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Massive Arrests on the Way! Hannity Wants All to Know!

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By Screen Hoopla

Hillary Clinton’s campaign conspired with British MI6 spy Christopher Steele.  And eventually, the firm Fusion GPS made the direct payment.

Hillary Clinton’s campaign had not disclosed a relationship with Steele to the Federal Election Commission.

Republicans saw the dossier as an opposition research hoax that never should have been relied on by the FBI. Steele made a series of election conspiracy charges against President Trump, that have yet to be proven publicly.

Hillary Clinton’s dossier plot against President Donald Trump trapped Army General Michael Flynn, a 33-year highly awarded military officer. Flynn was charged with lying.

Special Counsel Robert Mueller refused to release the original 302 Report to a US Federal Court judge. US Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, also, refusing to allow FBI Special Agent Joe Pientka to testify.

It was further revealed that the Defense Intelligence Agency is now refusing to release a document that contains excellent exculpatory information about General Flynn, too.

Website Massive Arrests

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  • gumby

    rosenstein is in the pocket of globalists and a traitor to the American public. why Trump has let this gone on as long as he has is beyond me unless he is setting a trap so this stuff is crazy and amazing at the same time. we all know that steele was paid by the dems and the liars at the fbi know its a lie yet we see mueller still pissing away millions of tax dollars on a hoax. arrest and hang them all and lets get down to building a wall.

    • Anonymous

      Trump is the globalists’ Trojan Horse. He’s pushed thru more NWO agenda items than even Obummer could. Look at the FIRST law the AIPAC Congress traitors pushed in 2019- its all about ISRAEL’s interests, not America’s. Then when it was narrowly defeated? For the the first time in HISTORY, within 24 hrs, these crooked whores paid by AIPAC and endless jew money, have already set next date to REVOTE the bill on Fri. This revoting will continue until the bill to give 40 BILLION to Trump’s ziofunders in Israel is passed. Enough to pay for 10 Mex walls!

      “Political puppets of the globalist agenda are not always obvious. They may at times even attack globalism and pretend to fight for nationalism or against climate change. We call these politicians “controlled opposition”.
      The easiest way to determine if a politician is controlled is to identify the people they surround themselves with. Who do they associate with? Who is “advising” them? If they are surrounded by known globalists and banking elites on a regular basis, then they are a puppet, either knowingly or unknowingly. Their actions will only ever serve globalist interests, and when their careers are over it will be clear that their pro-sovereignty rhetoric sounded good while they were in office, but every policy they asserted pushed globalism forward or made anti-globalists appear absurd and dangerous.”

  • Warped

    So Sean Hannity is the q? Great, there goes his credibility too.

  • counselor john

    Nobody is getting getting arrested. There will be no justice to the corrupt DOJ and the administrative state. Trump and especially the worthless republicans in Congress had 2 years and their time has ended. Everything should have been declassified from the very beginning and now it’s too late. Conservatives need to adjust to the new reality and at some point we will have a Marxist in the WH who will be coming after the conservatives and religious people. That is what we can be preparing for not some silly alien invasion.

  • Rockledge

    Yeah, we know. Any minute now, they are all going down. Bread and water, 20 years in the electric chair.

    * yawn*

  • Mica Molecule

    Psychopaths in positions of political, financial and judicial power are all criminals but I will believe that Trump and his “patriots” are saving America from them when the criminals are locked up or executed. Until then I conclude that this article and video is part of a propaganda program to fool and pacify patriots into thinking the end of the struggle is near when it isn’t.

    • Rockledge

      This is insane and isn’t going to happen. We don’t even know for certain that President Trump isn’t just another one of them, and just playing a role in a charade.
      Both parties work in concert to achieve the same agendas, pretending to be diametric opposites in order to keep the herd in contention with each other.
      It is all one massive smoke screen. Talk radio, NPR, and the rest of media are all the same kind of lackeys.

      With any luck , President Trump is genuine and is not one of them. Sadly, given the past history of this country, he could likely be just another fraud, just like asshole reagan and simpleton bushs I and II.

  • Mica Molecule

    What arrests? I will believe that Trump and his “patriots” are saving America from corrupt psychopaths in positions of political, financial and judicial power when the criminals are locked up or executed. Until then I conclude that this article and video is part of a propaganda program to fool and pacify patriots into thinking the end is near when it isn’t.

  • holeshot

    Hannity needs to unclench his butt cheeks and get a new hair style. All he knows how to do is say ” Bleach bit,” “Acid Wash” and ” hammer”. He acts like a puppet with a hand up his rear end. He is about as entertaining and exiting as an I R S audit.




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