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Cointel Stooges Exposed - Alex Jones, Drake, Benjamin Fulford, Ted Gunderson and More!

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Glenn Canady


Just Like Judas, Cointel Agents Betray Their Fellow Man for Money! 

Cointel agents are truly evil, creatures because just like Judas betrayed Jesus Christ for pieces of silver, Cointel stooges betray their fellow man for a check from the government!  You have to be a real slimeball to censor stories, push an agenda and try to keep your fans in a box that only you control!  How do they sleep at night knowing they are working to control others and lie to them?

The Evidence We Have that Alex Jones, Drake, Benjamin Fulford, Ted Gunderson and Others are Cointel Stooges Getting Paid by the Government!

In the Nsearch Radio broadcast on October 10th, 2012 we cover all the main Cointel operatives.  We discuss who they work for and what they have done.  We brought on many guests during the show that had more information so this is not just my opinion or Stew Webb’s opinion here.  Listen to the show and do your own research and then feel free to ask me or Stew any questions through our websites at or   Stew Webb will also do interviews from anybody that has a show or webiste.  He will even do a video interview if you prove to him that you’re real and will spread the truth!   Stew Webb and myself don’t hide from people like the Cointel Stooges do!  Here’s the interview and you can get all our shows on Itunes by searching the Podcasts for “Nsearch Radio”


Listen to internet radio with Nsearch Radio on Blog Talk Radio


Link to show:–alex-jones-drake-fulford-gunderson


Why All the Cointel Agents Must Now Be Exposed and Rebuked!

As you go over the evidence I want you to ask yourself if you have promoted any of these men in the past.  If so, then it’s time to research all the information on our show and on and  tell your fans that you’ve done more research and have discovered that these men have censored important news from you and only Cointel does that!  If you work with these men or are fans then DEMAND that they answer these charges in the court of public opinion and see their reaction!  If they are guilty they will simply ban you to get rid of you rather than standing up to the evidence brought forth by Stew Webb, myself and many many others.  That’s why Alex Jones fired Jeremy Floyd and John Stadtmiller when they interviewed Stew Webb on his network!  Alex knew that these men now knew dangerous information and so they simply had to be eliminated so they couldn’t do more damage.

You Must Tell the Other Side of the Story if You Promoted These Stooges!

You must spread the other side of the story now if you promoted these Cointel Stooges in the past because we have the proof that these men have an agenda and it isn’t telling their fans all the truth!  The truth movement can never move forward until all the Cointel is exposed fully and they stop stealing money and resources from the REAL websites and shows that don’t censor anything! 

The 6 Reasons Cointel Must be Exposed Now!

These are the 6 main reasons that I have identified that make it critical for the truth movement to expose the Cointel stooges.  We have to get the majority in the truth movement away from Stooges that put out lies and offer no solutions!  Otherwise we get nowhere and chase our tails around in fear and nothing will ever get done!  

1) The Cointel stooges put out lies, spin and hide the real truth.  They are there to keep you in a box that they conrol.  

Example: Alex Jones has lied to his audience about the very real Wanta funds that we cover on the show.  Alex Jones fired Jeremy Floyd and John Stadtmiller for interviewing Stew Webb.  All censorship is evil and Alex Jones has shown he has hidden the real whistleblowers with real solutions over and over again with just two examples being Stew Webb and Dr. Coldwell!

2) Cointel stooges provide no real solutions like organizing state groups to recall Congressmen, filing lawsuits against the crooks, etc.

That’s why in 17 years Alex Jones hasn’t organized ANYTHING to remove the criminals and push State’s rights like Stew Webb did.   Stew Webb was helpful in creating militias around the country also.  Alex Jones has done none of that even though he has a huge audience and millions of dollars that would make this easy!  Stew Webb did it all with no money!  Alex Jones could have organized Congress recall petitions in every state using his audience!  But he’s more interested in bull horning and acting like a maniac instead of organizing an army of people to start filing lawsuits and removing those who voted for NDAA!   Only a Stooge would waste his money and resources without doing anything useful that would fix the problem as others have done!


