Most line work in telecom is contracted and even subcontracted. Contractors go through helpers like sh$t through a goose. Quite a few are also of the undocumented variety. It’s not hard to remember where handholes or manholes are located and line them up. The access holes are probably alarmed. The infrastructure out there is new enough for that. Whoever said that the money for copper cable isn’t worth it is an ignorant boob. That person has no idea how much an old copper telecom trunk weighs just per foot. Several hundred feet of burned-out cable is a sick amount of pure copper scrap.

          Now for the pictures. Dave added one, perhaps for clarity. Unfortunately, they are two completely different dig sites. The first looks like a guy in crappy dig site (one never allows rocks anywhere near a trench) getting ready to seal a junction of inner duct or it’s a cut fiber but that’s a damn small fiber (a 96 or smaller) for a trunk that 100% feeds a whole region. The second picture looks to be where fiber was excavated and while exposed, power lines fell upon it. The coiled wire is aerial primary power cable. If one looks closely enough, one can see where the inner duct was orange and now it’s black most of the way away across from flash burn. There is also no exposed conduit and a much greater length of inner duct is exposed. 99% of the public will have no clue how to perceive in this instance what government officials are passing as official “evidence,” but these are not photos of the same incident. The rocks don’t match.

          Last thought is that false flags always have at least one associated drill. Where’s the drill on this one in case tptb decide to go “live?” Perfect chance for a fancy martial law drill when all telecom and internet drops except for Verizon wireless. False flags always serve a test or rollout function. Agree that bills will go up as the physical providers have to beef up their plant for a more “robust” internet. 330 pages are a lot of ways for the internet to change.

      • srsly1

        Be careful posting common sense here, you will be labeled as an obot, troll, or paid government shill.

    • Warren

      Internet service was affected in the Phoenix area at least as far south as the south side of South Mountain, where I live. Still had internet service (Cox) but it was extremely slow. I spent hours messing around with router and cable modem resets and parameter tweaks trying to figure it out. Never did. Back to normal now.

    • Jiliane

      Eventually communication will go back to in person, face to face.

    • Trapper

      Re; Attack On Arizona’s Internet Was the Beta Test for the Implementation of Martial Law.
      Surprisingly there are people who do not believe this kind of thing, do not believe the US gov, [CIA-NSA], uses the internet for crimes against US Citizens and other Nations, these people ignore the document supported news reports of gov crimes, but they do pay attention to the gov whimpering that those other nations are attacking our internet, those other nations are going to use the internet to hurt and kill americans, [with the stupid ignoring that only one nation and government has ever used the internet to Murder People, the US gov], that would be the same US gov who got up on the media stump bragging about this crime and for the really ignorant this is the same US gov who is the only nation ever to murder people with Nuclear Weapons], it’s a little strange to me to have people not believe the US gov is the Party Attacking the American Internet and pretending it’s some other nation.
      The CIA-NSA the US gov is the Party attacking the American Internet over and over, it’s how the gov test their Trash before they use it to attack other nations, really don’t worry overly about other nations racking you and the internet, worry about the Trash in the US gov doing it. (Trapper).

    • fish

      Well I have been experiencing this for years!!! Lived in Oklahoma and the internet would go out for days. I need only say this,”Time Warner.” The amount of time it goes out, they should pay me for using it. Now if every time the internet service goes out an I would always get on and say how it was a test for martial law, well the men with the white jackets would come for me…… I do believe martial law will come, the writings on the wall, but get real and give us truth and facts, not hysteria over every event that happens.

    • MikeSavage

      That sucks.

    • truthzilla

      Arizona is like 20th in the beta test…We lost it in philly and surrounding areas last year…EBT cards were down for a week. The internet was on the fritz too. The first action in war is to remove communications…If you don’t have a hand cranked radio or walkie talkies… You best get on it.

    • Ideas Time

      Has no noticed that the photos provided by the stations reporting on the so called vandalize site or sites are completely different and not recent.

      The conduit is different sizes, wire different colors, washed gravel and rock, different sized rocks, different dig site, old dig not fresh, wires laying around for effect. Totally faked.

      I use to install underground utilities so I know what it takes to locate wires three feet plus under and if you break them with the back hoe there is no wire coils laying around.

      I could go on and on but this was faked to lie to the gullible pubic. The reason there was no trace of recent human activity is that these sites have not been dug up in ages. Water washed rocks even!

      Heck I can see grass growing around the rocks that were supposed to be three feet plus underground a few days ago Really? Lies Lies and more Lies.

      • sim1776

        You are correct and nice observations.

    • Pink Slime

      Agreed Dave.

      IMO it was obviously a test run on something if no major crime occurred at that time. THEN this is what it is. Someone was testing out something and that should be REAL cause for alarm.

    • MrAnthony

      Once again the stupidest guy at BIN beclowns himself with ridiculous claims. A beta test for martial law? One shudders to think what conspiracy he’ll come up with when a lightbulb burns out.

      Think about it: does it make any sense to cut off Internet service deliberately while still leaving satellite television, satellite radio, HAM radios, broadcast television and broadcast radio active? Of course not. And if this were in fact a beta test for martial law…shouldn’t there have been someone telling people to stay off the streets and shouldn’t there have been armed people wandering around, you know, actually testing.

      As for the use of the word vandals…if Dave Hodges had any of the journalism experience he pretends to have, he’d understand that the media is quoting from the Century Link information. You know “quoting.” That’s what reporters do. And since they’re quoting the same source, they’re going to use the same word. It’s not a conspiracy; it’s simply what happens when they all quote the same source accurately. Hodges is a fool.

      But of course Dave has zero credibility, and goes into minus territory by using Steve Quayle as a source. The idiots are leading the idiots around here.

    • Ideas Time

      The photos alone tell a different story for those who can see.

      This is a false flag, being spread by anyone who cites msm as a credible source. Period.

      I never understood why so many gatekeeper sites have not learned to use the word alleged or as reported when citing a known source known to be lairs as if they reported it, it must be true when we know they can not be trusted.

      I am not saying that Dave is a gatekeeper but he needs to learn to use the word alleged events as reported by the msm which may or may not be accurate.

      If I was regurgitating msm stories and photos I would look at the photo evidence and ask someone in the field, does this look real to you?

      I am in the field and these photos are a con job for the ignorant masses to sign off on.

      Bottom line, credibility is short lived if one is exposed as a gate keeper for the elite.

    • Diogenes

      I saw a short “news” report on the AZ outage, I think it was channel 5, where a black female reporter said the cable was “accidentally” cut while the banners claimed it was vandalism.

    • Anonymous

      One of the last, ostensible drills-gone-live happened during the visit of the Chinese internet censorship czar.

      This time reportedly happens while net neutrality is being legislated.

      In practice, this would involve the control of internet speeds and would require universal monitoring.

    • misssmrty

      While I do agree with the bases of what you stated here, you do have a few things incorrect. First of, tarea Williams, Flagstaff, Winslow, Show Low, Holbrook.

    • FindtheTruth

      Does anyone remember this? It’s always been in the back of my mind.

    • Ken

      2 Peter 2:3 (1611 King James Bible)
      And through couetousnesse shall they with fained words, make marchandise of you, whose iudgement now of a long time lingereth not, and their damnation slumbreth not.


    • clockwork angel

      If the story is true or not it could happen -not a matter of if but when




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