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Within Hours of Strzok and McCabe Covering Up Contents of Weiner Laptop, Strzok’s Wife Was Promoted to SEC Deputy Director (Video)

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by N.Morgan

None of us will forget the moment when Rep. Louie Gohmert called Peter Strzok out for cheating on his wife, in front of millions of people, thus pointing out Strzok issue with telling the truth.

Some people felt it was a bit disrespectful to Peter Strzok’s wife, Melissa Hodgman. She, like her “husband”, works for the Deep State.

Ladies and Gentlemen…We have our smoking gun, and here’s how:

Now…think back to the purpose of the Strzok hearings: 

The purpose of the Strzok hearings was to find out whether or not Strzok’s BIAS influenced his decisions in the Clinton Investigation.

His wife was a fixer for Hillary Clinton and that is exactly what she did.

Remember when the Weiner laptop was discovered, and the FBI found classified emails from Hillary Clinton on it? 

Apparently, it is the job of the SEC Deputy Director to decide whether or not a case is to proceed to a full investigation. Within hours of Strzok and McCabe being debriefed on the contents of the Weiner laptop, Strzok’s wife, Melissa Hodgman, was promoted to the position of SEC Deputy Director.

Remember the countless times the Clinton Foundation has been accused of crimes but nothing was sent over to the FBI or Justice Department? 

It was Melissa Hodgman covering for the Clinton’s and deciding no charges should be made. 

This is true deep state stuff. She even uses her maiden name to keep hidden from the public that she is married to Peter Strzok. Such a simple sleight of hand, so the public wouldn’t know, and remain in the dark about the truth.

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Press Release:


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    • apache54

      Until ALL the political parties are purged of the scum nothing will change and it WILL get worse and since there are so many scum deeply embeded it won’t happen, so our ONLY hope of saving what is left of this country is a MAJOR mother earth event that wipes out most of the population and we that are left can finish the purge of the scum that are determined to kill us.

      • Anonymous

        Totally agreed. Just hope that even doesn’t wipe out everybody. You know, like you and me. :smile:

      • Anonymous

        ~ “What YOU are calling for, can be done just as easily with ~ “PRAYER” ~ from any of THE RIGHTEOUS SAINTS, that are ALIVE = PRAYER IS A TERRIBLE THING TO WASTE, so get to it, if there are any RIGHTEOUS SAINTS out there, who happen to be ALIVE” ~



        • Anonymous

          fqqq off w/ your self righteous hypocrisy. God is not a slot machine where you sit and mumble words but are required to make no sacrifices and do NOTHING. “God will do all the hard work for us” and we’ll sti back and reap the rewards.
          Sure, ahole. We see how that has worked out- with more churches, televangelists, born-agains and ‘prayer-warriors’ than ever in US history? We see more porn, more drugs, divorce, child abuse, abortion, corruption and rampant, unopposed evil run riot than ever before.
          If any of you liars were REAL Xtians? You’d not tolerate such outrages and society wouldnt stink like it does. Our ancestors were honest and had Xtian integrity and much of the filth we accept wasnt around because of them.

      • Killuminati

        Trust me, my friend’s buddy at church works for Homeland Security. They said both parties are going to be purged of their Cabal Illuminati scumbag criminals once everything is said & done. The good guys have too much evidence. It’s all over. Unless they figure out how to start nuclear war, the jig is up for them. They tried to frame N. Korea for a nuke attack on Hawaii but the Air Force/secret space program weapons shot the ICBM down.

    • Anonymous

      This is getting old. Why can’t BIN come up with a puke emoji? :smile:

      • Anonymous

        Good point. Yes, it does get old, actually, has gone beyond old to a shocking and bone chilling decay. BIN needs to reinvent itself, maybe buy another URL, if they have enough clicks to get one, something like BIR: Before It’s Roadkill.

        Anyway, as to the puke emoticon, if they do, I hope it’s robust, maybe a little wider than other emoticons, animated would also be nice, one that blows chunks. Isn’t it also about time for a tin foil hat emoticon? On the other hand, that should probably just be made part of any text input window. Hey! A spurting head-lopper, guillotine emoticon, labeled FEMA or Walmart? Dancing Illuminati, in brightly colored lederhosen?

        • Anonymous

          Double Upvote ^^^^^^^^^ :smile:

      • DK


    • Slimey

      Hello Angle#3,

      Charlie here. As you know the problems we are having today are with the people the Negro sodomite and Muslim installed there during his 8 year illegal occupation. So, one should NOT be surprised as they are all UNQUALIFIED to be up there just as the Nerogro was.

      I do not see why Trump does not have them removed – ALL of them on day ONE! Then all of this nonsense would NOT be happening. Robert “Mugabe” Mueller should also return the illegal millions he has made since it was done under false pretenses.

      Then they should go after the Negro who recently declared he was from Kenya in that notorious speech of his. You can see he was always a MORON and a liar. I believe he is becoming unhinged also. What’s next? A porn video of Hillaryous the Negro kept stashed? :lol: :lol:

      Then we must go after the 535 Congogressmen than gave us this lying moron Negro inculcated from his you with man-made pagan beliefs of a leftist, a Muslim and wanting to be a communistic Negro. As if it would enlighten the already low inborn IQ of a Negro.

      The result is what we have today with boys like Strutsky. Who put on juvenile demonic faces in an official Congressional hearing. And also people like Corney who declared his love of the Negro and the notorious Clintons and the hatred of the White-in-shining-armor – a Mr. Donald J. Trump.


      Charlie (going long on doughnuts – America is back!) :lol: :lol: <- :cool:

      • Slimey

        Oops Alert! :arrow: :neutral:

        “You” should be youth. Charlie does NOT regret the error. :lol: :lol:

        • Anonymous

          Most of these problem began when we allowed the Khazars to take over our govt and treasury 100 yrs ago. Fed Reserve, faQe IRS, FDR socialism, 1960s drug-sex anti-Christ Revolution.
          Endless taxation, wars, spying, immorality and corruption are the result. the Muslims are not the cause- they are another Khazar tool used to destroy us, but you are too stupid to see it.

          • Slimey

            Yes, I’m beyond you. :lol:

      • Killuminati

        Trust me, Trump’s military and intelligence white hats have all the goods on Mueller. Those 27 classified pages of 9/11 are enough to send him to Guantanamo Bay. For once in his life he will uphold the military oath he swore to, otherwise he’s going to be eating the cockmeat sandwich for the rest of his days.

        • Anonymous

          Those 27 pages are the magic bullet huh? Those pages were released MONTHS ago and didnt mean diddly squat.
          what a dumb fkkk. “Its all the Muslims fault”. Its like InfoWhore’s Qoolaid “We know the Ayrabs own Hollywood and the media.”
          OMG this country is finished.
          MAGA MAGA MAGGOT!!!

    • Slimey

      New design working. For the FIRST time I’ve found NOTHING to comment on. Going to the bakery to get some doughnuts now. :lol: :lol:

    • Ideas Time

      None of these people will ever be held accountable. Like corporate cops they are safe. They all work for the same team.




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