3) Cointel stooges are stealing money through scams such as Nesara, Global Settlements, and the Dinar and even donations and money bombs 

All the money a Cointel Stooge makes from a moneybomb is going directly to an FBI/CIA or other intelligence asset and is used to gain more audience for the stooge instead of going to a real whistleblower like Stew Webb who is filing REAL lawsuits against Cointel assets and the banksters!  Again it’s all about ego with these people and that’s why it’s called “The Alex Jones Show” and all he talks about is how HE broke the 9/11 story a month before it happened!  He won’t tell you that Stew Webb actually broke it 3 months before it happened!  Alex Jones calls patriot William Cooper a drunkard which is a blatant lie.  Cooper died spreading the truth and all Alex Jones does is spit on his grave!   That isn’t the action of a Christian of course because Cooper was a great man that never censored anything unlike Alex Jones!  

4) Cointel stooges take away support from the REAL websites and people trying to spread the whole truth and provide solutions such as and many others doing the best they can.

Alex Jones is doing another money bomb that will probably make $500,000 or more.  He will use that money to build a bigger operation so he can be controlled operation to more people!  If he was REAL, he could have raise just $50,000 for Stew Webb years 7  ago and Stew Webb could have already recovered hundreds of Trillions of dollars that Daddy Bush and his other stooges stole from the American people!  Stew Webb would also have put a lot of new world order pigs in prsion.  But Alex Jones is much more interested in a nicer studio instead of saving the country like Stew Webb wants to do with the proof and evidence he has on the new world order!   Why?  Because he’s a Cointel Stooge!  His inactions and censoring of Stew Webb and many others with SOLUTIONS prove this!


5) Cointel stooges submit all people who donate or buy things directly to their paymasters to identify those that are awake and might be a threat to those in power.  They also can be used to put patriots in prison or kill them!

I will NEVER trust anybody that censors stories and you shouldn’t either!  If they work for the government then they are providing all information about you directly to those that write them the checks.  Why would you buy something to put in your body from Alex Jones when we have the evidence he is Cointel and is guilty of censoring information from you? 

Cointel stooges also put REAL patriots in prison and kill them in some cases.  Ted Gunderson after being promoted by Alex Jones to infiltrate the movement went on to imprison Dave Hinkson illegally.  Dave Hinkson who was a true Patriot still sits in jail because of Ted Gunderson and the person who made him who he was – Alex Jones!

6) Cointel Stooges make us run around chasing our tails with scams or just fear but offer no real solutions!  

In the case of Alex Jones it’s fear fear fear but no solutions.  He censors or bans those such as Dr. Coldwell and Stew Webb who have the real solutions so he has an agenda!  In the case of Drake and Fulford it’s pushing total lies and scams like the Dinar, Global Settlements and Nesara.  Drake even said the aliens and miltary were going to arrest the aliens so sit back and watch the show!

How To Easily Spot the Cointel Stooges Every Time

Now that we’ve talked about why we must expose the Stooges we need to talk about how easy it is to identify them once you learn the tricks that will betray their true intentions every time!   I’ve outlined the three things that will always betray that you are most likely working with a Cointel Stooge almost every time.

#1) Do they allow anybody to post to their facebook walls and main websites or do only THEY get to post on them?

Alex Jones, Drake, and Benjamin Fulford and other Cointel assets that work with them NEVER give you the ability to post your own articles on their main websites because they MUST carefully control the debate!  If you post an article from a 28 year Federal whistleblower like Stew Webb that exposes Cointel they will take it off immediately and ban you!  

Alex Jones even banned Stew Webb from his social network even though Stew never even talked about Alex Jones in any of his posts!  That shows that he’s a big fake that doesn’t want the truth out about his FBI Cointel buddies like the satanic Ted Gunderson!  It proves he has an AGENDA!    If he had no agenda then he wouldn’t have banned information about Stew’s legal actions against the banksters and he wouldn’t be lying about the Wanta funds!

