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Massive Raid Ruins Obama!

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I can’t believe what just happened! One of my favorite little stores to get gas, coffee and late night snacks such as scrumptious unhealthy hot dogs and nachos with that nasty fake cheese machine just got raided! Almost 100 stores were raided all across America and this puts a hot steaming drizzle of embarrassment on the 8-years that Obama was in office. It was a rough day when Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) raided 98 stores and arrested 21 people so far. It was a nationwide immigration raid that targeted 7-Eleven franchises who hire illegal workers. The store franchise owners are facing jail time for their sick harboring of illegal immigrant workers.

The 7-Eleven corporation must not be happy with what their franchise owners did. 7-Eleven is a franchise based business, so each store that is out there is often owned by different individuals. This is not a reason to stop supporting every 7-Eleven, but it is a reason to keep an eye out for illegal immigrant employees and call ICE if needed.

The raid on 7-Eleven stores happened shortly after talks involving Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA), which was a present from the Obama administration. The raids on the illegal immigrant employees tarnish anything Obama did for immigrants. These must be the illegal immigrants that escaped Obama when he was on his deportation binge. Even though he deported a lot of illegal immigrants, the problem is that he also supported, in one way or another, the invasion of illegal immigrants. For every ten deportations Obama had, he probably had 100 others sneak in.

President Trump is being strong on immigration and doing it hard. He’s allowing ICE to do their job and not getting in their way. There are talks that Trump may allow some form of amnesty to some of the DACA recipients, but those chances at amnesty will most likely go to the most talented, educated, and productive immigrants – as it should. Trump would also request the completion of his border wall along Mexico, which would easily be a good trade in the long run when it saves taxpayers money by preventing mass numbers of illegals from entering and milking the welfare system.

Part of ICE’s raids included a number of arrests and demands. The demands were that 7-Eleven franchise owners must provide employee immigration status in 72 hours. That’s paperwork that should, and could, easily be found in the franchise owners office or the backroom of the store. That’s information that should always be on file, easy to access, and quickly provided in the event of an immigration checkup.



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    • Babouche


    • Pink Slime

      Look at Putin and the Negro in the video still. Putin seems aghast he has to touch the sodomite!! Wants nothing to do with him.

      Smart fella! :wink:

      We, on the other hand, weren’t so smart. :cry:

    • Thunder

      your really beginning to irk me pink slime been monitoring for sometime what the fck is this negro shit?u a racist pig who thinks he,s from a master race or something?

      • You People Are Nuts

        “Sticks and Stones will break your bones, but names should never hurt you”.

        My position is:
        If they’re going to call each other niggers, use profanity in front of young children and disrespect those around them in public…then I can call them whatever I want…and due to my size, I have and will right to their faces.

        Personally, I grew up on “Jig”, so that’s one of my favorites.

    • masterofnone

      This was an international raid,several countries included…canada was a particular attraction.
      21 arrested,managers and staff interviewed…as for obamhole….who fu*king cares,he is out f the picture so just let him alone to suck on whitemans ding-ding and smoke crack please….
      He did nothing to any of you….aside from sink the states

    • Anonymous

      I have to go to “Featured” so that I don’t click on this click-bait skank anymore. Our little Sister Economics looked OK at the first but now she has this click-bait odor about her. In a skanky kind of way. :cool:

    • Sue Rosenorn

      Yea Trump!

    • freedomfirst

      Here in America and GLOBALLY it was never a Immigration to save the muslems in war countries this was a long planned operation to INVADE all non muslem countries, and it was is still Odama’s calling to lead this Calliphate especially against the white race and the culture and traditions. WE ARE AT WAR. Do not be complacent there is a genocide against the white race and we can see this by taking down our historical statues, court decisions, schools shutting out Xmas-Easter etc and behind this insanity there is NWO/ Deep State helping to fiancé Antifa, BLM Fake News and chaos. These are the times where WE must come together to beat EVIL and to take back America to make her great again….STAND ARM TO ARM with President TRUMP and make America Safe for all. There was a bill passed by the Senate in the Late 50s making it illegal for muslems to come to America, but Odama broke our LAWS and Constitution to bring Millions of ILLEGAL MISLEMS into our country this will make any immigrant or refugees never to be a legal citizen…they must leave go back to their home lands and then apply for citizenship.

    • Rick Carufel

      It’s pretty pathetic that you are so desperate for views to have to tell absurd lies as bait. I hope you don’t consider yourself a journalist.




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