#2) Do they censor stories or guests that they should WANT to share with their audience

Cointel assets only put on guests that aren’t a danger to exposing them as a fraud or showing information that the Cointel asset doesn’t want discussed!   Many times these guests are their own Cointel buddies like when Alex Jones continuously brought on the satanic child molester Ted Gunderson that put real Patriots in prison and even killed people like when Gunderson killed somebody in the Black Panthers by writing a fake love letter to one of them to start a fight which resulted in a murder.

Alex Jones also censored Dr. Coldwell from his show!  Dr. Coldwell has the best overall cancer cure rate in the world at 92% and I have PROOF that Alex Jones has censored him!  My own Dad might have been saved by Dr. Coldwell because I listened to Alex Jones during the time my father was sick!  But Alex Jones couldn’t give the BEST cancer doctor on the planet even 10 minutes on his precious show where he talks about cancer rates exploding almost every day!    A true Christian that wasn’t Cointel would NEVER censor Dr. Coldwell that is curing most cancers in 3 to 16 weeks!  No telling how many thousands of people Alex Jones is directly responsible for killing with cancer because this evil selfish man won’t let Dr. Coldwell get access to his listeners!   If Alex Jones censoring Dr. Coldwell doesn’t prove to you that Alex Jones has an AGENDA then nothing else will.  You should start writing your checks of support for Alex directly to the FBI and cut out the middleman because Stew Webb says he can prove in court that Alex Jones is working for FBI #5!   

But don’t take my word that he censored Dr. Coldwell.  Listen to the first 45 minutes of my interview with Dr. Coldwell and let him tell you himself about Alex Jones and how Dr. Coldwell knows with 100% certainty that Alex Jones censored him and is a shill that offers no solutions!  


Listen to internet radio with Nsearch Radio on Blog Talk Radio


Link to Interview:–cures-cancer-naturally


#3) Do they make themselves unavailable so the average person can never reach them to ask them questions directly?

As I’ve told you Michael Vara and myself sent hundreds of letters and voice mails to Alex Jones and even tried to get Mike Adams to get a message through to him but we didn’t get even one response even though we had built a nice audience ourselves by then!  When a self proclaimed leader doesn’t give you a way to reach THEM directly or hides behind fake names like Drake then you know there is a big problem.  You’ll hear constantly from callers to the Alex Jones show that people sent him something but there was no response and Alex always tells them to send it again!  It’s a big joke.  I really think all their emails just go directly in the trash can!   That way they can always claim that they never got the email because the government stole it!  When in reality they don’t want to have to respond to people’s growing questions about them.  

Why Am I Exposing the Cointel Shills?

Before any of you Koolaid drinkers tell me that I’m a shill that is only tearing down others to get famous please be prepared to defend yourself against what I’ve done so far for the truth movement  I’ve built a website with over 11,00 members at with absolutely no money behind me and we have thousands of listeners per day on Nsearch Radio.  We have guests on this show that NONE of these Cointel Stooges will EVER have on their programs or websites!  I’ve had death threats doing what I do so don’t you DARE call me a fake unless YOU are doing more and I can guarantee you right now that there’s not one naysayer that has built a bigger website for the truth movement!

I’ve been part of breaking many stories that few people in the alternative media would even link to!  The biggest one was when Stew Webb broke the story of the big satanic party in Denver for the Top 100 Illuminati Bankers!   This meeting happened during the summer solstice on the evening of June 20th!  This story went viral and was later confirmed by people in the secret service that this meeting did go down exactly where Stew Webb had reported just 24 hours before!   Be sure to check out Daddy Bush wearing the Knights Templar #77 hat with the goat headed demon on it!  That picture was taken by German intelligence and given to Stew Webb!  Stew Webb has NEVER been sued for anything he has posted on his website either as being fraudulent.

Here’s that story

I’m not doing this to get famous, I could care less.  There are a lot easier ways to get famous that don’t involve risking your life and everything else!  In fact, I would give up this website to somebody else that I trusted if I could work on Free Energy devices in the future.  I only got into this truth movement because once you discover the truth you can’t stand idly by and watch people get killed and harmed through lies on mainstream news!

I’m exposing these Cointel Stooges because I have looked at all the evidence and know in my heart that these people are deceivers and dangerous to the truth movement!   I’m under direct attack by the new world order every day just like ALL of that are reading this are whether you realize it or not.  The chemtrails, the radiation from Fukushima and so much more is slowly killing us.  

I’m simply not going to sit idly by while these Cointel Stooges steal all the money from their fans while they censor Federal Whistleblowers like Stew Webb who has become my friend.  The FEDs have tried to kill Stew Webb over 30 times now but have you ever heard Alex Jones tell you that?  Ask yourself why would somebody that claims he’s just a normal person like me or you censor somebody that sacrificed so much?

Any of us can die at any time.  Until that day comes I will continue to expose all those that censor the truth and put out known lies.  If you look at everything in this article and on our radio show and websites and still want to waste time with the Cointel Stooges that tell you the same thing day after day while providing no solutions then that’s fine.  There’s always a sucker born every minute!  But hopefully most of you can look at the facts and wake up and stop supporting government operatives!  Spread the word!  Make them answer the tough questions we brought up in the interview at the top of the page!  Keep spreading the truth out there and we will continue bringing you the very best stories and information that we can.  Join if you have not already done so and consider making a donation on the right side or buy something from that helps pay the bills!   It costs money to even bring you the truth so we need the support of patriots!  Godspeed! 

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    • LizIncarnate

      I heard a piece by Pete Santilli exposing Alex Jones. It was excellent. He was spot on.

      • James Smith

        The author here is a Traitor. Also anyone that says spot-on is an idiot; Alex Jones bashers are so Pathetic, only a direct complicit Treasonous Traitor would attempt to discredit Mr. Jones. I will back up Mr. Jones and stand with him against scumbag Tyranny control freaks any day, nice try but major fail of facts. And I say, Your brain on Propaganda, the only way a moron mormon romney could ever be elected (selected) president of the United States of America would to be to have an opponent like the complete national security threat monster usurper illegal alien obama, to make Catholics slap God in the face to vote for a mormon cult freak should speak volumes. People do extremely stupid things like watching TV (mass propaganda induced hypnosis, a complete choreographed lie) making idiots commanded to act like zombies. obama = romney dumbasses and voting for either evil is a wasted vote. I only hate one person on this planet at this moment and that’s romney because I personally think romney is a gutless draft dodging wimp and I would love to smash his new world order ndaa loving treasonous grill right down his globalist banker throat. Voters will be making a big TV news propaganda brainwashed mistake with the monsanto eugenics freak romney just like you were TV fooled with obama, knowing any damn thing about them is through TV propaganda lies and that’s a fact. American’s third choice is Governor Gary Johnson for president of the United States of America, do it. The 11 things I can’t stand about mittens romney. #1, bain capital frauds, (
        #2, 8.5 billion dollar ponzi scheme and #3, complete financial restoration of monsanto eugenic frankin foods company with their GMO substances that are design to slow kill and sterilize us all, except them because they won’t be eating their own bug poison eugenics concoctions, they all have special protected gardens just for them, isn’t that nice. 10% of teenagers have liver damage as of now and that’s a fact that has never been heard of before in human history. #4, romney’s health care plan was the blueprint for obama’s death care plan. #5, mitt romney is a serious serial violent criminal #6, major tax evasion fraud criminal won’t release his tax returns because they would implicate his gigantic thefts. I wonder how much of the 8.5 billion ponzi scheme romney has stashed, he could have paid off federal judges, I hear their expensive, 3 million cash can take care of business. #7, Major election fraud, Felony bribery, blatant vote buying with video recorded evidence, physical violence and blatant ballot theft, all very serious PROVABLE crimes against all American’s. #8, NDAA concentration camps lovers are in fact confessed Treasonous Traitors, period. mittens romney is a confessed NDAA lover and a provable Treasonous Traitor. #9, No constitutional rights or due process, romney’s job is to imprison 10,000,000 dissidents. #10 MITT ROMNEY IS A HABITAUL BLATANTLY OBVIOUS BOLD FACE LYING SOCIOPATHIC SCUM BAG And #11 the complete jackass mitt romney has no compassion for a terminally ill cancer patient, is a sure sign of being a blatant sociopath and

        • Glenn Canady

          A traitor? Hmmm, well I’ve created a top website with 11,000 members spreading the truth that has broken Major stories against the new world order that Alex Jones won’t touch! What have YOU done? Stew Webb was a Marine that has been a Federal Whistleblower for 28 years and he’s started 10th Ammendment drives in over 40 states as well as been part of creating a nationwide militia! So again James Smith,please tell the world what YOU have done. Alex Jones is a traitor for censoring Dr. Coldwell and Stew Webb. Censoring Coldwell has resulted in Alex Jones killing THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE! MY OWN FATHER MIGHT HAVE BEEN SAVED! But I guess that is okay with you because you’re still in the Kindergarden class of Alex Jones Cointel! It’s time to GRADUATE to High School!

      • Glenn Canady

        Thank you, I just checked it out and it look very good! Spread the word about Jones!

    • SkareCro

      2) Cointel stooges provide no real solutions like organizing state groups to recall Congressmen, filing lawsuits against the crooks, etc.

      I saw that in Alex Jones within the first few time hearing him years ago. I’d hear all this stuff that is wrong, but one thing he never would touch on…. a solution.

      And all that drake crap… lol, I can’t believe, I take that back… People fell for that and are still falling for it? Good luck with that.

      • James Smith

        Alex Jones offered a solution for 1984 it was 1776. Alex Jones also said to vote for a Constitutionalist like Governor Gary Johnson as a last resort so American’s didn’t have lethally forcefully arrest all the traitors. The dc criminals should be arrested (RIGHT NOW) for the 9/11 mass murder false flag of 3000 American’s, Waco massacre, Okalahoma bombing (see, A Noble Lie), war crimes, mass murder war crimes, DU radiation crimes against all of humanity, eugenics, food poisoning GMO’s, being the biggest drug dealers in the world, gross egregious Constitutional violations, High Treason, genocide, Geneva convention violations 1.6 billion hollow point bullet purchase to be used against citizens of America to kill you with, theirs no other reason, they the infiltrated foreign occupiers of our government want the new world order communist UN one government ruled by scumbag bankers and they will accomplish their Sociopathic globalist dream one way or another.

        • Glenn Canady

          “the answer to 1984 is 1776″ is NOT a solution! It’s just talk! Stew Webb is taking action against the banksters with Federal lawsuits! He’s also organizing “Action Teams” so we can start doing petitions to recall senators, file more lawsuits, and end the FEd. Jones censored Stew Webb who is a Marine 28 year whistleblower! Jones also censored Doctor Coldwell with the best cancer cure rate of 92% on the planet! Get out of the Jones Kindergarden school of Cointel and graduate from high school already!

    • Mover

      That sounds like cointel to me. Finger-pointing time!

      • Glenn Canady

        Yep, figures you would be anonymous. I DARE you to publicly call Stew Webb Cointel using your REAL name coward. He’s been a whistleblower for 28 years and I have a site with 11,000 people spreading the truth, please list our website that is doing more!

    • The Truth MoFo

      So Mr. Canaday, would you like to attempt to explain to me why Benjamin Fulford is among the names of these so call “cointelpro”, when there’s ABSOLUTELY ZERO evidence to back up these claims. I’ve looked at every website who’s posted these ridiculous claims (it’s all printed nearly word for word on every site, I might add) and not a single site EVER even mentions Benjamin Fulford other than throwing him name in amongst these other so called “cointelpro”. NOT ONE OF THEM, INCLUDING THIS SITE! You’d think that a person with a story like his would make him #1 on the attack list among the rest of these “cointelpro”…… and yet, it’s only HIS NAME thrown in amongst the group…. Not not mention that fact that this video that supposedly exposed all of these men, is no longer anywhere on the internet….. correct me if I’m wrong on that, I’d sure love to see this video. Explain this all to me Mr. Canaday….. lest I start to think that you and these other sites are “cointelpro” or something of it’s equivalence.




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